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America’s Health Care Precipice

Posted By Peter Collier On December 16, 2009 @ 9:38 am In NewsReal Blog | No Comments

Is this what Obama had in mind with Healthcare?

Barack Obama told the press today that the U.S. stood “on the precipice” of a health care bill.  Either the White House telepromter was on the blink today, or Obama, giddy from in his own in-house version of grade inflation, was so anxious to get that B+ he told Oprah he deserved for his first year in office up to an A- (which he said he’d raise it to if he could get health care) that he rushed into a Freudian slip.  He probably meant to say “threshold,” but “precipice” actually does a better job of telling us where we stand if a health care bill is truly imminent.  According to the dictionary, it means either “a cliff with a vertical face” or, secondarily, “a situation of great peril.”  Both define our clear and present danger if the Democrats are able to bribe  and threaten each other into passing legislation that will drive the country much closer to bankruptcy while also giving it Third World health care.

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