CAIR: Fort Hood Co-Conspirator – by Paul Sperry


With the FBI cutting off ties to the Council on American-Islamic Relations and now subpoenaing some 12,000 internal CAIR documents under temporary restraining order as part of the bureau’s ongoing criminal investigation of CAIR, the terrorist front group is suddenly cooperating with the FBI — or at least making a show of it.

Suddenly CAIR, an unindicted terrorist co-conspirator, is acting like a good citizen. Suddenly it’s concerned about young Muslim-American men going on jihad. Suddenly it’s concerned about “certain” passages of the Quran inspiring jihadists.

It’s all too little, too late.

Thanks to CAIR, 42 brave American soldiers were gunned down by an Islamic nut in Texas. That’s right, thanks to CAIR.

How so? For starters, it was the intimidating and ruthless CAIR that almost single-handedly created a climate of fear of reporting any suspicious anti-American behavior on the part of Muslim soldiers like Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, accused of the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9/11.

The CAIR-induced mass silence led to mass murder.

Fear in the military of being seen as anti-Muslim also blocked intellectually honest discussion of violent Islamic ideology in the ranks.

Thanks to CAIR, the military along with everyone else in government is terrified of associating terrorism with Islam. No one dares utter the M word, lest they be sued for discrimination or branded an “anti-Muslim bigot” or “Islamophobe” by CAIR’s smear merchants.

“There were definitely clear indications that Hasan’s loyalties were not with America,” said Lt. Col. Val Finnell, one of the Army doctors who served with Hasan. But nobody said anything because “there’s a political correctness climate in the military,” and everybody’s “afraid of an equal opportunity lawsuit.”

CAIR’s lawyers have filed thousands of EEOC complaints and lawsuits since 9/11. They’ve even gone after John Doe citizens who alerted airline crew to Muslim men behaving as menacingly and suspiciously as the 9/11 hijackers. CAIR’s “Flying While Muslim” anti-profiling campaign has had a chilling effect throughout the aviation security industry.

CAIR gulled non-Muslims into the kind of see-no-evil dhimmitude that allowed Hasan to carry out his alleged terror. Had anyone dared officially protest Hasan’s extremist views, they would have not only risked their military careers but potentially faced a lawsuit sponsored by CAIR.

Hasan was treated with kid gloves because CAIR demanded it.

Thanks to CAIR, a dozen soldiers lay dead, along with 29 wounded, some so severely they’ll never be deployed in the war on terror again, which is just fine by CAIR.

Since 9/11, the Saudi-funded front group has consistently and vehemently protested the war, even in Afghanistan, while defending the Taliban and other terrorists.

CAIR is the No. 1 generator of the false narrative that America is at war against Islam, which is the single-most compelling force motivating homegrown terrorists such as, allegedly, Hasan, who said as much in his PowerPoint diatribe and comments to colleagues. In fact, the chosen topic of his presentation was, “Is the War on Terror a war on Islam?”

Around the same time, CAIR’s then-chairman answered his question: “The United States is at war with Islam itself.”

Thus CAIR is the primary Muslim NGO fueling anti-American hostilities and extremism in the Muslim community.

CAIR at the same time has mocked concerns over growing Islamic extremism in America, effectively lowering our collective guard against attack.

“This is an isolated incident,” CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad said of the Fort Hood terrorist attack, even though it came on the heels of some 70 arrests of Muslims involved in homegrown terrorism over the previous 12 months.

“I don’t foresee a rise in religious extremism in the Muslim community,” CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper sniffed in 2007.

That same year, CAIR mounted a PR offensive against a prescient report from the intelligence branch of the NYPD. Entitled “Radicalization in the West: The Homegrown Threat,” the report warned that seemingly law-abiding young Muslim men in America can be turned into terrorists through jihadi indoctrination.

CAIR quickly condemned the report as racist. And a confidential CAIR memo reveals its New York operatives feverishly lobbied NYPD officials to amend the report by softening its conclusion that young Muslim men pose a high security risk.

