Don’t Trust Public Schools, Beck Tells O’Reilly


On Tuesday’s “O’Reilly Factor,” Glenn Beck explained why he doesn’t trust public schools to educate his children:

Because I saw a change in my older kids when they went to school. And I also — I just don’t like revisionist history. I don’t like the fact — when my daughter, my second to oldest daughter decided she was going to go to college and she was going to study ancient history, I said, “How about some current history? You know, America is kind of good. How about, you know, studying some…”

The enthusiastic home-schooling father said his daughter told him, ”Dad, American history, every time I look into it, we’re always on the wrong side. We always are doing the wrong thing.”

This depressed Beck. He said he thought to himself that if his daughter, growing up in his household which is filled with flag-waving and patriotism “she still can’t beat it…there’s no chance.”

Works for me.

Beck examined another piece of leftist propaganda on a recent show. That anti-capitalist, anti-individualist video made by former Greenpeace employee Annie Leonard and the extreme-left Tides Center, is being shown to schoolchildren across America.

Meanwhile, the doltish Joy Behar of the TV show “The View” trashed Beck. “He was an alcoholic and a drug addict at one time … and it sort of follows, yeah, that he would be crazy now,” she said. Keep it classy, Joy.