High Noon for Israel – by Matt Gurney


Now that Iran has admitted that is has constructed a secret facility for producing enriched uranium – one very hard to destroy in a military strike – Israel must be feeling the sand slip through the hourglass. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad already has made clear that he wishes to see Israel destroyed, and now his regime has been caught building a hardened facility to produce nuclear weapons. What is Israel to do?

The American position is not encouraging. Although professing concern about the threat of an Iranian nuclear program, President Obama seems determined to push off making any decision to confront Iran. Even after the recent revelations, Obama would rather delay a day of reckoning through international diplomacy than challenge Tehran over its illicit nuclear program.

In its aversion take action, the U.S. is not alone. Russia and China don’t consider Iran a threat. On the contrary, both have used their veto power on the UN Security Council to prevent meaningful action from being taken against Iran. Major European powers, meanwhile, aren’t interested in a war. Canada considers Israel an ally, but doesn’t have the military capability to take on Iran.

Left to face confront the Iranian regime on its own, Israel is left with three main options. And none of them look good.

Do Nothing And Hope for a Miracle

This is what Israel has been doing since the Holocaust-denying, Israel-hating Ahmadinejad first threatened to wipe Israel off the map. Four years later, American and Israeli politics are different – President Bush has been replaced by the dovish President Obama, while Israel has elected as prime minister the hawkish Benjamin Netanyahu, who has pledged to stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon – but Iran remains as menacing and uncooperative as ever. Not only has Iran refused to open its nuclear program to inspectors, but it has test-fired missiles capable of hitting Israel.

Despite the ample provocation, Israel might be sufficiently cowed by international pressure to put off an attack, always hoping that a better option will come along. Israel has shown tremendous patience in the past, absorbing constant attacks without retaliation. Moreover, there is concerted pressure on Israel not to act. The United States has refused to greenlight an Israeli airstrike on Iranian nuclear facilities – former Obama advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski has even urged the president to attack Israeli planes in the event of an aerial offensive against Iran – and it is likely that Israel is being threatened, bribed, and cajoled by administration figures into refraining from military action.

Perhaps Israel will bend to this pressure. It will be harder this time, however. Israel knows that there are no upcoming American elections that might usher in a president more favorably disposed to Israeli security concerns. And if no action is taken against Iran after the recent discovery of the Qom nuclear facility, the Israeli leadership may justifiably conclude that nothing will convince the administration to take a harder line on Iran. In that case, Israel will be forced to consider more drastic action.

Hit Iran with a Limited Military Strike

This option is no doubt under close examination in Tel Aviv. But the decision to attack Iran is fraught with incredible risk for Israel.

Iran has dispersed its nuclear production facilities across the country, making it difficult to deploy overwhelming force against any one of them. Iran also possesses advanced, Russian-made anti-aircraft weapons. In a limited strike scenario, Israel would have to settle for merely damaging the Iranian nuclear program, as it is too large, scattered, and protected to be totally destroyed in a limited strike.

The nature of the strike is difficult to predict (the Israelis obviously aren’t advertising their plans), but it would certainly involve an air strike by as many fighter jets as Israel could send that far, perhaps three or four dozen, at most. These planes would attempt to use precision-guided bunker-busting bombs to destroy as many of Iran’s nuclear facilities as possible, but would also need to worry about Iranian air defenses. Israel could also send in Special Forces teams to attack or sabotage the Iranian program, but the same problems remain: they would be a very long way from home, and all they could hope to accomplish would be to delay the program, at the cost of many Israeli lives and massive international condemnation. Whether Israel is using planes or missiles, the Qom facility, buried under a mountain and easily defended, would be a very tough target to destroy in an air strike.

Even so, such an attack cannot be ruled out. Indeed, there are signs that it is under consideration. Saudi Arabia, whose Sunni leadership fears what a nuclear-armed Shiite-regime in Iran would do, has apparently conveyed its willingness to permit Israeli aircraft to use its airspace to attack Iran. Israel could also attack Iran using submarine-launched cruise missiles: An Israeli submarine recently traveled through the Suez Canal for the first time, entering the Persian Gulf, from where it could strike Iran. Israel has just taken possession of two more submarines, both also capable of such attacks.

