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SarahPalinIGNovember 11, 2009

Noemie Emery: Washington Post talking non-points on election 09


Examiner Columnist

Three take-away points from the national media as regards the elections last week:

President Obama endorses Creigh Deeds and Jon Corzine, embraces them, campaigns with and for them, and calls them his partners in politics. He practically moves to the state of New Jersey, lends the campaign his pollster, and, in the final days of the contest, appears with Corzine three times.

Meanwhile, on Facebook, Sarah Palin endorses Doug Hoffman, the Conservative Party of New York candidate running for Congress in New York’s 23rd congressional district against the Democrat and the Republican, a woman who turns out to be to the left of the Democrat, and also to be an appalling campaigner, whose idea of what to do when reporters ask questions is to call the police.

Palin is one of six national figures to speak out for Hoffman, doesn’t campaign for or with him, and never sets foot in New York. Hoffman loses by 3 points to the Democrat, Bill Owens, (who was endorsed by the erstwhile Republican “moderate”), while Corzine, running in deep-blue New Jersey with a third-party candidate who works in his favor, loses by five points to Republican Chris Christie, and Deeds is wiped out in Virginia by an 18- point spread.

But these last two are no reflection at all on Obama, whose name, pundits assure us, was not on the ballot, while Hoffman”s loss is a slap aimed directly at Palin, which simply shows up her severe limitations, and how toxic she turned out to be.

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