Bum Rush – by Larry Elder


Why lie?

A businessman forming a group to purchase a minority interest in the National Football League’s St. Louis Rams approached popular conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh. Would Limbaugh be interested? Yes, said Limbaugh, but he warned there would be a firestorm of protests. The man was assured that this had been thought through. Not to worry.

Au contraire .

“Responsible” cable news outlets CNN and MSNBC “reported” that Limbaugh once spoke positively about both slavery and the assassination of Martin Luther King. What???!!! “News anchors” such as CNN’s Rick Sanchez even “quoted” Limbaugh speaking positively about slavery. That alleged quote and another supposedly applauding King’s assassination whipped around cable news, newspaper opinion pieces and the Internet faster than you could say “balloon boy.”

Never mind that Limbaugh denied saying such outrageous things. Never mind that no record exists of him ever uttering anything of the sort. Limbaugh threatened legal action against the “news” organizations that either “reported” these things as accurate or “reported” about others attributing these statements to him. Sanchez finally issued a retraction — but never apologized to Limbaugh.

But the damage was done. The man who approached Limbaugh asked the host to remove himself from the group. Limbaugh refused. So he was dropped.

I feel Limbaugh’s pain. If he is so offensive and has uttered incendiary, inflammatory remarks that render him unfit to the NFL, why lie in order to make the case?

It’s happened to me.

Shortly after I started on radio, my station’s account executives — those who sell radio time to advertisers — began getting distressing phone calls. Why is Elder so “offensive”? Advertising agencies and sponsors received numerous letters complaining about me from “the black community.” These letters included statements I allegedly made, such as:

“Blacks are morally corrupt.”

“Blacks are lazy.”

“It’s okay for white people to call black people (the N-word).”

“Blacks are immoral.”

“It is understandable to be racist against blacks.”

“Blacks are the cause of all crime in America.”

The letter also said, “(Elder) attacks black men, black women and black children almost every day. He also attacks black politicians, ministers, scholars, and other leaders on a regular basis.” The letter listed advertisers that sponsored my show, including major national companies. The letter called for a boycott of “companies that finance hate speech against black people.”

Of course, I never said those things.

Had I done so, I would have — and should have — been fired before the next commercial break. Wouldn’t anyone with an ounce of common sense know that? No, “corporate America” headed for the hills.

Sponsor after sponsor dropped my program, costing my station a great deal of money. In response to the “controversy” and the loss in revenue, my station cut my four-hour-a-day afternoon drive-time program in half. I wanted to go on the air, talk about this outrageous boycott and fight — with the truth. But management naively thought that if we didn’t respond to the smears, the boycott would simply whither away. The letters continued. Some local sponsors were picketed by protestors carrying signs, with my picture, saying “Hate Radio Must Go!”

After my show was cut, however, my listeners were outraged. Calls and letters of support poured in. Several support groups formed, and people such as conservative activist David Horowitz came to my defense. The boycott leaders refused to make themselves available for comment. It turned out that no more than a handful of people were sending out hundreds of letters on behalf of “the black community.” My show was soon restored.

As for Rush, the shameless, morally bankrupt Rev. Al Sharpton helped lead the charge. Check the dictionary for the word “gall.” You will find Sharpton’s picture. Apart from becoming a national figure by falsely accusing a man of sexual assault and a litany of other race-card gambits, Sharpton once called the then-mayor of New York a “n——- whore.”

The NFL commissioner, during the Rush dust-up, said he opposes “divisive comments.” This is an interesting standard in a league about which Sports Illustrated once wrote that more than 20 percent of its players had criminal records — up to and including attempted rape.

MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann dons his viciously anti-Republican commentator hat on weekdays yet works NFL television games as an analyst on Sundays. Bob Costas works as an analyst for Major League Baseball games. On his radio show, Costas said about then-President George W. Bush, “It is sad to say, this is a tragically failed administration. That is to me an inescapable fact.” Were there demands that Olbermann and Costas lose their sports jobs over their “divisive comments,” or were lies spread about what they said?

