Police Chief Apologizes to Muslims over Fugitive Arrests – by Lloyd Billingsley


Fallout from a raid on fundamentalist Islamic separatists confirms that police officials take no back seat to politicians and the media when it comes to appeasement.

The Ummah, a violent fundamentalist Sunni Islamic group in Detroit, advocates a separate Islamic state that would be controlled by Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, also known as H. Rap Brown, a veteran of the black power movement now in prison for gunning down two police officers. According to the U.S. Department of justice the Ummah group “is alleged to have engaged in violent activity over a period of many years, and known to be armed.”

Last month, as the result of a two-year investigation, the FBI raided the Michigan headquarters of the group, now headed by Luqman Ameen Abdullah, sought by the FBI for providing firearms and ammunition to a person known to be a convicted felon, sale or receipt of stolen goods, and other violations. Luqman Ameen Abdullah fired at federal officers, who returned fire and killed him.

Other members of the group remained at large, including Yassir Ali Khan and Mohammad Al-Sahli, also known as Mohammad Palestine, both wanted for conspiracy to commit federal crimes. The pair were arrested across the border in Windsor, Ontario, by local police cooperating with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

In the course of the arrest, Windsor police patted down one of the suspect’s wives. This sparked complaints about police insensitivity. Gary Smith, Windsor’s chief of police, promptly issued a public apology.

“It was never the intention for Windsor police officers to offend or embarrass the families of our Islamic community,” said Smith’s press release. “The actions taken did cause embarrassment and did offend their religious beliefs. I sincerely apologize to the families and the Islamic community.” The police chief further called for more “cultural sensitivity training.”

Arrests are generally embarrassing events for those being arrested and their families. It did not emerge which religious “belief” the officers had violated, but the police rank and file were at odds with their boss over the need for any apology.

“Usually, when you make an apology, that means something was wrong,” Ed Parent of the Windsor Police Association told reporters. “In my opinion, nothing went wrong here. . .  I believe the officers were doing everything they’re entitled to do under the law. I believe they did it professionally. I don’t see an issue here.” The RCMP agreed.

Sgt. Marc LaPorte told reporters that officers have the right to determine whether or not there is a threat.  “If they deemed it was necessary to pat her down, then the officers do have the authority to do that,” LaPorte said.

U.S. authorities wanted Yassir Ali Khan and Mohammad Al-Sahli to be denied bail. Canadian authorities released them on bail. Dr. Murad Aktas of the Windsor Islamic Association is slated to provide the training in cultural sensitivity for Windsor police officers. The sensitivity quality seems lacking in the Ummah group.

One of the FBI’s sources said that  Luqman Ameen Abdullah would beat children with sticks until they couldn’t walk.  And in a recorded 2004 sermon, Abdullah said, “Do not carry a pistol if you’re going to give it up to police. You give them a bullet!”

  • welldoneson

    I URGE American authorities to NOT send any of these triggerhappy 'jigs to Canada. They'll only end up on the streets, quite possibly suing Canadian authorities for daring to put them in jail them in the first place.

  • tommygunn

    the tail wags the dog. It is the end of the dog.

  • tommygunn

    When the tail wags the dog its over. prep for This all started in the late 50s and thru60s

  • Robert Bernier

    Every American should see this video !

    The ambition of Islam to conquer the world.
    For centuries Islam of the militants have been on the march to conquer the world. We did not notice because we chose not to notice. The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in 1920 by Hassan al-Banna in Egypt and was in deep confrontation with the Egyptian government. The current goals for Islam to achieve global domination for a Muslim Caliphate: a world under strict Islamic “Sharia” law, pulling Muslims back to the 7th Century.

    Consult : http://xrl.us/bf66jj

  • BohdanUke1

    Incredible. Radical Islamists want to destroy our civilization. If the “so-called” decent muslims were really honest and of good character, they would first; be ashamed of so many of their “brothers & sisters” of such barbarity, and second; speak out loudly against them as one voice the world over.

    Yet, they are quiet. Further, with no shame, they have the audacity to lash out at Americans that look at them with guarded contempt. They're quick to scream how “offended” they are and how insensitive we are toward them.

