The UN Kicks Out a Leading Critic – By Joseph Klein

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The United Nations security department briefly detained a leading UN critic, Anne Bayefsky earlier this month and then escorted her out of the building after stripping her of her accreditation pass.  Ms. Bayefsky, who is affiliated with a UN-recognized non-governmental organization and is an accredited United Nations observer, also happens to be a human rights watchdog who for years has publicized the rank hypocrisy at the UN when it comes to dealing with Israel and its terrorist enemies.

Her offense was that she dared to approach a microphone outside of the General Assembly hall in the press area and denounce the one-sided Goldstone Report on Gaza that the General Assembly had just endorsed.  In her two minute comments, she criticized the General Assembly for passing a resolution that “doesn’t mention the word Hamas.”

“This is a resolution that purports to be even-handed; it is anything but”, she said.  That is a pointed statement but hardly an incendiary one.

Apparently, even two minutes of straight talk was too much for the UN Palestinian representative who complained to UN security.  Ms. Bayefsky was whisked away by security and reportedly held for a time in the UN’s security office before being forced to turn in her pass and leave the building.

“The Palestinian ambassador is very upset by your statement,” Ms. Bayefsky recounted the U.N. security chief telling her as the reason for these drastic actions.  The Palestinian, who himself has only observer status at the UN, was reported to have been overheard asking whether UN security had “captured” Ms. Bayefsky.

Ever since this disgraceful episode happened, the UN security and press offices have been constantly changing their stories.  They have been spinning a bunch of mistruths to cover up for the fact that the UN establishment went along with a Palestinian-inspired effort to censure free expression at UN headquarters.

The cover up went into high gear last week when I asked at a daily press briefing the status of Ms. Bayefsky’s case.  I was told by the deputy spokesman for the UN Secretary General that everything was fine.  In his words, Ms Bayefsky’s “credentials and the credentials of her organization are not changed at this stage.  She belongs to a non-governmental organization.  It’s possible in the future that there could be a review, but at this stage there has been no removal of credentials from that non-governmental organization or from Ms. Bayefsky.”  (Emphasis added)

It turns out that was not true.  Her credentials were lifted and she was barred from the UN premises.

After being called out on last week’s manifest misstatement, the UN revised its story. Ms. Bayefsky was not barred, we were told, because of her brief remarks at the microphone, even though the UN considered what she did to be a breach of its rules.  The real reason, according to the security office, was that Ms. Bayefsky had given her pass to an unauthorized person to use in entering non-public areas of the UN facility.  That would seem grounds for a reprimand perhaps, but hardly a reason to hold her for a time against her will, take away her credentials and then throw her out of the building.

So then, in an effort to prove how reasonable the UN is, the press was told on Monday by another deputy spokesperson for the Secretary General that “We have just been informed by the Department of Safety and Security that there has been an amicable agreement, in which Ms. Bayefsky would admit to have breached some security rules and would have her pass cards returned to her.”

I asked Ms. Bayefsky whether the latest UN version was true.  “This is absolutely false,” she said. “There is no agreement and the pass has not been returned.”

When a reporter followed up at yesterday’s press briefing to inquire what was really going on, the chief spokesperson for the Secretary General, Michèle Montas, spun a web so thick that no spider could even navigate it.  She quibbled about what the deputy spokesperson, Marie Okabe, exactly had said just the day before regarding whether agreement with Ms. Bayefsky had been reached and whether her press cards had or were about to be returned to her. Ms. Okabe’s exact words appear in the full transcript of Monday’s press briefing posted on the UN’s official website.

Now we are being told that Ms. Bayefsky’s non-governmental organization still has its credentials, even if Ms. Bayefsky herself still does not.  The chief spokesperson made all kinds of excuses for the continuing impasses in restoring Ms. Bayefsky’s credentials, putting the blame for any delay squarely on her for breaking the rules and refusing to agree to the UN’s demand for a confession of wrong-doing.

If there is any precedent for how the United Nations handled this case, it has not been cited to the press.

The truth is that the United Nations establishment drinks from the same well that the Islamists have poisoned with their ‘defamation of religion’ resolutions assaulting freedom of expression.  They are protecting the Palestinians, who have abused their own observer status in repeatedly denouncing Israel in the most vitriolic fashion, from being confronted with the truth.  And the truth is that the Palestinian Authority has been unable or unwilling to control the Palestinian terrorists who initiated the conflict in Gaza by launching thousands of rockets at innocent Israeli civilians.  It is the Palestinian terrorists who committed acts against humanity, not the Israelis who were engaging in self-defense.

