Homegrown Insurgency – by Paul Sperry


You’ve heard the narrative from the Beltway punditry: Our Muslims are better assimilated than Muslims in Europe. Our Muslims are more Westernized, less radicalized.

Well, it’s a false narrative.

We are seeing the horns of a Muslim insurgency in this country. We are being Europeanized. And we need a counterinsurgency plan not just in Afghanistan but right here at home.

While our leaders are too politically correct to even think about such a thing, they are starting to at least recognize the problem.

Even President Obama, who still won’t utter the M word, notes the rise in “extremists within our borders.” So does his Homeland Security chief, who just months earlier fixated on white militia groups as the main domestic terror threat.

“We are seeing young Americans who are inspired by al-Qaida and radical ideology,” echoed DHS secretary Janet Napolitano, while still failing to name the source of that ideology. “Home-based terrorism is here.”

And for the first time, a senior Justice Department official has gone on record saying the U.S. is turning into Europe, with Muslim citizens becoming more and more hostile toward the government, and plotting and carrying out more acts of homegrown terrorism.

“If there was ever a subconscious belief in the counterterrorism community that our society is different from Europe and therefore we don’t have to worry about problems like they’ve had, the activities in Minneapolis demonstrate we can’t think that way,” said Patrick Rowan, who led Justice’s national-security division when the government first started investigating the case of the 20 young Somali-American men who quit college and gave up promising careers in Minneapolis to join al-Qaida’s jihad in Somalia.

The FBI fears the recruits — who have U.S. passports — may use their terror training to come back and attack their own country. One of them already carried out a suicide bombing, becoming the first American to do so.

“We should all be on guard,” said Ralph Boelter who heads the FBI’s Minneapolis field office.

As we dig in deeper in Afghanistan, hostility among our own Muslim population will only grow deeper. And as we import more refugees from Muslim countries, demands for Shariah (think: Taliban) law will only grow shriller. Consider that:

* A new Gallup poll finds American Muslims are most likely to report feeling anger compared with the overall population — making even more of them ripe for radicalization.

* 2009 is shaping up to be most dangerous year in domestic terror since 9/11, a grave national security issue overlooked by a national media obsessed with boys trapped (or not) in balloons and golfers trapped in bimbo bunkers.

* In the past 12 months alone, there have been more than 75 arrests in the U.S. and abroad of homegrown terrorists including the Fort Hood shooter — all of them Muslim, almost all U.S. citizens.

* The FBI says Muslim groups have declared war on law enforcement over mosque surveillance and undercover informants — and we just saw the first mosques seized and the first shootout between a Muslim cleric and agents in Detroit.

* USA Today reports six Muslim “honor killings” in America over the past two years.

“Radicalization is clearly happening in the U.S.,” said NYPD intelligence unit chief Mitch Silber. “In years past, you couldn’t say that about the U.S. You could say it about Europe.”

The secularity of the American Muslim community is a myth. In fact, a larger share of American Muslims (80%) say their religion is an important part of their daily lives than British Muslims (70%), according to a recent Gallup poll. And our Muslims are nearly as militant in their faith as Iranians.

The same survey finds a disturbing percentage of American Muslim youth — 26% — are seething with anger compared with the national average among respondents aged 18 to 29.

These findings dovetail with a 2007 Pew Research poll finding an alarming 26%  — or roughly 100,000 — of U.S. Muslims aged 18 to 29 condone suicide bombings against non-Muslim “civilian targets.” That roughly tracks the 35% of young Muslim Brits who told Pew the same thing after some of them bombed the London subway.

Clearly, young Muslim Americans are as prone to radicalization as their European counterparts.

Take Tarek Mehanna, a 27-year-old American from Boston recently arrested on terror charges. Court records show his jihad cell, which allegedly planned to attack a shopping mall, justified suicide attacks against fellow American civilians “because they paid taxes to support the [U.S.] government, and because they were Kufar (non-believers).”

The group traveled to Pakistan to train with Lashkar-e-Taiba, the al-Qaida subcontractor blamed for last year’s bloodbath in Mumbai, India.

LeT also attracted a top official at the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a terrorist front group posing as a civil-rights group. Ismail Royer — who worked under CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper at its national headquarters in Washington — is now serving 20 years in the pen. Prosecutors say he trained at LeT camps in Pakistan to kill U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan, and recruited other Muslims in the D.C. suburbs to join the
anti-American jihad.

Confidential CAIR board meeting minutes first revealed in my new book, “Muslim Mafia,” show Hooper has been tasked as point man to get Royer out of prison, and has worked closely with the convict’s family and lawyers.

Hooper hired an accused terrorist, andthen after he confessed to related charges and was convicted, Hooper treated him as a hero. Even now, as prosecutors call Royer an “inveterate liar” who refuses to cooperate in other terror cases as promised — CAIR’s communications director is doing everything he can to put this dangerous criminal back on the streets.

Royer is no different from the accused jihadist in Boston. Both want to kill Americans.