Following the Muslim Brotherhood playbook to Islamize in America, CAIR effectively has shut down all critical debate. CAIR and the Brotherhood are the enemy. And they are winning the propaganda war.

As part of their disinformation campaign, CAIR whitewashes the threat from jihad during Islamic-sensitivity training for the military, while pressuring brass to erect mosques to serve Muslim soldiers (and convert others), including the new one at Quantico. Its sister organization ISNA, meanwhile, goads the military into recruiting more Muslims, while certifying radical chaplains and lay leaders to counsel them.

No wonder commanders are blind to the jihadist threat in their midst. CAIR and the Muslim Mafia have thrown sand in their eyes. They run and control the Muslim racket in the military.

Hundreds of thousands of Muslims — including even some U.S. military officers — engage in or support jihad. It makes little sense that they all could misunderstand their religious obligations. Yet that’s the load of
manure CAIR is cramming down the throats of U.S. authorities, as it privately engages in and supports jihad itself.

CAIR and the 9/11 Mosque

In addition, CAIR has long supported the radical 9/11 mosque where Hasan worshipped, and still protects it from the investigative scrutiny (and bulldozers) it deserves. Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center in Falls Church, Va., is a known breeding ground for terrorists, including:

* Fugitive Hamas leader Mousa Abu Marzook, a former mosque leader to whom CAIR funneled at least $40,000.

* Top al-Qaida fundraiser Abdurahman Alamoudi, a one-time CAIR director now serving 23 years in federal prison for terrorism.

* Ahmed Omar Abu Ali, the would-be al-Qaida presidential assassin who trained with a cell led by a former CAIR official.

* Mohammed al-Hanooti, a current mosque leader and unindicted co-conspirator in both the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and recent Holy Land Foundation terror finance case.

* Ismail Elbarasse, a founding mosque member and leader who was arrested for allegedly casing the Chesapeake Bay bridge for attack.

* Abdelhaleem Ashqar, mosque leader and suspected Hamas operative recently convicted for obstruction of justice.

* Abdullah bin Laden, nephew of the al-Qaida kingpin whose name appears on the federal terrorist watchlist.

*  Hani Hanjour, 9/11 hijacker and Saudi national who flew the jumbo jet into the Pentagon.

* Nawaf al-Hazmi, 9/11 hijacker and Saudi national who joined Hanjour  on the Pentagon flight and acted as second in command of the entire al-Qaida operation behind hijacking ringleader Mohamed Atta.

After 9/11, investigators found the phone number for Dar al-Hijrah in the Hamburg, Germany, apartment of one of the planners of the 9/11 attacks — Ramzi Binalshibh, a Gitmo detainee who will soon stand trial in Manhattan, if the Obama administration has its way.

Constructed with $5 million from the Saudi Embassy and run by Muslim Brotherhood leaders, Dar al-Hijrah is a terror mill and a direct threat to national security. Yet the only thing standing in the way of the mosque and justice is CAIR, which also happens to be a threat to national security.

CAIR maintains a booth at the mosque, and coordinates fundraising with it. Last year the group listed Dar al-Hijrah among its main supporters — along with the Saudi Embassy. The mosque’s leaders are listed as VIP contacts in CAIR’s executive Rolodex.

And once a month, Dar al-Hijrah’s lead imam — Shaker Elsayed — meets with top CAIR officials on the first floor of their D.C. headquarters. Elsayed has said that Muslims have the right to use violence. “We do have license to respond with all force necessary to our attackers.”

He also says he believes in the teachings of Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna, which he describes as “the closest reflection of how Islam should be in this life.”

Here’s a sample of what the late al-Banna taught: “Islam wishes to do way with all states and governments anywhere which are opposed to this ideology and program of Islam. Islam requires the earth — not just a portion, but the entire planet.”

Also joining the monthly CAIR breakfast: Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison, the nation’s first Muslim member of Congress.

