Sheltering Extremism – by Paul Shindman


Jerusalem – Dr. Neve Gordon of Israel’s Ben Gurion University is known as one of the most radical academic Palestinian sympathizers. However, his activities appear to have peaked this year with a call for an anti-Israel boycott, and revelations that he hosted a convicted Palestinian sentenced to house arrest.

Despite being the chairman of the political science department at Israel’s Ben Gurion University, Gordon wrote an L.A. Times op-ed calling for a worldwide boycott of Israel, including Israeli universities, to achieve what he calls “ending our apartheid.“

Gordon’s call was widely seen as an anti-democratic attempt to undermine Israeli democracy and sovereignty and drew scathing criticism from his peers in both the academic and activist communities.

The president of BGU, Rivka Carmi, went so far as to say Gordon’s call meant the university “ is being threatened by the egregious remarks of one person, under the guise of academic freedom.”  In a rebuttal editorial, Carmi had to point out that it was only Israeli labor law that prevented the university from firing Gordon. In a harsh assessment, she said his boycott call meant “Gordon has forfeited his ability to work effectively within the academic setting, with his colleagues in Israel and around the world.”

Veteran Israeli left wing anti-Zionist activist Uri Avnery was with Gordon and other Israeli extremists when they barricaded themselves in Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat’s Ramallah compound during a prolonged siege by the Israeli army in 2002. Despite their common background, even Avnery rejected Gordon’s op-ed, saying it was an “example of a faulty diagnosis leading to faulty treatment. To be precise: the mistaken assumption that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict resembles the South African experience leads to a mistaken choice of strategy.”  This was harsh criticism from a political colleague that raised questions about Gordon’s professional abilities as an academic.

Gordon is viewed in his own country as notorious for his venomous anti-Israel writings and statements.  The Israeli media reported when Gordon and other activists illegally entered Ramallah in 2002 to serve as human shields inside Yasser Arafat’s headquarters.  They wanted to prevent the Israeli army from arresting the suspects wanted for the assassination of an Israeli cabinet minister.  Gordon was shown in newspaper photos embracing Arafat. The terrorists were eventually apprehended, tried and convicted.

Gordon also has a fractious track record in his teaching career with numerous run-ins with students who hold opposing views.  Gordon regularly denounces Israel as a fascist apartheid entity and admitted that his boycott call was a tactic to force Israeli concessions with the Palestinians. Gordon’s articles are so openly anti-Israel that they are often published on neo-Nazi and Holocaust denial web sites.

Around the same time as the boycott call, Gordon turned his own home into a refuge for convicted Fatah organizer Mohammed Abu Humus, a resident of the Issawiya neighborhood of East Jerusalem.  As a local Fatah organizer, Abu Hums had previous convictions for several security related offenses including arson and assault. Despite the latest conviction for directing demonstrators to throw rocks, Gordon described Abu Humus as a “political prisoner” and “a Fatah leader.”

A Jerusalem district judge earlier this year convicted Abu Humus and handed down a nine-month sentence, converted to house arrest.  Gordon organized a group of far-left academics to testify on behalf of Abu Humus, and Gordon offered the court to host Abu Humus in Gordon’s own home in Beersheva for the duration of the house arrest.  It is evidently the only case on record of a Palestinian terrorist being released to house arrest in the home of a Jewish Israeli citizen.

Abu Humus and Gordon have collaborated in the past in an organization called Ta’ayush, which Gordon himself is on record as describing as a seditious group, but according to its website its activities appear to have petered out in 2007.

Abu Humus provided an interesting complement to Gordon’s position. Interviewed at his office in the Alternative Information Center, a pro-Palestinian lobby group in Jerusalem, Abu Humus stated that archeological excavations in the Old City prove that despite Jews worshipping at the remaining wall of the ancient Jewish temple, the Jews had no claim to Jerusalem. After years of archeological digging, he insisted no evidence of the Jewish temple exists.

“Have they found anything of the Jews? They didn’t find anything,” Abu Humus said.

Talking about the holy sites appeared to get Abu Humus riled up. Despite Gordon’s testimony that Abu Humus was a tolerant pacifist opposed to violence, the activist continued on a roll.

“If somebody believes in (the Jewish or Christian) religion, he has to change his religion,” Abu Humus said. “And after Jesus came, it says Mohammed will come. And Mohammed came. If you are religious as a Jew, you have to believe in Mohammed. You have to believe in Jesus.”

Gordon is the father of two small children and stated in the media that the time Abu Humus spent in his home under house arrest was “in a way, it’s a wonderful experience, probably the best political education that you can give to a child.”

Paul Shindman is a veteran freelance journalist in Israel who has worked with several North American media outlets and the BBC. He is the former Jerusalem bureau chief for United Press International.