This case is important because the right of free expression is at stake.  Ms. Bayefsky is not being punished for minor infractions of the UN’s security rules.  A stern reprimand, or a day’s suspension at most, would have been sufficient if that were all there was to it.   Ms. Bayefsky is being punished because of what she said in earshot of the delegates to the General Assembly who are not used to being confronted with the truth.  The UN’s web of deception on this matter must be completely unspun.

  • Canadianpatriot

    To quote from Wikepedia: “Anne Bayefsky is a human rights scholar and activist. Holding a B.A., M.A. and LL.B. from the University of Toronto and an M.Litt. from Oxford University, today she serves as professor at York University, Toronto, Canada; a barrister and solicitor, Ontario Bar; and a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute where her areas of expertise include international human rights law, equality rights, and constitutional human rights law.”

    It just seems to me that the illustrious background of this champion for justice gives much more impact to the eventsat issue which only prove once again that the United Nations is nothing but a collection of statist thugs, gangsters, and weasels without a shred of decency.

  • garydeussen

    the un is a sack of shit, much like the us congress.

  • Tom

    In 1959 as a senior in high school I took a speech class. My final exam was a speech of my choosing. The title of my speech was “A Condemnation of the United Nations”. I showed where the UN charter had 48 (there are more) violations of our Constitution. Today that picture is far worse. The UN building should be vacated and toppled into the East River and not be rebuilt not just on US soil but anyplace in the world. The UN serves no useful function in the world. It is a worse evil than the Iranian government.
    BTW I got an A- on my speech.

  • aspacia


    Wiki is not considered a valid source.

    Also, it is important to remember that the UN, most of Europe, or for that matter, most politicians are whores who are purchased. The Louisiana Congressperson just pimped herself out for a “Ya” Health Care vote.

    Anti-Semitism is still strong.

    A Deist, Feminist, Goy, Zionist

  • aspacia


    Currently, in our universities, you would be asked to undergo psychiatric evaluation for criticizing the UN.

  • andyFree

    The UN is a primitive form of democracy and its officers cannot be allowed to use its facilities for criticising it.

    Actually, Bayefsky is so heavily involved in propaganda and attack organs of the government of just one nation that it's surprising they've put up with her so long. If UN Watch and the Ariel Center for Policy Research have ever contributed anything useful (ie not parroted ritual denounciations of the world community by Likud) then I've never noticed.

  • andyFree

    We can tell you don't like the opinions of anyone else in the world, but I don't think they like yours.

    According to a different attack-site (but couched in very reasonable language) “Bayefsky supports the work of a number of rightist policy groups, including the Washington-based Hudson Institute, a neoconservative-aligned research organization where she serves as a senior fellow; UN Watch, a Geneva-based organization largely devoted to criticizing what it views as an unfair bias against Israel at the United Nations; and the Israel-based Ariel Center for Policy Research, a Likud Party-affiliated organization that supports the work of hardline writers in the Middle East, North America, and Europe. ”

  • therealend

    If the UN goes away, then who is going to stop Israel from defending itself? And for that matter, who is going to sit by and let Iran develop into a nuclear superpower(and condemn Israel), if not the UN? And where else can a dictator find such a grateful audience to hear him lambast the US (and Israel)? Can anyone tell me that?

    And to Mr Free (see below), if we assume your analysis is correct, then why did the UN spokesperson feel a need to lie about Ms Bayefsky's situation?

  • davorino

    Hmmm I guess Mr Free is not for free speech. No one is allowed to criticize the GREAT UN. Its amazing that some palestinian can complain that his feelings were hurt and therefore Ms. Bayefsky can be ruffed up.

    I cant wait for world government, they will take care of all these naredowells ; )

  • CowboyUp

    When has the un done anything but duck and cover and be used as human shields, or bugout completely when Israel is attacked? *crickets*

    The UN can't stop Israel (or anybody else) from doing anything. Who have they ever stood up to, much less stopped, absent the US military? *more crickets*

    Lil' kim, saddam, and the mad mullahs have proved the worthlessness of the UN. Since we've found out our representative at the un founding negotiations was a soviet agent, I don't see how we're bound by it.

