Collaborators in the Campus War against Israel and the Jews: Mark LeVine – by Steven Plaut


Over the past decade the University of California at Irvine has become a center of Israel hatred and Jew bashing.  It hosts countless radical Islamist events, many openly supportive of terror and jihad.  Its chapter of the Muslim Student Union may be the most openly jihadi and pro-terror in the country.  Its anti-Israel and anti-Jewish events have included a conference on the “Holocaust,” the one its organizers claim Israel is perpetrating against Palestinians. UCI holds regular events in which anti-Semitic speakers call for Israel’s annihilation.  Moslem students walk about campus with signs that read: “Death to Infidels. Death to Israel.” Faculty and students attend UCI rallies that openly support the Hamas. Anti-Semitism at UCI has been so blatant that it was the subject of an official investigation by the US Office for Civil Rights. The atmosphere at UCI is so rancid that few eyebrows were raised when an impersonator of a Holocaust Survivor brought in to bash Israel.

And right in the center of all this is UCI Professor Mark LeVine, who claims to be an expert in Middle East history. In the interests of full disclosure, I should point out that I myself taught at UCI for a while in the late 1990s.  Back then UCI was a calm apolitical campus consisting of students, with a large percentage of Asian-Americans, mainly interested in advancing their careers.  But in the years since, UCI has become a den of Islamist extremism, a development in which LeVine has been deeply implicated.

Mark LeVine was made full professor by UCI in record time, in an unprecedented rush after he finished his PhD at NYU in 1999 and then did a post-doc at Cornel.  He was hired in large part on the basis of publications that would not be considered bona fide research at many institutions.  Some of his writings about the Middle East should be shelved in the library’s fiction section.  Others are just plain wacky, like his book and articles claiming that Heavy Metal rock and roll music is in the process of converting Moslem civilization into peace loving societies.1

LeVine’s “academic record” consists largely of churning out Bash-Israel books and articles, together with numerous Bash-America and Bash-Capitalism diatribes.  Many of these have been mocked savagely by serious Middle East scholars. Martin Kramer dismisses LeVine as little more than a fringe figure.

While hardly the only Israel-hating extremist at UCI, LeVine has built an academic career on it in a way that others have not.  There are few anti-Israel or pro-jihad events at UCI in which he is not somehow involved.  LeVine regularly addresses the anti-Semitic Hate Rallies at UCI organized by the student supporters of Hezb’Allah and al-Qaeda, in which Jews are denounced as “Zio-nazis.”  LeVine rationalizes and defends the UCI intifada, and blames violence and tensions at the UCI campus on the malevolent Zionist Lobby.  The local Orange County Register cites his view that “The only thing that would satisfy the critics now would be if they expelled every Muslim student and painted stars of David on all the buildings.” ‘

For LeVine Israel is entirely to blame for ALL of the violence in the Middle East conflict.  Israel also constitutes a “belligerent,” “autocratic,” and “violent” regime that should receive no support at all from the West.  LeVine is a leading voice in the call for a so-called “One State Solution,” in which Israel will cease to exist altogether and will be enfolded within a larger Arab Islamic Palestinian state.  LeVine has not only led the movement to boycott and divest from Israel, but has insisted that it does not go far enough.  Unsurprisingly, LeVine insists that he takes his positions for Israel’s own good.

When not turning out anti-Israel propaganda, misrepresented as academic research, LeVine plays his electric guitar  He named his own home web page (and we are not making this up!)  Years ago he rearranged his family name, Levine, into the pseudo-French “LeVine,” evidently because he is ashamed at being a descendent of the Biblical tribe of Levi.  His “scholarly” writings include all the fringe venues that combine 60s hippy nonsense with far-left politics, and so they range from Mother Jones to ZNET to Tikkun Magazine   He has published in the “Journal of Palestine Studies,” which is a propaganda magazine controlled by the PLO. In his bio he claims that he “lived next door to Hamas mosques, stood against bulldozers, dodged terrorist bombs, and uncovered damning files in dusty archives. He knows the history, politics, religions and most important, the peoples of the region as a friend, but with a highly critical eye.”