Only difference: Hooper’s protege worked as a spokesman and civil-rights coordinator at CAIR headquarters.

We don’t need CAIR’s brand of civil rights, something the FBI, which recently cut off ties to it, finally understands.

Royer was ringleader of the so-called Virginia Jihad Network, which the feds thought they’d broken up. But now there’s a new group of Virginia jihadists: five young Muslim men arrested in Pakistan for trying to do the same thing — train to kill U.S. troops. All five are U.S. citizens, and include a dental student described as “cool, and all-American.”

How do Muslims raised in America become so radicalized?

They’re steeped in the anti-American hate of mosques and national front groups (like CAIR, ISNA and the Muslim Students Association) controlled by the radical Muslim Brotherhood and funded by the Saudis. Through sermons and Saudi literature and the media, they teach them that America is the enemy.

This is the jihad factory, fueled by jihadi websites, churning out homegrown terrorists. And the FBI is only now trying to dismantle it.

Arrests of homegrown Muslim terrorists are averaging more than six a month. They are threatening both hard targets, such as military bases, and soft targets, such as hotels and shopping malls. That’s an alarming up-tempo in terrorist activity, belying official spin the problem is confined to a small minority of the Muslim community. The home-based jihad threat is much larger than the administration suggests.

“There are people living among us, in our communities around the U.S., that are honing their skills to carry out acts of murder and mayhem,” warned senior FBI official Owen Harris.

He like other government officials can’t publicly say what kind of “people” would be doing such treacherous things.

But make no mistake, he’s referring to Islamic fanatics. While they may be spread out over different cities — Raleigh, N.C., Boston, New York, Minneapolis, Denver, Washington, Chicago, even sleepy Killeen, Texas — and while they may have different ethnicities — Arab, South Asian, Eastern European, Hispanic, white — they all share a common bond in jihad. While we may call them Americans, they do not. They hate their country and want to destroy it.

Most don’t look like wild-eyed traitors. Some even appear patriotic.

Witness American citizen Daood Gilani. A Chicago businessman, he changed his name in 2005 to David Headley.

But he was trying to fit in for all the wrong reasons. He wanted to escape notice as a Muslim and allow for easy transit through immigration on terror missions to Pakistan, where he attended training camps run by LeT.

Federal prosecutors this month charged Headley with, among other things, conspiracy to murder Americans.

Then there’s Hazam Ali Ahmed, who for years has run a neighborhood convenience store in Knoxville, Tenn.

Authorities last week found two guns inside his store, and say he planned to carry out a terrorist attack at a shopping mall.

“He referred to jihad,” the FBI said in court documents charging the 35-year-old Muslim. “And stated that he was connected to al-Qaida.”

Meanwhile, more and more Muslims in America are trying to assert Islamic rights under Shariah law, a medieval monument to human-rights abuses practiced by the Taliban and Saudis.

Right now in this country, we are seeing a spike in “honor killings” — murders of women by relatives who claim the victim brought shame to the family — something normally seen in Muslim countries. America is now averaging one every four months. And we will see more.

The latest victim is a 20-year-old Arizona girl who died last month after her father, an Iraqi immigrant, ran her and her boyfriend’s mother over in a parking lot. He admits the attack was intentional, explaining his daughter brought shame to the family by living with a man.

Lest anyone think such murders are confined to Muslim immigrants, a New York TV executive earlier this year sawed off his wife’s head in a suspected honor killing.

And there appears to be broad support and acceptance of this barbaric ritual in mainstream Islamic circles in America.

One of the most popular fatwah banks in the U.S. — maintained by the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America — does not condemn honor killings. It only discourages men from doing it themselves.

“Imams implement the Shariah punishments,” decrees AMJA. And execution is not the “unvarying” punishment for fornicating daughters or sisters, it adds. They can also be punished by “lashing.” (The sentence for adulterous women, however, is always “stoning.”)

“Would it be permissible for a brother to kill his sister if he saw her committing zina (pre-marital sex)?” a Muslim living in America asked AMJA’s scholars in 2007.

In any other culture, the answer would be an emphatic, resounding: “No, not ever. It’s immoral and against the law, and you’d be prosecuted for first-degree murder.” But in the subculture of radical Islam co-existing in the shadows of the most advanced country in the world, the answer from AMJA was: “It depends.”

Another false narrative says our Muslims demonstrate a “fierce loyalty to America,” as Obama just claimed in Oslo without offering any concrete examples. Apparently he’s giving them credit just for choosing to live here.

He needs to get out more. He can start by driving across the Potomac to Alexandria and Falls Church, Va. FBI agents and detectives who have worked counterterror cases and entered Muslim homes in those Washington suburbs, know better.

Inside, they’ve seen home computers with Osama bin Laden screen savers. They’ve seen refrigerators with children’s drawings depicting Jews and Christians as pigs and apes and hateful anti-Jewish and anti-Christian

They’ve seen the throngs of Muslims rallying around terrorist defendants at the federal courthouse in Alexandria, even after they’ve confessed to crimes. They’ve heard respect Muslim leaders bash U.S. prosecutors as “Zionists.”