    It's a shame alright…


  • A.T. Hall

    The City of Windsor needs to apologize to the rest of Canada for not firing Police Chief Gary Smith by now.

  • sflbib

    If your neighborhood were ruled by the Mafia, would you publicly speak out against them?

  • rnot

    Too often they use women to hide behind – weapons, bombs, etc have been hidden on their women. And it is a duty for ALL Muslims to wage Jihad (Sharia laws, o9). Jihad is to be waged by the sword, the tongue (taqiyya, kithman, or religiously sanctioned deception), and by their wealth (muslim charities).

    As it is taught in Islamic texts it is to be violence 97% of the time and only 3% of the time is an inner struggle even mentioned.

    And their history, if you haven't been duped by their twisted history, has been the srpead of Islam by the sword. If we woke up and saw what is going on around the world, it is still spread by the sword. Once their numbers increase to a certain number – the violence starts. Before that they bully, intimidate, increase their demands and become more violent against the non-Muslims.

  • rnot

    People are afraid of Islam. They think it is a religion and think that they should not learn about it. Learning it from Muslims is the wrong thing to do since there is this thing that is religious sanctioned deception – taqiyya and kithman.

    Ironic you should mention the Mafia that people are so willing to hate that is associated with one group of people – the Italians. While Islam is NOT associated with one race and the word 'racist' gets thrown around if one knows what Islam is and tells it like it should be told. Islam is a hate-filled ideology bent on the destruction of civilizations and to replace them with their human rights disasters called sharia laws. All while the aura of holiness is wrapped around their hate and killing because they are told to kill, or subjugate, so their pathetic behinds will get to their heaven.

    Peace in Islam only means death, conversion or subjugation of the non-Muslim. There is no other peace that they recognize.

  • BohdanUke1

    Like anything else…there's strength in numbers; including every patriotic American as well as the government of The United States. But excuse me, hasn't it been claimed by the Muslims over and over that these “misguided” people comprise 'but only a minuscule portion' of believers that have twisted the teachings of, blah blah blah…..?

    I do not believe the hype. Clandestinely, the majority of the Muslim people (at the very least) feel empathy for these miscreants. In any event, their silence serves as a 'nod' of approval for their actions. These terrorists actually believe that they are putting into action what their more “timid” brothers and sisters would do if they had more backbone, as it were.

  • BohdanUke1

    I only wish I was as poignant as you. You hit the proverbial bullseye.

  • rog3948

    There is absolutely no reason for any apology. The age of political correctness is soon to be over!!

  • josephwiess

    The Ummah, a violent fundamentalist Sunni Islamic group in Detroit, advocates a separate Islamic state that would be controlled by Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, also known as H. Rap Brown, a veteran of the black power movement now in prison for gunning down two police officers. According to the U.S. Department of justice the Ummah group “is alleged to have engaged in violent activity over a period of many years, and known to be armed.”

    Not only no, but hell no. You do not get a seperate state, especially one that is Muslim and run by Sharia law. In these United States of America, you live by our laws, and respect our rights. If you want to live in a muslim state, move to the middle east. I hear that Dubia and Abu Dai are looking for residents.

  • jackhampton

    This Smith is a disgrace to police all over the world that are fighting the death cult daily and should be driven from his job and replaced by someone with a spine. I think I will be sick but glad I never had to work under the supervision of a joke like him.

  • Deejean

    http://web.youngmuslims.ca/online_library/books… Read the truth that islam appeasers and terrorist enablers don't want you to know straight from them, read the truth!
    You have got to be fricking reality challanged to believe islam is about peace! why have our liberal family forsaken us and its values to submit to islamic domination and the sacrifice of human rights for all?

  • Stultis

    This kind of thing must be terrifying to (genuinely) moderate and/or secularist Muslims, especially Muslim women. This PC idiot, though too stupid to realize it, is sending a clear as a bell message to non-Islamist Muslims that the authorities will treat culturally fundamentalist Islam as normative for ALL Muslims, thereby strengthening fundamentalists and marginalizing moderates.

    You think a Muslim woman in Windsor is going to call in a domestic violence complaint against an abusive husband now? Hell no. After witnessing this shameful performance, she'd have every right to expect that the cops would first apologize to her husband, and then ask if he'd like to borrow a nightstick.

