Obama’s Victim: The “Peace Process”

The apparently escalating conflict between the US and Israel did not have to occur. It must be resolved now, before it does irreparable harm to prospects for peace.

The conflict was largely contrived by people with agendas.  The initial impetus for the brouhaha was an ill-timed announcement that permits had been issued for building 1,600 additional residences in a part of Jerusalem that had been captured by Israel in the 1967 war.  The Netanyahu government had been praised by President Obama for agreeing to a freeze on building permits on the West Bank, despite the fact that the freeze did not extend to any part of Jerusalem.  Thus the announcement of new building permits did not violate any agreement by Israel.  Nonetheless, the timing of the announcement embarrassed Vice President Joe Biden who was in Israel at the time.  The timing was neither an accident nor was it purposely done by Prime Minister Netanyahu to embarrass Biden.  Many believe that the announcement was purposely timed by opponents of the peace process in order to embarrass Netanyahu.  Whatever the motivation, the announcement deserved a rebuke from Vice President Biden.  It also warranted an apology and explanation from the Israeli government, which immediately came from Netanyahu.  That should have ended the contretemps.

But some in the Obama Administration apparently decided that they too had an agenda beyond responding to the ill-timed announcement, and they decided to take advantage of Israel’s gaffe.  They began to pile on and on and on.  Instead of it being a one day story, the controversy continues to escalate and harden positions on all sides to this day and perhaps beyond.  The real victim is the peace process and the winners are those–like Iran, Hamas and extremist Israelis–who oppose the two-state solution.

The building permits themselves were for residences not in East Jerusalem, but rather in North Jerusalem, and not in an Arab section, but rather in an entirely Jewish neighborhood.  This neighborhood, Ramat Shlomo, is part of the area that everybody acknowledges should and will remain part of Israel even if an agreement for a two state solution and the division of Jerusalem is eventually reached.  In that respect, it is much like the ancient Jewish quarter of Jerusalem, which was illegally captured from the Jewish residents by the Jordanian army in the 1948 war.  The Jordanians then desecrated Jewish holy places during its illegal occupation, and the Israelis legally recaptured it during the defensive war of 1967.  No one in their right mind believes that Israel has any obligation to give up the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem, including the Western Wall, the holiest Jewish site in the world, despite the fact that it was recaptured during the 1967 war.

Because the Palestinians understand and acknowledge that these entirely Jewish areas of Jerusalem will remain part of the Jewish state even after an agreement, the ill-timed announcement of building permits during the Biden visit generated a relatively mild and routine complaint, rather than a bellicose response, from the Palestinian Authority leadership.  The bellicose response came from the American leadership, which refused to let the issue go.  Once this piling on occurred, the Palestinian leadership had no choice but to join the chorus of condemnation, lest they be perceived as being less Palestinian than the Obama Administration.

Now positions have hardened on both sides, due largely to the public and persistent nature of the American condemnation.  This rebuke culminated in the very public dissing of Prime Minister Netanyahu by President Obama during their recent White House meeting.  Obama treated Netanyahu far worse than he treated Afghan President Hamid Karzai, who is corrupt to the core and who had invited Iranian dictator Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to deliver an anti-American tirade inside Afghanistan’s presidential palace.  According to a high ranking Afghan source, Karzai “invited Ahmadinejad to spite the Americans.”  Nonetheless, President Obama flew to Afghanistan and had a very public dinner with Karzai, according him the red carpet treatment, thus granting him legitimacy following his fraudulent re-election.

Prime Minister Netanyahu, on the other hand, has been treated with disrespect in what many Israelis see as an effort to delegitimize him in the eyes of Israeli voters who know how important the US-Israeli relationship is in the Jewish state.