They also know that the Skyline Towers, a luxury apartment complex housing thousands of Muslims in Falls Church, erupted into cheers after the Twin Towers collapsed on 9/11. We’re not talking about Gaza or the West Bank. This was just minutes from the Pentagon.

Authorities have made so many trips to the high-rise complex to investigate tenants that they’ve dubbed it “Taliban Towers.”

Just up the street is the still-bustling 9/11 mosque, Dar al-Hijrah, where the hijackers, the Fort Hood shooter and a shockingly long rap sheet of other terrorists have worshipped.

The vast majority of Americans have no idea, but the very capital of our nation is a breeding ground for terrorists. In fact, the Washington area is Ground Zero of the anti-American insurgency being carried out by radicalized American Muslims in plain view of our government.

Yet it’s doing next to nothing about it, still deluded by the notion it can win “hearts and minds” by cow-towing to ISNA and other radical Brotherhood fronts, who simply use outreach events as an opportunity to gather intelligence and tip off targets of terror probes.

As the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq drag on, we are going to see a much broader participation in jihad by Muslims. Not just Muslims living overseas, but those living here, inside America.

Will we talk honestly about this problem? Or will we turn a blind eye — and continue to be blindsided, like those 42 brave Americans in Texas?

Are we going to defuse this religious powder keg? Or are we going to continue to commit politically correct suicide?

Pauk Sperry, a Hoover Institution media fellow, is author of “Infiltration” and co-author of the new book, “Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America.” Email: Sperry@SperryFiles.com

  • Robert Bernier

    Wow! Read this one. It is really good. And this gentleman says it just like it is. This venerable and much honored WW II vet is well known in Hawaiifor his seventy-plus years of service to patriotic organizations and causes all over the country. A humble man without a political bone in his body, he has never spoken out before about a government official, until now. He dictated this letter to a friend, signed it and mailed it to the president. Consult : <a href="http://xrl.us/bgeewc” target=”_blank”>http://xrl.us/bgeewc

    • Summer M.

      shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • annbarlone
  • Robert Bernier

    Every American should know the truth

    No one should miss this video:


    Look to the end ( 10 min.)

  • Robert Bernier

    Islam was conceived in the Arabian Peninsula a place where existence was hard and violence a daily fact. Islam would not have been accepted if it was a religion/ideology of love and kindness.Till today, violence and extremism animates Islam. What ever reason to express hate and violence, it will always be welcome : caricatures, difference in opinions, freedom of expression etc. Whoever does not agree with Islam is a target for hate and violence as explained at : http://israelagainstterror.blogspot.com/2008/01

  • wildjew

    Sperry wrote: “How do Muslims raised in America become so radicalized?

    They’re steeped in the anti-American hate of mosques and national front groups……Through sermons and Saudi literature and the media, they teach them that America is the enemy.”

    No. Oh NO! This cannot be. Former president George W. Bush assured us, the Saudis are our friends. Bush kissed and held hands with Saudi princes. He met and prayed with Wahhabis in their mosques, in the White House; at his Crawford, Texas ranch. This cannot be. Conservatives supported Bush. Can millions of Bush-supporting conservatives and Republicans be wrong? Could this website have been wrong about Bush? No. I cannot accept this.

  • turbeaux

    “more and more Muslims in America are trying to assert Islamic rights under Shariah law, a medieval monument to human-rights abuses practiced by the Taliban and Saudis.”

    Come on Paul…let’s not sugarcoat this. The American backed Iraqi and Afghani governments both also practice Shariah because Shariah has been enshrined in each country’s constitutions that we helped to establish thanks to former American Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad, who, wink, wink, just happened to be a Muslim himself, and as a result Muslims citizens in both countries are charged, prosecuted, and punished for the horrible and outrageous crimes of blasphemy and apostasy all the time.

  • BS77

    A cold and exhausted cobra came to the warm tent of a liberal. “Oh, please let me in to warm myself by your fire! ” THe liberal was “concerned” but being a PC open borders kind of guy…allowed the snake to enter. ” Oh, kind man, could I have something to eat, I am so hungry!! ” The liberal welfare statist and Nanny State program developer, said, “Of course, here have some food.” The snake then asked if it would be okay to stay the night. The liberal nodded, and as the clumsy liberal began to prepare the snake's bed, he moved a bit too quickly and the snake instinctively buried his fangs in the liberal's leg…a fatal bite loaded with poison. “Why did you do that?” The liberal cried out, as he collapsed to the floor.

    “Oh….Did I not tell you? You see, after all, I am a poisonous snake.” The parable for US immigration madness for the past twenty years.