  • BS77

    The UN is a hopeless den of corruption, wasted money and hypocrisy on an unprecedented level.

  • redstone357

    Leftists are never really for free speech, and islamist's are against the very idea. The more enmeshed the two ideologies become you wind up with people like andyFree.. But the world has to have idiots I suppose.

  • redstone357

    Not one thing about the UN acting dictatorial and thuggish is surprising to me since most of the body consists of people living in the past. The sooner we rid ourselves of the presence of the UN and the underdeveloped people's it attracts the better.

  • USMCSniper

    The United Nations does not serve the interests of the United States or the objectives of democracies. The oil-for-food scandal, in which billions of dollars were misappropriated in Iraq, exposed a corrupt bureaucracy, rotting from the head. In the U.N., the United States is opposed by dictatorial regimes who are treated as our equals.

    The U.N. now is dominated by nations of the Third World whose values are so distant from our own that they won't even object to the genocide occurring in the Sudan.” The US should oppose any form of “world government” because, “It would only mean that a cabal who hates our religions and our way of life could gang up on the U.S.A. No good could possibly come from such an institution.”

  • BS77

    andyfree is one of those useful idiiots who keeps peddling the leftist garbage about the UN. The UN is a do nothing money pit. During the terrible Rwandan genocide, the UN had a base in the midst of the genocide and did NOTHING. The UN did nothing about the genocide in Sudan, or Chinese crimes in Tibet. The UN did nothing to stop the advance of terror and mass murder all across the Middle East. The UN did nothing to address human rights crimes in North Korea, Burma, China or Iran. During the recent pro democracy demonstrations in Iran, the UN was silent as police shot defenseless students on the streets, often without any reason. The UN has not condemned the treatment of women in barbaric squalid ME nations…the FGM, the second class citizenship status….The UN is worthless.

  • BS77

    Andy free you are one of those brainwashed leftist idealistss…..the UN has |NOTHING to do with democracy….it is a clique of leftists, Islamist nationals, corrupt bureaucrats, arrogant self serving career scammers and liars who find ways to sponge off UN funds for their NY parties, limosuines, first class air travel and all they have to do is vote against the US and Israel, make pathetic speeches and turn in their time cards….what a pathetic rotten gravy train….but hey, to you it's a “primitive form of democracy”….yeah, just like in Iran or China….except primitive is not the word….it's a pretence of democracy.

  • Canadianpatriot

    The issue, if you care to face it, is that the United Nations, and the statist thugocracies that now run it, has no interest in the protection of free speech, as evidenced by their treatment of Ms. Bayefsky. Furthermore they know they are doing wrong because they lie about it. The treatment of Israel by the United Nations is a disgrace for many reasons too numerous to go into here. Let us suffice to say, Israel protects the individual rights of its citizens, including the Muslims, whereas the Muslim states which surround Israel and make constant war upon her can only be described, based soley upon their behaviour towards their own people, as despotic tyrannies, all of which get the full moral support of the United Nations in their attacks upon tiny Israel. How are minorities treated in Israel? How are they (Christians, Jews, immigrant workers, etc.) treated in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, etc.? When Jews fight to protect themselves, the United Nations calls them aggressors, and gives moral and material aid to Israel's enemies. The Israeli's are tolerant to a fault of the transgressions of the Muslim world upon their state. If someone began shooting into your house night and day, and the people who professed to be in favor of peace did nothing to help you, and sided with the shooters, what would you do?

    Sometimes, reasonable language does no good. The United Nations has proven that it does not support or believe in free speech. It is opposed, for example, to any criticism of Islam which it labels as “hate speech.” The UN is long past reasonable dialogue, because it does not permit it, and is worthy only of contempt. The vitriol it gets is earned.

  • Robert Bernier

    Decadence of the “UN Human Rights Council”.
    Resolutions calling for criminal prosecution of anyone criticizing Islam or Islamic practices have already been formally adopted by the inappropriately named UN Human Rights Council and subsequently by the UN General Assembly. The discredited UN Human Rights Council, which concentrates the bulk of its efforts on delegitimizing Israel has, not long ago, formally endorsed a resolution prohibiting any discussion during its proceedings that could be deemed to be critical of Islam, Moslem practice or Shar'ia law. Yet this same body has shamelessly avoided condemning human rights violations including the genocidal killings by the barbaric Islamic Sudanese government at Darfur. To know more :

  • Deejean

    Write the White house and the UN and tell them its time we the millions of victims of islam
    The millions of non muslims so hated and despised by islam, its time we matter to them
    As much as muslims do!

