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Where Andrew Sullivan’s Head Is

Posted By Peter Collier On December 29, 2009 @ 2:11 pm In NewsReal Blog,Uncategorized | No Comments

A brief addition to yesterday’s post on Andrew Sullivan’s current avocation as Barack Obama’s  pooper-scooper.  I noted that Sullivan had fecklessly praised the President’s admirable “reticence” in avoiding the serious condemnation of Iran’s mullahs for their murder of protestors in the streets.  By Sullivan’s twisted logic, Obama’s shameful silence had a golden lining: preventing Ahmadinejad’s thugocracy  from being able to dismiss these protests as provocations of the Great Satan.  I hope that Sullivan read the story in the New York Times today about Iran denunciation of the U.S. for having—guess what?—provoked the protests.  So we get the worst of both worlds after all—pusillanimous silence from our President and condemnation for being behind the demonstrations. Maybe if  Sullivan could manage to extract his head from the close study of Sarah Palin’s private parts for a minute  he’d see how deeply Obama’s “reticence”  on Iran dishonors us all.

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