What happened to Limbaugh is despicable. If Limbaugh had successfully acquired an interest in the team, critics could have chosen to refuse to patronize the product. They clearly choose to avoid listening to his radio show. Otherwise, why lie?

  • poptoy194990210

    Can you spell LAWSUIT? Get em Rush.

  • anne112

    woow. Mr. Rush seems “the bad boy”. Is this the reality or he is just a victim of the media? http://plaisirduluxe.com/

  • Name

    Leftists dreamed about assasination of Bush….wished a heart attack to great black judge Clarence Thomas, etc…and that was OK…now FABRICATED lies are spreaded…RUSH, if you sue them, regardless of outcome – new millions of people will hear about you!

  • Name

    Leftists dreamed about assasination of Bush….wished a heart attack to great black judge Clarence Thomas, etc…and that was OK…now FABRICATED lies are spreaded…RUSH, if you sue them, regardless of outcome – new millions of people will hear about you!

  • akreynin

    Rush ought to sue that son-of-a-bitch Al Sharpton. Why don't radicals like Sharpton just shut up?

  • diginess

    It seems to be quite the war between the left and right. For instance, remember the ACORN piece with the pimp and prostitutes getting advice on how to trick the system? That was a smear. It was correct about one ACORN location. Not included in the report were the number of locations which rejected him, which was of course every other place he'd been before that.
    The problem is that it's so easy to believe those people said those things. If they'd just kept their noses clean beforehand, they would have no problems.
    That being said, the people doing the smear should have to pay for it. There's plenty of other things you can say bad about Rush that you don't have to rely on lies. I bet if you had him pulled over in the morning while driving to work (anonymous tip), he'd be doped up on too much prescription or over the counter drugs to be driving and would get a DWI. Enough of that crap pulled, and he wouldn't be able to take the pressure any more and would quit.
    I've gotten mad at some of the stuff Rush says and told a conservative (that's what they call themselves now – really it's just people who get their news from one outlet) friend that Rush was a druggie. He didn't have anything to say to that. It was like taking candy from a baby…kind of made me feel sorry for Rush, so I just stopped.

  • genewilliams

    I wish that Rush Limbaugh would sue the people who asked him to participate in purchasing the team. I wish that he would sue Sharpton and every other race baiting liar who spread the comments he allegedly made. If they can't prove that he said those things he should make them pay.

  • scottyga

    For those demanding a list of racist quotes here ya go:


    I had forgotten all about the Barak the Magic Negro one……

  • Matarese

    It seems that those Republicans and conservatives who claim to support freedom of expression and freedom of speech do not actually understand the concept. The NFL and the investors who look to purchase the team have every constitutional right to not include Puss Limbaugh in the bid. Now, “Repugnican” think that Limbaugh has a constitutional right, based on his ill-gained wealth, to do whatever he wants? What country do you live in? Such ignorance is abhorrent…look up these words in the dictionary, you sophomoric children…

  • Impertinent

    moron…magic negro was from a black la times writer….and the rest is pure rick slimechez bovine excrement.

  • Impertinent

    Rrepugnican”? “Puss Limbaugh”? ILL gained wealth? LikeHarrry Reids? Or Pelosi? Or Boxer? Or Feinsteins?

    You must have the IQ of a brick. What do you call…oberman?

  • scottyga

    The issue that has come up is whether Rush Limbaugh is a racist, bigot or whatever. Some continue to say it is all hog wash so I posted a link to a story which lists his top ten racist comments (with sources). The article goes on to identify several other quotes to which the source cannot be confirmed, then offers several bonus quotes, before finishing with five actual Rush broadcast segments carrying this crap including the one in which he plays the Magic Negro song.

    So I ask you the question, if Rush did indeed say all of these things, then how can you label it as anything else and then simply dismiss it?

    I wonder when I hear these people call themselves ditto heads, (which seems to suggest that they are blindly willing to agree with Rush on any and everything), then turn around and call others morons….

  • Krusader

    Racist demogogues like al sharpton fit the description of domestic terrorists more so that the peaceful/lawful tea party protestors and vets (!) ever will. They not only intimidate but also ruin the lives and livihoods of innocent people, Rush Limbaugh in this case. Since Rush is a man of considerable means and connections, he should take these domestic terrorists to court and make them pay. I wish he would do this not only for his own sake but so for the countless others less able to defend themselves against their vicious abuses.

