Shocking: Leftist Jon Stewart Talks about ClimateGate

It’s unbelievable, but while the entire Left has decided to ignore ClimateGate,  leftist comedian Jon Stewart broke ranks. On his show yesterday, Stewart shattered the silence surrounding the scandal and actually criticized the scientists involved. It’s yet another sign that Conservatives are mistaken to believe that the host of “The Daily Show” is one and the same as fellow Leftists like Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann.

They had, he said, done tremendous damage to the image of science in general. Laughing an obvious fake laugh, Stewart said, ironically, that the emails in which the now infamous scientists admit they’re putting in data to “hide the decline” in global temperatures are,

nothing. He was just using a trick. To hide the decline. That’s just scientist-speak for using a standard statistical technique recalibrating  data in order to… [suddenly becoming extremely nervous] trick you.

He even made fun of hero of the Far Left, Al Gore.

“Poor Al Gore. Global warming completely debunked via the very Internet you invented. Oh, oh the irony!”

Now, being the Leftist he is, Stewart couldn’t quite bring himself to admit that ClimateGate proves that the manmade global warming theory itself, has many weaknesses. Nor could he resist from lashing out at conservatives, in this case at Senator Jim Inhofe. But compared to his leftist brethren, Stewart has been Mr. Logic when it comes to ClimateGate. As Hot Air’s AllahPundit notes:

No less a skeptic than Jim Inhofe was sufficiently pleased with this bit to post it to his own YouTube account, even though its primary target ultimately is, er, Jim Inhofe. Think of it as the “Daily Show” equivalent of Obama’s new timetable: Very far from ideal, but probably the best you’re going to do from a lefty.

For Stewart, today was not the first time he broke ranks with the Left. When Andrew Breitbart (conservative columnist, former editor for the Drudge Report, and founder of Big Hollywood and Big Government) published videos that showed ACORN-workers conspiring to help set up an illegal brothel inhabited by underaged prostitutes, the host of The Daily Show was also the only Leftist member of the MSM willing to talk about it.

Unlike most MSM mouthpieces, then, Stewart has a record of covering the issues other Leftists would rather bury.

Equally amazing is the fact that his fellow Leftists accept Stewart’s criticism without complaining. As I see it, the reason for this is that Stewart is a comedian. Make no mistake about it, the Daily Kos crowd would have undoubtedly launched a campaign to boycott him a long time ago, if he was a regular Leftist pundit. Him being a comedian enables them to laugh off his criticism. “He’s just joking around, nothing to see here, move along.”

Which brings us to the question of how Conservatives should deal with Stewart. Although I believe that Conservatives should often treat the Left the same way the Left has treated us for years now – with aggressiveness and outspokenness – I also think we should be careful not to equate Stewart with his fellow Progressives. “The Daily Show” is one of the few programs catering to an overwhelmingly Leftist audience, which isn’t completely closing its eyes to the Culture of Corruption of the Left. Stewart may not be our friend, but he’s certainly not our mortal enemy either. Let’s treat him accordingly.