Collaborators in the War Against the Jews: Sara Roy – by Steven Plaut


Sara Roy, who holds a non-tenured “research” position at Harvard’s Center for Middle East Studies (CMES), claims to be a “political economist,” although she apparently has no training in economics or political science.  She also claims to be an expert in Middle East Studies, but has no degree in that either.  Her PhD is in Education.

Roy claims to be an expert on the political economy of the Gaza Strip, but her real expertise is in anti-Israel leftist political propaganda.  She worked on her doctoral dissertation in education part of the time while living for a while in the Gaza Strip, and got paid as a a research assistant by the West Bank Data Base Project, a propaganda project directed by anti-Israel radical Israeli non-academic leftists.

Roy’s Middle East studies publications are by and large propaganda diatribes, and many appear in non-academic anti-Israel propaganda magazines, some of which appear in openly anti-Semitic web magazines, at least one having intimate ties to the PLO.   Phyllis Chessler calls her one of “the most savage critics—of America and Israel.”  Roy is a prolific writer of newspaper op-eds and spends much of her time giving “expert” lectures about the Arab-Israel conflict.

Sara Roy was born Jewish, and she uses this circumstance as a lever to better support Israel’s enemies. She refers frequently to something she calls a “Jewish ethical perspective” whenever bashing Israel and cites her “Jewish roots” when promoting the Hamas on anti-Semitic web sites such as the Neo-Stalinist Counterpunch.

Roy is, in fact, arguably the leading apologist for Hamas in American academia today.  She is the inventor of an imaginary “New Hamas,” a fictional group that seeks peace and social wellbeing for Palestinians, unlike the real Hamas, which seeks to carry out a second Holocaust of Jews.  Roy has been described as “the ringmaster of Harvard’s bash Israel circus.”   According to Middle East scholar Martin Kramer:

‘Her current project is the whitewashing of Hamas, but she’s best known for invidious comparisons she drew in April 2002 between the Israeli occupation and the Holocaust. (She thinks being the child of Holocaust survivors gives her a license.) “There is no let-up,” Roy moans about the criticisms of Middle Eastern studies. She’s right about that. Permanent contention: get used to it.’

Roy is so goofy that she was invited to give the Edward Said Lecture at the Australian University of Adelaide in 2008.  The entire lecture was devoted, with frequent invocations of “Edward,” to showing how the only lesson from eons of Jewish suffering is that everyone must support the Palestinian war against Israel.

While enjoying unrestricted exposure in the media, she simultaneously claims that she is being censored by the Right Wing Conspiracy.  A case in point is the locally famous case of a book review which was rejected by Tufts University’s Fletcher Forum of World Affairs.  In this essay she tried to trash Matthew Levitt’s Hamas: Politics, Charity and Terrorism in the Service of Jihad (2006) because it said mean things about the terror group. When the journal refused to run the piece,  she pouted that this constituted a “blatant…case of censorship.”   She has denounced Campus-Watch as well for its exposure of extremist propaganda in Middle East studies.  In her words, “What all this boils down to is an attempt to silence criticism of US policy, and put an end to disagreement with the neo-conservative agenda. It is not diversity that is being sought but conformity.”

When Roy gets bored with Harvard, she goes on anti-Israel speaking walkabouts.  Her message is always the same:  The Palestinians are innocent victims of Israel’s brutal oppression.  Hezb’Allah and Hamas terrorism is an entirely understable response to Israeli evil.  Israel gobbles up “Arab land” out of imperialist obsession.  .   Every use of force by Israel is a brutal provocation; every act of terror by Arabs is a protest against occupation.

Writing recently in the Harvard student newspaper, Roy opined: “Gaza is an example of a society that has been deliberately reduced to a state of abject destitution, its once productive population transformed into one of aid-dependent paupers. This context is undeniably one of mass suffering, created largely by Israel but with the active complicity of the international community, especially the U.S. and European Union, and the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank.”  Got that?  Even the Palestininan opponents of Hamas and the EU are collaborators with Israel in its unspeakable crimes.  (Roy was subsequently taken apart for her bias by a Harvard student writing in the paper.)