  • shanecomeback

    Just yesterday a little Arab boy said in social studies class;”America sucks.” NOT one kid stood up to the little weasel.Yes the muslim students are quite open about their hatred. Of course,he and the other 25 kids just heard a 40 minute lecture from the teacher about—how America sucks. This is an everyday happening in middle schools.
    (Earlier, the science teacher told them that when they grow up,”there might not be any land to stand on.” ) Everyday,folks,everyday….talk to your kids, get their reading lists, go to PTA, give your kids intellectual ammo to fight these propagandists that call themselves “educators.” Talk to your school board. FIGHT this.

  • Jer

    “How do Muslims raised in America become so radicalized?”

    You forgot to mention the pivotal role YouTube plays in this radicalization.

    Some great background info can be found here: http://starcmc.wordpress.com/
    and here:

  • donnamarie

    You are very right. Our government is doing very, very little to protect us. While Bush was a coward and did not want to make the Saudis angry, Obama is bowing to them now. We are so screwed…

  • 1Indioviejo1

    Without exaggeration I believe that this World War will be as bloody as the last two WW if only because we have lost the courage to face reality. Finally, political correctness in the hands of the criminal left, has permeated national thinking to the extent that the government is aiding and abetting Islam in their endeavor to conquer us. If it seems far fetched today, just give it a little time and the mudslimes will have the upper hand in America.

  • WFB2

    “Even President Obama, who still won’t utter the M word, notes the rise in “extremists within our borders.” So does his Homeland Security chief, who just months earlier fixated on white militia groups as the main domestic terror threat.”
    Make no mistake “white militia groups” are still the real bogymen for the Left and always will be. The whole Waco debacle was a Clintonista assault on a religious group and its leader David Koresh. Hilliary saw Koresh as a Hitler-in-waiting and had her stooge Web Hubble authorize a military-style assault which quickly went out of control. The FBI was also sent to assasinate Randy Weaver who was ridiculously considered to be another “right wing” threat to the leftist order.
    As long as the whacko left is in charge, any embedded Muslim terrorists will be perfectly safe – something that cannot be said for any perceived “right wing” fringe group. “The preferred enemy is always to the right.” James Burnham in “Suicide of the West:.

  • http://twitter.com/ARKovnat Alex Kovnat

    After the Khmer Rouge massacre of 1.7 million Cambodians from 1975 to '79, a Cambodian intellectual remarked that there was something about Marxism that caused otherwise reasonable people to go mad. This seems to be true of I___m also.

  • eaglerick

    The fact of the matter is that radicalized muslims in America represent a disloyal “fifth column” with no allegiance to anything but their twisted religion. They seek the utter destruction of the US, our constitution, culture, and way of life. How can we live in peace with those who seek our lives and those of our children? In addition, the average “American” muslim family has 5 children as compared to the white 1.8 and the black 2.1 per family. If we are not careful, within a few generations they will be able to shelve their suicide bombs and take to the polls. We may yet live to see our mothers, daughters, and wives clothed in mandatory burkas in the new United Islamic Republic of America!

  • Len Powder

    Thank God for Pauk Sperry, David Horowitz, Brigette Gabriel, Robert Spencer and others like them. Without their voices the victory of he Islamic jihadists would be irresistible. It is surprising that Barack Obama has not offered to speak directly with Osama bin Laden to promise him billions of dollars if he would only 'call off his dogs'. How is Osama less worthy of negotiation and the offer of an olive branch than Ahmadinejad of Iran? Osama is certainly no less dangerous because he does not possess nuclear weapons.

    Osama must be very encouraged and optimistic (if still alive) by what is happening in this country today. His expectations for jihad in America must be a lot greater than our expectations about the economy starting to recover.

    Maybe this means nothing, but has anyone noticed that the names 'Osama' and 'Obama' differ by only one letter?

  • Adheeb

    It is time to round 'em up and move 'em out.

  • USMCSniper

    Blacks account for the largest share of Muslims in America. A great many of them are converts to Islam. And remarkably, the religion is flourishing among African-Americans since 9/11. Analysts fear the trend plays right into bin Laden's hands.

    Black converts say Islam has more in common with their African heritage than Christianity. In fact, black Muslim leaders often refer to such conversions as “reversions,” claiming black “reverts” are merely returning to the Islamic faith prominent among their African forebears who were forced into slavery.

    “You have African-American men seeking liberation,” explained black Muslim leader Eric Erfan Vickers, “and many see Christianity as a white man's religion that continues to oppress.”

  • mojobebop

    stop all immigration from middle eastern countries.

  • Adheeb

    The only way to deal with these people would be characterized as 'deeply offensive'.

  • Adheeb

    I know what you say is essentially true, but these 'black muslim' leaders either ignore the fact that it was the Muslims in Africa that first sold black men to the European -or- are simply ignorant of the fact.

  • ldhj

    We are not screwed!!! We have a 2nd ammendment that prevents anyone from taking our freedoms…including the Muslims!!! USE IT!!!!!

  • Len Powder


    I've read somewhere else that Muslims sold Africans into slavery. Of course it's easy to understand why they would have no problem doing so since they practiced slavery themselves and the practive was widely accepted. Can you provide me with a source or reference that documents that Muslims sold Africans into slavery? Thanks.