  • owen_burnett

    RNOT – you are RIGHT!!!! America still is not awake though……..God help us.

  • LindaRivera

    It was already known by authorities that the latest Muslim attacker, Major Nidal Hasan, was a dangerous and violent man. Authorities did NOTHING to prevent the massacre. Has the police chief apologized to the non-Muslim victims and their families, murdered and maimed in the latest Muslim terror attack, or is apologizing to infidel non-Muslim terror victims regarded as politically incorrect and upsetting to the sensitivities of Muslims?

  • LindaRivera

    U.S. LUXURY RESORT JAIL For Terrorists

    Warning: Gitmo still holds 'throat-slitting' inmates
    December 23, 2008
    By Bob Unruh

    …detainees being held in modern facilities “filled with amenities that most American people could only dream of.”

    …There also are three members of the medical profession, doctors and nurses, for each inmate…

    “They watch movies weekly, eat a menu of six different diets from which they choose…

    …the inmates “get prayer rugs, prayer caps, prayer beads and brand new Qurans. The guards may never touch the Qurans. Only a Muslim may deliver the books to the terrorists. If the terrorists are especially good, they get a fancier prayer rug.”

    Inmates also are given art classes, taught English and have games, including soccer, chess, checkers and exercise machines.

    …inmates at Gitmo on average gain 15 pounds. “The United States has even had to buy them bigger pants because they got so fat on their Gitmo meals,”

    A powerful recruiting tool for Islamic terrorist organizations-are potential terrorist recruits informed of the rewards for terror via America's luxury resort jail?

    Non-Muslim criminals in Illinois jails are having THEIR health destroyed:

    Obama asked to save prisoners from soy 'torture'
    November 18, 2008
    By Bob Unruh

    …Obama, Morell wrote, should “focus on a grave injustice taking place in the prisons of your home state, namely, a prison diet that is slowly killing the inmates assigned to the Illinois Department of Corrections.”This is a diet based largely on soy protein powder and soy flour.

    …”The U.S. Food and Drug Administration lists 288 studies on its database showing the toxicity of soy. Numerous studies show that soy consumption leads to nutrient deficiencies, digestive disorders, endocrine disruption and thyroid problems,” the letter said.

    …the inmates in Illinois are fed up to 100 grams per day – beef and chicken by-product mixtures containing 60-70 percent soy, fake soy meats and cheese, “even soy added to baked goods,” the letter said.

    “Almost all suffer from serious digestive disorders, such as diarrhea or painful constipation, vomiting, irritable bowel syndrome and sharp pains,” she said. “… One reason for these problems is the high oxalic acid content of soy.

    Oxalic acid, the letter said, is associated with kidney stones, can disrupt heart functions, replace bone marrow cells and impair nerve functions.

    Even those who vomit or pass out immediately after eating soy cannot get an order for a soy-free diet…

    Would things change drastically if the prisoners CONVERTED to ISLAM, the favorite religion of Western leaders?

  • rnot

    'Silence is acceptance' said Mohammed.

    Jihad is a requirement upon every Muslim. (o9 in Sharia Laws) But if some are waging the viiolent JIhad against the unbelievers (us idiots who are thinking that peace can be made with Islam and we will be left alone) then the rest of the community doesn't have to wage it openly. But, they can also wage it via their tongues, and their wealth. Jihad can be waged by the sword, the tongue and the wealth.

    Until our people start realizing that Islam is mostly about us and the aura of holiness on our destruction then we will continue to think the Muslims are what they claim they are (victims, peaceful, etc) and we will continue to see the violence against us increase.

    No one should apologize to anyone if they got frisked. So what?! If their men have a problem with their women being touched then the cowards can stop hiding behind their women and children – as they do wherever we see Muslim violence. And in the case of Israel they cause their deaths and then use them as propaganda against Israel.

    Muslims everywhere need to be held accountable for their 'misunderstanders' of Islam since they have absolutely no intention of changing their perception and only work on trying to dummy us up.

    Thanks BohdanUke1 for the kind words. Yes, the majority do feel empathy for them and hold them up as 'SOA' (soldiers of Allah) and if they die, shahid (martyrs) and that is why we see them celebrate after their martyrs murder people, even if they aim at women and children.