Roy is the  author of two books: The Gaza Strip: The Political Economy of De-development (1995), and The Economics of Middle East Peace: A Reassessment (1999).   To call her viewpoint one dimension is to praise it unjustly. Her repetitious theme is that there is nothing at all wrong with Palestinian society that cannot be blamed directly on the Jews.  Destroying the Palestinian economy is why Israel constructed its security fence, for instance; this decision had nothing at all to do with countless terrorist atrocities against Jews carried out by Palestinians.

Her work in recent years at Harvard has been devoted to prettifying Hamas and other Islamofascist movements among Palestinians, and to try to prove how moderate they are.  In her “study” of Hamas, she displays complete ignorance as to the background of  Hamas and its roots in the Islamofascist “Muslim Brotherhood” movement.  She paints it as a pastoral little social welfare group.  She has published at least one anti-Israel article together with someone from a notorious Hamas front group, the so-called Gaza Community Mental Health Program.

Writing in the al-Jazeera newspaper – with its intimate links to al-Qaeda – in 2003, Roy insisted that the only way to stop Hamas terrorism was to first end Israel’s “occupation.”   But the following year Israel totally ended its occupation of Gaza. The direct consequence was the bloody campaign of Hamas rocket and other terror attacks from Gaza against Israeli civilians inside Israel’s pre-1967 borders. This terror campaign directly lead to the “Cast Lead” military operation by Israel last year.  Roy has never apologized nor repudiated her earlier false prophecy.  To the contrary, the behavior of Hamas since Israel’s Gaza withdrawal has simply persuaded her all the more that Israeli “occupation” is the exclusive cause of all Middle East violence, even when it does not exist.

Roy is a nominal board member of Marc Ellis’ radically anti Israel Center for Jewish Studies at Baylor University.  She sits on the boards of other anti-Israel organizations.  Like Norman Finkelstein, Roy uses the fact that her own parents were Holocaust survivors  to grant her own hatred of Israel and work against it legitimacy.  As one example, she published the following in the “Journal of Palestine Studies,” a propaganda magazine controlled by the PLO:  “[I]t was perhaps inevitable [because of her parents’ experiences] that I would follow a path that would lead me to the Arab-Israeli issue.”  She then draws parallels between Nazi treatment of Jews and Israeli soldiers’ treatment of Palestinians which, in her opinion, “were absolutely equivalent in principle, intent, and impact: to humiliate and dehumanize.” [Like Ellis, she argues obsessively that the only real lesson of value to be learned from the Holocaust of European Jews during World War II is that Israel has no right to exist.

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  • Roger Johncocks

    "Like Norman Finkelstein, Roy uses the fact that her own parents were Holocaust survivors to grant her own hatred of Israel and work against it legitimacy."Elie Wiesel never does this to legitimate his support for Israel, right? right?

  • jackhampton

    How did the control of our universities fall in the hands of these left wing nuts so easily and how the hell can we get them back?

  • therealend

    How exactly, does Harvard (or the Ivy league in general) justify their tuition? In light of our political and economic leadership of late; our last four Presidents where from Harvard or Yale, at least 2 of their spouses, a number of the wall street execs and CEOs of giant corporations seem to have that common trait. So, what is there to boast about?

    As for neo-Fascism, neo -Stalinism or even the latest Maoist revival, there is no extinction for bad ideas. No endangered species list. Just a brief period of dormancy and poof, they're back.

    Miss Roy, why do you hate people? Is there an anti-human ideology that has actually worked? Ever? Are you hoping one day one of them will so you can be proven right? Is this the only angle that you could exploit to make a name for yourself? Aren't you ever ashamed?

  • richwill

    Answer to how the hell did this happen to the universities. I will suggest reading Amity Schlaes book The Forgotten Man. The inculcation of this type of persons in the universities and government, at state and federal levels, began at the end of WW II. Joseph McCarthy tried to warn, but was successfully trashed by the liberal left..

