Harry Reid, Uncensored – by Michael Reagan


On the Senate floor this week, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid abused the dignity of his position with yet another desperate attack on Republicans and other Americans who understand the dangers of President Obama’s flawed health care proposal.

Rather than debating the unremarkable “merits” of the Democratic plan, Sen. Reid arrogantly and prematurely declared that he was on the “right side of history” and that the Republicans were on the wrong side. More than that, he insisted these Republicans were the same types of people who opposed ending slavery and giving women the right to vote.

I suppose no one in Sen. Reid’s office could be bothered to learn that it was a Republican president under whom the slaves were freed and that it was Republican President Teddy Roosevelt’s third-party movement which was the first to support women’s suffrage. Who needs facts when you can make wild allegations?

More than that, though, Sen. Reid’s comments display the Democrat’s fundamental inability to sell their health care proposal with real arguments and facts.

Harry Reid would have you believe that Republicans should lose this debate because they are inconsiderate and blind, morally culpable for the failings of our health care system, and as guilty of pushing down their fellow Americans as those who oppressed women and enslaved an entire race. If he’d had more room in his speech, perhaps Republican actions would also have been likened to those which drove American Indians from their homes and interred Japanese-Americans during the Second World War.

Harry Reid would have you believe this, because it’s much easier for him to face than the reality that he’s peddling a flawed version of “reform” which the American people just won’t buy.

The Democratic party controls the White House. They have a considerable majority in the House of Representatives and a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate.

Let’s go through that again. The Democratic Party could, without a single Republican, pass any health care bill they wanted through both houses of Congress and get it signed by a Democratic President. If they cared to, Democrats could cobble together a socialized, single-payer system which covered our insurance bills by selling Maine to Canada, and there’s not a single thing Republican Congressmen, voting completely in unison, could do to stop them.

It is not simply the Republican Party — much less some mythical monster of slavery-loving Republican terror — which is stopping Harry Reid and his posse from passing his beloved monstrosity of a bill. No, the people in his way are ordinary Americans, the same ones who rallied at town hall meetings, who are fighting to preserve their independence in their health decisions and to keep our country from piling on even more debt.

The Republicans are not arguing, as Reid seems to suggest, that our health insurance system is above reform, or — heaven help us — that we are better off with several million people with limited access to health care. No, the Republicans, in concert with the American people, are arguing that this proposed reform is no reform at all, and it will only serve to make our country, and our health care system, worse off than it is now.

Many have asked Sen. Reid to apologize for his crass remarks, something he has adamantly refused to do. Me? His comments were undeniably arrogant, foolish, and undeserved. But if we’re going to push for an apology, let’s push for the ones we really need to hear.

Let’s ask Sen. Reid to apologize for ramming an unwieldy, bureaucratic nightmare of a “reform” bill down the throats of the American people without taking the time to look beyond his liberal talking points for a real solution to the problems.

Let’s ask Sen. Reid to apologize for spending more time behind closed doors playing political games than transparently addressing and debating different aspects of this proposal with the American public.

And then let’s ask Sen. Reid to work with us to find an alternative solution which won’t ration our medical care, weaken our economy, and remove our choices. This country deserves better than what Sen. Reid and the Democratic Party have been offering.

  • RobW

    Did you hear the beauty issued by Barbara Boxer this week?

    Essentially she said that – abortion should be covered by this health-care plan – since it is a legalized procedure. It's no different than a man getting a prescription for Viagra – since it too is legal.

    Wow – so now we are advised by our friends on the Left – that getting a prescription filled is no different than killing an unborn baby.

    This woman fails to remember that Roe V Wade got abortion legalized through a nightmarishly agonizing legal process that divided a nation and haunted our conscience for decades – while failing to consider that any childish comparison of infanticide to a simple visit to the drug-store is simply outrageous.

    Oh – I can't wait for the 2010 and 2012 elections – so I can slam every voting lever down on the Republican side with gusto – just to register my disdain for this Democratic-party's intellectual sloth – and moral turpitude.


  • RobW

    And of course – this beauty was oh so carefully delivered to us by our friends at NPR.

    That bastion of civil rights and moral conscience.

    To bad we can't vote them out of office too.


  • gatekeeper96740

    I called Harry Reids office in Search light and said Harry should aplogize and the office help started yelling at me telling me I was wrong and That Reids words were taken out of contexted bla bla bla.It turned into a shouting match.

  • PAthena

    Note that the bill which came from the House of Representatives mandates racial discrimination. So Senator Harry Reid supports government-enforced racial discrimination, in violation of the 14th Amendment of the Constitution. I quote from an article by Candace Russy of November 9, 2009 in the National Association of Scholars Website:

    “The NAS has long and wisely opposed the use of racial, ethnic, or other criteria unrelated to merit in (among other aspects of campus life) student recruitment and admissions.
    Those who support this view will find troubling the following requirement embedded in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s 1,990-page health-care bill, which as I write she is trying to bring to a vote, and which fomer Lt. Governor of New York Betsy McCaughey, writing in The Wall Street Journal, has unearthed:

    Secs. 2521 and 2533 (pp. 1379 and 1437) establishes racial and ethnic preferences in awarding grants for training nurses and creating secondary-school health science programs. For example, grants for nursing schools should “give preference to programs that provide for improving the diversity of new nurse graduates to reflect changes in the demographics of the patient population.” And secondary-school grants should go to schools “graduating students from disadvantaged backgrounds including racial and ethnic minorities.”

    The academic community en masse should, but of course won’t, reject such heavy-handed and unfair federal manipulation of student admissions in the name of diversity. This bill – among its other ill effects – will only add to division and lowered academic standards throughout our educational institutions.”