  • Steven L

    The democracies of this world are giving up more and more to the automatic Muslim majority. They are unwiiling to defend themselves and becoming more impotent.

  • Deejean


  • LindaRivera

    What happened to Ms. Bayefsky, is an attack on every American. An attack on every non-Muslim on earth. A massive attack on our cherished freedom of speech. Who runs America? Palestinian Authority Muslims? The Pal UN observer was 'overheard asking whether UN security had “captured” Ms. Bayefsky.' What an outrage! And Americans are forced to finance the UN and Muslim infidel haters with U.S. tax dollars!

    Unlike the wicked UN, freedom loving people believe that Israel and all other countries have the moral responsibility to protect their people when under attack by thousands of rocket attacks from Islamo fascists.

    The evil anti-freedom, anti-human rights UN pollutes the great city of New York.

    Col. Richard Kemp, a British commander in Bosnia and Afghanistan
    stated: “The Israel Defense Forces did more to safeguard the rights of civilians in a combat zone than any other army in the history of warfare. ” (Guardian-UK)

    Goldstone Gaza Report: Col. Richard Kemp Testifies at U.N. Emergency Session

  • Bob A

    The UN is a terrorist organization run by terrorists and dictators. The US should stop funding them and charge them $30 million /month rent. When they don't pay the US should evict them and take every Nazi one of them to the airport for deportation.

  • Deejean

    What I want to know is just how much of Americas money is Islam and its watch dog the UN getting? In Afghanistan alone,,,,,
    Despite the massive amounts of money our gov and other western nations have given Afghanistan,,
    In Afghanistan where islam has long ruled, it is unlawful to tell any truth which might
    Offend islam and if you do not defend islam at all costs you can and will suffer the consequences
    And horribly brutally so,
    There are countless victims of islam in Afghanistan, but they are not allowed to speak out against there
    Aggressor to do so can and has got them tortured to death literally,
    Many women are set on fire, because family members believed them to have offended islam
    In some way or another, and when these women survived they were given no choice but accept the blame
    Themselves or blame it on another, Because to say they were victims of islam is illegal!

    And yet they are very much victims of islam!!! Muslim men In Afghanistan often use women and girls
    As though they were simple brood mares popping out offspring, So many that they can not care for them all
    Young girls are given away as gifts, there sold and traded, They are then raped and brutalized and so often killed, And many times these girls are so young when there raped and impregnated that the babies don’t
    Survive often the mothers don’t either.
    And poverty is a major problem, When men are made gods and women and girls there breeding stalk.
    Hell on earth is always the result
    And little boys are often left to roam the streets to be new recruits for Mujahideen terrorists,
    More conflict more violence more death and countless more victims of islam with out a voice un able to
    Stand up for themselves against the worlds deadliest aggressor! After all islam has made more victims in the
    World then any other aggressor today!

  • Shalom7

    I agree with this comment:

    The UN building should be vacated and toppled into the East River and not be rebuilt not just on US soil but anyplace in the world. The UN serves no useful function in the world. It is a worse evil than the Iranian government.” The UN is evil.

  • Davidka

    Before the site on the East River was used for the U.N., it was used for stockyards.

    Would it not be more constructive if the present buildings were removed and the site reverted to its previous use? The stench would be reduced, the noise would be reduced in volume and unpleasantness, and unlike the present swine running the U.N., the previous swine had no ambitions of destroying people, countries or Western freedoms.

  • 080

    I'm shocked. I didn't think that anyone is listening to the United Nations other than the folks who live in Vanuatu. Are they still saying; anything at all. The last that I heard they were robbing the food in the U.N. refrigerator.

  • Carterthewriter

    The UN is just a hotel for foreigners to go to a Broadway play, have a beer and pick up a broad. Whatever else they do inside, they're immune and quite irresponsible.

  • John

    Hey Andy, When did you say you had that Lobotmy? It worked!

  • welldoneson

    The U. N. is being controlled by Islamist hard-liners. That much is obvious. Their continued persecution of Israel while at the same time ignoring [your favorite horrible ongoing atrocity here] only stands as proof of that.

    Anne Bayefsky's offence is two-fold: she spoke out loud about the U. N.'s ludicrous shortcomings in dealing with the MidEast, and she's a human rights activist who doesn't follow the leftist hard line regarding Israel.

