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John Holdren

Posted By John Perazzo On October 12, 2009 @ 7:41 pm In DTN Profiles | No Comments


For the entire John Holdren profile, click here [1].

Selected highlights from the John Holdren profile:

… In 1969 John Holdren wrote [2] that it was imperative “to convince society and its leaders that there is no alternative but the cessation of our irresponsible, all-demanding, and all-consuming population growth.” That same year, he and professor of population studies Paul Ehrlich [3] jointly predicted:

“If … population control measures are not initiated immediately and effectively, all the technology man can bring to bear will not fend off the misery to come.” …

Viewing capitalism as an economic system that is inherently harmful to the natural environment, Holdren and Ehrlich (in their 1973 book Human Ecology: Problems and Solutionscalled for [4] “a massive campaign … to de-develop the United States” and other Western nations in order to conserve energy and facilitate growth in underdeveloped countries. “De-development,” they said, “means bringing our economic system into line with the realities of ecology and the world resource situation.”  “By de-development,” they elaborated [4], “we mean lower per-capita energy consumption, fewer gadgets, and the abolition of planned obsolescence.” The authors added:

“The need for de-development presents our economists with a major challenge. They must design a stable, low-consumption economy in which there is a much more equitable distribution of wealth than in the present one. Redistribution of wealth both within and among nations is absolutely essential if a decent life is to be provided for every human being.” …

In the 1980s [5] Holdren opposed the Reagan administration’s military buildup, warning that it would likely “increase the belligerency of the Soviet government.” …

In the October 2008 issue of Scientific American, Holdren wrote [6]:

“The ongoing disruption of the Earth’s climate by man-made greenhouse gases is already well beyond dangerous and is careening toward completely unmanageable.”

“Carbon dioxide (CO2),” he added, “is the most important of civilization’s emissions and the most difficult to reduce. About 80 percent comes from burning coal, oil and natural gas; most of the rest comes from deforestation in the tropics.”

Today Holdren characterizes [5] researchers who doubt whether human activity is responsible for global warming, or that global warming even poses a serious threat, as people who “infest” the public discourse with “dangerous” ideas that pose “a menace” to humanity….

On December 20, 2008, President-elect Barack Obama [7] named Holdren as his choice to be [Science Czar]….

For the entire John Holdren profile, click here [1].

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