Kevin Jennings, “Safe Schools Czar”

Kevin Jennings

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Excerpts from the Kevin Jennings profile:

A native of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Kevin Jennings was raised by a father who was a Baptist minister, and a mother who was irreligious and anti-Catholic. After graduating from Harvard College in 1985, Jennings took a job as a high-school history teacher. Three years later he became a guidance counselor for America’s first Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) at the Concord Academy in Massachusetts. . . .

In a 1997 speech Jennings expressed his deep admiration for one of America’s first homosexual activists, Communist Party member Harry Hay. Hay founded the gay-rights group the Mattachine Society in 1948 and the Radical Faeries in 1979. In addition, Hay was a longtime advocate for the North American Man-Boy Love Association. . . .

In June 2009 President Barack Obama appointed Jennings as Assistant Deputy Secretary of Education in charge of the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools.

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  • wingsnut95

    Why don't we teach the basics on school, such as english, mathematics, and the sciences in school instead of all this crap that Jennings wants. You know the, the subjects in school that actually prepare a student to be a useful, hard-working member of society. School is where the kids should be given the tools to succeed in life, not where they are indoctrinated to some group's or someone's agenda.

  • loumindes

    What the Obama administration is doing to our children's future is more than not right, it is evil. Kids have no need or desire (until politically motivated adults get invovled) to have anything to do with sex.

    For evidence on the concerted effort to derail child development, visit and

  • Manny

    Check out latest revelations about Jennings and his GLSEN Fistgate conference in 2000, at MassResistance. Outrageous X-rated handouts to kids.