    Based on continued lying regarding this issue, the U. N. should be brought up on charges relating to international law protecting illegal search and seizure for exercising the right of free speech. Don't wait for it!

  • jason_gray

    keep in mind that the bliss ninny left wants us all to
    abandon our nation states for this wonderful one world government
    headed by the United Nations.

  • bristolman

    It is not a free speech i guess.
    thanks for sharing.


  • Arthur Cohn

    This problem could br alleviated if Mayor Mike Bloomberg had the NYC police setup a security barrier around the UN and not let in the Palestiniandelegate and the rest of the human rights criminsls who populate the so-called Human Eights Council.

  • andyFree

    If you think Israel is more important than working cooperatively with the whole of the rest of the world, then nothing I say will change your mind.

    But I'd remind you that the sanctions on Iran (and on Saddam before that) came about entirely because of the UN and the willingness of other people to abide by decisions of the world community. The rise of China and India (and worries about the dollar) make the UN much more important to you and everyone than it was even a few years ago.

    Meanwhile, Bayefsky looks to have a similarly one-track mind and her links to Likud should have rendered her as unsuitable for employment by the UN as a supporter of Hamas (perhaps more so – is Hamas in defiance of any UN resolutions?).

    She's now carried out an action that, as best I can see, amounted to gross misconduct. The UN and cooperation between peoples will be better off without her.

  • andyFree

    It is truly terrifying that a British Colonel can make such a claim – because it's strong evidence that the British no longer see a problem with deliberately targetting and killing civilians.

    Because lets make no mistake, that is Israeli policy – in the immortal words of Norman Finkelstein “Chief of Staff of the Israeli army Halutz said at the very beginning of the war … “Nothing is safe in Lebanon, it's as simple as that.” … When you make a statement that “nothing is safe in Lebanon” you are uttering a legally criminal statement.

    On July 28, Israel's Justice Minister said “all those now in South Lebanon are terrorists.” …. those who remained, estimates were about 50,000, they were the old, the infirm, the poor. Those who remained were to whom Ramon, Justice Minister Haim Ramon, were terrorists. That is to say they are fair game. Ehud Olmert … said, “All the population which is the power base of the Hezbollah in Lebanon was displaced. They lost their properties, they lost their possessions” (Matthew Tostevin, Reuters, 2 Aug 2006). He's boasting about it.

    And remember, Israel uses precision weapons and kills around 90% civilians (did the same in Gaza, unless you count policemen in their training school as combatants) – while Hezbollah, with makeshift weapons in 2006 kill only 20% civilians. Hamas in 2008/9 killed only 20% civilians.

    Truly, the British have lost their way in the world to be defending Israel over this business!

  • andyFree

    Hitler thought much the same thing about immigrants who insisted on bringing their own Middle Eastern religion.

  • andyFree

    The US has had very good value out of the UN eg 12 years of highly effective sanctions against Iraq when. It is using the UN very successfully to isolate Iran and control WMD in other ways.

    As long as the US spent more on weapons than everyone else in the world put together it didn't need the UN very much – but that desirable state of affairs is coming to an end. Sensible Americans will pray that the UN doesn't move its headquarters somewhere like Switzerland or Dubai – because if that happens, the US will have lost an important means to bludgeon the rest of the world into following their lead.

  • Shalom7

    Please don't send me any more e-mails.

  • LindaRivera

    Hamas/PA Target JEWISH INNOCENTS. Israel Targets Terrorists

    Elites and Islamics oppose Jews defending themselves from thousands of rocket attacks.

    In a military response several years overdue, Israel warned Gaza civilians via loudspeakers, thousands of leaflets and 200,000 telephone calls urging evacuation of battle areas. The IDF aborted missile strikes to prevent civilian casualties, opened a field clinic for Muslims on Gaza's border, and constantly gave humanitarian aid whilst Hamas waged WAR against innocent Israeli civilians.

    The Islamics commit war crimes: they use human shields; hide behind women and children; wage war from densely populated areas, store and fire rockets from residential buildings, schools, hospitals & mosques to deliberately MAXIMISE Arab injuries and deaths so that when Israel fires back in self defense and accidentally kills civilians, the Islamics scream to the world, but the blood of the Arabs is on the heads of the Islamics.

