Spinning a U.N. Failure – by Joseph Klein


Contrary to what you may have heard, the just-concluded Copenhagen climate change conference was a huge success.

So suggested United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, when he met with reporters at the UN headquarters in New York on Monday, and gave a very upbeat assessment of the conference. He claimed that “the decisions made in Copenhagen fulfill in large part the benchmarks for success that I had laid down at the September 2009 Summit meeting here in UN headquarters.”

In support of that dubious claim, the Secretary General cited the so-called Copenhagen Accord, a toothless and vague set of aspirational goals brokered by President Obama in the waning hours of the conference with China and other major industrialized and emerging nations.

Even as he tried to put on a happy face, Ban Ki-moon did not deny that the negotiating process under UN auspices was unwieldy or that the Copenhagen Accord lacked any commitments on emission reductions and international verification procedures to ensure that countries like China were even meeting their voluntary targets.

I asked the Secretary General about the role that he personally played in trying to facilitate a deal. In his usual self-effacing manner, Ban Ki-moon said that “I think everybody has played an important role, not necessarily [just] myself.” He singled out President Obama for playing “a very important role at the last minute when this negotiation was stuck on important issues like verification and other mitigation target issues.” Of course, in reality the negotiations are still stuck on those very issues. All that was accomplished was a last-minute face-saving gesture.

One major advance of the Copenhagen conference, at least in Ban Ki-moon’s mind, was the ramping up of funding commitments by the developed countries to the developing countries. In a “show me the money” type of statement, the Secretary General said that “the deal is backed by money and the means to deliver it. You know that already $30 billion have been committed until 2012, and after that $100 billion annually up to 2020.”

It’s hard to spin this as a success, however. Wealth transfer of even a greater magnitude than this is all that China and the developing countries have been after, not truly solving in a practical manner any problems caused by global warming. This is on top of the billions of dollars of annual development aid going to many of these same countries. Their position is that, since the industrialized nations created the mess and benefited the most from the use of fossil fuels, the rich nations should make amends to the rest of the world that is supposedly suffering the consequences. What they don’t mention is that much of the world has been given a free ride on the technological advances paid for and developed in the West that have saved millions of lives and improved the standard of living all over the world.

Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is an earnest, well-meaning man who truly believes in the scare-mongering forecasts of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. However, we now know that those forecasts were based on manipulated data and one-sided analyses that excluded any dissenting views.

The science of climate change is far from settled. There is no cause to panic and destroy our economy to address problems that remain very much in dispute. And to claim, as Ban Ki-moon has, that the Copenhagen conference was a success is ultimately as false as much of the data that its participants have relied on to make their case.

  • MarieDevine

    God is against nations joining together for protection, wisdom, prosperity etc. He frustrates, confuses and destroys their plans. (Psalm 1, Psalm 2, II Chronicles 16:7-9, II Chronicles 20:35-37, Leviticus 26, Isaiah 8:9-14, Isaiah 30:1-7)

    CO2 is needed for plant growth; more makes faster growth. The POWERS are still trying to get the nations to give them power through legally binding goals that will allow the UN and World Bank to control activities within their nations.

    The United Nations countries have no solutions for other nations. The way to get to pre-industrial levels of pollution is to turn from the employment lifestyle that created world problems to a garden paradise lifestyle with trees, plants and pets that provide fresh food around us. God promises rain in due season to those who follow His truths and terror and 4 x 7 curses to those who reject His word UNTIL they turn to Him in truth.

  • coyote3

    The people that put this thing together don't even know that this is a dead issue walking. Wish I could say the same about healthcare "reform", part of which illegally requires me to purchase health insurance. This is an unprecendented civil rights violation.

  • bushlikesdick12

    China is slightly ahead of the U.S. in the number of tons of C02 spewing into our planet. No one comes even slightly close to being a close second to us and yet we consume 80% of the worlds resources. That pretty much makes us pigs.

    So after we are finished shoving our boots up conservative ass over this health bill, we are going to now pull your stinky butt of an excuse out of our air so that our great grandchildren will live a normal productive live. Unlike your fallacy of wars, that is called making an investment in our future.

    So instead of concentrating on creating more terrorists, we will concentrate on making the Middle East the land of Sand N*ggers with few buyers.— then their terrorist would have no one else to blame but themselves.

    Regarding China:

    China has already done 10 times more this year and last year to curb pollution than we could possibly do in a decade.

    When China says they are going to do something you better get up and get out of the way cuz when a centralized govt. says something, they do it.

    Shenzhen, China (borders Hong Kong) is a perfect example.

    Diesel locomotives have taken the wayside to the electric bullet train. You can't even catch a train in the outskirts of Shenzhen cuz they are moving too fast to change their transportation.

    Shenzhen is nothing but a huge construction site with the most modern skyscrapers in the world.

    Hong Kong combined with Shenzhen will outpace New York before the end of the 2020 as the next mega city and will by far out perform all U.S. cities in environmental goals.

    Buses are crammed around concrete pillars elevating to the skys to accomadate future light rails. Tunnels are being bored out faster than our nation can fix our ever deteriorating bridges.

    We are screwed my fellow Americans and we are screwed because the Chinese have learned how to be capitalist while progressing for the common good.

    We,instead, have a group of selfish pigs that hoard the wealth of our nation through bogus policy — we call them conservative Republicans.