Thank You America, You Were the Beacon of Freedom for the World – by Lord Cristopher Monckton


Lord Christopher Monckton is a British politician, businessman, and writer. In the 1980s he was one of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s policy advisers.

He has emerged in recent years as one of the leading critics of global warming. In this recent video he comments on the implications of the upcoming Copenhagen treaty:

  • swathdiver

    He's sounding the alarm folks, are enough Americans listening? Will they rise up and defeat Communism?

  • andrewinnc

    I doubt it, too many of the american sheeple are sound asleep, or too busy with the distractions they throw at us on the boob tube.

  • Alex Kovnat

    It is high time we asked: Who are these people in places like California, who have such a heavy emotional, ideological, and ego vested interest in the idea of global warming?

  • Proxywar

    Stop picking on the boob tube. I love the boobe tube. I'ma multi-tasker.

  • John L Work

    And we are but nine months into this presidency. Just think what it's going to be like two or three more years down the road. Or, if Obama somehow abrogates the 22nd Amendment, as I believe he intends to do, think ten years down the road.

  • Proxywar

    finally the smoking gun i've been researching for.

    I hope what he is saying is true becaue if it is we can charge obama with treason.

    Tarring and feathering!!!

  • Gideon Isaac

    Thank you Lord Monckton, you are a beacon of truth in the obfuscating world of global climate confusion.

  • MGmary

    Obama will sign but he can't commit the country to a treaty alone. He has to get 2/3 of the Senate to go along. Clinton signed Keoto but the senate voted 92-0 against it.
    Section two , chause two of the constitution says:
    Clause 2: He ( the president) shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur; and he shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, Judges of the supreme Court, and all other Officers of the United States, whose Appointments are not herein otherwise provided for, and which shall be established by Law: but the Congress may by Law vest the Appointment of such inferior Officers, as they think proper, in the President alone, in the Courts of Law, or in the Heads of Departments.

  • buzzzzzz

    To the millions we saved, or tried to save, from Communism: NOW WE NEED YOUR HELP!


  • Allan Erickson

    Massive protests planned Nov. 30.

    Great elaboration here:

  • andrewinnc

    Funny. Did you ever wonder why they call it “programming”???

  • josephwiess

    Obama can sign all the treaties he wants to, but each state has to ratify it for it to take effect.

    Texas, for one, will not ratify any treaty that hands over our sovereignty to any other country.

  • overthetop

    Looking for info on Nov. 30th protest. Can anyone elaborate. I have already been to the suggest link ” The American Thinker”

  • Allan Erickson
  • dgc010

    Sorry, josephwiess, but unless the U.S. Constitution is changed by an amendment, the states have no constitutional role in the approval of treaties between sovereign nations. This is solely a proper function of the federal government as enumerated in that document.

    …Now if you were talking about a constitutional convention or another constitutional amendmendment, that's a different story all together


  • Proxywar

    You've nailed it. The Tv has indoctrinated me. Because the Tv has programmed me I nolnger read books like 1984. Winston Smith, You've opened my eyes to big brothers master plan I can see now. It's all so clear to me now. You can't multitask.

  • andrewinnc

    I can sense the sarcasm in your voice, but it may be closer to the truth than we all realize.

  • Krusader

    i think the real threat is clear: new world order, one world government or transnationalism , choose whichever name suits your fancy. Global warming or any of the other sundry faux crisises are merely the means by which we are being induced by fear or coercion to surrender our liberties both as indivduals and as sovereign nations.

  • Linda Elder

    Lord Monckton is giving us a major warning. We need to heed his words, or we won't recognize our country anymore. I do not want to live in a Communist country. My dad lived it in Yugoslavia, and never wants to live it again.

  • bubba4

    Even old men with intellectually sounding British accents can be ridiculous morons.

    They said the same sky-is-falling stuff about Kyoto. The same alarmist nonsense. This is the bizaro world folks from the mouth of someone who may die before we have to suffer the problems he says don't exist. Global warming is a hoax to hide a great Communist takeover….this guy is made for FPM.

    They said it about the United Nations…OMG a world government….and of course the Christians get squirrly because of the prophecies of Revelation….it happens every time we try to cooperate with the rest of the world ON ANYTHING.

  • Allan Erickson

    Too bad bubba4 can't be bothered to examine Monckton's research before making up his mind. But what do you expect from the thoroughly brainwashed?

  • bubba4

    Maybe you can link to his research since FPM does not. I would love to see the actual text from which he forms his conclusions.

    You need to rethink just telling people they are brainwashed. I made the observation that everytime we approach an international agreement, we have elements in this country that scream we are losing our sovereignty. You think that's a brainwashed observation or something?….you're not making much sense.

    And if you're going to respond to me…just address me. Weirdo

  • Allan Erickson

    Dear bubba4:

    Take a couple hours. The man is an expert on treaties as well.

    You might find this man interesting too.

    Remember the 650 scientists in Poland?

  • Allan Erickson

    Interview with Monckton as well:

  • bubba4

    Do you agree with him that the US is about to lose it's sovereignty? Do you think climate change is some elaborate hoax?

    If you can find out what he's talking about in the FPM video, I would be interested in that….like what law or treaty he is talking about…and the actual text that has him so assured that America is over.

    When you say I should have looked at his “research” I didn't think you meant to look on YouTube.

  • Allan Erickson

    The Monckton video is about 90 minutes. He presents his research and talks about the draft treaty.

  • Name

    I dont see any chance in a change from anyone here in the good Ol USofA. The media has everyone beleiving that if you speak out against anything the goverment does that you must be some kind of a wack job or a crazy militant. Rome lasted a few thousand years. It would seem that we will be lucky to make it more than a couple of hundred. this is a really sad thing. Russia leaders said years ago that we would be taken over with out a bullet being fired, it would appear that he was correct

  • Katy

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