Iran has said that it would destroy Israel if attacked. But then, Iran has pledged to destroy Israel merely for existing. That being the case, Israel rightly feels that destroying the Iranian nuclear program is necessary for its survival. And that means that an Israeli attack on Iran remains a very strong possibility.

Pre-emptive Nuclear Attack

This is the most frightening of the hypothetical scenarios, but it cannot be ruled out. As discussed above, Iran’s nuclear program would be very difficult to destroy in a conventional attack, and Iran and Israel are too far apart for Israel to strike with full power. Thus, the nuclear option cannot be ruled out.

If Israel did choose to attack with nuclear weapons, they would likely limit their strike to a few targets believed to be the most vital to the Iranian program, certainly including the Qom facility. Small nuclear weapons, exploded at ground level, can totally destroy any target, while somewhat limiting the amount of radioactive fallout that is sent across a large distance, thus limiting collateral damage.

All things are relative, however: “limited” collateral damage from a nuclear strike is still an enormous amount of damage, and the Qom facility, if struck by a nuclear weapon, could put up to a million lives in danger. That is, of course, a terrible risk, one no human-rights respecting country would take under ordinary circumstances. But such is the existential danger of a nuclear-armed Iran that Israel ultimately may have little choice.

Israel Alone

Faced with a brutal madman, who cares nothing for the life of his own people, who denies the mass murder of European Jewry, and who has repeatedly signaled his support for a second Holocaust against the Jewish national home, Israel must wonder how the rest of the world can remain so blind to Iran’s genocidal threat. In the end, though, this is the grim geopolitical reality. Israel’s options are few, they are poor, and time is running out.

  • Spirit of 1683

    There might be a fourth option for the Israelis. A decapitation strategy on the Iranian Government itself, with strikes launched at the Basiji and Revolutionary Guards. A Holocaust survivor once remarked when asked for his advice for future generations “When somebody says they're going to kill you, believe them. Take them at their word”. This is high noon, and the Israelis must ensure that it is the Iranian regime which finishes up in Boot Hill Cemetery. No doubt, whichever option is used, – even the 'do nothing' option – Israel will face bombardment from Hizbollah and Hamas terrorists, but if this happens, the gloves must come off, and no notice must be taken of the liberals.

  • wildjew

    In 2001, Iranian president Hashemi Rafsanjani said, “the use of even one nuclear bomb inside Israel will destroy everything. However, (Israel's retaliation) will only harm the Islamic world. It is not irrational to contemplate such an eventuality.” It seems to me, Iran's intentions are clear.

    Israel will never get a 'green light' for a preemptive attack against Iran or Iran's nuclear sites. Former President Bush along with his Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman (Mike Mullen) discouraged Israel's former prime minister from acting in Israel's security interests. How much more will Obama try to discourage Israel?

  • wildjew

    Entebbe, Uganda was also a long way from Israel.

  • cochavi

    I don't think Iran is too far. I do think the decision, whatever it is, rests on solid operational plans. I believe that the IAF and various units of the IDF have incredible capability.

    The Iranian gov't is seeking the apocalypse; their worst nightmare is that an attack will be precise and successful, their response will be relatively not effective, and the Mahdi will not come.

    It is this outcome that I predict.

  • bob69

    I agree with the Spirit of 1683. The leadership of Iran, the radical Imans, the Revolutionary Guard must be wiped out. Ahmadinejad wants a holy war. He has pledged to destroy Israel. He gets the bomb, I believe he will use it. Israel must look out for herself and her people. Doing nothing is like hoping Hitler would modify his hatred of Jewish people as he matured in the job. Israel will need to go after the atomic sites, but also remove the Iranian leadership. Israel will then need to prepare for attacks from Lebanon and Gaza, and possibly Iran. Israel will be condemned by the world, probably even the Obama Administration. He will condemn you in the harshest words, but words is all this empty suit has. Iran may probably try to close the Straits of Hormuz or attack the oil fields of Saudi Arabia. There will be economic chaos, but the first thing Israel must think of is survival, and that survival is threatened by a man who wants to start the war to end all wars.

