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Khalid Shaikh Mohammed

Posted By John Perazzo On November 13, 2009 @ 4:53 pm In DTN Profiles | No Comments


For the entire Khalid Shaikh Mohammed profile, click here [1].

Selected highlights from the Khalid Shaikh Mohammed profile:

Khalid Shaikh Mohammed (also known as Ashraf Refaat Nabith Henin, Khalid Adbul Wadood, Salem Ali, Abdul Majid, Abdullah al-Fak’asi al-Ghamdior, Fahd Bin Adballah Bin Khalid, and 27 other aliases) is the military head of Osama bin Laden [2]‘s al Qaeda [3] network. Mohammed has been described by the the 9/11 Commission Report [4] as a “terrorist entrepreneur” who “followed a rather tortuous path to his eventual membership in al Qaeda. Highly educated and equally comfortable in a government office or a terrorist safehouse, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed applied his imagination, technical aptitude, and managerial skills to hatching and planning an extraordinary array of terrorist schemes. These ideas included conventional car bombing, political assassination, aircraft bombing, hijacking, reservoir poisoning, and, ultimately, the use of aircraft as missiles guided by suicide operatives.”

He also reportedly conspired to create the foiled Operation Bojinka (a plot for the virtually simultaneous in-flight bombings of 12 commercial airliners flying routes between Asia and the United States), the Bali nightclub bombings, the failed bombing of American Airlines Flight 63, the murder of Daniel  Pearl, and other militant attacks….

Mohammed and Osama bin Laden were both transferring their terrorist operations to Afghanistan at approximately the same time. Abu Hafs al-Masri (Mohammed Atef), bin Laden’s chief of operations, arranged a meeting between bin Laden and Mohammed in Tora Bora sometime in mid-1996. At this meeting, Mohammed outlined a plan that would eventually become the quadruple hijackings of September 11, 2001….

For the entire Khalid Shaikh Mohammed profile, click here [1].

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