Rahm Emanuel

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… On November 4, 1992 — the night after Bill Clinton had been elected President –Rahm Emanuel and other campaign aids convened for a celebratory dinner. At one point in the evening, the discussion turned to the topic of certain individuals who, in the estimation of Emanuel and his cohorts, had somehow betrayed the Clinton cause. One such person was Nathan Landow, a fundraiser who had backed the candidacy of Clinton’s Democrat rival Paul Tsongas. Another was William Donald Schaefer, the Democrat governor of Maryland who had endorsed Republican incumbent George H.W. Bush. In a fit of anger, Emanuel, wielding a steak knife, stood up amidst his dinner companions and proceeded to stab the table repeatedly, screaming: “Nat Landow! Dead!… Bill Schaefer! Dead!…”

On another occasion, the tempestuous Emanuel mailed a 30-inch decomposing fish to a pollster who had annoyed him.

During Clinton’s first five years in the White House, Emanuel continued to serve as an aid to the President. Perhaps his most high-profile assignment was as choreographer of the 1993 Rose Garden ceremony following the Oslo Accord, an event that featured the famous handshake between Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat.

Shortly after Clinton’s electoral victory in 1992, Emanuel began pushing the new President to exploit the issue of immigration for his political advantage. Heeding Emanuel’s advice, in September 1994 Clinton met with Daniel Solis, president of the Chicago-based United Neighborhood Organization (UNO), a Hispanic advocacy group. Solis told Clinton that if he could somehow swiftly naturalize the ever-growing number of non-citizen immigrants residing in the U.S., he would have a “great opportunity” to increase the pool of potential voters who might support his re-election bid in 1996. Clinton instructed Solis to stay in contact with Emanuel on this matter; Solis and Emanuel soon coordinated a scheme — which was titled “Citizenship USA” and was headquartered in Vice President Al Gore’s office — to fast-track the naturalization process for both legal and illegal immigrants before the 1996 election….

At one Chicago ceremony held inside the Soldier Field football stadium, approximately 11,000 new citizens were sworn in en masse….

Emanuel went on to become a close advisor to Senator Barack Obama, particularly during the latter’s run for the White House in 2008. On November 6, 2008, President-elect Obama named Emanuel to serve as his White House Chief of Staff….

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  • dougk123

    Emanuel, in his table-stabbing act, was likely alluding to a scene in “Animal House” where the Delta House members are plotting how to get back at the hated Dean Wormer, as well as certain Omega House members. That does not excuse it, but it's likely that if you were there, you would have known this. I personally think of Emanuel as a thoroughly unprincipled, Machieavelian schemer who will stop at nothing to see his agenda advanced. Right now he's riding Obama's coattails as a means to an end. I heard that he has his sights set on Speaker of the House. That's scary! I would prefer Pelosi, Botox and all, to the unholy duo of Obama and Emanuel…

  • Wilma Emanuel

    RAHM baby I don't care what you did in the past I still LOVE YOU. There's nothing you could do to scare me away from you. I wish I could meet you in person. Don't let the negitive comments about you distract you from what you must do to help the CITY OF CHICAGO. I love you FOREVER.

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