  • 301

    Free The Gitmo 5!

  • Roger Johncocks

    “Like Norman Finkelstein, Roy uses the fact that her own parents were Holocaust survivors to grant her own hatred of Israel and work against it legitimacy.”

    Elie Wiesel never does this to legitimate his support for Israel, right? right?

  • Randy Burntrod

    Dershowitz and the rest of Front Page Magazine: I'm surprised you can breath with so much of Joe Lieberman's cum in your mouth.

  • Randy Burntrod

    Dershowitz and the rest of Front Page Magazine: I'm surprised you can breath with so much of Joe Lieberman's cum in your mouth.

  • paulcalem

    Absolutely sick and disgusting. But what else can you expect from radical leftists.

  • USMCSniper

    Dear Sara;Any culture that straps munitions onto its own women and children and sends them out on homicide-suicide missions to kill other women and children in markets, on school buses and in public places should be exterminated in whole, as they have forfeited their right to exist at all. The fact you openly support this type of culture and activity and the Iranian proxy terrorist organization Hamas should be grounds for immediate dismissal from your academic position. The Arab curse upon you. May the fleas from a thousand camels find a home in your crotch!

    • American Citizen

      Way to generalize, Sniper. By that logic, any culture that breeds individuals who would physically, sexually, and psychologically abuse the prisoners of Abu Ghraib should be exterminated in whole, as they have forfeited their right to exist at all. Oh, I'm sorry…did I just claim that Americans should all be annihilated? Oops. Just using your logic.

  • Akingu

    It's about time someone spoke up against the zionist take over of America! Israel and the filthy jews have donr NOTHING but stab America in the back! Remember the Lavon Affair and the USS Liberty?? It sure wasn't the ARABS! It also wasn't ARABS who got Onego phone calls warning them of 9/11 and it wasn't ARABS dancing, filming and cheering on 9/11 but it WAS the filthy JEWS!
    The author of this trash is just another jew trying to cover up the truth of others by libel and name-calling!

  • abrahamstubenhaus

    Sara Roy is a typical, neo pseudo intellectual Jew who must show how open minded she is by breaking her back to bend over backwards in her deep desire to show how open minded and free thinking she is. Too bad there was no character in Harriet Beecher Stowe's book named, Aunt Tomette, because I would then call her, “Aunt Tomette.” How expected, typical and ordinary of her to hate her own and castigate them in front of the world knowing how easily she will pick up support from the Jew haters who nowadays tactfully refer to themselves as, “anti Zionists.”
    Roy figures that as long as she took her adopted daughter to a Jewish ritual bath called a, “mikva,” that she needs bear no guilt for hurting her own kind.
    As soon as Israel opens the door to the U.N., it already walks into 84 Arab and Muslims Islamic states who hate her and wish her death and obliteration. How wonderful Ms. Roy must feel to have so much power and support from 84 fellow haters, protected by the Jew haters who tortured and massacred Sara Roy's people centuries before there was ever even a clue of a phenomenon known as the, “Israeli-Palestinian Conflict,” which she already wrote a book about. Having lived in Gaza to gain her indoctrination as a true Jew hater, woops, I mean as, “anti Zionist,” she can now claim to have been an integral part of what it feels like to have been harmed by those “Jewish Nazis.”
    Roy will go on and eventually self destruct along with the Finkelsteins and Chomskys of the “I am a true intellectual” types, vainly attempting to be as infamous as those fellow Jew hating Jews, while remaining a relatively unknown, which is so damaging to her overblown ego.
    Like others before her and those who will come after her, being an “intellectual,” requires betrayal.
    Thank you so much Steve Plaut for your wonderful and informative article which contains more educational insight than Sara Roy's simple and painless rubber stamp degree in “education.” Her real degree was in, “Duplicitous Perfidy.”