Another imam at the mosque, Johari Abdul Malik, has preached to American Muslims that they are within Islamic law to “blow up bridges” and other infrastructure. “You can do all forms of sabotage,” he said in a 2001 Hamas conference.

He’s also called for Islamic supremacy in America.

“We will see the day when Islam, by the grace of Allah, will become the dominant way of life,” Malik told his flock in 2004. “You will see Islam move from being the second largest religion in America to being the first
religion in America.”

Malik is a close friend of the former Dar al-Hijrah imam, Anwar al-Awlaki, who privately ministered to the 9/11 hijackers. After the attacks, Awlaki fled to London, where he gave a sermon extolling the virtues of martyrdom.

In an interview with me, Malik defended his friend’s sermon, arguing Muslims who die while fighting unbelievers in the cause of Allah are no different from U.S. Marines fighting and dying for America in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“That’s the same thing as telling Marines in this country semper fidelis,” Malik said. “Telling people to give their all for their faith is not an unusual idea.”

His mosque handled the funeral services of Maj. Hasan’s mother when she passed away in 2001. It was then that Hasan fell under the spell of Dar al-Hijrah cleric Awlaki, aka Aulaqi.

CAIR and the 9/11 Imam

One of al-Qaida’s top Western recruiters, Awlaki is considered a rock star among jihadists, and has cultivated fans among CAIR officials. Hooper’s protege Ismail Royer and his terrorist cell chauffeured Awlaki around
Washington as he looked for new terrorist recruits. Prosecutors also found his phone number stored on their cell phones.

Currently heading his booster club within the organization, with Royer now behind bars, is the civil-rights coordinator for CAIR’s Los Angeles chapter, Affad Shaikh, who has listened to Awlaki’s lectures and posted links to his Web site on his blog Muslamics.

Shaikh, who in 2008 was questioned by Homeland Security agents near San Diego, appears to have a death wish.

“In death there is something to celebrate,” he recently wrote on his blog in a post titled “Celebrating Death.” The essay mirrors one Awlaki previously posted on another Web site titled “Why Muslims Love Death.”

“Our culture of martyrdom needs to be revived,” the imam preaches, “because the enemy of Allah fears nothing more than our love of death.”

Global Islamic domination is the goal.

“We will implement the rule of Allah on earth by the tip of the sword whether the masses like it or not,” Awlaki has written.

In the final slide of Hasan’s 50-slide PowerPoint screed on Islam, he borrowed a page from Awlaki’s hatebook, warning fellow Army doctors: “We love death more than you love life.”

He also wrote: “If Muslim groups can convince Muslims that they are fighting for God against injustices of the ‘infidels': ie: enemies of Islam, then Muslims can become a potent adversary ie: suicide bombing, etc.”

He no doubt had Muslim groups like CAIR in mind, which have certainly accomplished that goal through radical propaganda and the financing of suicide bombings through charitable fronts groups.

Al-Qaida’s Awlaki, whom Hooper describes simply as “a former Virginia imam,” has spoken at Islamic conferences with longtime CAIR director and fundraiser Siraj Wahhaj.

Establishing an Islamic State

Army doctors recall Hasan declaring Islamic law trumped the U.S. Constitution as the supreme law of the land. “I’m a Muslim first and I hold the Shariah, the Islamic law, before the United States Constitution,” he

Hasan also encouraged Muslims to fight to “establish an Islamic state” in America.

Where have we heard this before? From none other than CAIR’s founding chairman, Omar Ahmad, who once told a Muslim audience: “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Quran should be the highest authority in America.”

And we’ve also heard it from CAIR communications director Hooper, who last decade let it slip out that: “I wouldn’t want to create the impression that I wouldn’t like the government of the United States to be Islamic sometime in the future.”

CAIR and Hasan share the same radical agenda.

CAIR may bill itself as a “civil-rights advocacy group,” but the FBI says
that far from being a benign nonprofit, it’s a front group for Hamas
terrorists and the radical Muslim Brotherhood in America. And the bureau
last year cut off formal ties to CAIR’s national office in Washington and
all 30 of its branch offices across the country.