LeVine is a proud groupie of Edward Said and Noam Chomsky.  Scholar Robert Spencer describes him as being “guilty of the very crime that his revered Said leveled so devastatingly against the genuine scholars he smeared as racist “Orientalists”: he sees America and the West as the only real actor on the world stage, and discounts or overlooks altogether (even as he chats with them in their native tongues) what the indigenous peoples are saying — except insofar as it confirms the Leftist caricature of America victimizing the world for its economic benefit.”   LeVine’s sources in his “research” consist in large part of citations from other anti-Israel hate propagandists, including radical anti-Israel academics from Israel, whom LeVine routinely celebrates.  This is a bit like doing research on United States  history and politics that consists entirely of citations from Ward Churchill and Michael Moore.

LeVine routinely organizes anti-Israel “scholarly conferences” at UCI, which are little more than anti-Israel indoctrination camps.  No dissident pro-Israel opinion may be expressed in them.  The standard LeVine format is to include Arab haters of Israel alongside Israeli far-leftist anti-Israel radicals, and then present the invariable bashing of Israel as the consensus position of both Jews and Arabs seeking peace.  Among the Israelis who have been included in LeVine “panels” have been Oren Yiftachel, a geographer and fanatic anti-Zionist from Ben Gurion University, best known for his endless rants against Israeli “apartheid,” and Yoav Peled, a hard-core Stalinist Israeli professor of Political Science from Tel Aviv University.

For LeVine, Israel is a vicious fascist monstrosity that randomly beats and murders people, and not just Palestinians.  He writes, “Not just Palestinian activists, but foreign peace activists and even Israelis are routinely beaten, arrested, deported, or even killed by the IDF, with little fear that the Government of Israel would pay a political price for crushing non-violent resistance with violent means.”

LeVine compares Israel’s military defense of its civilians from Palestinian rockets to the German demolition of the Warsaw Ghetto.  LeVine has even discovered concentration camps in the Middle East run by Israel.  He writes in Aljazeera: “The Gaza ghetto is a `concentration camp’ – as Cardinal Renato Martino, the Vatican’s justice and peace minister, termed it – intended to force Palestinians to accept a rump state with a few trappings of sovereignty, bisected by huge Jewish settlement blocs, severed from East Jerusalem, and without hope for returning anything but a miniscule percentage of refugees to their homeland.”   He claims that Israel conducts a “slave trade” and one of his graduate students (Vanessa Zuabi) composed an entire dissertation devoted to that theme under LeVine’s careful direction.

Not surprisingly, Levine’s books have been mocked savagely by serious Middle East scholars.  Writing in the Middle East Quarterly, Prof. Fred M. Gottheil says that LeVine got just about everything wrong in his book, “Overthrowing Geography.”   He adds: “LeVine, … believes that Arab peasants in 1920s Palestine had it good until the Zionists sneaked in, bringing with them modern technology and loads of cash. The end result was the destruction of Arab economic well-being.  LeVine does not mince words: In the setting of Jaffa and Tel-Aviv, Zionists `pulverized’ the Arabs with `the power of penetrating modernity.’ The founding of Tel Aviv, he claims, `erased’ numerous surrounding villages. He provides maps, tables, figures, posters, poems, drawings, and archival excerpts to make the point.  Except that he fails to make his point. The maps he offers, in fact, undermine his contention.”

In his pseudo-history of Tel Aviv written for, LeVine writes, “Despite its image of diversity and vibrancy, Tel Aviv has long been a site of significant intercommunal violence. The first major Jewish-Palestinian riots erupted along the border between the two towns in 1921, as did the Arab Revolt of 1936-39.”  Leave it to LeVine to obfuscate about the fact that those riots were Arab pogroms against Jews, and not Jewish violence against Arabs.  Elsewhere, LeVine describes the 1929 pogroms against Jews as “riots” caused by the racist evil of Jews, who dared to pray at the Western Wall: “An attempt by Jewish worshippers to change religious protocol at the Western or Wailing Wall was the spark for the `riots’ of 1929. The underlying cause for the conflict was, however, the increasing competition for land between the burgeoning Zionist population and Palestinian peasants.”