The shabby treatment accorded Israel’s duly elected leader has also stimulated an ugly campaign by some of Israel’s enemies to delegitimize the US-Israeli strategic relationship, and indeed the Jewish nation itself, in the eyes of American voters.  The newest, and most dangerous, argument being offered by those who seek to damage the US-Israel alliance is that Israeli actions, such as issuing building permits in Jerusalem, endanger the lives of American troops fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This phony argument–originally attributed to Vice President Biden and General David Petraeus but categorically denied by both of them–has now taken on a life of its own in the media.  A CNN headline on the Rick Sanchez Show blared “Israel a danger to US Troops.”  Other headlines conveyed a similar message:  “US Tells Israel: ‘You’re undermining America, endangering troops.'”  Variations on this dangerous and false argument have been picked up by commentators such as Joe Klein in Time Magazine, Roger Cohen in The New York Times, DeWayne Wickham in USA Today and not surprisingly, Patrick Buchanan and Professors Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer.

It is a dangerous and false argument.  It is dangerous because its goal is to reduce support for Israel among mainstream Americans who understandably worry about our troops fighting abroad.  This is ironic since the major pillar of Israel’s policy with regard to US troops is that Israel never wants to endanger our troops.  That’s why it has never asked US soldiers to fight for Israel, as other allies have asked our soldiers to fight for them.  By seeking to scapegoat Israel for the death of American troops at the hands of Islamic terrorists, this argument blames those who love America for deaths caused by those who hate America.

Most of all, it is an entirely false argument.  There is absolutely no correlation between Israeli actions and the safety of American troops–none.

No one has ever shown any relationship between what Israel does and the rate of American casualties, because there is no such relationship–none

Consider two significant time periods.  The first is the end of 2000 and the beginning of 2001, when Israel offered the Palestinians virtually everything they could have wanted:  a state on 100% of the Gaza and 97% of the West Bank, a capital in a divided Jerusalem and a $35 billion reparation package for refugees.  Virtually the entire Arab world urged Arafat to accept this generous offer, but he declined it.  During the very months that Israel was doing everything possible to promote peace with the Palestinians, Al Queda was planning its devastating attack on the World Trade Center.  No correlation between Israeli actions and American casualties.

Then consider the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009 when Israel was engaged in Operation Cast Lead, which caused significant Palestinian casualties.  During that difficult period, there was no increase in American casualties.  Again, no correlation.

Those offering up this phony empirical argument have an obligation to present evidence in support of this fallacious correlation, or else to stop making this bigoted argument.

The reason there is no correlation is because extremist Muslims who kill American troops are not outraged at what Israel does, but rather at what Israel is–a secular Jewish, democratic state.  As long as Israel exists, there will be Islamic extremists who regard that fact as a provocation.  The same is true of the United States:  as long we continue to exist as a secular democracy with equal rights for women, Christians and Jews, the Osama Bin Laden’s of the world will seek our destruction.  Certainly as long as American troops remain in any part of the Arab world–whether it be Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq or Afghanistan–Muslim fanatics will try to kill our soldiers.  Blame for the murder of American troops should be placed on those who kill them, rather than on those who stand for the same values of democracy and equality as America does.

In considering the relationship between the United states and Israel, several points must be kept in mind.  First and foremost, the US and Israel are on the same side in the continuing struggle against Islamic extremists who endanger the lives of American troops and American civilians.  Second, Israel is one of America’s most important strategic allies, providing us with essential intelligence, research and developments and other important assets.  Third, there is nothing that Israel or the United States can do that will turn these extremist enemies into friends.  It is what we are, rather than what we do, that enrages those who wish to turn the entire world into an Islamic caliphate and subject us all to Islamic Sharia law.  Fourth, any weakening of the alliance between the United States and Israel will make it far less likely that Israelis–who get to vote on these matters–will take significant risks for peace.  Fifth, the Obama Administration’s public attacks on Israel will harden Palestinian demand and make it less likely that they will accept a compromise peace.  Sixth, if Israel’s enemies were to lay down their arms and stop terrorist and rocket attacks against Israel, there would be peace.  Seventh, if Israel were to lay down its arms, there would be genocide.  And eighth, when the Palestinian leadership and population want their own state more than they want there not to be a Jewish state, there will be a two-state solution.