  • J. Pottorff

    I was going to make a comment but “cochavi” read my mind; good comments ''cochavi''.

    To add a little though; it seems that the West cannot or refuses to understand the all-consuming thoughts in the minds of the Islamic people and their leaders. In the states we have a timid war shy president that thinks we can dialogue our way out of any problem. In Europe we have mostly pragmatic leaders that would rather react to events than to do something beforehand that could thwart the Iranian plans. What we do know is that Iran and other Islamic countries have told us time and time again that Israel must be destroyed. These pronouncements are driven by their religious zeal and are taken directly from the Koran. These people and their leaders (and I mean all Islamic countries) want to destroy (read kill) all Israeli's and take the land. They believe that their victory will come during a great conflagration that will result in the appearance of their Mahdi, or 'Islamic messiah'. The whole of Islam believes this lie. I'm hoping that Israel will attack using whatever means they think necessary and that when the dust settles and the inevitable world condemnation comes that Israel will stiffen and stand firm. The situation of the whole region and the world will change overnight if Israel relegates Iran to third world status. “Cochavi” is correct, the Iranian response will not be effective, the Mahdi will not come and the Middle East and the world will be better for it.

  • antifascist18

    It's going to be messy, it's going to be nuclear, and we can thank Bonzo and the Shrew for this as much as Ahmedinejedad.

    Hear that, oh ye 78 percent of the “lox and bagel” Leftard set who chose to join the goosesteppers and moral equivalence types in voting in Bonzo and his appease the child rapists and Holocaust deniers set.

    On the day after, it isn't Bibi who will be blamed but Bonzo and what is left of the dreck named Ahmedinejedad, whose ashes will be blowin' in the wind over the radioactive paved parking lot once called Tehran.

    Bedtime for Bonzo, 012 if NOT sooner.

  • UCSPanther

    We'sre probably not too far off from having WWIII, except the only difference is that Iran will be playing the role of Nazi Germany and Israel will be playing the role of Britain.

  • LucyQ

    Who better to destroy Iran's nukes than Israel? Unlike Matt Gurney and his extremely pessimistic outlook, this is a winner for Israel, not a loser. Israel has everything to gain and nothing to lose by taking out the nukes of a terror regime with the added benefit of drying up the funding for Hamas and Hizbollah.

    Just because the so-called experts have said that those nukes underground are very difficult if not impossible to take out, does not make it so. It may even be easier to hit underground due to better Israeli intelligence than the US and the West.

    What about the Bush-Obama darlings, the Palestinians? Nukes don't know the difference between a Jew and a Muslim. It's not a matter of 'if' Israel should take out Iran's nukes; it's a matter of 'when.'

  • sam000

    The Mullahs are permanently informed by the American politicians about the Israelis different plans for a pre-amptive strike.

    You should understand that without the USA's green light the Mullahs would never dare to threat Israel.

    So, your best friend is your worst enemy.

    How many of the US State Dept directors and US influent politicians are lobbieing the Mullahs in USA and EU?

    Brezenski is leading this Mullah Lobbies panel from 30 years till now.

    Madelaine Albright

    Joseph Biden

    Amir Ahmadi

    Trita Parsi

    Richard Haas

    Gary seek



    John Kerry

    and so many so many others in USA who are running your State Dept. are on the Mullahs paylist.

    What you are not told is that;
    the missile that Ahmadinejad has fired monday has a range of 3,000 Km and use the solid fuel technology ( Shahab 3 uses liquid fuel).

    you can read the details on the resistance's site below;


  • USMCSniper

    Iran is and always has been an American problem is spades with Israel as secondary. Elan Journo explains clearly!

    For three decades the ayatollahs of Iran have been using proxies — such as Hezbollah, Hamas, adnd the Palestinians — to carry out murderous attacks. Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps helped create and train Hezbollah, which hijacked a TWA airliner and which kidnapped and tortured to death American citizens. Iran pulled the strings behind the 1983 bomb attacks on the U.S. Embassy in Lebanon and later the barracks of U.S. Marines, killing 241 Americans. Iran also orchestrated the 1996 car bombing of Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia, where 19 U.S. servicemen died.