  • andyFree

    At least Sara Roy doesn't write ridiculous books full of falsehoods like “The Case for Israel”, promise rewards for anyone who can find clear untruths and then refuse to pay out on the bet! Norman Finkelstein demolished that particular one at Democracy Now, it's all on a YouTube video.

  • JermaineRodrigo

    This “Akingu” faker is found all over the the typical blogs. He gets his rocks off ohf hate and Jihad whenever he can promote the Sara Roy types. This guy is constantly whining and complaining on a blog called “Curent” and other places and a few of us know who he is.
    He hates Jews and he also hates us the Christians, because when this low class dirtbag talks to the Jews, he talks about the pig eating Christians, and when he talks to Christians, he talks about the Jew Christ killers. He is the typical slave to blood spilling we all know and expect to find from tiny, powerless lice like him.
    Hey Akingu, you will soon be exposed all over for what you are. First Akingu, you need to be given as much rope as you need to hang yourself and do Allah a favor.

  • Akingu

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  • PAthena

    No, andyFree, Sara Roy did not write that ridiculous book which makes the case for Israel called the Bible, which is about the history of the Jews in the land of Israel starting with the account of Abraham, almost 4000 years ago.

  • Judy Engels

    Gosh, so Neo-Nazi Akingu is back, waving his swastika, goosestepping, spreading medieval blood libels, lying about the USS Liberty. When will he be put in a Nuremberg prison cell?

  • Judy Engels

    Actually Nazi Normie, like the Sara, has been completed discredited as an anti-Semitic hatemonger.

  • Steven L

    S.R, a typical product of brainwashing and hidden sadomasochism to the benefit of ….
    It is all about environment.

  • Steven L

    We US citizen give billions of petro$ to Saudi Arabia who gives it back to buy universities whose greed for money is unlimited. We pay them to destroy the US.

  • andyFree

    Sadly, that one is hopelessly discredited too. Definitely no Exodus, definitely no Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem and almost certainly no population exchange in AD70 and AD135.

    And the latest, it looks as if the Khazar theory is correct after all. Nobody in Israel outside of “Jewish History” seems to have much trouble with Shlomo Sands book, “When and how the Jewish people were invented”. Out in English last week and repeating the best-selling success it had in Israel.

  • Judy Engels

    Elie Wiesel was sent to Buchenwald and uses his experiences to fight Arab genocide of Jews. Finkie was sent to the Hezbollah and uses his history to promote Arab genocide of Jews.

  • melsherwood

    I've never met an anti-Israeli Jew who was not mentally unstable.

  • Gloria

    Sara Roy, what a piece of work! Gives new meaning to the term” Self-loathing Jew! Or is she more of an opportunist at any cost?

  • Bubba

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  • jackhampton

    The fact is for some reason our universities have become havens for terrorist support.

  • cjkcjk

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  • cjkcjk

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  • cjkcjk

    I must interject my displeasure at your capitalizing of that devil allah's disgraceful name.

  • bushlikesdick12

    IIf Sara Roy is so illigitimate as an academic scholar in the feilds she claims, then why bother even writting an article about her? I would understand why you would want to bring attention to the bias towards Israel but this Sara shouldn't have any sort of concern to anyone if she has no clue.

    Do you think anyone of significance cares what Horowitz thinks — I don't.

    What are Horowitz's qualifications?

  • bushlikesdick12

    No, you are distorting the facts. Muslims want respresentation just like everyone else which the likes of you wish to prevent them from having.

  • Judy Engels

    Actually the author of the piece has a PhD in economics from Princeton and is an expert on the Middle East and lives there. Unlike Roy. Unlike you.

  • jackhampton

    Do not waste your time with this vile person I will not refer to him as a man because anyone that talks about his childs mother and his own mother the way he does cannot be any fashion of man. You would be better off ignoring his idiocy like most other people have learned to do. He is probably typing in a prison library some where.

  • antifascist18

    Roger Johncocks,

    How's Your Uncle Adolf these days? You can always join him, and please take darling Sara with you.