    Hamas Charter of RELIGIOUS HATE and Genocide of Non-Muslims:
    'Israel, by virtue of its being Jewish and of having a Jewish population, defies Islam and the Muslims. Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it.'

    It is not about land, it's about intense religious hate that demands the mass murder of non-Muslim innocents. Jews are targeted first.

    An Israeli hospital treated a Muslim woman-she returned strapped with a bomb belt to blow up amongst the Jewish doctors and nurses who helped her.

    Hezbollah leader Nasarallah:

    If they (Jews) all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide. (Daily Star, Oct. 23, 2002)

  • Anna Sazie

    I suggest that those of us who care write letters to our Congresspersons telling them that we belong to the UN only under protest. We don't want our money supporting our enemies' agenda.

    It's the least we can do to those who want us dead.

    We should pick the same day for all of us to make those calls. We don't need an organization to do this.

  • Anna Sazie

    I suggest that those of us who care write letters to our Congresspersons telling them that we belong to the UN only under protest. We don't want our money supporting our enemies' agenda.

    It's the least we can do to those who want us dead.

    We should pick the same day for all of us to make those calls. We don't need an organization to do this.

  • Carterthewriter

    Jason, are you kidding, Obama just picked up his orders from China. Did you see the Chinaman bow back?

  • kafir4life

    Can't argue with that, altho' you could say the us congress and the current president are steaming sacks of shit, much like the un. It all depends on your perspective, and I can certainly understand yours.

  • davarino

    Oh my god, you slippery f#@$. Your right, you twit, the US was able to get the UN to help them bully Iraq. Yes the oil for food program worked so well. You think that just because time has passed that this little tidbit has been forgotten. What are you 12 years old, were you not around when all this was happening? The UN was tottaly complicit in helping sadam use his oil for something other than feeding his own people.


    Please move the UN to switzerland or dubai so they can be a more useful tool of the left.

  • andyFree

    We'd be making a very bad mistake letting the UN go anywhere we
    couldn't totally control it!

    The 1991 sanctions worked brilliantly – despite the fact that there were no WMD after 1995, everyone knew it, and everyone else in the world wanted them lifted.

    The UN was so much our poodle that we breached Resolution 687 (the ceasefire line) with our planes practically every week for 10 years, bombing and trashing at our whim and vetoing every attempt by others to stop us.

    And the oil-for-food program worked exactly as it was planned to work. Saddam chose the suppliers for himself and made his own arrangements – what else was he supposed to do?

  • andyFree

    You still need to explain why Israel's precision weapons kill so many more civilians (both in proportion and in number) than do the imprecise weapons of the opposition. Gaza might be a special case (7 soldiers to 3 civilians?) but Lebanon was not, even the lowest estimate of Israelis killed suggests Hezbollah scored 80% military/20% civilian and some of the higher estimates extend up to 91%/9%..

    If case there is any doubt about the explanation, Israeli Ministers and generals tell us what they're up to – they deliberately target civilians.

    And in the aftermath of Gaza, Netanyahu told us he wants International Law changed in order he can do more of it!

  • andyFree

    President Bashir of Sudan is indicted by the International Court of Justice and there's quite a good chance he will get his deserts at the Hague, like Radovan Karaditz and some of the killers of Rwanda.

    But Hamas has objected to prosecuting Bashir – and we know why, we all urgently want members of Hamas prosecuted for war-crimes – isn't that right?

