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Media Matters complaining about corny climate change jokes now

Posted By Kathy Shaidle On December 14, 2009 @ 12:05 pm In NewsReal Blog,Uncategorized | No Comments

Media Matters continues to push its desperate “stolen climate emails” meme on its home page. (Funny, I don’t recall Media Matters being so scrupulous about the origins of other newsworthy data…)

No one at Media Matters can or will analyze the hacked data, of course. The George Soros Steno Pool has been reduced to scolding conservatives for making corny climate change jokes.

Meanwhile, some actual journalists are rising to the challenge:

However, the full context of that ‘trick’ email, as shown by a new and until now unreported analysis by the Canadian climate statistician Steve McIntyre, is extremely troubling. Derived from close examination of some of the thousands of other leaked emails, he says it suggests the ‘trick’ undermines not only the CRU but the IPCC. (…)

…seven weeks later, Jones presented his ‘trick’ — as simple as it was deceptive. All he had to do was cut off Briffa’s inconvenient data at the point where the decline started, in 1961, and replace it with actual temperature readings, which showed an increase. On the hockey stick graph, his line is abruptly terminated — but the end of the line is obscured by the other lines.

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