  • antifascist18

    Hey Bozo,

    Your ignorance is showing, and by the way, do learn how to spell. Sounds like you're a typical brain dead fascist or muslim. Either way, makes no difference.

    You're just plain stupid.

  • SevaBrodsky

    This is what I sent earlier today to Prof. Herbert Kelman of Harvard, whose sidekick Sara Roy happens to be (this is like a Don Quixote / Sancho Pansa duo, only much more sinister).… says:

    Lenore G. Martin, Sara Roy & Herbert C. Kelman, Co-Chairs. Jointly sponsored by the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs and the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University. gives the following:

    Middle East Seminar … is co-sponsored by the Center for Middle Eastern Studies. Open to the public and off the record, it has become widely known as an arena for the civilized discussion of controversial issues. Professor Herbert Kelman has chaired the seminar since 1978; since 1996, Professor Lenore Martin and Dr. Sara Roy have co-chaired it with him.

    Here is my letter to Prof. Kelman:

    From: Seva Brodsky
    Date: November 19, 2009
    To: Herb Kelman
    Cc: Steven Plaut, Gerald Steinberg, Robert Spencer, Daniel Pipes
    Subject: On the question of your collaboration with Sara Roy

    Dear Prof. Kelman,

    You may remember me as the person who used to ask all those annoying questions and made comments you didn't like at all during your Middle East seminars, which you have led (and still are conducting, I take it) at Harvard. As you may remember, we once spent a couple hours at a coffee shop at Harvard Square discussing and arguing about all sorts of things of concern to both of us.

    I apologize for my absence from your ongoing seminars (which probably does not sadden you in the least) — I wish I could oblige, but I have been living in Israel for the past 2.5 years. However, I still take a keen interest in what is going on in Boston and in the world.

    I have just read the following piece about your intrepid perennial sidekick and Middle East seminar associate Sara Roy:

    Collaborators in the War Against the Jews: Sara Roy – by Steven Plaut

    Setting aside our political, philosophical and ideological differences, I still like you on the personal level — you are an intelligent, educated and kind man. Therefore, I have this question to ask you in all earnestness:

    How can you tolerate having a person such as Sara Roy be associated with you? Don't you realize that you are tarnishing your own good name and reputation by this unsavory association? After all, we are known by the company we keep.

    With greetings and good wishes from the Promised Land,

    Seva Brodsky

  • andyFree

    It doesn't look as if a background in Jewish history would have done anything for the credibility of Sand's work. When there's definitely no Exodus and no First Temple (can't be – Jerusalem had been populated before and after the correct time period, but not during it) then the more recent findings look perfectly credible.And to call him an "ideologue and propagandist." looks like a nasty personal smear. His BBC interview <a href="” target=”_blank”> (Audio – fast forward to 36mins) makes him sound mild and scholarly. He claims that there is no record, ever, anywhere, of a Roman-time AD70 exile, it's a completely made up story (in the last 200 years by Christians?). He claims that the first Zionists all thought that the peasants of Palestine were the direct descendants of Jews from Jesus's time, and at least one of them wrote of it. Sounds pretty credible to me – I'm not sure that the Khazar thing is quite as well proven, but it's still pretty solid.

  • Voltimand

    Much is contained in the fact that this woman's PhD is in Education, arguably the most questionable (and in some quarters despised) doctoral degree currently offered by advanced-degree-granting universities.

  • Raymond in DC

    Sands comes from a family of communists and has long been affiliated with anti-Zionist organizations. His professional learning was in French history, his Ph.D. on George Sorell and Marxism. He has NO background in Jewish history or Jewish studies, and his thesis has been roundly, and justly, criticized by those far more knowledgeable in those fields. In other words, Sands is an ideologue and propagandist.

  • siweni

    Akingu, It is ironic that your name in Hebrew means ASSHOLE!

  • bushlikesdick12

    If you're going to use the fallacy to appeasing to authority then so should I?