    There's more: The 9/11 Commission found that “senior al Qaeda operatives and trainers traveled to Iran to receive training in explosives,” and that “8 to 10 of the 14 Saudi 'muscle' operatives traveled into or out of Iran between October 2000 and February 2001.” During the Afghanistan war, Iran welcomed fleeing al Qaeda and Taliban fighters. Today, according to the U.S. military, Iran is running training camps near Teheran for Iraqi insurgents, who return to Iraq to practice and train others in their bomb-making skills. There's also growing evidence that Iraqi insurgents get bomb technology from Iran.

    What's going on here? Iran is our enemy with or without nukes!

    A rational assessment of Iran would have to recognize that the mullahs in Teheran have been conducting a proxy war against America. The inspiration for this war is Iran's jihadist goal of imposing Islamic totalitarianism globally. Iran is a leading sponsor of jihadists and the self-identified role model for exporting its Islamic revolution to other countries. It is the sworn enemy of the West. We should take seriously its call to bring “Death to America!”–because it has already done so.

    But too many American diplomats and commentators refuse to judge Iran. Instead, they regard its past hostility as a string of disconnected crises, unrelated to Iran's ideological agenda. They avoid naming the nature of the regime and behave as if its acquisition of a nuclear weapon would be the decisive event. But that particular weapon — despite its power — cannot be the whole story, since we don't worry about other countries, such as France and Britain, having nukes. The rarely admitted difference is that the regime in Iran would eagerly press the launch button.

    This typical liberal “fear-the-weapon-not-the-killer” mentality refuses to understand the threat posed by Iran right now. This view holds that only the concrete facts about Iran's arsenal have any practical significance, while its abstract, ideological goals and character can be disregarded with impunity. But whether Iran uses one nuke, or attacks with more conventional weapons, its victims are still dead.

    Bush's and Obama's narrow concerns with Iran's nuclear capability cannot make the regime's longstanding hostility to America go away. Americans should face the real character and conduct of the Iranian regime, before it is too late. A regime change is in order in Iran — one way or another.

  • sam000

    Are you American?

    Or, you are Iranian American?

    the reason of my selective question is that your analysis and your understanding is the most significant that I have ever read on the American medias.

    Just, send your post to the other American medias, if the people read your reaction, maybe they will wake-up.

    Thank you, by reading you, there could be a hope.

  • LucyQ

    Lol……in our history books, it shows the same advice to the early, settling nation of America when her friends thought she would get wiped out by the English, the Indians, each other and so on and so forth. Ditto for Australia and New Zealand.Israel is here to stay. She's not going away And she's getting stronger by the day.

  • sam000

    2 new sites that Iranian Resistance had discovered last week;


  • Carterthewriter

    We have come to the sad realization that most of those we have elected in Washington are pacifists and draft dodgers so what did you expect them to do when confronted with such a dire situation.

  • sandyfromaz

    Much easier solution – admit that although Israel is the ancestral land of the Jews, also concede that the Jews will NEVER have peaceful neighbors in the Middle East, and that if they stay in the ME, they are certain to be wiped out by Iran or some other massive attack. Best idea would be to take the 5 million or so hard-working, entrepreneurial, freedom-loving Jews and move them to the English-speaking world, where they will thrive as they have in the USA. Two million can immigrate to the US – and they would be a great antidote to the bleeding-heart progressives that currently dominate our community. One million for Canada, which will greatly benefit from the presence of these hard-working down-to-earth folks. One million for Australia. 250,000 for New Zealand, and the rest can be split between countries like Guyana, Belize, the US Virgin Islands, Ireland (but NOT the UK – they hate Jews there!), and other places. Why has no one thought of this idea?!? It makes so much sense!!

  • cochavi

    Thanks. I like your analysis. I'm not really sure that all the peoples believe Israel can be destroyed. But it's better than thinking about the stupidity in which they live.