Dozens of LeVine diatribes against Israel and against the United States have been published on the pro-jihad pro-terror web sit.  In one, LeVine calls for an international indictment of President Bush before the International Criminal Court alongside Sudan’s genocidal president.  In others he denounces the United States for an endless list of “war crimes” and human rights abuses   In LeVine’s words:

“While the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis – for which Bush, and along with him, the American people who twice elected him, are responsible – is tragic, it should not be understated that the invasion itself was a crime against humanity.  The war and invasion were in clear breach of the UN charter, which prohibits invading other countries except when an attack on one’s sovereign territory is about to occur or has just occurred.  Add to that US torturing of prisoners, illegal secret renditions, and a host of other human rights abuses, and you have a long list of actions that are prohibited and outlawed by US federal law.”

It is not surprising that LeVine is a charter member of Iraq Occupation Watch.  In the Huffington Post he let readers know what he thinks about Americans in his review of the Borat movie: “It’s that he reveals to Americans just how brutish and ugly we can be underneath our veneer of civility and hospitality. Of course, Iraqis have already discovered this the hard way, while the rest of the world has looked on in disgust. Let’s hope Americans get the message.”  In yet another recent “cultural” diatribe, LeVine attacks the Toronto Film Festival in which films about Tel Aviv were screened.  Evidently LeVine considers Tel Aviv to be occupied Palestinian territory, and so its very existence is a war crime against Arabs, unworthy of being celebrated in Toronto.  He writes, “The festival narrative of Tel Aviv will make it harder for attendees to begin the much-needed conversations – within themselves as much as with others – about why Israel is rushing headlong into a future of full-blown apartheid that other former settler colonial societies have worked hard to escape.”  Naturally, he routinely refers to Israel’s security barrier, built to keep Palestinian suicide bombers and other mass murderers away from Israeli civilians, as Israel’s “Apartheid Wall.” Intifada violence and terrorism are “symbolic” and little more than a muscular form of protest in LeVine’s view.

LeVine defends his own Marxism-in-the-classroom thus: “As for teaching Marx, I’ve been known to do it on occasion, but so do most business schools.”  He is addicted to infantile theories about cabals of capitalists plotting to control the world: “War and occupation are wonderful opportunities for corporations to make billions of dollars in profits, unchecked by the laws and regulations that hamper their profitability in peace time.”   As Tzvi Kahn pointed out in Frontpage Magazine:  “Not surprisingly, in many of his writings, LeVine deliberately places “war on terrorism” in quotation marks – the evil of airplanes destroying skyscrapers can hardly compare with the evil of capitalism destroying, well, communism.”

Soon after 9-11, LeVine’s expressed his real concern that the attacks might lead the United States to defend rather than blame itself.  He wrote on the ultra-Marxist ZNET that he feared that “Americans would never face the causes of the extreme violence perpetrated against us by those whose oppression we have supported and even enforced, and engage in the honest introspection of what our role has been in generating the kind of hatred that turns commuter jets into cruise missiles.”

LeVine’s Muslims justly despise America because it is a criminal nation, but at the same time they do not dislike the Christian West or the United States at all, according his book Why They Don’t Hate Us: Lifting the Veil on the Axis of Evil published by the obscure Oneworld  Publications.    There he argues that Muslims mainly don’t like globalization, just as he himself does not. Remember those subway train bombing in London?  They were protests against globalization also, insists LeVine.  He adds:

“Most Americans have never experienced globalization physically, materially, and spiritually, in the way that the majority of citizens of the developing–and especially Muslim–world have felt its effects. Globalization’s consequences for Muslims–massive politically and economically motivated population migrations, economic marginalization of the Muslim world, and intense cultural penetration and even military occupation by the forces of globalization in their home countries–all have created a potentially poisonous brew of alienation and rootlessness that groups like Al Qaeda expertly exploit to recruit new followers.”

Moreover, in bombing London al-Qaeda was just adopting and copying what large corporations do:  “As a brand with its own `lifestyle’ and image attached to it, Al Qaeda is using the strategy developed by many of the biggest corporations in the global era. While in the 20th century, major industrial corporations such as General Motors or General Electric actually made the products they sold in their own factories, today, global corporations such as Nike or Microsoft are primarily brand-producers, engaging in research and development of products that are manufactured by others (mostly subcontractors in the developing world).”