    I can surely find plenty of liberals with PhD's at Harvard that will dispute Plaut's accusations.

    But I'm not here to defend Sara because I'm well aware that there are just as many nutty professors on the left as well as the right.

    As far as jackhampton's advice, he is just sore because he can't dispute any of the rebuttals to the articles at hand due the level of his intellect.

    So are you implying that you need a PhD in order to critically analyze the subject at hand or are you just hiding being your fallacy of appeasement?

  • Akingu

    Hey sniper, if China invaded America and did to OUR people what the filthy JEWS are doing to the ARAB peoples, YOU would be one of those guys teaching terroristic tactics! hypocrite!
    And no one YET has told us WHAT makes those land-stealing, baby-raping, genocidal, mass-murdering jews so dispicable that even CHILDREN are willing to die just to rid th eworld of a few more! Bulldozing down hundreds of thpousands of homes? The 35' high wall that cuts them off from medicines, food, clothing, gas, their jobs etc….? The multitude of road blocks and checks where the Israelis rape women?

    Do tell!

  • Akingu

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  • SevaBrodsky

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Akingu the unabashed racist — just look at the site his name is linked to: and Google the name — what a cesspool of juvenile anti-Semitism and racism …

    Akingu, I really don't know why you bother posting here, as you haven't expressed a single thought yet — you're just belching out your venomous (but harmless) bigotry. Do you think somebody would actually pay any attention to what you have to say? Please …

    You may find more compassionate eyeballs in some neo-Nazi rathole. You can't even piss anyone off here — you're that pathetic. I can compare the impact you make to that of a tiny Chihuahua's bark, you miserable worm.

    Now that you've cleared your infested throat, crawl back into that hole in the ground from whence you came.

  • jackhampton

    I guess it is left to me to speak up for if not me then who? Your comments are an insult to common decency and the integrity of human beings everywhere. You compound your lies with slander and the bitterness of an anciet hatred that will in the end see your kind in not the dust bin of history as often mentioned but flushed down the toilet bowel with the rest of your vile and hateful kind you will be right at home. Your ignorance of history and the facts of the Middel East disqualifies you from any creedence on the subject. It is my hope that no one else will respond to your wickedness.

  • jackhampton

    Please allow me to answer he is what we used to refer to as an amoral personality. these were the worst of the violent offenders so no he does not have any of those properties that make someone human. Funny his words remind me of a individual I arrested in Indiana about 1995.

  • Akingu

    Hey dumbass, I'M not the one sniping defenseless women and children, but the JEWS are. I did 2 tours over there so I Do know all about, you presumptuous bag of douche. Has anyone told you that you babble? Yeah, take note. Jack, why don't you call your first ex wife up and see if she'll let you have your balls back. Cyber eunuchs like you are nothing more than bible-thumping hypocrites who lack the balls, spine and GUTS to actually get off your fat couch potato ass and DO something about it! So shut your simpering, pathetic, mush-mouth blatherings! If you want to know wickedness, remember the Lavon Affair, the USS Liberty, the 5 dancing jews on 9/11, the jews in the mural van on 9/11, ad nauseum! Go ahead Jacky. PROVE me wrong! DD

  • D. A Margalit

    There is excellent channel in YouTube, that shows the truth about Israel and about the real goals of Muslims on our globe IN THEIR OWN VOICES:
    Please watch and read, and if you agree please forward the link ahead too:
    on top right you can see the favorites and playlist1- short films in which Muslim leaders say and repeat their goal is to islamize the whole planet. There is also a playlist about situation insouthern Israel before Cast Lead operation, and other interesting issues. Also the links marked in green in the profile page show the trith about the history of the land. One must remember that all the wars that Israel faught were for its survival, so you can't compare it to any sort of occupation. And remembering the small size of the country (even now, including Samaria it is 80 km width from Tel Aviv to Jordan!) one cannot demand from Israel to commit suicide.
    There are many more interesting issues discussed in this website I recomend.

