Nanny State Gone Wild – by Michelle Malkin


The greatest gifts you can give your children can’t be boxed and bowed. Consider the timeless gift of self-sufficiency — a stubborn thirst to leave the nest, make it on your own and live as a free-willed adult. It’s a concept that Big Nanny Democrats are sabotaging at every legislative turn.

Several times during the sneaky debate on the government health care takeover bill this past Sunday, Democrats hailed a provision requiring insurance plans that cover dependents to provide benefits to children up to age 26. Democratic Sens. Ben Cardin and Tom Harkin both specifically championed the unfunded mandate in their floor statements.

This manifestation of the Nanny State is especially galling given the massive levels of generational theft the Democratic majority has presided over this past year. If they truly cared about the physical and financial well-being of young Americans, they’d stop piling on expensive regulations that simply put affordable health insurance out of their reach.

I propose a new symbol for the Democrats. Out: donkey. In: a giant adult pacifier.

I can tell you what most fiscally responsible parents are thinking when they hear the feds “taking care” of everyone else’s adult “children” by confiscating their tax dollars and forcing private companies to comply: You’ve got to be kidding me. Yes, Virginia, there are still some of us left who believe our children shouldn’t depend on a government-manufactured umbilical cord as they approach their third decade on earth.

Nonetheless, there are now an estimated 20 states that have already passed legislation requiring insurers to cover adult children. The slacker mandates cover “kids” ranging in age from 24 to 31. And it’s these government health care mandates that are driving up the cost of insurance.

Health policy researcher Nathan Benefield of the Commonwealth Foundation reported that in New Jersey, Nanny State peddlers claimed the adult kiddie protection law would help 100,000 uninsured young adults.

“Yet in two years, only 6 percent of that estimate has been realized. The primary reason — health insurance is still too expensive.”

Wisconsin has experienced similar results. “Whenever you insure somebody whom you didn’t insure before there’s some additional risk,” insurance expert James Mueller told the Milwaukee Sentinel Journal. Mueller points to the premium increases that have followed coverage mandates on employer-sponsored plans. “The problem with all these good ideas is there’s funding necessary,” Mueller said. In Wisconsin, not only are adult children covered, but also the children of those “children” if they live in single-parent homes.

As he rammed through this mandate and the mountain of other government regulations buried in Demcare, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid promised on Sunday: “We are reshaping the nation. That’s what we want to do.”

Indeed, this defining dependency up phenomenon is part of the larger push for single-payer-by-proxy. The other universal health care Trojan horse signed into law this year — the expansion of SCHIP (the State Children’s Health Insurance Program) — welcomed more non-“children” into the government insurance fold.

Both political parties have advocated federal waivers to use SCHIP funds for adults, including parents of Medicaid/SCHIP children, caretaker relatives, legal guardians and childless adults. According to the General Accounting Office, SCHIP-funded expenditures on adults nationwide “totaled about $674 million in 2006.” J.P. Wieske of the Council for Affordable Health Insurance notes that the bennies provide an incentive for parents to drop their private coverage in order to take advantage of free or discounted health insurance for their children. “It has become a program for the middle class at the expense of the poor.”

This is the engine that will power the Demcare architects’ most naked, radical ambitions: “Health care as an inalienable right,” as Sen. Harkin put it. How? By breeding a massive permanent culture of dependency and bottomless debt in the name of the “children” from birth through quarter-life — and beyond.

  • pitofuzz

    Merry Christmas (and happy New Year!
    We keep on defending the word for truth for the Baby Born

  • loumindes

    What's going on in the US Congress is not about health care, it is about power, control and removal of personal freedom.

    Please take the time to review history, not as the modern politically correct text books are written, but actual history. It is ironic the left would choose the term “progressive” since a simple internet search of “progressive movement” will reveal the time period of 1890 – 1920 which resulted in the near destruction of all mankind.

    This is the USA, not Europe. Our founding fathers came here to get away from the bad ideas of Europe. Why on earth would we want to emulate these countries that endorse a “nanny state” that built their headquarters to resemble the Tower of Babble?

    Under the guise of “health care”, there is a much larger movement underway. Competent commentators such as Dennis Prager, who is listened to and respected by left and right, has much to say on the subject. (He has free 5 minute classes on the internet at Prager University.) You can find documentation of propaganda revealed at and government sponsored censorship at

    Little chips at liberty happen daily, you can see them if you look:

    · Well documented appointments of socialists and communists in the Obama administration.

    · Secularization of society under the pretense of separation of church and state.

    This list goes on and these are red flags we need to be aware of and resist. The Judeo-Christian principals this country was built upon are under attack by those who abuse these liberties. Sooner or later, these chips will cause a collapse with many wondering what happened.

    Come on Baby Boomers, smarten up. Buffalo Springfield in the song For What It's Worth said “There is something happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear”. Let’s not wait for “the man with a gun over there”.

    As George Orwell commented so brilliantly, there are some ideas so wrong, only an intellectual could believe them.

    You may not have to thank God, but you should thank those who do.

  • mycad

    From one recent Email message, we were informed that what Obama has accomplished in less than two years (campaigning and as president), took Hitler six years to accomplish. Beware America, the greed for power and control is moving forward faster than we can see by watching only the liberal media (ABC, CBS, NBC, etc). Thank God for the conservative and honest messages available from the many websites that have not been fooled by the falsehoods promoted by the likes of greedy power-hungry Obama, Al Gore and their cohorts. Again, Beware America.

  • andyFree

    Americans pay twice as much as anyone else in the world for their health care, yet their public health is the worst in the western world (look it up, try infant mortality and life-expectancy figures).

    Americans even spend more tax-payers money on health-care than almost anywhere (Germany & Sweden excepted?) – then dip into their pockets to pay as much again! Again, look it up.

    So people in civilised nations around the world will continue to look on in astonishment at a system that doesn't care about public health – and a population that chooses to pay more in order to get less.

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