It is in the best interest of the United States, of the peace process and of Israel for disagreements between allies to be resolved quietly and constructively, so that progress can be made toward achieving a two-state solution that assures Israel’s security and Palestinian statehood.

  • Steve

    While I agree that the Obama administration seized on the opportunity to put the screws to Israel, I disagree on your promotion of a two state solution. I’m sorry to break the news to you, but opposition to the two state solution isn't coming from extremist, but from clear thinking individuals who have a firm grasp of the situation on the ground.
    The land that would be awarded to Palestine would put Hamas, (an Iranian funded proxy government) just miles from Israel's critical infrastructure. It would be comparable to taking Al Qaeda, placing them in Washington DC, and giving them the legitimacy of their own state. Hamas has vowed to destroy Israel in their national charter and this is unacceptable. The only “extremists” are those who are pushing the two state solution, a program that will only lead to much more instability by placing terrorist regimes in a strategic advantage against Israel. It is a terrible idea, unless those pushing would like to see Israel put at a strategic disadvantage.


    • Ze-ev ben Yehudah

      Dear Steve,
      I fully agree with you comment.It would be unforgivable to even consider that Jerusalem
      should be divided into two parts.Jerusalem is the undivided capital of the state of Israel.

      • Sandra

        Jerusalem isn't even the capital of israel

        and when part of it does become israel's capital the other part shall become the capital of palestine

        • USMCSniper

          The Palestinians are a criminal Islamic subculture that straps munitions on their own women and children and sends them out on homicide-suicide missions to murder other innocent women and children in restuarants, supermarkets, on school buses, etc.,. and have forfeited their rights to even exist.

          • Sandra

            is that genocide you are suggesting?

            tell me……..so you would utterly disagree with a weapon which indiscriminately kills by flaying out such objects as nails or nail like objects

            thats a hint

            oh and yes lets discuss killing innocent woman and children

            do you think it's wrong to kill innocent woman and children..period

            or is it ok sometime and not others?

            mmm this should be an interesting answer

          • USMCSniper

            Are you stuck on stupid? I am talking about cowardly gutless mysogynist Palestinian men who are straping on bomb vests to THEIR OWN women and children as suicide bombers to murder other OTHER INNOCENT women and children.

          • Sandra

            I believe you avoided answering the questions

          • USMCSniper

            War is terrible but sometimes necessary. To win the war on terrorism, we must not let a mistaken concern with "innocents" deter us. As a free nation, we have the moral right to defend ourselves, even if this requires mass civilian casualties when used as human shields in terrorist countries.

            The moral principle is: the responsibility for all deaths in war lies with the terrorists who initiate force, not with those who defend themselves. (Similarly, if in self-defense you shoot a hit man about to kill you, and also strike the innocent bystander the hit man was deliberately using as a shield, moral responsibility for the bystander's death lies with the hit man not you, because he initiated the violence.

  • Paddy the Mick

    Hamas is finished if there is peace. Their leaders know exactly what Arafat knew. You can stay in power just as long as you maintain that delicate balance of being a victim and rebel. When it comes to what is right for the people they represent, they are absent, clueless, and closed for business

  • von Starkermann

    Didn't Dershowitz support Obama? Now we have sour grapes coming from this Apostate. One day he is for a two state solution, one day he is against it, what gives? Next he will say that if we only could have talked to Hitler just a little bit more, given him more land to digest there would not have been a Holocaust. Get a new life Alan, you old one reeks with failure.

