Mark Steyn: too much man for Media Matters girly-boys?

When we last left the “Zacharies” — the 3-man (!) team assigned by Media Matters to monitor Rush Limbaugh and his co-hosts — they were so overcome with the vapors that they abandoned their post during Hour 2 of Mark Steyn’s 3-hour guest hosting stint.

Steyn is back at the Golden EIB Microphone this week, sitting in for Limbaugh yesterday and today.

And apparently, the George Soros Steno Pool can’t scrounge up a single “Zachary” to listen in. For the first time I can remember, Media Matters didn’t post a recap of the Limbaugh show yesterday. Hmmm.

On Christmas Eve, Media Matters stuck up a little squip informing readers that “posting would be light” during the No Man’s Land between Christmas and New Years. That’s probably their lame official excuse for avoiding Steyn’s guest hosting gig.

I suspect the real reason is sheer pants-wetting terror.

So: will the “Zacharies” muster up the courage to tune in today? Or were their ear drums (and other precious tiny bits) fatally wounded in their previous encounter with Steyn’s wit, brains and groovy accent?

Stay tuned.

(And enjoy the following video, shot by a friend after we’d attended Steyn’s testimony at the Ontario Legislature in February 2009. You can hear my Hillary Clintonesque guffaw off camera about halfway through. And yes: we all went for a drink. As RightGirl said before she was cut off: “It’s always five o’clock somewhere.” Must have a bit of fun between lawsuits.)


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