  • Len Powder

    Mr. Vickers has no idea what oppression is. Left him go live in one of the Arab countries, or Iran, and he will find out what true oppression is. Of course for women the situation is far more severe. They should be thankful that their predecessors were not shipped to Russia where the Soviets would have taught them what oppression really means.

    Their hatred for America is blind, fierce and completely irrational, but it is what it is. We can't change them or how they feel. We can only fight them with whatever means are available, and I do mean “whatever means”. They and their Leftist supporters have been moving this country towards civil war and one day they may achieve their goal. We need to be ready. Their numbers are growing and they are demonstrably violent and homicidal in far too many instances.

  • LindaRivera

    Muslim terrorist training camps that teach murder of non-Muslims and violent Islamic conquest of America are allowed. They are not considered the enemy. Homeland security informed America who are regarded as the enemy: right wing peaceful, patriotic Americans – pro lifers, tea party attendees, returning war veterans who risked their lives for America. God help America.

    'Chilling' new video: How to slit throats
    Jihad maneuvers taught at New York compound
    December 15, 2009

    By Bob Unruh
    © 2009 WorldNetDaily

    A new video released by the Christian Action Network shows Muslim women at a compound in New York state practicing throat-slitting techniques and assault weapons attacks.

    The video was distributed by the makers of the movie “Homegrown Jihad: The Terrorist Camps Around the U.S.,” which documents how a jihadist group has developed dozens of training camps across the nation.

    WND reported at the time how Jamaat ul-Fuqra has built 35 compounds – mostly in the northeastern corridor of the U.S.

    …The U.S. State Department's 1998 “Patterns of Global Terrorism” report notes the organization “seeks to purify Islam through violence.”

    The report continued, “Members have purchased isolated rural compounds in North America to live communally, practice their faith and insulate themselves from Western culture. Fuqra members have attacked a variety of targets that they view as enemies of Islam.”

    CAN, led by Martin Mawyer, has researched Muslims of America for years and has provided its video to the FBI, State Department and Homeland Security.

    To date, there has been no response from the government, the group said.

    …”Gilani has stated he is preparing his members to the Soldiers of Allah, and he's set up the most advanced guerrilla warfare training camps,” he said.

    The organization's “Homegrown Jihad” video includes a chilling scene of Jamaat ul-Fuqra's leader Sheikh Mubarak Gilani telling followers to “act like you're his friend. Then kill him.”

    According to the Religion of Peace website, there have been more than 250 jihad attacks by Muslims around the globe – including two inside the U.S. – in just the last two months.The death toll from the attacks has surpassed 1,400, the report says.

    New MOA Terror Training Video Exposed

  • LindaRivera

    Please support the American people. Support our brave military! Sign the petition. Our courageous SEALs are being attacked by Washington for DOING THEIR JOB! What is the real reason we are in Iraq and Afghanistan? Cruel persecution of our military must stop. Who will be next? Bring our troops home and stop this shocking abuse of our military! Massive street protests must be organized all over America to demand that our SEALs are set free!

    HUMAN EVENTS Petition To Free the SEALs
    by Human Events

    Hon. Robert M. Gates
    Secretary of Defense
    The Pentagon
    Washington, DC

    Dear Secretary Gates:

    We, the editors and staff of HUMAN EVENTS, and the many Americans who have attached their signatures to this petition, hereby request your personal intervention to dismiss the charges against Navy SEAL operators SO2 Jonathan Keefe, SO1 Julio Huertas and SO2 Matthew McCabe.

    These three men are charged with abusing a terrorist they captured in a daring nighttime raid on or about 1 September 2009. On that night, they — as part of a platoon from SEAL Team 10 — captured and detained Ahmed Hashim Abed, one of the most barbaric and dangerous terrorists in Iraq. The terrorist — in a move that is literally right out of the al-Queda training manual — complained of abuse, apparently alleging he was struck in the stomach.

    We had hoped that the SEALs’ commanders would dispose of this matter at the lowest level — with a scolding and perhaps a few hundred pushups — for anyone actually guilty of inflicting an inconvenience on this bloody-handed barbarian. But on 29 September 2009, Gen. David H. Petraeus signed a letter authorizing MGen. Charles T. Cleveland to dispose of the allegations of misconduct. In that letter, Gen. Petraeus said that MGen. Cleveland could, “…dispose of these matters in any manner you deem appropriate. This includes the authority to convene courts-martial at any level up to and including General Courts-Martial and to refer charges concerning these individuals to any court-martial.”

    The three now face special courts-martial next month. We believe their commanders — including General Petraeus — have failed you, the SEALs and the American people by not preventing the matter from going this far.

    You are the person next in line above General Petraeus in the chain of command. You can, legally under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, intervene to dismiss the charges against the three SEALs and direct that they be restored to duty.