  • Ze-ev ben Yehudah

    Obama's mind is set in only one direction and that direction will be
    cathastrofal for the continuation of the state of Israel and his
    Jewish population.And God willing, for the duration of Obama's office time
    Israel will hold on to their precious borders of today and don't give up
    one millimeter of their capital wich is and always will be Jerusalem.
    And in the dealings with that meshuggene chaser in Iran!!jus wait and
    see, Israel has got to solve that all by itselves and the rest will watch from
    afar and Obama and his cronis might shed some tears."They did it again"

  • http://Everythingbuttheessence jack ajzenbrg

    So well presented, wrapped tightly in logic and reason, buttressed by lists and historical imperatives; by the confluence of shared values and common cause. The ‘Dershowitzian’ method is apparent in the post; Argue as one argues in the moot court, using only the pins with the black stripes and using many of them.Dershowitz spits out paragraph after paragraph on how the crisis is largely attributable to bureaucrats gone wild and contiguous errors in bad timing, poor execution and questionable diplomatic etiquette. Then comes the avalanche that lays out the inextricable bond between the U.S. and Israel, a variation of manifest and shared destinies of moral imperatives on the middle eastern terra infirma. Then we are treated to Dershowits’ controlled outrage at the banality of the mainstream press lions demonizing Israel with millenial old canards. It is almost shocking to read or rather not to read his omission of dual loyalties recently thrown at his ideological buddy Dennis Ross.
    The article embodies the liberal pretense, wrongheadedness, myopia, spineless, relativistic and selective posturing that drove 80% or close to that monumental percentage of U.S. Jews that voted for, endorsed, embraced as one of their own, extolled as the reincarnation of MLK:The result of their gullabililty and pefidious collective brain cramp, the consequence of their let us hold hands and sing ‘we are one’ saccharine mantras was to elect the Barry Obama, the man who gamed them all and has come to ‘his town’ with a mission and that mission is to tear apart the Jewish secular state not, as Dershowitz puts it, the secular Jewish state, of Israel. Dershowitz, for his support of Obama, for his singing of Hallelujah at his arrival, for his mockery and scoffing of those that warned him of the evil in this man, yes evil, that pointed out all the signs that Dershowitz refused to see, Dershowitz must be called out. He must stand up and declare not with lists, not with the lawyerly argumentation that he so expertly wields, in so tired a fashion, but with honesty and a contrite heart, with humility and discernment he must declare, in sotto voce. “I was wrong about Obama. He is an enemy of my people, the American people and he is an enemy of the Jews”. Can Dershowitz ever do this? Doubtful. Because he is proud of his academic pedigree, of his eloquence, of his facility, of his social, political, cultural connections and these sources of pride precipitated his embrace of Obama. These false elements are what Dershowitz and Obama share and they are more alike than Dershowitz is like Natanyahu. Dershowitz and Obama, from the same bankrupt academic institution that has been overtaken and overrun by perpetual adolescents that reign supreme. Dershowitz understands Obama because he has aspired to and attained what Obama has aspired to and attained; the imposition of liberal agendas and their differences are in order of magnitude not in essence.
    How is that Dershowitz fails to see that every U.S. administration since Truman has taken issue with Israel. How is it that he never mentions the constant push and pull between the Foggy Bottom-State arabists and the Congress. How is that he omits 60 years of the historical record that is clear: State department animus at the Jewish state of Israel.Several U.S. presidents threatened to end loan guarantees, others did not re arm in times of crisis when arms were needed, still others called for reviews of the relationship and the lament goes on. To have the U.S. as an enemy is difficult. To have the U.S. as friend is much worse and in the age of Dershowitz’ Obama has never been worse. Israel must use this crisis to its advantage, to assert itself and finally get off its knees. Israel must stop licking the American boot. We can DO IT. YES WE CAN. we have the industries, the goods, the know how, to facilitate competition on world markets and we must leverage our intellectual might to forge new alliances, reliable alliances given, the decline of U.. hegemony, given the willful abdication of U.. global responsibilities. For decades Israel has given the U.S. technologies believing that America was a friend in the tempest and it is clear how delusional this was. Israel cannot rely on America and continuing to do so will end badly for the Jewish state. We have leverage and we must use it for the sake of our nation, for our children and grandchildren. Dershowitz needs to know that Jefferson, Adams, Franklin turned to the Hebrews for their respective inspiration, for a real world example of how to struggle for freedom, of how to break the back of enslavement and not the other way around. There is nothing shared between the U.S. and Israel. There is only those things pillffered, commoditized and mass marketed by the Americans. Most of all Israel must finally recognize that Liberal american jews only harm the Jewish state because they equivocate on all things essential and liberal discomfort with all forms of sacrifice serves as the lynchpin for the formulation of their policy positions. Dershowitz apologize and admit. That is the good you can do.