  • sam000

    AntariNejad threatened America too, He wants to wip out the USA from the MAP!

    Do the same mathematics with the popullation of the USA.

    Why AntariNejad is so emboldened? with the deep thinkers like you in the western governments, why any thug should not threaten the nations of the world?

  • cochavi

    Because we have only one homeland, and only in it is our destiny possible. As far as being wiped out, watch and see. The US is under just as much threat as Israel; anyhow, many many Israelis already settled in the US and the best ones wish to return home – the ones with the best values. Thank you.

  • cochavi

    i find myself in agreement with you. BTW, why do you think that America knows exactly Israel's operational alternatives vis a vis your homeland? It's not that simple. Bibi is brighter than Barack.

  • sam000

    I don't think, I have the solid documents that USA do his best efforts to keep the regim alive, even by sacrifying his own soldiers.

    Brezenski's advice to Obama (to shot on Israeli jets) is the tip of the ICE-BERG.

    If you are interested more, let me know.

  • cochavi

    No doubt the Obama regime defacto supports the murderers of Khameini, Rafsanjani etc. No doubt at all. But we are not afraid of Zbig. Perhaps he is upset that IAF jets overfly Auschwitz; he's a sh_t and lots of people know it. McCain and others laugh at him, so it's not so clear as you would state it.

  • sam000

    You make a huge mistake;

    Who is running the US foreign affaires?

    USA State Dept is tightly controlled by the BrZ. people, even during the Bush Administration.

    Do you remember ISG, (Iraqi Study Group)?
    it was during the second 4 years of Bush, in their 60 pages of report and advice, what was high lighted?, ISRAEL IS THE DYNAMISM OF THE INSTABILITY OF THE MIDDLE EAST.

    Robert Gates was one of the ISG members.

    he was inthe last administration, he is always there.

    But, RG is a subordinate.

    the head quarter is formed by a group who decides and operates from 30 years ago till now.

    Where are you, in Israel or USA?

  • cochavi

    I get real tired of the fact that you seem to know everything, Sam. I am aware of everything you have written, but you need to get a sense of humor. These shmocks are not G-d.

  • sam000

    They are not G-D, they are an organized enemy.

    I do not pretend to know everything, I fight against this anti-Human regime from 30 years till now,

    You don't know me, but from 2005 till now, on FPM, I have disclosed the key details of this Regime,

    The site of Qom, the Resistance had disclosed all the details at Dec. 21 of 2005,

    I had outlined even the dimmensions of the tunnels and their shapes on the first months of 2006 on FPM.

    The regime had not advanced so far, at 2002 they had enriched the Uranium up to 98%, at the site of LAVIZAN.

    we have disclosed it at 2002, IAEA of this F-cking Albradei put 1 year and half to write to IRAN, USA Bombed us, and all the EU countries raided our political offices in their capitals!!

    AN ISRAEL UNDER the permanent threat is very benefic to some American FIRMS, but, what they don't like is that this snack(of Islamic Regime) returns against themselves.

    So, they do everything to modify the SNACKE's Behavior, and they do everything to save him.

    USA of Brezenski and Co. don't like an Atomic IRAN, but what they never admit is a regime change in IRAN.

    So, you may ask, “WHY USA DO NOT ALLOW ISRAEL TO MAKE THE SURGICAL STRIKES ON THE IRANIAN NUCLEAR SITES?”, this will be very good for USA and the western world?

    the answer is, if Israel raids Iranian Nuclear sites, the people will profit from this RAIDS and will attack the Bassijis and Passdarans and will finish with this Regime.

    Cochavi, what I said is not a secret, the high commander of the Passdarans said ” If Israel or USA Attacks our bases by the air strikes, the danger will come from the people who will profit from these raids and will attack us.

    That's why the regime had withdrawed the Passdarans and Bassijis from the BORDERS and had concentrated them in the cities.

    This is the active collaboration of the USA and the west with the mullahs to keep on power the Islamic regime by all the means.

  • curmudgeon

    The US would like nothing better than for Israel to attack Iran and then be destroyed. The only thing the US might really be afraid of is Israel using a nuclear option, but Israel doesn't have the guts to follow through, ie to attempt to obliterate Iran's population centers.