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  • aharon bernstein

    Neve Gordon is a Holocaust Denier, a Neo-Nazi traitor, and a vicious McCarthyist. It is a shame that Israel does not have capital punishment for treason!

  • jhansonstep55
  • josephwiess

    Why is it that people from free societies take the side of the enemy, without giving any thought to the fact that they might be dead, if the enemy was to take over?There is a wide difference in wanting peace and being a traitor. When will Israeli's wake up and remember that the PLO and Hamas want them dead?

  • antifascist18

    Why the Israeli government doesn't hang guys like this Fascist traitor is beyond me. But then again, Bibi's capitulation, even if temporary, to a cowardly, lying, anti-semite chimp with no reciprocity is also beyond me too.

  • poptoy1949

    This guy is a yo-yo.

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  • Steve Chavez

    “Republican Jew” gets two death threats and needs two security guards to give a speech to students. YOU'LL NEVER GUESS WHO HE WAS SPEAKING TO!

    This story can by seen at DAILYLOBO.COM which is the student newspaper at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.


  • USMCSniper

    Professor Gordon is just a useful idiot to useful idiots – but a dangerous one.

  • BS77

    This moron is a traitor…why is he walking the streets, and called a DOCTOR?? His citizenship should be revoked and he should be tried for treason. Liberalism will not allow it, though. See, liberals believe anyone can do anything without any consequence…. Gordon, Norm Finkelstien and other self loathing, psychotic traitors live in a liberal Petri dish of tolerance, shrugging acceptance and moronic tolerance for diversity…even if it is high treason, cooperating with terrorists and state enemies, these worms face no punishment or harm. This is the reason why countries run by liberal fools are disintegrating….just look at Londonistan (Melanie Phillips book title).

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    he's an idiot. And his “guest” knew it.

  • andyFree

    Abu Humus is of course correct – there was no Solomon's Temple, and Jerusalem was either quite small or perhaps non-existent at the time of David (though it had been populated earlier). The archaeologists have known this for years and the secret is long out.

    The Western Wall was erected by King Herod, but he was only a nominal “King of the Jews” imposed by the Romans. The deep foundations are his, but most of the Wall that can be seen was added by the Muslims.

    Meanwhile, International Law and the world community insist on a fundamental principle, the inadmissibility of gaining territory by force. So it will all have to go back.

  • Sashland

    Tibet, x-Georgia, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, Hawaii, New Mexico, oh wait, ALL NATIONS, have been founded / stolen by force.

    Why is Israel the only nation subject to andyfree's “fundamental principal”?

    Thanks called a double-standard. The unknown is what causes humans to be so delusional.

    Oh yah, where does that name “Hebron” come from???

  • eathummus

    This is what academics need to do in Israel in order to make names for themselves.

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    It is a shame he is a teacher and has the opportunity to have an influence on young minds.

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    andyFree is an a-hole. Take a long walk on a short pier, MORON.

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    Neve Gordon allies himself with moral incompetents in order to prove the stratospheric level of his own morality.

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    When Gordon speaks out about invaders in Congo then I'll take him seriously until then whatever.

  • sflbib

    The excesses of the academy can at times be amusing. Consider the following:

    Arpaio appearance at ASU sparks outcry

    “Some Arizona State University students say Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio doesn't deserve to speak at a First Amendment forum later this month at the journalism school because they say Arpaio does not tolerate dissent.”

  • andyFree

    China is currently moving populations around in order to further colonise Tibet – perhaps if International Law had not been hamstrung by the people who mostly wrote it, on behalf of Israel, then a great deal of injustice might have been avoided since 1945 .

    There are also some nations that were founded by the gun – but you have to go back quite a long way for evidence, no-one else carried out their slaughters in the 20th Century.

    What makes Israel different is that the owners are still around and the colonisers are still holding guns and still using them to defend their ill-gotten gains against the rightful owners.

    Israel is also a nuclear state that makes no secret of the “Samson Option”, armed fanaticism a lot more extreme than that of Iran. Israel will blow up the entire Middle East (indeed, the world) rather than abide by law or give back what they've stolen.

    Of course, if Saudi Arabia and Syria are your bench-marks, then Israel will look quite good. But people outside the Middle East will be horrified you've lowered yourself so far.

  • Raymond in DC

    The U of Michigan had Gordon as a visiting professor recently, teaching the same “Arab-Israeli Conflict” course for which I was a teaching fellow long ago. Reports are that the anti-Israeli venom was ever present – the sort of stuff that we never would have sanctioned in my time. Perhaps the University wanted an “Israeli perspective”, but they ended up with the most extreme anti-Israeli voice they could find. Or maybe that's what they wanted.

  • sidjames

    Neve Gordon proves to those who have closed the book on racist Jews in the Democratic Chosen Peoples Republic of Israel, that sane decent Jews do still exist.