    We respectfully request that you do so forthwith. For this matter to continue — and to place the honor and fighting future of these three men at stake — is manifestly a gross injustice.

    Respectfully submitted,


  • LindaRivera

    WHY are Ohio Authorities Acting as if America is a MUSLIM NATION where non-Muslims have no rights?

    Terrified 17-year-old Rifqa Bary who fled from being honor killed by her family must NEVER be returned to her parents in Ohio! Never sent back to Sri Lanka! Rifqa left Islam and the punishment for leaving Islam is death!

    Ohio authorities to whom Rifqa has been returned from Florida where she fled for safety, are punishing frightened Rifqa – not allowing her to use the internet or use the phone! Secretly holding hearings and deliberately isolating this young girl from her friends and the many people who are deeply concerned about her safety and want to help her.

    A hearing has been set for Dec. 22nd for the charges filed against Rifqa by her parents for being “unruly” and ungovernable”. It is NOT allowed to leave Islam!

    Ohio state has filed no charges against Rifqa's father for his beatings of Rifqa. Has the law been eliminated against parents beating their children, or has the law been re-written that the law applies to everyone except Muslims?

    Why are Ohio authorities acting as if America is a Muslim country???

    Rifqa Bary: Sharia in America

  • LindaRivera

    British police and the organizations in Britain who help victims such as Rifqa, would be shocked and horrified at American authorities' cruel treatment of Rifqa.

    Ending the silence on 'honour killing'
    I wish I could get involved with the support groups and help but you know, I'm just a coward.”

    Having first walked out of an abusive marriage at the age of 17 and then from a hostile family who had had a meeting to discuss whether or not she should die, Zena does not lack courage but she is still very scared.
    She has every reason to be. Her Bangladeshi-born mother had suggested that Zena might be allowed to poison herself rather than be murdered for bringing shame on the family.

    “I'm sorry to be so cloak-and-dagger but you never know what they might be capable of, I know there are plenty of young men who would love to play bounty hunter just for a bit of kudos in the community.”

    Police estimate at least 12 are dying each year in the UK but others will be hidden – forced suicides and murders made to look like suicide are widely believed to take place undetected. Women aged 16-24 from Pakistani, Indian and Bangladeshi backgrounds are three times more likely to kill themselves than the national average for that age and it is impossible to tell what pressures some must have been under.

    When it opened its helpline in April 2008, Karma Nirvana received 4,000 calls in the first year and is now taking 300 calls a month from people under threat of honour-based violence, often linked to forced marriage.

    After the government's forced marriage unit was set up in April last year, it received 5,000 calls and rescued 400 victims in the first six months.

    They also face being hunted down, said Detective Chief Inspector Gerry Campbell of the Metropolitan police. “It's not uncommon to have bounty hunters out hunting down young people who have left forced marriages or fled from a family where they are at risk. It's rare for [one person] to take unilateral action, it's all done in consultation and there is logistical support and collusion in the extended community,” he said.

    …Banaz Mahmod, who made contact with police five times to say she thought her life was in danger but always drew back from pressing charges. Banaz, 19, a Kurd, was murdered by family members at her home in Mitcham, Surrey, in 2006.

    She had been raped and beaten by the older man she had been forced to marry, and had left him. Her elder sister, Bekhal, had also left home to escape their father's violence and the extended family was beginning to regard Mahmod Mahmod as a man who had lost control of his daughters. The shame became so unbearable that he held a meeting to discuss killing his daughter and her new boyfriend.

    “I'm confident that no victim will ever be turned away in London and that officers know that to do nothing is not an option.

    “Honour is about a collection of practices used by the family to control behaviour, to prevent perceived shame, but there's no honour in murder, rape, or kidnapping and with 25% of the [cases] we are seeing involving a person under 18: this is a child abuse issue too. The simple message is: If you do this you will be caught and brought to justice.

    The behaviour of women seen to have dishonoured their families can be as harmless as wearing make-up or talking to boys. One suspected murder is believed to have been caused by a girl having a love song dedicated to her on a community radio show.

    Diana Nammi, who runs the Iranian and Kurdish Women's Rights Organisation in London: For someone to be killed for their make-up or clothes or having a boyfriend or for refusing to accept a forced marriage is so brutal and unacceptable.

    In Pakistan the practice of honour killing – called karo-kari – sees more than 10,000 women die each year.

    For Zena, she has her life but does not have her freedom. “When I first ran away I would go to the library and read loads of spy books to pick up tips. You have to teach yourself how to best keep hidden,” she said. “My life is about keeping a very low profile now and about looking over my shoulder, but at least I know I am alive and I grieve for those poor girls who are not.”

