Revolution Kids – Education Time With Farfour: Episode 1 Iraq & Fort Hood For Toddlers & Americans

Where are the Muslims protesting the actions of Nidal Hasan or groups such as Revolution Muslim?

A radical New York group,  Revolution Muslim, have co-opted Farfour, the mouse who teaches hate and urges deadly violence against ‘infidels,’ to promote their extreme views to Muslim youth in America. Originally a character from a fanatical children’s program on Al-Aqsa TV, the new Farfour videos are part of an “educational program” aimed at Muslim children and Americans. This episode focuses on ethics, Saddam Hussein, and the Fort Hood shooter. The depravity of the video speaks for itself.

Comments to the video by Revolution Muslims members characterize the enemy living among us:

There are a lot of other Muslims serving in the Military (which is wrong), as Muslims we pray to Allah (swt) that he touches their hearts and make them turn on the Zio-Crusader forces, just like brother Nidal, Insha’Allah.


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