In 2003, LeVine called for the United States to end its “war” against radical Islamofascism:  “It is time for the United States to declare a truce with the Muslim world, and radical Islam in particular.”  He frequently denounces the United States as a “criminal nation.”

LeVine is a supporter of the pro-terror “International Solidarity Movement” or ISM, which openly advocates Palestinian “armed resistance.”  Writing in the far-left anti-Israel “Jewish”  magazine Tikkun,  he joined the lobby of disinformation after ISM terrorist-supporter Rachel Corrie committed suicide by diving in front of an Israeli bulldozer destroying terrorist smuggling tunnels: “She and the other human shields, like their colleagues in Iraq, are true soldiers of peace.” LeVine has endorsed the shallow wacky “Politics of Meaning” invented by Tikkun‘s pseudo-rabbi editor Michael Lerner.

For LeVine, Hamas is simply misunderstood and its leaders are actually interested only in peace: “The claim that Hamas will never accept the existence of Israel has proved equally misinformed, as Hamas leaders explicitly announce their intention to do just that in the pages of the Los Angeles Times or to any international leader or journalist who will meet with them.”

For this “scholar,” the enemy of his enemies (Israel and the U.S.) is always a friend.

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  • abrahamstubenhaus

    Mr. Levine is allowed to have all the Muslim friends he wants. HOWEVER< why does he join them in hate.
    Yo Mark, ever hear of “love?”
    You are alive Mark Levine because your family and your ancestors went through persecution and torture and rape and vorced conversion just to get you to the point where you are alive. So, you take all their sacrifices and support the very same people who murdered and tortured and raped your ancestors. Is this the only way you can get attention?

    Mr. Levine, where are yo9ur tears for all the Jewish victims of the killers?
    Why were the Muslims killing your people long before there was ever a country called Israel?
    Why do you not complain to your dear friends about their religion's hatered of Jews fourteen hundred years before the Untited nations decided to call Israel a nation??? There were no usurped lands for an excuse to kill then.
    Help yourself Mr. Levine!
    Get to a psychiatrist at your earliest convenience.

  • arenstein

    ooo la la but zee LeVacuous LeVine is a buffon!

  • facebook-1104018425

    It seems that if we don't get our education system back to teaching reading, writing and arithmetic and not politics, we will never again lead the world in discovery, development and inventions.

    I know I don't have a calling to reform our education system, but those of you that do, may God bless you.

  • Akingu

    So what's the big deal? Jews have been in the front lines protesting this or that and almost everythhing that represents Amerivcas core Christian values, morals and ethics and now it's getting thrown back in their, hypocritical, back-stabbing, two-faces! It's about time someone started exposing their agenda and stood up to them.

    • ajnn

      Please do not associate this person wiyth me by pointing out that we are both Jewish bu birth. I, and everyone zI know, thinks LeVine is a racist, sycophantic, airhead America-hater.

      Many Jews (including me) have volunteered our time and skills to organizations like the pro-American Thomas More Society.

      Most normal people, even Jews, find much more in common with other normal people (patriotic Americans and Christians) than we do with people like this awful LeVine chatacter.

      Please do not judge an entire group (Jews) by the actions of an intelligent but often psychologically unstable minority.

      Thank you.

  • Akingu

    Abraham, YOU are PATHETIC! You and this bullsh*t LIE of the poor, innocent jew victim has been played out too many times to even be effective any more. Now you're just whining like a spoiled little brat girl!
    Your description of alleged jew opposition could be used to describe exactly what YOU and YOUR filthy race are doing to the Palestineans! HYPOCRITE!
    Perhaps YOU should answer the question: what have the jews said and done against OTHER races to make them ALL hate you so? What do you jews DO to be expelled from over 250 countries? WHAT about you JEWS makes even small children willing to blow themselves up just to rid the world of a few more of you socio-parasitic mass-murderers?
    Your people are living a lie. From the holohoax lies and exaggerated death counts to the anti-Gentile talmud, you have set yourself apart by your own actions against others, so DEAL WITH IT and quit crying when some country tells you to go f**k yourself! YOU make people hate you!
    Tell me Abraham. Please.

