Grabar: Conservatives, End the Apology Tour


My good friend, English professor Mary Grabar, has an excellent article published on the American Thinker website which I encourage Newsreal readers to study in depth.  It is a learned examination of the currently-fashionable idea that conservatives must distance themselves from “extremists” within their ranks and also a discussion of the origins of this unfortunate idea.  Mary writes:

“The Left has succeeded in altering the education and media institutions.  The effort began in earnest in 1962, when the 59-college-students-strong Students for a Democrat Society gathered at Port Huron, Michigan.  In their position paper, “The Port Huron Statement,” penned by Tom Hayden, they outlined a strategy for instituting a new “political synthesis” outside the normal political channels, and instead through the educational institutions.  Their renamed communist goal of “participatory democracy” was implemented subsequently through “participatory learning.”  These people, like Weatherman co-founder Bill Ayers, have overhauled the educational system.  Ayers is now “distinguished” professor of education at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and he is spreading his radical gospel to future teachers…”

I encourage you to read Mary’s entire article here.