  • mmcfm

    When the government funds abortion, the right to say no to an abortion will be taken from us. Mark my words.

  • mmcfm

    “This bill – among its other ill effects – will only add to division and lowered academic standards throughout our educational institutions.”

    Further eroding a once fine healthcare system. When the doctors flee and the only people taking care of you are angry minorities, fueled in their hatred and resentment by our government, what do you think the quality of our care will be?

  • therealend

    As I've posted before about illegal immigration, because of the lack of control of our borders, human trafficking brings human slaves into this country. We are a slave holding nation again. Hypocrisy isn't enough of a word to describe Reid's views. How he got this far in life as he has, I'll never understand.

  • Alabama Roadrunner

    I am surprised that Harry did not accuse Republicans of being responsible for the Holocaust. Did he ever think that had we “gone slow” on the issue of slavery, we may have avoided the civil war? Or, that it was HIS party that wanted to keep slavery? Well, I think he has, as every peice of legislation coming from this Congress sinks us all deeper into slavery to the State……

  • USMCSniper

    Well, a namecalling rant and a yelling level argrument is much more stimulating than a polite converstion with fools,

  • USMCSniper

    Remind Harry Reid that it was Democrats that opposed the Civil Righrs Act in 1964!!!

  • http://www.uncorkedventures.com wine clubs

    I think people miss the point on the abortion debate, the issue really becomes, what other legal procedures will not be covered?

    I see both sides of the argument, but I believe federal dollars already do pay in some cases, as do state dollars so it's not really a change in policy to allow payments….although I don't necessarily agree, it is what it is.

  • bushlikesdick12

    What a huge distortion on your part:

    First of all, is was the Democrat Presidend Kennedy that proposed the bill and it was congress that amended it to make it stronger. The Chairman of the Rules Commitee, Howard Smith, a segregationist from Virginia that tried to botttle it up indefinitley. After Kennedy's assasination, it was Democrat President Johnson who used his bullypulpit experience to push it threw the Senate.

    To imply that it was Democrates in general that opposed the Civil Rights Act in 64 based on one segregationist actions when it was all Democrats that pushed the bill is vile.

    It took a lot of political courage during those times to push that sort of legislation and even Smith was back in a corner by the people who voted for him. The vote was divided along cultural lines similar to the battle lines of the civil war.

    A lot of you find me to be disturbed, vile, inappropriate and so forth.

    This is why I act the way I do on this website — complete distortions like this one I find disgusting.

    You take honorable actions from individuals that serve our country and posion them with it just because you don't like the party and the Americans they represent.

    It is you that is vile and un American!

  • bushlikesdick12

    “… and was signed into law by President Johnson on July 2, 1964. Legend has it that as he put down his pen Johnson told an aide, referring to the Democratic Party, “We have lost the South for a generation.”

    Bullshit Sniper!! The Democrats sacrificed themselves in the South to pass this bill.

    Don't turn this into a partisan issue because it isn't — it's a racial issue that knows no party lines.

  • bushlikesdick12

    lol !! And you think Alabama is a red state for what reason?

    Could the passage of the civil rights movement sponsored by Kennedy and Johnson might have anything to do with it?

  • bushlikesdick12

    so you are saying that by making abortion covered under a national health plan will make you have an abortion?

    How about this idea — if you don't have a high school diploma then you will be required to get fixed so that you don't produce ignorant children.

    Would we still be insulting God?

  • bushlikesdick12

    Maybe Senator Boxer is an extreme feminist and was implying that men can easily take more responsibility of the mistake rather than think about the length of pleasure they recieve.

    I don't agree with that statement but it sounds as thou she had more than one meaning in her statement.

  • bushlikesdick12

    It sounds like she is merely promoting the idea that a Spanish speaking nurse should tend to Spanish speaking patients.

    So what is your problem? You want the option to drive your silly white ass into a Mexican community to nurse some Mexican because they can't afford to send their own to school?

  • bushlikesdick12

    In the 1964 presidential campaign, Barry Goldwater ran a conservative campaign which was a magnet for conservatives. Goldwater broadly opposed strong action by the federal government. Although he had supported all previous federal civil rights legislation, Goldwater made the decision to oppose the Civil Rights Act of 1964[15]. His stance was based on his view that the act was an intrusion of the federal government into the affairs of states and, second, that the Act interfered with the rights of private persons to do business, or not, with whomever they chose. In addition, Goldwater's primary delegate slate from the South had no blacks, but was filled instead with white segregationists.[citation needed]

    All this appealed to white Southern Democrats, and Goldwater was the first Republican to win the electoral votes of the Deep South states (Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and South Carolina) since Reconstruction. However, Goldwater's vote on the Civil Rights Act proved devastating to Goldwater’s campaign everywhere outside the South (Other than the South, Goldwater won only in Arizona, his home state), contributing to his landslide defeat in 1964. A Lyndon B. Johnson ad called “Confessions of a Republican,” which ran in the North, associated Goldwater with the Ku Klux Klan. At the same time, Johnson’s campaign in the Deep South publicized Goldwater’s full history on civil rights. In the end, Johnson swept the election.

  • Sassamon

    He knows he only has only slightly over 300 days to live.
    He is a dead man talking.
    I expect he sees the demons coming.

  • marcusholiday

    Hairy Reid is nothing but BO's socialist beotch. I would love to see the worthless piece of garbage walking the Vegas strip someday. It will take his most corrupt effort to get re-elected in 2010. Adios Hairy, you socialist punk!

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