  • rnot

    They do this everywhere they migate to.

    1 – migrate and show us the facade of peace, even making friends with us and not standing out as being separate
    2 – when their numbers increase they start demanding things from us to make allowances for their ideology
    3 – violence starts against the non-Muslims by more of them, the others claim victimhood
    4 – they want sharia laws for themselves
    5 – repeat 2 and 3 several times
    6 – they demand more and riot in the streets, antisemitism grows, even their little muslimas make their coy, little selves known and when they had a hard time looking us in the eye – now they are shouting a lot of nasty stuff (Jews back to the ovens, etc)
    7 – demand segregation under the excuse of modesty while their Koran states that we are dirty as are their women (they never tell us the truth because of taqiyya/kithman)
    8 – vicious circle with 2 through 7, and eventually they want their own community free from non-Muslims and if we enter their area we take our lives in our hands. Their Jihadists come out to create chaos, commit crimes and violence against us and the police are afraid to enter. They EXPECT total safety in our areas.
    9 – while the above has been going on others have beein infiltarting our institutions and getting people voted into political positions, in our military, the security agencies, police forces, etc.
    10- We have another Lebanon, Bosnia, Philippines, etc – all these areas have more violence than our news will even tell us about. The UK, France and many other parts of Europe are seeing this problem escalate with them having too many 'urban sensitive areas' that non-Muslims cannot enter.

    When we want to admit that we have a big problem, worldwide, is when we start fixing the problem. Not recognizing there is a problem with Islam is just pure idiocy. Crack open their texts for yourself – read it, find out about their perverted prophet, and how Islam was really spread – by the sword with death, enslavement and persecution and it still goes on to this day.

  • rnot

    I went to that link you posted and then realized that there was no way to it unless you have an 'in' to knowing it was available. There is no outward indication that it is available to anyone.

    Have you emailed your local FBI about this? I am going to email them. I am sick of us just sitting behind our PCs and doing nothing. (I am in Act! for America and it is about time we DO something instead of talking about it!!!)

  • LindaRivera

    The Police Chief offers no apology to Hasan's patients.

    Fort Hood captain: Hasan wanted patients to face war crimes charges

    Tuesday, November 17,
    By BROOKS EGERTON / The Dallas Morning News
    Dave Michaels and Lee Hancock contributed to this report.

    Fort Hood massacre suspect Nidal Malik Hasan sought to have some of his patients prosecuted for war crimes based on statements they made during psychiatric sessions with him, a captain who served on the base said Monday.

  • thinker1

    Dead policemen BETTER than an offended moose-slime??? Total idiots!!!!

  • jason_gray

    political correctness is secular religion to the far left. it is totalitarian and autocratic, as most new religious cults are. it demands obedience and punishes transgressors. it is also a sign of weakness, the jihadis are testing and watching to see who apologizes and is p.c. the ones who appear weak will be prime targets, and the innocents this police buffon is supposed to be protecting.

  • jason_gray

    canada is being taken over by the secular progressive cult and their thought police, just ask mark steyn, he knows all about canada's thought police.

  • jason_gray

    their tactics seem eerily similar to those of the radical left.

  • jason_gray

    i would mostly agree. except i think people need to realize that Islam is mostly NOT about us. they have been trying to conquer the world for 14 centuries now and jihad is not the FAULT of american foreign policy. our chickens are not coming home to roost.

  • jackhampton

    Okay I am trying to figure out why the police chief should offer an apology to his patients?

  • jackhampton

    You need to call Scotland Yard that site is in the UK. But The FBI is a good start.

  • LindaRivera

    Actually, it's our leaders who need to make the apology!

  • Smilinjack

    Gary Smith shut the hell up!! You should be stripped of your badge and run out of town. Political Correctness is what has put our country on a downslope to the socialism we now have. But, that is coming to an end. Whether by elections or, revolution. In my opinion.

  • doggone345

    I have been working with Muslims in Dearborn for 4 years. I teach Muslim immigrants English and help them study for their citizenship test. My car has scrapes and dents from when I park in the neighborhood to go door to door. I am on the front line in the domestic war on terror. I have seen families that have experienced honor killings. I have made many Muslim friends. The October 28 shootout happened a mile away from where I was ministering in Dearborn. In door to door trips, the Muslims are polite and decent. The secular people curse and intimidate.