CAIR at the time blamed the severance policy on the “right-wing” Bush administration, and confidently predicted that a Democrat administration would restore relations. No such luck. Nearly a year into the Obama administration, CAIR remains frozen out. Even the Muslim-friendly President Obama has not helped CAIR, much to its chagrin.

At the same time, the Justice Department has blacklisted CAIR as an unindicted terrorist co-conspirator in the largest terror finance case in U.S. history, the Holy Land Foundation trial. It ended in convictions on all
108 counts.

Prosecutors have also connected CAIR to the Muslim Brotherhood, a worldwide
jihadist movement that seeks to institutionalize Shariah law (think:
Taliban) in America and the West through immigration, coercion and political

“From its founding by Muslim Brotherhood leaders, CAIR conspired with other affiliates of the Muslim Brotherhood to support terrorists,” assistant U.S. Attorney Gordon Kromberg stated in a court filing.

The Brotherhood is the parent of Hamas and al-Qaida. They share the same goals but use different methods to achieve them. “The only difference between the guys in the suits and the guys with the AK-47s is timing and tactics,” explains an FBI official in Washington.

The FBI last year severed ties to CAIR, citing court evidence that its leaders were participating in an “ongoing” conspiracy to support terrorists. Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York has requested that the FBI’s anti-CAIR ban “should be government-wide policy.”

CAIR’s Proven Ties to Terrorists

No fewer than 15 CAIR officials have been convicted or implicated in terrorism investigations since 9/11 — including its founding chairman, Ahmad, and acting executive director, Nihad Awad. The two Palestinian
refugees participated in a secret Hamas meeting (wiretapped by the FBI) whereby a plot was hatched to disguise payments to suicide bombers as charity. Millions subsequently were funneled to Hamas through the Holy Land charity.

And the CAIR co-founders remain under government suspicion, as a result of evidence emerging from the Holy Land terror trial.

“During that trial, evidence was introduced that demonstrated a relationship among CAIR, individual CAIR founders (including its current President Emeritus and its Executive Director) and … HAMAS,” wrote assistant FBI Director Richard Powers in an April 2009 letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Tipping Off Terror Targets

Meantime, CAIR and its surrogates are spying on the FBI. The group has cultivated spies inside a Washington-area law enforcement agency, which resulted in at least one Muslim cop representing CAIR on the force searching a classified federal database and then tipping off a fellow Muslim who had been under FBI surveillance as a terrorist suspect.

CAIR also is aggressively lobbying to deny law enforcement tools needed to crack down on terrorists and protect the nation from another 9/11.

CAIR is a tax-exempt nonprofit bound by IRS rules restricting lobbying activities; yet in one year alone, internal records show CAIR officials made 72 separate trips to Congress to lobby to kill the USA Patriot Act.

Concerned members of Congress led by intrepid Rep. Sue Myrick have asked the IRS to audit CAIR and its shady financing. Americans should know the following about this unregistered foreign lobbyist:

* CAIR’s major funding comes from Persian Gulf sources, including Saudi Arabia, and not from grass-roots domestic supporters as it publicly claims (in fact, membership dues now account for a puny 1% of CAIR’s total revenue).

* CAIR leaders, including spokesman Hooper, travel frequently to the Middle East to personally raise cash.

* Bank wire records published exclusively in “Muslim Mafia” show a Saudi royal family member recently transferred more than $110,000 directly into CAIR’s bank account at Citibank, for example.

* After 9/11, the ruler of Dubai took a nearly $1 million stake in CAIR’s headquarters, just three blocks from the U.S. Capitol, and has pledged millions more.

* “Do not think about your contributions [to CAIR] as donations,” CAIR’s former chairman told CAIR’s UAE patrons. “Think about it from the perspective of rate of return. The investment of $50 million will give you
billions of dollars in return for 50 years.”