  • seek


    This section is reserved for people with civilized disagreements. “Civilized” is not an adjective that comes to mind when reading your post.

  • the truth

    Isnt' there a clitorus you should be mutalating?

  • Karen Maloney Kurosz

    This LeVine guy is a real loser!!!

  • UCSPanther

    Surprise Surprise.

    Another William Potter Gale.

    I've also flagged Akingu's comments as well, since they have no place in civilized discussion.

  • J. Lipski

    This professor can speak or associate as he pleases. The shame is on UC Irvine that they allow such a person -

    a) To carry on in such a manner using public funds
    b) To ruin the reputation of their university

    UCI will probably degenerate and disappear from the map of serious institutions.

  • stephendvd

    Please don't talk about things you have no concept of… such as “Christian values, morals and ethics”.

    We Americans (esp. Christians and Jews) call this “Judeo-Christian” values, morals and ethics for a reason.

  • arenstein

    Akinga is nothing but a Neo-Nazi and has no place on FPM or any other venue of civilized people.

  • Mark LeVine

    hi. mark levine here. it's always fun to read people writing about me, especially with such enthusiasm. i'm not going to bother responding to each of these ludicrous accusations, although if the author, whoever he is, wants to argue that the journals i publish in are not legitimate he should be prepared to name these journals and prove that they are not among the leaders in the field. He might also name all the anti-Israel conferences i have “routinely” organized at UCI, since i don't recall any–indeed, they don't exist. the one conference i've 'organized' included israeli scholars such as oren yiftachel and yoav peled who are among the most respected scholars in israel. he might have also pointed out that my argument about al-qa'eda branding is well within the mainstream of scholarship on al-qaeda's spread after 9/11 and is not at all strange to anyone who actually has read actual “bona fide” research by real scholars of the organization and its spread. come to think of it, he might have thought it wise, at least as a disclaimer, to point out that hamas in fact has said it would accept a two state solution on numerous occasions, as reported in the ny times, haaretz, the guardian and numerous other mainstream outlets, He might have also pointed out that al-jazeera is neither pro-terror or jihad, and in fact has numerous jewish journalists, editors and producers working at the network. and he might have done the research to find out that horowitz's idiotic claim that i'm a marxist is so totally ludicrous as to be laughable (i laughed anyway, and then called him out on it on hannity and colmes, just as i got him to admit he named me one of the 101 most dangerous profs in the US without actually reading my work or even knowing the name of the intern who actually wrote the piece (also without reading my books).

    after he finished pointing out all these things, he could have pointed out that the books that i write have all been well reviewed in leading academic journals, and that my book on heavy metal islam was an editor's pick at the ny times book review, as well as spawning several academic articles in “bona fide” journals and books on this issue. if he wanted to he might even have taken the time to read my writings and see that i have been as critical of muslim anti-semitism and of violence against jews as i have of israel's mistreatment of palestinians. then he might have read the bible–particularly the prophets, and remembered that one can actually criticize israel, even strongly, without meaning that you're anti-jewish. indeed, he might, in the interests of objectivity and fairness, have thought it relevant to point out that i have been extremely critical of the left precisely for not being 'even-handed'. this is a major part of the 'why they don't hate us' book that the writer clearly has not read, or only read a few pages of. and he might have discussed how i was an early and public critic of the boycott movement and demanded that those who want to boycott israel also boycot china, india, russia, and the US, to name just a few other occupying powers. and on and on…

    all in all, another classic from the good people at front page mag, showing once again just how easy it is to publish utter jiberish on the world wide web.

    when you guys actually want to have an honest, open and informed debate about israel or the muslim world more broadly, drop me a line. until then, keep up the great work. it's a perfect example for me to use to educate students on how not to do research when i teach my next class on monday.

    oh, and ps–i don't just play electric guitar, i also play acoustic, and oud and a bit of setar (does that make me even more of a terrorist sympathizer)? and that photo at the top is of me and the members of cafe mira, who include moroccans, algerians, italians, french, and a couple of russian american jews. and the great moroccan gnawa world music artists hassan hakmoun is also in the picture, who has also worked with many jewish artists. it was taken at guitar center in nyc in april 2008, and we did a great show that evening at SOBs that brought together on stage Israeli and Palestinian singers, a Jewish American high school teacher from brooklyn who made a great documentary about hiphop in morocco, and a pakistani sufi rock legend, salman ahmad whose been among the muslim world's most outspoken critics of anti-semitism within islam. call me “wacky,” but in my world, coming together across cultures and religions to play music and show that people can get along and work towards common goals is among the best ways to spread “love” that i know of.