  • Len Powder

    Thousands of children leave home or are kidnapped each year. Most are never found or returned home. How was it that Rifqa was located so quickly after going to Florida? Why is the father not required to provide proof that he is here legally? Why are the rights of the Muslim parents afforded more weight than those of their Christian daughter? There are many unanswered questions. One thing is clear. The Ohio authorities are dead wrong in how they're handling this case. They are stupid and ignorant but we can't change them. This is why asking questions is not the way to obtain justice. We need to protest against the injustice being inflicted on Rifqa and continue doing so each time a case like hers becomes public. Next, we must vote the corrupt, politically correct politicians who now govern us out of office. We don't want what's happening in Europe to happen here. Once the Muslims become numerous enough our struggle with Islamism will become multiple times more difficult. The time to act is now until they are soundly defeated.

  • http://www.littlestpetshopcoloringpages.net/ Roberto

    The Littlest Pet Shop toys were introduced in the year 1992 by Kenner and then reintroduced by HASBRO in 2005 with a brand new design and look. The new HASBRO line of the Littlest Pet Shop toys has sold over 60 million products.

  • LindaRivera

    This is how Americans are thanked for taking in so-called 'refugees'. For protection, non-Muslims should walk outside in groups.

    Police investigate Somali attacks
    Submitted by Sun Journal on Thu, 12/17/2009 – 00:32
    By Mark LaFlamme, Staff Writer

    LEWISTON — In the early evening on the first day of summer, a large group of Somali boys approached a woman on the corner of Ash and Pierce streets. According to police reports, they intimidated the woman and slapped her in the back of the head before scattering into the downtown.

    Five days later, shortly after midnight, a man was accosted by a group of Somali boys outside the Big Apple on Main Street. Police reports say several members of the group punched the man and took money from him. They then fled in a car.

    Later that night, a woman in her late 60s was beaten by a group of Somali boys and relieved of cash while walking in Kennedy Park.

    Five nights later, another man was jumped by a group of similar description. He resisted the gang and was beaten badly. He required surgery.

    Throughout the summer, similar reports have come into the Police Department. Witnesses and investigators say swarms of Somali boys, some as young as 8, others in their late teens, overwhelm solitary victims through sheer numbers.

    “It's not gang activity in the traditional sense,” Deputy Chief James Minkowsky said. “We're not seeing the colors or the monikers, but it's still a gang mentality.”

    Often, these gang members carry sticks and rocks with which to intimidate their victims. There are often four or five of them, sometimes as many as a dozen. Typically, they threaten or beat their victims until they give up the goods: money, bicycles, cell phones, prescription drugs, or other items of value. Then they scatter.
    “By the time the call gets to us, the group has dispersed,” Minkowsky said.

    The attacks continued all summer; more than a dozen were reported to police. There were more in the fall and a series of them in recent weeks. In each attack, the victim is one who may have appeared weak to the group that descended on them.

    “They single out a person who is walking alone. The victim is often intoxicated,” Minkowsky said. “Or he might be small. They look for someone who is not likely to fight back or present much of a challenge.”

    On the first day of December, a man walking through Kennedy Park after leaving a Park Street club said he was attacked by four Somali males. The group came at him from behind, knocked him down and stole prescription drugs and $150 in cash. That man told police it was the second time he was attacked in such a fashion. The first time, he was able to escape.

    On the last day of November, there were three such attacks reported in Lewiston: one in the area of Central Maine Medical Center, another on Bartlett Street, the third in Kennedy Park.

    In another attack, a woman walking a dog in the park was set upon. The assailants, a group of Somali males, beat her dog with a stick. Police later tracked down one of the attackers. He was a 10-year-old boy.

    In late summer, an off-duty civilian police employee was eating at a local restaurant. A local boy ran to the window, screaming for help. The police employee ran outside and found a group — roughly a half-dozen — of Somali boys. When confronted, they ran off.

  • LindaRivera

    We Must Protest Globally Demanding Freedom for the Slaves.

    13 December 2004
    Slavery: Mauritania's best kept secret
    By Pascale Harter
    BBC News, Nouakchott

    Skyra is a runaway Mauritanian slave. Her earliest childhood memories are of fetching water, tending animals and cooking and cleaning.

    “I was tied up all night and all day.
    They only untied me so I could do my chores. In the end I could barely move my limbs.” She never earned a single penny…

    Skyra was born to a slave mother so there was never any question she would be anything else. She remembers the years she spent treated like an animal.

    “They raped me often,” she says shaking with anger.

    “My master is the father of my first child, my master's son is the father of my second child and my baby girl's father was my master's nephew”.

    Mohammad, founder of Islam, beheaded 700 Jews who obeyed G-D's Laws, because they refused to follow the new religion of Islam. Mohammad was a huge slave trader and considered the perfect man and role model by Muslims.

    January 22, 2001
    by Samuel Cotton
    (This article appeared in the February 1-February 7, 1995, issue of The City Sun.)

    “Black Africans in Mauritania were converted to Islam more than 100 years ago,” says Mohamed Athie, Executive Director of the American Anti-Slavery Group, [and]. . .”the Koran forbids the enslavement of fellow Muslims, but in this country race outranks religious doctrine. . . Though they are Muslims, these people are chattel: used for labor, sex and breeding.”