CAIR is selling its services to the UAE and Saudi governments by doing their ideological and commercial bidding.

Yet CAIR is not registered as a foreign agent, as required by the Justice Department. And it has never disclosed its foreign funding or relationships with countries tied to 9/11 and potentially still hostile to U.S. interests.

CAIR says it’s the Muslim ACLU. But it’s the Muslim ACORN — only more dangerous because it’s backed by Arab governments, supports terrorism, and ultimately seeks to convert the U.S. into an Islamic police state modeled after Saudi Arabia.

Make no mistake. Do not be fooled by the moderate mask. Or the belated patriotic rhetoric. CAIR wants the same demise for America as al-Qaida does.

CAIR helps terrorists, and hates the FBI.

That’s because CAIR is one of the bad guys.

CAIR is America’s enemy.

CAIR is your enemy.

Sperry, a Hoover Institution media fellow, is author of “Infiltration” and co-author of the new book, “Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America.” Email:

  • keithrage

    The west sends up to $2 billion a day to the middle east for oil and they send back millions to the west to establish mosques and terror cells, mean while congress blocks any attempt to drill enormous oil supplies in Alaska, California and the Bay of Mexico – Talk about re-distribution of wealth. Bush holds hands and Oblunder performs deep bows to Saudi royalty while they secretly fund methods to Islamise America. Islamophobia should be the term used to describe the person who cannot recognise that all practicing Muslims are jihadists but in this upside down world common sense is not at all that common.

  • Robert Bernier

    Every American should see this video !

    The ambition of Islam to conquer the world.
    For centuries Islam of the militants have been on the march to conquer the world. We did not notice because we chose not to notice. The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in
    1920 by Hassan al-Banna in Egypt and was in deep confrontation with the Egyptian government. The current goals for Islam to achieve global domination for a Muslim Caliphate: a world under strict Islamic “Sharia” law, pulling Muslims back to the 7th Century. Consult :

  • Robert Bernier

    Every American should know the truth

    No one should miss this video:

    Look to the end ( 10 min.)

  • rickdeluca

    What a stupid article and idiot author… reminds me of the same rethoric used by Bin Laden. Get a life and get REAL education…

  • thinker1

    We'll be chumps, suckers and oafs forever and dead ones soon – if PC does not stop…..
    Israelis have much less problems – they profile, not losing time, money and efforts on checking blue-eyed grandmas etc.
    PC prefers dead Americans than offended muslims…..

  • thinker1

    let's call it Islamofoolia ;)

  • jacob

    An old saying states”Fear is free” and the fear of being tagged as “discriminator” in this “political correct” country, makes people drop their pants…

    So now we know damned well that, whether we like to admit it or not, it is a fact that practicing Muslims are terrorists, because this is what has been hammered into their brains from craddle to grave and it is precisely what their “religion” expects from them, as stated once by YOSHIRO SAGAMORi, is not another Thousand and One Nights tale…

    But I would not limit my critics to CAIR and the rest of the Muslims intimidating organizations but also, in the case of Maj. Hasan, to his peers and superiors in general….

    It had proof already of the meaning of having Muslims in its midst and Hasan's words and ideas were no secret among them. Therefore, it was criminal to wait for the smoking gun tragic consequences, does not excuse their silence and I believe those responsible for sweeping it under the rug should be ipso facto, summarily cashiered

    The White House Muslim, so keen on having the GITMO cutthroats freed and sent back to their countries, instead of taking them into the White House as his Muslim Guard, same as Spain's Generalissimo FRANCISCO FRANCO had his Moorish Guard he trusted more than his compatriots, may not like it but what was in order then and is in order now, is to get rid of all Muslims in the armed forces or expect another such outburst GOD only knows which magnitude…and then what ??
    Another WTC horror nobody remembers of HASAN's victims our rotten media has already swept under the rug ???

