The Haze of Copenhagen – by Michael Reagan


Thousands are now gathered in Copenhagen to embark on an aggressive plan to reach a framework for reducing carbon emissions, with the goal of instituting a more formalized, binding agreement within six months.

Now, many others have rightly criticized and written on the faulty research used to support the panic of “global warming” and supposedly retreating icebergs. In the past two weeks, this justified skepticism has gained significant traction in light of the recently released “ClimateGate” e-mails, wherein researchers and peers of the notable Climate Research Unit of East Anglia University appear to concede that climate change is due to natural, not human, activity.

However, in this week’s column I want to pivot around that important debate for a minute to talk about the politics and economics of this week’s climate gathering.

Predictably, the United States is the main target of the thousands of protesters, media and conference participants — all more than willing to wave the finger of blame on our nation for all the world’s perceived climate ills. You see, folks in Beijing, Bandung and Bangalore all want the United States to accept stringent restrictions on her own industries without accepting even less stringent restrictions on their own countries.

In one of many possible examples, just Wednesday India reiterated its refusal to accept any sort of binding restrictions limiting carbon emissions for their country — while at the same time demanding an increase in proposed cutbacks for our country!

It seems as though negotiators are utterly ignoring the official projections from the Indian government which indicate that Indian emissions will triple or quadruple in the next 20 years, even as American emissions are projected to drop. Yet we’re not even asking for cuts in Indian emissions, just a slower rate of growth. In a similar position, Chinese leaders have been equally antagonistic to the United States.

Beyond even projections, this idea of the United States as the Great Polluter is increasingly less justified. In recent years, China has risen to become the greatest emitter of greenhouse gases. According to the World Bank, Indonesia clocks in at third, with India, Russia, and Japan also sitting at the top. The U.S. still ranks second, but is the only top-ranked country which has been curbing, rather than increasing, emissions of greenhouse gases.

At the same time, these nations expect astronomical levels of financial assistance from the same countries they claim are not doing enough. Developed, Western nations have proffered a significant $10 billion annually to aid new technologies and industrial developments in developing nations to help them implement emissions changes without severely damaging their economies. But these poorer nations insist that price tag is absurdly low — never mind the global economic recession which has hit Western nations the hardest.

I wonder if any of the 10 percent of Americans looking for jobs today or the millions of others simply trying to make ends meet really want their tax dollars to be directed to ensure that China, Indonesia or India’s economies remain stable while they implement tougher carbon restrictions based on faulty science.

Even if we were to accept the dubious scientific and environmental arguments which have sparked these Copenhagen negotiations, the idea that America should sign a binding legal treaty when other nations are given a free pass is absurd. Not only it is a blatant disregard of our sovereignty, but it would also only lead to the exporting of dirty jobs and industries to China and other privileged-status nations, boosting their economy at the expense of ours and doing nothing to accomplish the treaty’s environmental goals.

The United States must never allow other nations to dictate our interests and objectives. We can, and should, partner with the world in friendship, but all friendships have limits. If the developing nations of the world expect our help, they will have to do their part.

  • Marbles

    Good morning!
    I think you are on the trail.

    A confluence of interest.

  • against

    It is very difficult to come to a conclusion that satisfies each and every nation. There are bound to be conflicts.

  • Chris Rowan

    Great article, analysis. All nations should work toward curbing emissions and waste just for the sake of cleanliness, if nothing else. But not for the reasons cooked up by the clergy of climate science. Before Climatagete, Copenhagen was going to be site for the Swindle of the Century, possibly the Milleneum. But not any more. The industrial West was nearly guilted into its own economic suicide, thanks to the data-manipulating hijinks of the clergy of climate science. They were done in not by a whistleblower or “hacker,” but by their own hubris.

  • USMCSniper

    This whole fraud can be best summed up viewing it through the prism of the speech Venezuelan dictator (and fat buddy of Sean Jeff Spicoli Penn) Hugo Chavez. This glo-BULL warming scare is an attack on the free-market principles of this nation and other free nations. It is a tool by Communist dictators to weaken America and others by screaming that we are the “haves” and they're the “have nots.”

    Make no mistake, that is what the “green movement” really is: a new Communism, illustrated below by their new symbol – The watermelon: green on the outside, red on the inside. This glo-BULL warming scare is simply the latest reformation of anti-capitalism, under the compassionate disguise of “saving the planet. Every major horror of history was committed in the name of an altruistic motive,” so is glo-BULL warming–the next form of controlling man, all in the name of altruism.

  • SteveNVicki

    I still think this isn't at all about greenhouse gases but rather about positioning the never ending campaigner for the next “higher level” job which would be the leader that implements these “Binding Treaties”. After all, someone has to do it. The sad part is that the rest of the world will ask for him. All the while seeing (if they look) that he really doesn't even care for the USA. This job is but a stepping stone.


    News from the climate change conference in SNOWpenhagen, Denmark:

    The Democrats want to CUT $500 BILLION from Medicare to make their health care takeover bill viable with the CBO–whose trillion dollar estimates are an abject JOKE!


    The Democrats also want to SEND $100 BILLION dollars annually to the world's “developing countries” (read: communist dictators and thugs) to address the global warming hoax. John Mugabe, Fidel Castro, the pot bellied pig in North Korea, Hugo Chavez, and the communist murderers in Burma ought to act responsibly with the money we borrow from China to give them. Right?

    Lesson? Murderous third world tyrants are more important than our parents and grandparents. Way to go Barack Obama, Hillary, Nancy Piglosi, and Harry Reid!

  • BS77

    Al Gore's poetry….An Ode to Baloney…..

  • ApolloSpeaks


    Hamlet Act 1, scene 4. 87-90 (with a little bit of Lear).


    The Global Warmers wax desperate with imagination.


    Tis not fit thus to obey them.


    To what issue will this come?


    Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.


    And heaven hath directed this wicked storm to confound them.


    Aye, smiting flat the thick roundtity of the Warmers.

    Google ApolloSpeaks (one word) and read the rest of this piece on Flop15: Something is Rotten in Denmark.

  • golemman


  • thinker1

    about 51 days ago Gordon Brown, prime mini-ster of UK said we have 50 days to save the planet…………
    Mr. Brown, if you wash your teeth TWICE I will let you kiss my arshe ONCE.
    Prime Time to see your shrink, you maxi-imbecile.

    20 inches of snow in DC? Good; must be the heat.

  • Bobcpt

    I think all countries should take responsibility for “global warming”. After all everyone of us contributes to the world that we live in. To hold one country/nation accountable is ridiculous.

    candle making

  • bubba4

    “Now, many others have rightly criticized and written on the faulty research used to support the panic of “global warming” and supposedly retreating icebergs. In the past two weeks, this justified skepticism has gained significant traction in light of the recently released “ClimateGate” e-mails, wherein researchers and peers of the notable Climate Research Unit of East Anglia University appear to concede that climate change is due to natural, not human, activity.”

    Now the e-mails say this? Wow…in another few weeks the e-mails will have admitted that it's really a Marxist conspiracy.

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