    • interact

      WOW – as impressive a blog regarding the mantra of liberalism as I have ever read – and excuse my choice of words – Dead on – Thank You

      • Don R.

        Re: "How is that Dershowitz fails to see that every U.S. administration since Truman has taken issue with Israel?" Probably for the same reason that every U.S. administration since Truman realized that access to easy oil would be necessary for America's growth.

        Had it not been for our hunger for oil and the fact that most of it is deep beneath the sands of a tribalistic Arabia, Israel would have remained as important as Taiwan or South Korea as a partner, both far-off countries which the U.S. defends with maximum military support, even nuclear. It's likely we would also have thrown them under the bus if N. Korea or China were major sources of energy.

        But since our current leadership, with regard to its ME involvement, doesn't seem to know whether it's coming or going, we need leaders with a clearer vision. No small part of that vision, or awareness, would be that Israel is the source of the Judeo-Christian philosophy, and the basis of America's system. Whereas Obama's mentor believed, and preached, that the world actually revolved around Africa.

    • Turbeaux

      Wonderful post again Hugh.

    • Inna Mednikov

      This is the smartest analysis I had read in a long time. US State Department had been indeed always dominated by Arabists, analogues with British State Department at a time when Palestine was a British Mandate. This similarity can not be a coincidence.

  • Andres de Alamaya

    It is a joy to read for once a voice of reason. Unfortunately, little reason can be found among the world's leaders, particularly ours. We liberals employ more prudence when buying a horse or dog by checking the pedigree than when we vote in presidential campaigns. In his red-neck treatment of Netanyahu, Obama revealed his lack of breeding and character. There is no solution for Israel while Obama is in office. They can only bide their time for the next three years. And, no, two states will bring no peace to area. We have a universal problem of intifada. We all will have war with Islam for the rest of our lives and for that of our children.

  • JCL

    What's the problem, Alan? You told us that you proudly voted for Obama and that you "have influence." Why don't you make that influence felt with the One you so proudly voted for?

  • artcohn

    A major problem with stopping the Obama anti-Israel policy is its support by the media. Not only the usuals, such as NY Times and MSNBC, but also Fox news. Reena Ninan continually refers to Jerusalem as a "settlement" and alll of the other Obama and State Dept. propoganda.

    • Sandra

      thats because it is a settlement…..international law says so

      they are only repeating the facts………Jerusalem belongs to the palestinians as much as it belongs to the jew

      oh and don't forget the christians as well

      • Democracy First

        International law is not at all clear. If it is a settlement, why aren't those german lands that went to Poland and france post WW2 occupied? What about your American home? Isn't it occupied Indan land. Shouldn't Texas and California be returned to mexico.

        jerusalem's native people is the Jews. The Arabs invaded after over 2,000 years of Jewish inhabitation there. Eventually they lost it back.

        Moreover, the League of Nations Palestinian mandate awarded it to a propsoed Jewish state. Only because the british were desperate for arab support in the looming conflict with germany did they renege on their responsibility. Morality and international law was not their priority.

  • Don R.