    I have been studying Islam for over 10 years. Islam is not a religion. Islam is a state. If the government in Washington does not identify the enemy who is actively working to destroy its citizens there is no way to stop them.

    The Islamic pattern of taking over a nation follows well-established procedures. The goal is subjugation. Muslims must submit to superiors without opportunity to challenge their orders. Under Shari’a law the unbelievers are not allowed to have taller houses than Muslims or to have windows that overlook places where Muslims gather. The unbeliever’s are not permitted to build new places of worship or repair damaged buildings used for worship. They are not permitted to testify in court. If a Muslim accuses an unbeliever of anything the judge must rule for the Muslim.

    The United States has been infiltrated at many levels of our infrastructure. The primary power is in financial leverage. Arab investors have approached major financial institutions with the offer to manage investments of Shari’a compliant funds (SCF). These funds seem innocent in that investors are to avoid businesses dealing with pork, alcohol, pornography, gambling and American defense (supporting Islam’s enemy). Over 70 investment companies have jumped at the opportunity to make billions. Major investors are Dow Jones, Barclay’s, Standard & Poor’s, Citibank, HSBC, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and UBS.

    With the foot in the door, Islamic interests impose fines for such things as making profit on interest and other Shari’a non-compliance issues. The penalties are laundered into terrorist sponsoring charities.

    The SCF advisor for Dow Jones, HSBC and other companies is Sheikh Muhammad Taqi Usmani. In his book Islam and Modernism he writes that in the West, “killing is to continue until the unbelievers pay Jizyah after they are humbled or overpowered.” (Dick Morris, Catastrophe, 265)

    After a while, Shari’a compliance includes prayer breaks and foot baths in washrooms. Muslim neighborhoods are subsequently given autonomy from law enforcement and honor killings are out of jurisdiction. Eventually such punishments as flogging, amputations, stoning and beheadings must be imposed.

    In Minnesota Muslim taxi drivers are refusing to drive clients home from markets if there are pork products or alcoholic beverages in their bags. Islamic studies are funded in US colleges by Saudi money. Islamic schools are being built with US taxpayer funds.

    This pattern has been accomplished in North Africa and Indonesia. It is going on in Kenya and Nigeria. A good history of this process comes from literature on the Armenian Genocide in public libraries.

    Armenians in the Ottoman Empire were systematically exterminated. Dhimmis, unbelievers under Shari’a, are required to wear specific colors in their hats or shoes. Young Muslim men frequently beat, rob or rape dhimmis for sport. The Armenians paid the jizyah tax but thereby were exempt from military service. The Islamic State of the Ottoman Empire was losing soldiers to wage jihad and became weak. Armenians obtained dual citizenship with Western European nations and appealed to Italy, France, Germany or England for relief from the persecution they suffered. The jealousy of the Empire heightened to the level of horrible massacres in 1894-1896. The Armenians formed local militias for protection.

    In 1915 Armenian men were arrested by police and soldiers and ended up in mass graves. The women were given forged letters from husbands coercing them to take the children and elderly to another town. They ended up being herded on death marches into the desert of Syria and Iraq without food or water.

    In the beginning of the movie Slumdog Millionaire the Hindu’s sweep through a Muslim neighborhood killing indiscriminately. This is retaliation against Muslim procedures to subdue unbeliever nations. The Imams hold a long and passionate Friday service and pass out guns and ammunition from the Mosque. There is a signal to start the looting, burning, raping and killing and a signal to stop (horn, bell or whistle). These are instigated over real or trumped up incidents. Dhimmis are terrified of defending themselves because if a Muslim accuses one of injuring him the Muslims come out in droves and trash the whole neighborhood.

    A recent attack of Muslims in India against a Christian neighborhood was instigated by Marxists. The Marxists assassinated a Muslim cleric and spread a rumor that Christians did it.