  • stephen67

    NUK'EM NOW!! if ah-mad man gets his way,Iran will CERTAINLY nuke Israel.We all know that the best form of defence is attack,so if Israel leads the way,then the free world will have to get off its BIG YELLOW ARSE and follow.Islam and its proponents are an implacable despotic enemy,and this situation is rapidly coming to a head,so GO ISRAEL!!

  • CowboyUp

    With so many dissatisfied people in Iran, that's about the best hope at this point. I think we should have been supporting as many dissident groups in Iran as practicable all along. I think when we started seeing Iranian ordinance and personnel in Iraq we should have launched a decapitation strike of our own, and continue periodically until they stayed out of it, or the Iranian people took their country from the mad mullahs.

    It's a shame the USA's apparently going to leave it to the IDF to be Gary Cooper and save the day. Relying on MAD to temper madmen is stupid beyond belief.

    Wait a minute, why are we bothering to consider these things? Hussein has this diplomatic surge strategy, you see, and it will cause the tyger to change his nature, lay with the lamb, and there will be no need to strap on the sidearm, take the rifle from the rack, and go hunting tygers. I hear he has some partial sanctions in the works, if it's okay with putin, and they might do the trick.

  • CowboyUp

    Shhhh! It's impossible until we read or see it happened last night.

  • CowboyUp

    That's a 'good' and apt comparrison.

  • CowboyUp

    “Who better to destroy Iran's nukes than Israel?” The USA. “We,” by being dumb enough to elect carter, were more responsible for inflicting the mad mullahs on the Iranians and the world than anybody but the mad mullahs themselves.

    In Gaza and the West Bank, the arabs calling themselves 'palestinians' were on their rooftops dancing when they thought inaccurate nerve gas loaded scuds were coming down on Israel and them.

    Funding, training, and leadership for hezz and hamas won't dry up significantly until the mad mullahs and IRG are toppled. No serious war on terror is won until then either.

  • CowboyUp

    The US? The current party in control isn't the US.

  • curmudgeon

    I wish that were true, but fear it is not. All the previous parties, however “friendly” to Israel, put it on a leash which the Israelis are to gutless to remove. The spirit of 67 is gone and that is what has been needed for years and years. Its probably too late now. At a time of Iran's choosing, a great number of missles will be launched at Israel a couple of which will be nuclear. There is no defense.

  • Mike Jefferson

    Unfortunately,the Israelis are consigned to sabre rattling. While some fear the logistical challenges such as distances involved, multiple underground sites, etc. the real issue is the proxy Iranian armies. Israel is surrounded by Hezbollah and Hamas. Any Israeli intervention would be met with wholesale retaliation from these entities in addition to whatever Iran could mount (Personally, I don't think that would be much more than what Saddam did in GWI). Intelligence estimates suggest that Hezbollah has completely rearmed and has at least 3000 rockets including long range missles.

    My concern is not the acquistion of nukes by the Iranians, but the dissemination of said devices to its terror proxies around the world. Iran must be stopped, but it requires the intervention of the US and other major parties. Israel can't go it alone.

  • LucyQ

    As much as I can't stand Carter and know he's the worst prez in our history, I don't blame him for the mullahs. The Persian people let them in and it's their responsibility to kill them or evict them.

    Cowboy, I rather see Israel take out Iran's nukes because of 2 reasons:
    1 It'll get done right and in days or weeks, not years and years.

    2 Iran is threatening to wipe Israel off the map, not the US.

  • SAM000

    The Mullahs of Iran have equipped the Hezbollah with the FAJRE missiles (150miles) that can be loaded with the Bacteriologic and Chemical heads,

    Do you remember the Haifa station strike on 2006 during the Israel/Lebanon war?, that missile which hitted the Haifa station and killed 6 people was not loaded.

    After the Lebanon war finished, the Mullahs entered to Beirut and reconstructed Beirut, now, the Underground of Beirut is a PASSDARANS Military site, the whole Beirut become an advanced Qods forces military site.