    Pastor Jeremiah Wright married Barack and his wife Michelle. He baptized Barack’s two daughters and was Obama’s pastor for more than twenty years. His church awarded their greatest honor to Louis Farrakhan while Obama was there. His pastor, during the campaign, was quoted many times:

    "We have supported state terrorism against the Palestinians and black South Africans, and now we are indignant because the stuff we have done overseas is now brought right back to our own front yards. America’s chickens are coming home to roost.” (Sep 2001)

    “The Israelis have illegally occupied Palestinian territories for over 40 years now. Divestment has now hit the table again as a strategy to wake the business community and wake up Americans concerning the injustice and the racism under which the Palestinians have lived because of Zionism.”

    There was no hidden agenda. But there was no better choice. McCain at 72 with an inexpierenced VP was not a great choice either.

    • zsa zsa

      Sorry, but there was a better choice regardless of age. In fact, I would have gladly voted for my dog over this current anti-american anti-Israel loser. Don't comfort yourself with the idea that there wasn't any better.

  • Turbeaux

    I hate to rain on Dershowitz’s idiotic parade, but the peace process from the very get go has always been nothing but a deceptive ploy (taqiyya) strategically used by the Dar al Islam to weaken Israel, and the Israelis he labels extremists are people in Israel that unlike him have a sober and very realistic view of the permanent jihad being pursued against Israel by the Dar al Islam and their proxies the so-called Palestinian people.

    The Muslims will never make peace with Israel. They would all have to collectively commit blasphemy to do so, and blasphemy, like apostasy, is punished by death in the Dar al Islam. In other words, hell will freeze over before they ever make peace with Israel.

    Not only that but the Muslims have never made permanent peace with any infidel nation much less Israel ever-in history. Don’t believe me? Study history. Indeed, they never give up. They were defeated at the Battle of Tours in 732 and then had to be defeated again at the Gates of Vienna in 1683, 961 years later. In 961 years from now, they will still be trying to destroy Israel and annihilate the Jews.

  • Abe the Cohen

    M., 04/05/10 common era

    I am a graduate of a night law school that has never been accredited by the American Bar Association. However, even I know that the proposed "2-State Solution" would soon end up being a "2-State Final Solution 2." Professor Dershowitz doesn't have much street smarts. He also supports "gun control," a legal doctrine rooted in White racism.

    Israel needs to reject any further U.S. economic and military aid and instead become more Torah observant. The Torah will live forever, unlike human institutions.

  • 080

    General David Petraeus has denied making the statement. Dick Morris quotes him directly. Whom to believe? I don't think the General would direct;y contradict the State Department or the President. Dick Morris would have no hesitation. So make up your own mind.

  • Sandra

    It is in the best interest of the United States, of the peace process and of Israel for disagreements between allies to be resolved quietly and constructively

    oh like what

    Israel stops building on land quietly

    yeah right…………did you know that every time a possible solution was table israel land grabs ramp up

    lets face it people israel wants all the land that the palestinians once lived on

    would any of you deny they feel it's thier god given right to that land?????

    unfortunatly that kinda leave them with a 2000 year old claim to the land and ……those that lived on the land 60 years ago………….

    well you tell me ………..less of a right?

    you know those people didn't choose to be born right into the path of the jewish train

    • Turbeaux

      Uhm Sandra…you obviously substituted Muslim taqiyya in place of history.

    • Democracy First

      If ISrael wants all the land, why did it return Sinai – not once, but twice? Why did it return gaza? Why did it return the southern lebanese strip? Why does it not use its firepower to simply take over and evict the Palestinians?

      If truth matters to you, this will make you think. If truth doesn't matter, only anti-Israel rhetoric, you'll ignore these salient facts and rationalize them away.