    The “holy” Quram advises and allows Muslims to hide their true religion whenever
    convenient and I know that in Latin American countries they were allowed to immigrate to decades ago, they would claim to be Christians whenever asked about their religion…
    But once the first mosques were built, these same “Christians” went around with their classic praying rosary of big beads in their left hand palms…

    Of course, any similarity with what we have as President is purely coincidential….

    OR IS IT …???

  • USMCSniper

    The three things that can motivate evil people to cease are reason, fear, and death. The first two will not work with Muslims unless the third is applied. Adapted by me from the movie “Swordfish”

    Anyone who impinges on America's freedom such as terrorist states and their proxies. Someone must bring their war to them. They bomb a church, we bomb 10 mosques. They hijack a plane, we take out one of their airports. They execute American tourist, we tactically nuke an entire muslim city. Our strategy should be to make the cost of jihadist terrorism so horrific that is becomes unthinkable to attack Americans because of the consequences.

  • cptbman

    What a stupid post by a left wing Muslim lapdog…reminds me of the same rhetoric used by Ibrahim Hooper and Rep. Keith Ellison. Get a life and get higher than a 3rd grade education…

  • Voltimand

    Absolutely correct. The main obstacles are the PC types in America. I say set aside a geographical section of the U. S. homeland for those who do not want to be defended, and then send them there. They will have the privilege of not having to being contaminated by the U. S. military, which means they will have the privilege of having their throats slit by the jihadis. Sooner or later, the divided is going to have to be made b/t those who support America and those who de facto support America's enemies.

  • bubba4

    “According to an academic review of available survey-based data in 2001, informed by information provided by Muslim organizations and mosques, the highest reasonable total number of Muslims in the United States is 2.8 million.

    A more realistic number, supported by statistically significant survey data comparable to what has been used to to calculate the sizes of other religious groups, is less than 2 million Muslims in the United States, or about 0.5% of the total population.”

    If “they” are planning on making America Islamic, then they have their work cut out for them.

  • winoceros

    They do not view life with a Westerner's instant gratification or election cycle mentality. A couple generations is a blink of an eye, especially when the brides are underaged and prolific.

    They have to start somewhere, and they do it with their wombs and immigration. Why do you think Londanistan and France and the Netherlands are the way they are?

    I agree with your numbers, but don't mistake slowness for lack of determination.

  • LindaRivera

    Council on American-Islamic Relations: “Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faiths, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.” – Omar Ahmad (CAIR co-founder).

    Addressing a youth session at the 1999 Islamic Association for Palestine's annual convention in Chicago, CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) founder Omar Ahmad praised suicide bombers who “kill themselves for Islam,”

    America is betrayed: Jihadists are winning because of pro-Islam Western leaders. Making the world safe for Muslim terrorists, U.S. Airport Security is Deliberately and Shockingly Destroyed for Islam:
    Controversial Muslim group
    gets VIP airport security tour
    Feds show CAIR latest screening steps,
    sensitive counterterrorism procedures
    August 18, 2006

    The Department of Homeland Security
    took a Muslim group with known past ties to terror organizations on a VIP tour of security operations at the nation's busiest airport at the same time British authorities were working to break up a plot to blow up U.S. airlines.

    On June 21, a senior DHS official from Washington personally guided Muslim officials from the Council on American-Islamic Relations on a behind-the-scenes tour of Customs screening operations at O'Hare International Airport in response to CAIR complaints that Muslim travelers were being unfairly delayed as they entered the U.S. from abroad.

    CAIR is a spin-off of the Islamic Association for Palestine, identified by two former FBI counterterrorism chiefs as a “front group” for the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

    Several CAIR leaders have been convicted on terror-related charges.

    During the airport tour, CAIR was taken on a walk through the point-of-entry, Customs stations, secondary screening and interview rooms. In addition, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents were asked to describe for CAIR representatives various features of the high-risk passenger lookout system.

  • facebook-1578452609

    The Higgins Counterterrorism Center provides insight and guidance training to America's first responders. We will continue to expose CAIR and it's members for their anti-semitic position.

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