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New York Times thinks 2.6% is a lot

Posted By Kathy Shaidle On December 20, 2009 @ 1:36 pm In NewsReal Blog | No Comments

Rush Limbaugh, seen here expressing concern over NYT piece on talk radio ratings

In a recent piece that should have engendered far more mockery than it did, the New York Times proclaimed that “talk radio, a largely conservative format, turns out to have fewer fans than previously thought.” You see, broadcasters are switching over to a new ratings measurement system, one that’s high tech and automated as opposed to the old fashioned, subjective “diary” method of years gone by. Now that listening habits are calculated by “portable people meters” rather than fallible humans, some formats are experiencing rude ratings (and revenue) awakenings. One Spanish language station in Los Angeles has apparently “lost” half its (alleged) listeners over last year. Lots of listeners, driven by ethnic, religious (or even gender) expectations, have been claiming they listen to stations they’ve actually been tuning out. Turns out something I’ve been saying since high school is correct: classical music and jazz (along with male strippers and other people’s weddings) are things most people only pretend to enjoy. So how drastic is that drop in conservative talk radio ratings? The format’s market share declined … 2.6 percent. Barely a blip, but enough to warrant an “end-is-nigh” story in the Times (whose readership, staff and stock price has fallen far more than 2.6 percent in recent years …) As conservative talk radio host Dennis Miller’s taken to quipping: “The New York Times isn’t a newspaper anymore. It’s just a building acrobats climb.” Just FYI: Talkers says Miller has 250 affiliates and 2,000,000 daily listeners. Limbaugh boasts 20,000,000 fans on 500 stations. The New York Times? This year, “weekday circulation fell 7.3 percent, to about 928,000.” Of course, you’ll have to take that last percentage with a grain of salt. I got it from the New York Times

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