      • ViewPoint

        Had the shoe been on the other foot, do you suppose the Palestinians would have returned even one inch of the won territory to the Israeli's? Now they play the victims and call the territory they lost in the battles they started, "occupied." Had Israel invaded and attacked, then yes, it would be occupation, but the historical record shows otherwise. They intended to completely annihilate Israel… and now they have the audacity to say what, "ah, we didn’t mean it… give us back the land we lost to you although we still intend to obliterate every Jew within our reach?" Amazingly, they did give back the Sinai and the Gaza. Just as amazingly, the Israeli's continue to deliver tons of humanitarian aid to the Palestinians. Who else would give, even a loaf of bread, to an enemy that repeatedly attacked and killed its citizens?

    • ViewPoint

      Immediately after Israel's nationhood in 1948, the Palestinians joined forces with Arab nations and unsuccessfully attacked Israel. Although Israel had not had time to get on its feet militarily nor economically, and although the attacking Arab nations were hundreds of times larger than the sliver that is Israel, the Jewish state defeated all attacking Arab nations. The Arab nations continued to attack Israel… with each attack Israel pushed them back further and further until it ended up with the entirety of the territory given to the Palestinians by the U.N. Although the Palestinians agreed to honor the U.N. decision, when it didn't go their way, they reneged and attacked repeatedly.

    • http://Hollywoodremoteleash.com A Bit Profound

      the peace process from the very get go has always been nothing but a deceptive ploy (taqiyya) strategically used by the Dar al Islam to weaken Israel, and the Israelis he labels extremists are people in Israel that unlike him have a sober and very realistic view of the permanent jihad being pursued against Israel by the Dar al Islam and their proxies the so-called Palestinian people.

      The Muslims will never make peace with Israel. They would all have to collectively commit blasphemy to do so, and blasphemy, like apostasy, is punished by death in the Dar al Islam. In other words, hell will freeze over before they ever make peace with Israel.

      Not only that but the Muslims have never made permanent peace with any infidel nation much less Israel ever-in history. Don’t believe me? Study history. Indeed, they never give up. They were defeated at the Battle of Tours in 732 and then had to be defeated again at the Gates of Vienna in 1683, 961 years later. In 961 years from now, they will still be trying to destroy Israel and annihilate the Jews. Wake Up

    • http://Hollywoodremoteleash.com A Bit Profound

      You Continue to make stupid statements. Sandra, look at the website & videohttp://www.truthtube.TV/play.php?vid=717
      .http://thereligionofpeace.com/ & you'll be enlightened. I promise you'll understand diferently.

  • Sven Sonnenberg

    While all the arguments of Mr. Dershowitz maybe expertly true we should not forget that the Buck stops At Obama's desk. I bet that Mr. Dershowitz helped to put Obama where he is now, shunning Netanyahu and destroying Israel. Therefore Mr. Dershowitze's brilliance is an exercise in hypocrisy, as usual.

  • Turbeaux

    I hate to rain on Dershowitzs idiotic parade, but the peace process from the very get go has always been nothing but a deceptive ploy (taqiyya) strategically used by the Dar al Islam to weaken Israel, and the Israelis he labels extremists are people in Israel that unlike him have a sober and very realistic view of the permanent jihad being pursued against Israel by the Dar al Islam and their proxies the so-called Palestinian people.

  • Bill

    What's worse is that Obama and his team know that the "peace process" is a sham and a convenient pretext to put pressure on Israel, kiss the feet of Arabia's shieks, and turn America into a ME patsy for the Muslims.

  • Neil

    Alan Dershowitz is such a "Johnny Come Lately" regarding his comments about this administration. What he should have done is spent about a half an hour, in 2008, reviewing the president's past associations with far, far left activists, (all of whom are vehemently opposed to Israel's existence) his handbook, "Rules for Radicals", by Saul Alinsky, etc., and he could have easily discerned that this American-Israeli crisis was a done deal a long time ago. Mr. Dershowitz, you're a buck short and a day late, and that's the nicest thing one could say about you.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Yoshi11 Yoshi11