  • Canadianpatriot

    “If you think Israel is more important than working cooperatively with the whole of the rest of the world, then nothing I say will change your mind.” Let's examine this sentence and the thoughts therein. First, you have set up a false dichotomy. The importance of israel has nothing to do with working co-operatively with the rest of the world. Secondly, it is impossible to work cooperatively with the whole rest of the world. Much of the world doesn't wish to cooperate on many issues. To dip into modern history, you may recall that the Soviet Union didn't wish to cooperate with the west. Hitler didn't wish to cooperate with the rest of Europe. Pol Pot didn't wish to cooperate with critics when he murdered millions. Islam doesn't wish to cooperate with peace-loving, democratic Israel, or the United States. The United Nations has nothing to do with working cooperatively. That is the lip service which is in glaring contrast with the reality of its behavior, as I have partially outlined above. The UN has become a tool of the dictatorships of the world which vastly outnumber the civilized constitutional democracies. The UN has become a case of “democracy as tyranny” which is exactly why the United States is not a “democracy” but a “constitutional democracy” with a built-in system of checks and balances (or was until Obama took over). The UN and its various voting blocks have become tools to propagate and expand statist dictatorships. If the UN chooses to denegrate individual rights and freedoms, and to condemn small countries such as Israel which only want to be left alone to live in peace, then the UN has little, if any, useful function. Russia is a contant troublemaker. It's leaders do all they can to cause trouble for the west. Russia is run by criminals. How, honestly, can anyone “cooperate with criminals? If someone breaks into your house, do you defend yourself, or enter into a dialogue with the intruder? In Islam, by religious law, there can be no accomodation with infidels. Treaties for Islamic states are merely tactical battle strategies which can be broken when convenient to gain advantage.This is the way of Islam. How can anyone possibly cooperate with Islamic states? The Islamic bloc in the UN is massive which means that democracy in the UN is merely a means of waging war on kaffirs, on us. For all these reasons, the United Nations needs courageous critics like Anne Bayevsky. Words don't kill, but the actions of the UN and many of its members certainly do kill.

  • 080

    I'm shocked even more Andyfree. I think I'll move to Vanuatu.

  • Elaine

    Typical tactics of those who hate truth. Change the story as often as necessary hoping the truth is never exposed. Obfuscate, backtrack, make up story after story. Liars are the most despicable humans.

  • Elaine

    Just wait until Iran “bludgeons” the rest of the world into oblivion. Of course, when everyone is dead, the end of blaming the U.S. for the entire world's insanity will finally end.

  • LindaRivera

    Israelis DO NOT target civilians!

    In a military response several years overdue, Israel warned Gaza civilians via loudspeakers, thousands of leaflets and 200,000 telephone calls urging evacuation of battle areas. The IDF aborted missile strikes to prevent civilian casualties, opened a field clinic for Muslims on Gaza's border, and constantly gave humanitarian aid whilst Hamas waged WAR against innocent Israeli civilians.

    Why did more people get killed in Gaza? Because the Islamo Fascists deliberately put civilians in harm's way. Israel provides shelters for Israelis to run into when under attack.

    The Islamics commit war crimes: they use human shields; hide behind women and children; wage war from densely populated areas, store and fire rockets from residential buildings, schools, hospitals & mosques to deliberately MAXIMISE Arab injuries and deaths so that when Israel fires back in self defense and accidentally kills civilians, the Islamics scream to the world, but the blood of the Arabs is on the heads of the Islamics.

  • facebook-1304000461

    And yet, After reading this article some of you out there in the world still have no problem with our president”obama” traveling to Copenhagen soon to sign over our sovereignty, and all rights theirin!! All in the name of “global warming” which has also been proven to be a Hoax…well then you should know, The results of these actions will be no HOAX they will diminish the lives of all you know…Time to WAKE UP AMERICA!! Oh yeah? what about the fact that obama also went against the 13th amendment in signing an acceptance to an official position within the U.N.,Completely against constitutional law!!!An actual act of treason!

  • Yehuda

    The UN has become a quasi-criminal organisation, given the nature of most of its member states and entities with observer status.
    If George Orwell were alive, he would write a novel about it that would be as powerful as his “Animal Farm”, which exposed and characterised the true nature of communism.

  • andyFree

    Iran bludgeons us, who do you think you're fooling?

    When Bush warned us of the 7 members of the “Axis of Evil”, our spending was 23 times the total of all of them put together:

    Iran 7.5 (all in $billions), Syria 1.8, Iraq 1.4, North Korea 1.3, Libya 1.2, Cuba 0.8, Sudan 0.4

    Total $14.4 billion

    US spending $328.9 billion

  • davarino

    Hm US bad ($329B), Axis of Evil good ($15B).

    You know you are a genious. It only take several million to acquire a nuke and sneak it into your home town. Then what are you going to do Andy?

    When you were in grade school, did it ever work to talk nice to the bully? Did he leave you alone or did he see you as being weak and just pick on you more?

  • sparkleplenty27

    It is long past the time when the US should withddraw from the UN, and the UN should be invited to move itself elsewhere. We have poured hundreds of billions into an organization that holds us in contempt, amid countries who receive our bounty and vote repeatedly against us on every issue, and where there is bias toward Islam and against Israel. Now more than ever we appear little more than a puppet. Our economy would be vastly improved were we to remove ourselves from the UN -