Harry Reid Makes Tiger Woods Look Good

 Reid and Nelson

The cable talk shows have stopped focusing on Tiger Woods and his mistresses.  They have a better example of buying and selling favors – Senator Harry Reid and the senators whom he paid off to secure his filibuster-proof majority for passage of Obamacare.  

At least Tiger Woods spent his own money on his mistresses.  Reid is spending our money to buy votes.  It started with the ‘Lousiana Purchase’ – the $100 million+ payoff to Louisiana Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu.  Then, in a sleazy deal behind closed doors,  Reid bought off Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska. 

Reid is taking millions of dollars from the rest of us to pay the full cost of Medicaid expansion in Nebraska.  No other states are getting this special treatment.  Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, is so steamed that he has asked the Attorney General of that state to consider challenging this special, discriminatory favor on constitutional grounds.

Graham asked rhetorically:

Is it appropriate for the federal government to do a special deal for one state to get that senator’s vote and every other state will incur financial liability?

Of course not, but this is how Reid manages to herd the cats in his cat house.


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