    The infiltration of the US military is a disgrace. Abduraman Alamoudi started the Muslim Chaplain corps in the US Armed Forces. Alamoudi was certifying qualified Imams to serve as chaplains for Pentagon approval. On the homelandsecurity.com website you can read what Alamoudi is in prison for. He is serving 23 years in federal prison for plotting to assassinate the crown prince of Saudi Arabia with Libyan dictator Muhammar Khadafi.

    The Muslim World League, an al-Qaida front, has funded pilgrimages to Mecca for delegations of US soldiers led by Alamoudi’s chaplains. (Paul Sperry, Infiltration: how Muslim Spies and Subversives have Penetrated Washington, 212)

    The senior chaplains for the Armed Forces met with the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA, Saudi funded group with known terrorist ties) “to educate the military on the Islamic faith and Muslim cultures” to counteract “prejudicial acts by military personnel, reflecting a lack of clear understanding of Islam and Muslims.” Deputy Chief Chaplain Rear Admiral Robert Burt.

    The number of Middle Eastern academics (including from Iran) who have been given tours of the security systems in our most sensitive nuclear facilities is astonishing!

    Colonel Edward McCallum was analyzing the security risks of lab personnel from sensitive Middle Eastern countries and was alarmed at the vulnerability to espionage, theft and terrorism of radioactive material. Energy Secretary Hazel O’Leary’s “openness policy” put national security at risk. Said McCallum, “Every terrorist country was represented at the labs . . . Iran, Syria . . . hundreds of visits from their intelligence agencies.” McCallum was transferred so he could not oppose foreign access to the labs. (Sperry, Infiltration, 217)

    In 1998 the nuclear labs at Los Alamos, Lawrence Livermore, Sandia and Oak Ridge Tennessee had 3,100 visitors from these countries. Some stayed onsite for over two years. (Paul Sperry, “Clinton Opened Nuclear Labs to Terrorist-State Visitors,” WorldNetDaily.com 13 Dec. 2001)

    When McCallum complained to Congress about O’Leary’s flagrant dismissing of background checks for these foreign visitors, he was punished by then Energy Secretary Bill Richardson (now governor of New Mexico).

    After 9/11 the number of visitors from sensitive countries has been cut back but many foreign workers are still assigned to our nuclear labs. Many Iranians work in the labs on post-doctorate fellowships. The director of Los Alamos was dropped from the approval process for complaining about this. Los Alamos was shut down for a month in 2004 to investigate the disappearance of several portable computers containing classified information. Between 1998 and 2003 there were 1300 disappearances of radioactive material, many have not been recovered. (Sperry, Infiltration, 217-219)

    The Bush administration did not restrict these terrorist visitors despite tightened security after 9/11. The new Energy Secretary, Spencer Abraham, as Senator from Michigan received more contributions from the Arab American Leadership PAC than any other senator. This PAC had Abduraman Alamoudi as a top contributor. Abraham introduced the Secret Evidence Repeal Act designed to prohibit the use of classified information to deport suspected terrorists. This bill was payback to Sami al-Arian, the former University of South Florida professor who is in federal prison because his Islamic charities were funding terrorist organizations. Al-Arian’s wife’s brother, Mazen al-Najjar was deported on secret evidence. Al-Arian and seven other Islamic leaders went to the White House to witness the signing of the bill at 3:30 p.m. on September 11, 2001. They were not admitted so they went to the Islamic Institute down the street to discuss damage control. On the board of directors of the Islamic Institute is Grover Norquist, one of the drafters of the Contract with America that Newt Gingrich promoted which coerced Bill Clinton to sign the Welfare Reform Bill. The Islamic Institute is primarily funded by foreign governments, companies and individuals sending checks from banks in Qatar, the home of al-Jazeera TV, Osama bin Laden’s favorite station. Domestic funding is primarily from Safa Trust, a Saudi-based financial organization. Bush agreed to sponsor the Secret Evidence bill before the 2000 election and it was the Muslim vote that turned the election from Gore. (Sperry, Infiltration, 220, 276-294 and Terrorist Hunter: The Extraordinary Story of a Woman who Went Underground to Infiltrate the Radical Islamic Groups Operating in America, 152)

