The Obama Revolution Is Over – by Matt Gurney


One year after President Obama swept to power on a promise of “hope” and “change,” American voters got an early chance to pass judgment on his administration. If yesterday’s Republican victories in Democratic strongholds like Virginia and New Jersey are any guide, they don’t like what they see.

While results from around the country were still coming in at press time, the outcome of the race in Virginia is proof positive that the sands have shifted beneath the administration’s feet. Last year, Barack Obama became the first Democrat presidential candidate to win the state since Lyndon Johnson in 1964. The Left and their media allies swooned with excitement, and portrayed the 230,000 vote margin of victory as a sure sign that the Republican hold on the state was broken. Democrats were winning the culture wars in what had once been safely Republican territory, it was claimed. Tomes were written performing autopsies on Virginia’s GOP, examining personal rivalries and acrimony, sloppy communication and a demoralized base as reasons for the surprising defeat. Such was the Democrats’ glee that Virginia Republicans were all but added to the registry of endangered species.

A year later, their demise seems greatly exaggerated. Virginia has gone solidly Republican, with the GOP wining the races for governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general, and, according to the early results, winning them by wide margins. This is bad news indeed for the Democrats, as they current hold six of the state’s 11 Congressional seats. A reenergized state-level GOP organization will now have a full year to raise funds, mobilize support, and make a hard push to put the state back firmly in the red column in next year’s midterm elections.

A similar story has unfolded in New Jersey, where Republican challenger Christopher Christie has defeated Democratic incumbent Jon Corzine – this even as he was outspent 3-1 by the billionaire governor who sunk some $23 million of his own money into the general election race. As is typical of New Jersey politics, the issue of corruption in the state’s government was a campaign hot-button. Yet polls ­­— including today’s exit polls — showed that most voters are worried about taxes and the economy.

The New Jersey result is particularly ominous for Obama, who campaigned for Corzine this past weekend but failed to sway the vote in his favor – another sign of his rapidly fading star power. After witnessing nine months of massive spending surges in the midst of a recession, and detecting no clear plan of how to pay for any of it, it is no wonder that New Jersey voters worried about their taxes and the struggling economy would fail to be impressed by the president’s appeal.

The media has been quick to line up pundits prepared to inform the public that these races, and the good news they bring to the Republicans, should in no way be viewed as a referendum on the president’s first year in office. But they are exactly that. In 2008, President Obama ran a disciplined, effective campaign, promising change and a better future for America through jobs, health care reform, and an end to the war in Iraq. A year later, he has failed to deliver. Instead, the country has been treated to tired rhetoric about new beginnings, increasingly untenable attempts to blame the previous administration for the country’s woes, and ever bleaker budgetary forecasts.

Yet, the media continues to offer Obama as much cover as they can. There has been much media buzz about the collapse of the Republican campaign for the House seat in New York’s 23rd Congressional district. The liberal Republican candidate, Dierdre “Dee Dee” Scozzafava, quit the race in favor of her conservative rival Doug Hoffman after being repudiated by several major names in the Republican Party, including Sarah Palin and Rick Santorum. Intelligent and polite, Hoffman has run on a platform of solidly conservative — small government, low taxes, and individual liberty. While some media tried to spin this as a sign of the narrow appeal of the Right, it was in fact a sign that traditionally conservative policies and candidates enjoy broad support in the district, even in Democrat-leaning New York. Although the final results from New York are still unclear, Hoffman’s rise indicates that there is genuine appetite for sound, small-c conservative leadership.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Obama was going to change the face of American politics. Instead he has made it less attractive to a growing share of the public. Whether it’s trillion-dollar deficits or government-run health care, Americans are at last coming to terms with what they voted for. However the media may try to spin it, the country is starting to face the painful truth that Obama has proven to be a disappointment in office. The Obama revolution may have started in Chicago. But it has run aground in Virginia and New Jersey.

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  • Bellerophon

    “The liberal Republican candidate, Dierdre “Dee Dee” Scozzafava, quit the race in favor of her conservative rival Doug Hoffman “

    What nonsense! Scozzafava quit and endorsed the Democrat in order to prevent a conservative from being elected. The one party system had no problem uniting both branches to defeat Hoffman.

    Gurney, are you just another Republican hack? Or don't you understand New York politics? New York is the bluest of blue states, no one gets elected unless they're liberal. The New York Republican party is a hard line liberal stronghold and far prefers electing Democrats to conservatives.