    Maybe this happened for the best. Rush might get a shot for his Pittsburgh Steelers when all is said and done. Now that would be justice.

  • scottyga


    How ironic that Rush would fall victim to the same sort of crap as the left did regarding Bush's military record during the last election:


    I think this is conclusive evidence that the extreme components on either side of the aisle need to get their heads our of their rectums and start criticizing themselves rather than every one else in the middle.

  • MarkR

    You don't get it. When you accuse and are on the “right” you must prove your assertions. And even if you successfully do that your psychological state will be disparaged and you mental state will be questioned and of course your motives will be subject to every conceivable angle of inquiry. Now, when on the left you really aren't subject to such scrutiny as that you are pre-conceived to be on the “correct side of history” and are conceived to be a “victim”. These preconceptions leave you invulnerable to legitimate criticism as you are really coming from an invulnerable position of being on the correct side of history. Al Sharpton is a classic case in this type of thing. He apparently fabricated every ounce of the Tawana Brawley story, and of course the Crown Heights incident and a number of others showed a charlatan with not an ounce of proof in his accusations. Yet he lives as a portal through which all issues potentially pertaining to race are subject. — We as conservatives cannot win when the rules are thus. Only when the public sees the prism through which these things are being determined and demand a rejection of these hypocrites will our world become logical again.

  • MarkR

    diginess- Wow is that what it takes to be a legitimate organization on the left- that one doesn't acquiese to underage prostitution and pimping and other heinous crimes on a consistent basis! Well bygolly the bar has been lowered enough that I suppose on the right we could have maybe a little less than 50% of our organizations helping the Klan and the Aryan Nation and that would show that as a whole we were okay? The extemes that the far left loons go to justify themselves is so funny and yet repugnant I feel I have entered a twilight zone episode. But it goes to my original point- “Unprovable accusations against the right are fair game and proof against the left is subject to extreme doubt”. Wow- what a great playing field to conduct one's business- of course we know what that “business” is usually.

  • VN_Vet

    Umm…that would be doberman.

  • VN_Vet

    What I saw here was alot of truth and some satire. Just like it ain't bragging if you're right or good, it ain't racist if it's the truth.

    And Impertinent is right about the magic negro thingey.

    The real racists today are blacks, who are quick to use such epithets as honky, oreo, uncle tom, porch monkey, etc., and democ-RATS who as keepers of the 'PLANTATION' are racists by way of their soft bigotry of low expectations.

  • VN_Vet

    You'll only get run over in the middle dimbulb!

  • sonyamsavoy

    making my hubby boycott all NFL GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    no superbowl games are parties at my house this year no football pools

  • sonyamsavoy

    boycott the NFL GAMES
    no more superbowl games are parties

  • VN_Vet

    Let me try to explain a little something to your infantile noggin, read really, really slow now so that it might soak in. The question isn't about the NFL or the investors. The investors especially wanted Mr Limbaugh in on the deal, they approached him. The problem is with the political blackmail that was used against the investors, or more to the point against Mr Limbaugh, with the express purpose of intimidating the investors into dropping Mr Limbaugh from the deal. Further, that the accusations used were libelous (untrue). Regarding the NFL, the Commissioner bowing to the pressure created by untrue accusations said that the NFL didn't need divisive people, of course as has been proved in several articles since, the NFL is chock full of divisive people, many are criminals in fact. There is absolutely no SOB more devisive than Doberman. So that is not a valid factor. The lawyer for the players union was indeed against Mr Limbaugh (even if he knew the accusations were false), but now we have the story on him and he's had his head as far up Obama's a$$ as the dem media so there's no credibilty there, he's a fellow traveler.

    Mr Limbaugh is no more divisive than the Founding Fathers of the USA. I would submit that the anti-Americans (the left) are in fact the divisive players in this drama.

    Hope that clears things up for you.

  • VN_Vet

    LMAO..is that what the left-wing blogs told you, that it was just one location???

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