  • YoshiNakamura

    Why should we pay her any attention at all? She will always find a market for her anti-Semitic dreck.

  • Stephen Shenfield

    On the basis of what evidence do you label the Gaza Community Mental Health Program "a Hamas front group"? Don't you know that its founder Dr. Eyad al-Sarraj (Sara Roy's co-author) stood AGAINST both Hamas and Fatah in the Palestinian elections of 2006 as head of the Wa-ad list (National Coalition for Justice and Democracy)? And what is your evidence for linking the Qatari Al-Jazeera with Al-Qaeda — an extremely implausible claim to anyone with even a basic knowledge of the region's politics? Not to mention the public hostility between the two. But I suppose you think that if you throw enough mud fast enough some of it is bound to stick.

    • Tchola

      Tribal pathology is immunized against plain truths and elementary logic!

  • Tchola

    Evidently, tribal propaganda and pathology have seriously undermined a correct grasp of Dr. Sara Roy’s stature, integrity, and seminal contributions to our understanding of Israel’s ongoing heinous crimes against the people of the Gaza strip, the world’s largest open-air prison!
    I guess the Germans could use the contemptible “logic” of the writer and dismiss any focus on the crimes of the Nazi regime as a “war against Germans” and the Syrian government could also deploy the same “logic” and dismiss any criticism of its actions as a “war against Syrians”!

  • Tchola

    What Dr. Sara Roy does is to offer examples to show that Israeli soldiers sometimes behave toward Palestinians in the way the Nazis behaved toward Jews. Here is an account of such behavior she once witnessed:

    “As I had tried to do with the Holocaust, I tried to remember my first real
    with the occupation. One of the earliest was a scene I witnessed
    standing on a street with some Palestinian friends.

    An elderly man was
    walking along leading his donkey. A small child of no more than three or
    four, clearly his grandson, was with him.

    All of a sudden some nearby Israeli soldiers approached the old man and stopped him.

    of them went over to the donkey and pried open its mouth. “Old man,” he
    asked, “why are your donkey’s teeth so yellow? Don’t you brush your
    donkey’s teeth?” The old Palestinian was mortified, the little boy
    visibly upset. The soldier repeated his question, yelling this time,
    while the other soldiers laughed. The child began to cry and the old man
    just stood there silently, humiliated. As the scene continued a crowd

    The soldier then ordered the old man to stand behind the donkey and demanded that he kiss the animal’s behind. At first, the old man refused but as the soldier screamed at him and his grandson became hysterical, he bent down and did it. The soldiers laughed and walked away.

    We all stood there in silence, ashamed to look at each other, the only sound the sobs of the little boy. The old man, demeaned and destroyed, did not move for what seemed a very long time.

    I stood in stunned disbelief. I immediately thought of the stories my parents had told me of how Jews had been treated by the Nazis in the 1930s, before the ghettos and death camps, of how Jews would be forced to clean sidewalks with toothbrushes and have their beards cut off in public. What happened to the old man was equivalent in principle, intent, and impact: to humiliate and dehumanize.

    Throughout that summer of 1985, I saw similar incidents: young Palestinian men stopped in the streets by Israeli soldiers and forced to bark like dogs on their hands and knees…”

  • Tvisyn

    Who/What is Steven Plaut?

  • Tvisyn

    During the latest war on Gaza, “Protective Edge, “IDF executed the Hannibal procedure …meaning that the value of human lives are set at ZERO.
    Hence 160 were killed in Rafah.

    Zero value on human lives is historically known.
    It should not be repeated.

  • Tvisyn

    “Steven Plaut is a native Philadelphian who teaches business finance and economics at the University of Haifa in Israel.”
    Since Sara Roys book from 1995 is exactly about the Gaza economy:
    “The Gaza Strip: The Political Economy of De-Development” ….

    ……… has Steven Plaut, given his economics-knowledge, analyzed Roys book from a professional viewpoint?
    Or does he not analyze books in economics?