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ACORN Review Panel a Sham

Posted By Matthew Vadum On September 29, 2009 @ 1:15 am In NewsReal Blog | No Comments

Repeating opinions he’s expressed on his TV and radio shows, commentator Glenn Beck told the Washington Times that the supposedly independent review panel ACORN has established to recommend reforms to the group is a sham.

“I think this whole thing is bogus,” Beck told the newspaper’s morning radio show, “America’s Morning News.”

“They moved too fast, too quietly. The president is not involved. Until you start going to the people at the top … the people connected to the White House, you cannot clean up this mess.”

Activists working for the left-wing character-assassination factory known as Media Matters for America are beside themselves, fuming with rage that the Washington Times dares to report on Beck’s view of the panel. According to the leftist smear artists:

For the third time in the past two weeks, The Washington Times has allowed Glenn Beck to dictate its coverage by presenting his attacks on progressives as news. A September 25 article was premised entirely on Beck’s opinion that ACORN’s internal ethics investigation is “bogus” because its advisory board members are “the worst of the worst,” without providing any actual evidence that would undermine the investigation’s integrity.

In fact Beck has provided proof backing up his arguments on recent shows.

“OK, it’s not an “investigation” per se — that would be crazy; that would make too much sense,” said Beck. Instead, Democratic lawmakers have “asked for a ‘comprehensive report’ on all activities and funding surrounding ACORN; whether or not Congress violated the Constitution in voting to de-fund ACORN, and if the two kids who went undercover violated any laws.”

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