    Africa Watch reported that “Religion has been used by masters as an important instrument to perpetuate slavery.

    When Muslims occupied and ruled Eastern Europe, as a tax, one out of five European children were taken as slaves to Turkey. In our day, hundreds of thousands of Black Sudanese Christians have been taken for slaves by Sudan's Arab Muslims.

    Islamic SLAVERY, Atrocities and Tortures of Slaves so terrible, that the article 'ARAB MASTERS-BLACK SLAVES' (http://www.raceandhistory.com/historicalviews/2…) declare they cannot print them. What IS printed is utterly horrific.

    Conversion to Islam is supposed to buy protection from Islamic barbarism.

    And G-D said, “What have you done? Your brother's blood cries out to Me from the ground.”

    WHY no outcry and prosecution of these terrible crimes against Black humanity from African American Muslims and the US/EU/UN?

    Humanity haters cruelly ignore Black suffering. They only condemn tiny, global jihad-embattled Israel – attacked every day by Islamics. Israel – the Jew of the nations – hated and despised by Western ruling elites – denied even minimal acts of self-defense.


  • LindaRivera

    The American Anti-Slavery Group (AASG) is a nonprofit organization that works with former victims of human trafficking to abolish modern-day slavery, focusing primarily on systems of chattel slavery in Sudan and Mauritania.
    Click on their website American Anti-Slavery Group for information and education:

    Two Books in the right side column on Amazon on modern day slavery. G-d help, protect and rescue these innocents!

    Exodus 21:16 He who kidnaps a man, whether he sells him or he is found in his possession, shall surely be put to death.

  • LindaRivera

    Saudi sheik: 'Slavery is a part of Islam'
    Leading government cleric, author of country's religious curriculum
    November 10, 2003

    © 2009 WorldNetDaily.com

    A leading Saudi government cleric and author of the country's religious curriculum believes Islam advocates slavery.

    “Slavery is a part of Islam,” says Sheik Saleh Al-Fawzan, according to the independent Saudi Information Agency, or SIA.

    In a lecture recorded on tape by SIA, the sheik said, “Slavery is part of jihad, and jihad will remain as long there is Islam.”

    His religious books are used to teach 5 million Saudi students, both within the country and abroad, including the United States.

    Al Fawzan – a member of the Senior Council of Clerics, Saudi Arabia's highest religious body – says Muslims who contend Islam is against slavery “are ignorant, not scholars.”

    “They are merely writers,” he said, according to SIA. “Whoever says such things is an infidel.”

  • Len Powder

    Thanks for this Linda. Islam really is a midieval socio-political system and it NEVER CHANGES. I never thought anyone would publicly admit that it condones slavery in the 21st century!

  • allahwins

    It has long been conjectured that we would be destroyed from within. When we have members of the upper echelon of the military sympathetic to Muslim demands and “diversity” above national security, we are indeed in grave danger. Casey must go.

  • Len Powder

    Shocking and abhorrent beyond words! I already had enough issues with Islam, but this is almost beyond belief. Makes me realize that the UN is even more of a travesty than I already thought.

  • hill300

    i read all this and i realise that i am not alone in my fear that under the quise of the promotion of diversity,jihadists are positioning themselves to wreak violent havoc upon this counrty.what these purveyors of death will ecounter is an armed populace who knows how to use their weapons and in growing numbers ,carry them on their person.the explosion of the acquisition of firearms has nothing to do with the fear of obama taking them away.rather,it is the recognition of those of us outside the beltway that the enemy is amongst us and ready to strike (again).in this envirorment,legally carrying a weapon is a civic duty. the verbal gymnastics of our government to refrain from using the” m ” or “t” words doesn't afford us any protection or change the reality we face

  • joesix_pack

    Defensive warfare sucks. We can expect this trend to accelerate as the overt wars in Iraq and Afghanistan slow down. The 'surge' in Afghanistan will raise the level of combat somewhat, but the effectiveness of our forces will be degraded by the hostile terrain. The net effect will be less loss and attrition upon our enemies.

    The idea that we were waging war in Iraq and Afghanistan so that we would not have to fight them here is a valid argument. We shall see how effective it was during the next few years.

  • Len Powder

    It's certainly a sad state of affairs when people have to arm themselves because the government refuses to protect us against our enemies. Yet this government wants to disarm us and our military at the same time to make us totally helpless and defenseless. This is a Leftist regime not unlike Castro's or Chavez's. It's empty of common sense and governs by the rules of political correctness and radical social and political transformation. It is, in short, tyrannical. The Left has been working to bring us to this place for decades and by our ignorance and indifference we have allowed them to arrive here. November 2010 seems very far away and gives Obama and his miscreants too much time to cause even more damage and to trample on our liberties.

  • hill300

    roger that.fight them wherever they appear or surface.


    ALL OF YOU ARE WINNIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Amazing! This blog looks exactly like my old one!
    It’s on a entirely different subject but it has pretty much the same page layout and design. Wonderful choice of colors!