Good News: Horrific Homeland Security Secretary Could Become Supreme Court Justice from Hell

Appearing on Laura Ingraham’s radio show earlier this month, NBC White House correspondent Chuck Todd surprised the popular host by saying he believes President Obama could very well nominate Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano for the Supreme Court next time a vacancy comes up.

I know what you’re thinking. “That has to be a joke, right?” Sadly, I’m afraid it is not:

TODD: And not a negative. On a – at the next Supreme Court opening, I betcha she gets the call…

INGRAHAM (amazed): Why?

TODD: Personally, he likes her probably more than any other cabinet secretary outside of [Robert] Gates on a personal comfort zone. She almost got it the last time. I think, you know, he’s determined to put somebody who’s actually run for elective office on the Supreme Court. You know, we’re in the first Supreme Court, I think in a hundred years, that hasn’t had somebody with elective office experience at any point in time. He’s talked about wanting that as a criteria….He’s a big fan of hers.

File this under “sometimes, reality is stranger than fiction.”

Napolitano has been widely criticized for underestimating the threat Al Qaeda continues to pose to Americans, which almost resulted in a deadly Christmas Day attack by Nigerian wannabe suicide bomber Abdulmutallab. We can only hope that Obama changed his opinion of her in the last couple of days.

Anyone want to bet that he is still “a fan of hers” and that the MSM will cover up for Napolitano when / if Obama does indeed nominate her for the Supreme Court?


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