    What is all this nonsense about the "peace process"? The so-called "peace process" has nothing to do with peace. It consists only of sham negotiations designed to make the politicians and diplomats appear to be doing something constructive toward peace, when they are doing no such thing. Dershowitz blames lack of peace on "extremist Muslims" who refuse to recognize Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state. No! It is not "extremist" Muslims, but ALL religious Muslims. The doctrines of Islam itself, which are anti-Semitic in their essence, prohibit recognition of any sort of Jewish sovereignty in that area of the world. None of the 57 Moslem countries recognize Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state. Nowhere in the Islamic world do you have a movement for peace with Israel. The Organization of the Islamic Conference is firmly on the side of Fatah and Hamas, both of which openly refuse to recognize Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state, and both of which call for the destruction of Israel. So, forget about the "peace process." The "peace process" began 17 years ago, and we are no closer to peace today than we were then — or that we were 60 years ago, for that matter. Obama is so dangerous and so pernicious, not because he is hindering the phony "peace process", but because he is weakening Israel in the face of Israel's mortal enemies.

  • zsa zsa

    Mr. Dershowitz,

    Have you called Melanie Phillips to apologize?

  • http://Hollywoodremoteleash.com A Bit Profound

    look at the video & website videohttp://www.truthtube.TV/play.php?vid=717 &
    .http://thereligionofpeace.com/ & you'll be enlightened.

  • Sandra

    The Palestinians had their chance to have full equality and even a hand in running the government and a chance to share in the prosperity the Jews brought to that land

    really when was that

    1948 when 80% were never allowed right or return

    oh an as for your one state solution….your dead right the palestinians are fast moving toward one state one vote

    however I don't think jews are going to want that since they are outnumbered

    and PS islam is not pure evil……lets look at the bible……eye for and eye….mmmmm etc etc evil can be read into ANY RELIGION

    or have we forgotten how many people religions have murdered through the ages

  • Mike Elmore

    I thought I'd seen it all, that's all I can say, thanks for the sickness, I hope this video will debunks the idea of moral, religious and intellectual equivalency thinking to all my liberal friends who think all religions are all the same..If not we truly are fuc–d. elmore

  • Democracy First

    The Arabs refused the UN's offer of a state in 48.

    When the Arabs controlled Gaza and West Bank from 48 to 67, they never offered and the palestinians never asked for a state. Neither, therefore, did they take up Israel on its offer immediately post the 67 war to negotiate a new Arab state on those lands. The Palestinians refused to join sadat and Israel in land for peace negotiations in 79, which led to Israel surrendering Sinai for a peace treaty with Egypt.

    The Palestinians refused a state in 2000, leading a frustrated Bill Clinton to tell Arafat he had made him a failure.

    They refused a state when Olmert reiterated the same deal.

    Islam is different. Other faiths may have their violent passages and referneces to past violent events. But none have an eternal instruction from G-d to commit to however much violence and war as is necessary till the faith conquers and subjugates the world. This is a predominant Koranic theme, not merely a small comment in passing. It has been the theological rationale for 1400 years of Jihad, and explains why North Africa is Arab and no longer black, why India was conquered and eventually had to surrender land for the new Islamic nation of Pakistan, why Bin Laden referred to Spain as Andalusia, land forever claimed by Islam because it was once ruled by Muslims (who had conquered it). And it largely explains why Palestinians, certainly Hamas and its supporters, will not countenance a non Muslim state where Israel sits.

  • Dune fan

    Sorry Sandra but an eye for an eye was a great advance in justice. Before then
    it would be an eye for a quick death or if you were unlucky a slow painful one. If it was an important person’s eye it could mean death for your whole family.

  • http://Hollywoodremoteleash.com A Bit Profound

    really when was that — before they proved they were incapable of living in peace with Jews. and PS islam is not pure evil……lets look at the bible……eye for and eye…. — Christ brought a new covenant which means the the more barbari old testament stuff has been obsolete for 2000 years. In the Quran it"s for all times : all places 270 mil deaths since Mohammeds From Islam.