    The Arabic foreign language translation departments of the FBI, CIA and Department of Defense are populated with Muslims. No Jews from the Middle East who are fluent in Arabic have been found acceptable. The problem is that the Muslims translating surveillance are refusing to do their jobs when the subject of the surveillance is objectionable to them. The huge backlog of surveillance documents and audio recordings to be translated is a real problem. When there is a major terrorist attack the women bring in date cookies to celebrate. (Paul Sperry, “Jews Need Not Apply to Fight Terror,” FrontPageMagazine.com, 26 November 2003)

    In 2002 FBI agents Vincent and Wright couldn’t get superiors to discipline Gamal Abdel-Hafiz for refusing to do his job. He refused to tape-record suspected Muslim terrorists on religious grounds. Handpicked by director Louis Freeh to be promoted as deputy legal attaché at the embassy in Riyadh, Abdel-Hafiz was in a prime position to expose al-Qaeda, which was responsible for the attacks on the US military barracks in Riyadh and the Cole. Abdel-Hafiz did not follow up on leads he was given. Frustrated by the lack of response from headquarters about their complaints, the agents turned to ABC News, Fox News and others. Abdel-Hafiz was eventually fired but he sued the bureau and was reinstated. He returned to the international terrorism squad despite failing a polygraph on his denial of the charges against him.

    Said FBI director Robert Mueller, “We have been very active in pushing more for Muslim Americans to consider a career with the FBI.” (Sperry, Infiltration, 185-190)

    An insidious web of influence has obviously taken hold of the US government and financial institutions. As Will Rogers said, “We have the finest government money can buy.” With financial and political pressure at the top of critical institutions, the watchdogs of our society are restricted by sensitivity guidelines to ensure tolerance. The correct definition of tolerance is ignoring the bad behavior of others. The goal of politically correct tolerance is appeasement. The term politically correct was coined in the Soviet Union to inspire good communists to submit to their Party masters. The people who don’t want us to torture terrorists are on the side of the terrorists. The complainers over invasion of privacy by the Patriot Act are Muslims who want to wage jihad on America and Marxists who want chaos in order reform the US into a socialist state.

    I recently talked to a man who grew up in Egypt. I asked him if it was true that his people had their tongues cut off if they were caught speaking Egyptian. He replied that it was true and it is called Arabization. It makes sense when you consider the Islamic doctrine of not understanding the Koran unless it is read in Arabic.

    So the initial goal of the Muslim Brotherhood and its offshoot organizations is to Islamize us. Then they intend to Arabize us. Those who are willing to appease Islam had better start learning Arabic. It is very difficult to speak Arabic with half a tongue.

    Before we surrender to Islam, lets try to influence our representative government to do the right thing. Attached are letters to Michigan’s Congressman Sandy Levin and Senator Carl Levin. You can edit them with your own comments and send them. Or you can change them for another Congressman or Senator. If enough letters are sent, they might consider protecting the people rather than serving our enemies.

    If you don’t do anything, neither will our representatives.

  • jackhampton

    I agree they should apologise that we have not already nuked the Toro Boro Mountains and the city of Gom and the nuke sites in Iran. But I just noticed we just sent a second shipment of penetrator bombs to Israel. I believe Israel will have to use nukes.

  • BigElk

    Boo hoo. they should have stripped-searched the broad. And, what is it with wimp ,apologetic cops. Are they following the mohemmedan Obama's lead or what?

  • rnot

    Actually, Islam is MOSTLY about us, the unbelievers.

    I can't say it any better than: “Dr. Bill Warner of the Center for the Study of Political Islam has done extensive statistical analysis of the doctrine. These are his findings:

    62% of Koran is devoted to how Islam interacts with the Kafir (or, the unbeliever)
    98% of the Sira is devoted to the struggle against kafirs.
    70% is jihad;
    28% is argument and insults.
    20% of Bhukari Hadith is devoted to jihad.”

  • rnot

    It is why they defend Islam so heartily. The liberal left wing feminists totally ignore the Sharia laws and the treatment of women in Islam. The liberal left wing totally ignore the absence of any equality for any non-Muslims under Sharia laws. They ignore the part where Islam says to kill gays and that Islam is ok with pediphiles – just as long as the little children have the label of wife – anything goes.

    They are alike except for the part of making atrocious acts a good deed and that will get them to some orgy in the sky.

    Islam is a sickness.