  • arenstein

    So Peled and Yiftachel are serious Israeli scholars, huh? LeVine pretty much proves many of the points in the essay by his idiotic response in the previous talkback. His conferences are “balanced” because he includes Israeli traitors in them. As balances as a conference on America consisting of al Qaeda members together with Ward Churchill and Noam Chmsky. I am convinced!

    Instead of all the rhetoric, Mark, how about answering two very simple questions, with no games and no songs and no pretense:

    1. Do the Jews have the right to have and maintain their own state with a Jewish majority and a Jewish identity (as Jewish as France is French) in the Levant, or as Arab as Egypt? Yes or no.

    2. Do Israelis have the right to use armed force to defend their country and to destroy Arab aggressors and terrorist forces? Yes or no.

    If we get an uncharacteristically honest answer from you to those two, then maybe we can consider dialogue and debate with you.
    While we are at it, do Israelis have the right to deny statehood to Palestinians if it is somewhat likely – or more – that this state will in fact engage in armed aggression and terrorism against Israel?
    Yes or no.

  • arenstein

    PS – we are curious, just which book of the Prophets in the Bible has Levine actually read? Can we give him a public spot quiz in the Prophetic Books? Or has he just taken Michael Lerner's word on what they contain?

  • Akingu

    how ordinary of you. It's spineless, nutless lemmings like YOU who ARE the system, you insipid misanthrope! You blather on about Christianity yet where where YOU when the f**king JEWS took away the 10 commandments and the prayer from our schools? It wasn't Christian judges! Idiot!
    You're a pathetic parrot for the zionist occupied gubbment!
    Now unless you actually have something of value to add, STFU and get back in your closet!
    As for morals and values of jews to Christians, no where in the Bible does it allow Christians to rape and sodomize little jew children, but the talmud allows and encourages BOTH for Gentile children. The Bible doesn't condone murder, theft, lying, cheating and stealing from jews but the talmud PROMOTES IT!
    Get an education fool!

  • Akingu

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  • Akingu

    Question 1- NO! After all, your race MUST have done SOMETHING, to be expelled form over 250 countries!… Hmmmmmm… what could that possibly be? Your race and religion has proven to be detrimental to every other specie on the planet. Jesus was right when he called you all the spawn of Satan in John 8:44

    question #2- NO! If you filthy mass-murderers weren't bulldozing down homes, cluster-bombing civilians and schools, using illegal weapons, sniping women and children, building a 35' high wall that cut off all medicines, foods, families and jobs, raping Arab women and stealing their lands, then perhaps the world might feel empathy, but seeing as your bullsh*t holohoax extortion racket has shown what greedy, blood-thirsty socio-parasites you all are, well, you're better off stuck in the arctic or somewhere away from people.
    You only have yourselves to blame! Take responsibility for once and quit acting like the blacks you so eagerly enslaved and brought over here!

  • arenstein

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  • arenstein

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    Answer: The average Jew or a group of 26 Akingus!

  • Akingu

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    If the holohoax actually happened, we'd be celebrating it instead of denying it !

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  • George

    This guy looks like a sick mental retardo at best. And that is truly insulting decent, good people who unfortunately have what this twit should have been born with.

    Don't confuse him with the real MARK LEVIN…a great guy, unlike this sorry excuse for roach bait.

  • George

    This guy looks like a sick mental retardo at best. And that is truly insulting decent, good people who unfortunately have what this twit should have been born with.

    Don't confuse him with the real MARK LEVIN…a great guy, unlike this sorry excuse for roach bait.

  • Pete

    You're about as much a Christian as Hitler – and Obama – are, which is none at all, manure boy.

  • Alan

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