    There are even the Shahab 3 missiles there which can be loaded with the Nuclear heads.

    The site of Qom that Obama pretends to be discovered at 2007 by the western and USA intelligences were revealed by the Iranian Resistance MeK the Dec. 21 of 2005 with all the details.


    We can destroy all those nuclear facilities without Israel or USA help, Iranian Resistance had disclosed all the Regime's nuclear sites from 2002.

    USA Has kept our Liberation Army on hostage and wants to deliver 3400 of our Resistance members to the Mullahs as an incentive to the Mullahs.

    We are at 63ered day of HUNGER STRIKE to stop USA to continue his dirty deal with the Mullahs.

    We the Iranian people, we don't need your military help, Just stop your government to deal with Antarinejad.

    Unbelieveable this USA,

    What a huge difference between Obama and McCain?

  • tarleton

    You've all got it wrong….the Israelies are going to hit them with cruise missiles carrying low yield nuclear warheads , that will leave the sites radioactive and unuseable…just wait !!!
    The Iranian response will be minimal ….Hezbollah firing some rockets into northern Israel and more from the Gaza strip…thats all
    Maybe a suicide bombing at an Israelie Embassy somewhere

  • rnathans00

    You call that a solution? You would have the Jews who, after almost 2,000 years, returned to their homeland and drew in their brethren from the four corners of the world, now give up their dream and accomplishments only to be scattered again? They returned from the margins of history, a minority always dependent on the indulgence of others, to reclaim their rightful place among the nations. The world needs to appreciate what that means.

    I assume you mean well, but if you think yours is a solution to this century's “Jewish problem”, you're being naive. Israel's problems with its neighbors is theological at least as much as it is political. Though it was never constituted as such, Israel is a western bulwark against Islamic supremacism. For the latter, every concession, every achievement confirms that Islam is destined to triumph; thus they will be inspired to take it to the next level. Europe is already in their sights, even America itself. It's time to make a stand.

  • Cal

    Iran has absolutely no capacity to attack the United States. Even if they wanted to, they couldn't.

  • Turok1952

    There is no acceptable alternative.

    Nuke the program sites as well as that lunatic President “Ahm-in-a-jihad.”

    I pity the Iranian people who only want to be rid of these mad mullahs.
    They are the hope for Iran, and these meshuganer “leaders” of theirs care no more for them than the sorry Ratzis did the Germans.

  • matism

    Israel needs to understand that the Muslim illegal alien occupying the White House is not about to do anything to stop his Islamic brothers in Tehran.

  • potvin

    Do bunker busting small nuclear devices exist? It seems to me that a deep penetrating
    smaller sized nuclear device would be the best bet to limit collateral damage. Let's face it, neither Obama nor the rest of the world has the cojones to confront these madmen as they must be. Israel must do it because Israel at the moment has the most to lose. I think the rest of the world would be grateful to Israel. If Iran were to up the ante in an all out retaliation against Israel, Israel would have no choice but to annihilate Iran's ability to make war in the future. This is some serious shite but the world is not acting in a serious manner. An American and/or NATO naval blockade of Iran might be the only other answer.

  • e10952

    How can a non-Sunni and non-Arabic country achieve a hegemony in a Muslim word? Only by atacking, directly and indirectly, the Great Satan and his little cousin.
    So, the Iranian policy is rational. So is Russian policy of blocking the sanctions. Because if Israel attacks, the price of oil will skyrocket. So is Europen policy of appeasement, because the Israeli attack will give then the opportunity to break with the 'rogue state'. It is not in American interest (just imagine the terrorism in the region) but even Carter would be more bellicose than Obama. Unfortunately, stopping the Iranian threat is beyond Israeli capabilities. So, the world will soon see a new power possesing atomic weapons. And then Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria. And then Yemen and Sudan and warlords in Somalia. And then somebody will pull the trigger.

  • http://wikicars.org/nl/Gebruiker:CarrolJFQ Sean Ahrens

    This may be a little left of field however I am wondering if
    perhaps there are any other ladies that have trained
    and received security work?. I’m very curious however the physicality of the jobs is a bit intimidating for me.