    The Republican party has always been the weaker branch of the Big Government Party that has run things in the US since Roosevelt. In 1964 Goldwater wasn't defeated by the Democrats, he was defeated by the Rockefeller-Romney wing of the Republican party that trashed Goldwater's candidacy far more effectively than even LBJ could.

    Reagan was hated by the same gang of big government Republicans and only won because of his personal charm and integrity.

    The Republicans showed their true big government colors when they took power in 1994. Anyone who falls for that “we lost our way” spiel that's being pushed by the same Gingrich-Romney gang that spent money like drunken Democrats deserves what he will get if he votes Republican.

    The Republican party provides the illusion of being an opposition party. They're not. If you really want to defeat tyranny the first move is to dissolve the Quisling Party and start all over.

  • antifascist18

    It would have been nice if Hoffman had pulled it off, and Garamendi, a BIG LIB who often runs disguised as a Centrist in California been hauled to the rocks, but no matter. Even Owens will have to know that he cannot give Bonzo a health care vote without major consequences for him.

    Let's run the botoxed whore Pelosi's little Soros-paid minions out of Congress next year, and two years later it will be Bedtime for Bonzo with a vengeance.

  • 301

    Looks like Dodo Scuzzyfuzzy has had her revenge in the NY-CD 23 race.

  • dgene

    May it so be.

  • wthiglic

    Are you good enough to move Obama from the White House back to Chicago if they want him?

  • AL.
  • Liz

    Thank God. I pray all Americans wake up to Obama and the Democrat's anti-freedom agenda. Way to go NJ and VA. Christie and McDonnell you better not let us down.

  • kbond

    John Corzine? Good ridance to bad rubbish….

  • whateverworks

    How exactly is VA a dem stronghold if “Barack Obama became the first Democrat presidential candidate to win the state since Lyndon Johnson in 1964.”? Don't they always go to the out party after a presidential contest? And is it really a big surprise that Corzine was voted out? I think this is getting played up a bit too much and we're running the risk of getting ahead of ourselves…Now is not the time to pat ourselves on the back. The only congressional seat went to a dem rather than a TRUE conservative in one of the bluest of the blues…

  • whateverworks

    “New York is the bluest of blue states, no one gets elected unless they're liberal.”
    you do understand that this is the first time in 159 years that a dem has won this district, right?

  • Bellerophon

    You do understand that the previous NY 23 “Republican” representative was offered and accepted a job in the most radically left administration since Woodrow Wilson, right?

    You do understand that Republican doesn't mean conservative, right?

  • webeers

    Virginia is not a “Democratic” stronghold. That is very overstated. If we go to sleep again, the left will be back. We are on the brink already. Don't crow so much. Get back to work.

  • Robert Wargas

    New York Republicans tend to be wishy-washy moderates. Hoffman ran on the Conservative ticket because the mainstream GOP shunned his true conservatism. Surprisingly, though, non-Manhattan Democrats in New York tend to be pretty moderate, too. On Long Island, where I live, most of the Dems are pro-business fiscal conservatives.

  • Deejean

    This is the kind of sermon Obama defends!
    a muslim Iman preaching on how muslims should love death ,instead of being like the Americans who love life I've heard countless such speaches.

  • orbicularioculi

    I'm very proud of all Americans who went to the Polls and voted their “minds” yesterday. America is at a watershed and I believe that the future of professional politicians is dim. It's time to replace the “professional” lifetime politicos with Citizen Representatives who have read our Constitution, Declaration of Independence and understand our History and Basic Economics.

  • WFB2

    “The Republican party provides the illusion of being an opposition party. They're not.”
    So true. The GOP has always been a schizoid operation involving the big money Eastern Seaboard RINO's and the more politically naive Conservative fly-over flatlanders. RINO's have always “owned” the RNC and picked the GOP's presidential candidates (Goldwater was the exception and they torpedoed him). The good news is that this schizophrenia may be getting cured as “new media” awareness has brought this schism to light.

    The cure is for Conservatives to withold donating to the RNC until and unless it drops $upport for RINO candidates. I think that's happening now. Bypass the RNC and donate directly to conservative candidates. Let the RINO's run as Indie's or Dem's.

  • Taniwha

    Whatever: You do understand that a republican held the seat through the 1970s, and that your statement is therefore false… right?

  • bestpricemovingbiz
  • thomsongrub

    I hate criticising obama since its not easy to get elected as a president he has the potential and he will prove himself..

  • brenanc

    Having just listened to our President's remarks following the massacre at Fort Hood, I find your tolerance of Obama to be pathetic–and I'm being charitable to you and “our” President..

  • brenanc

    Send your estimate to

  • thomsongrub

    Thank you