Tutu and the Jews

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He has compared Israel to Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Soviet Union and Apartheid South Africa, saying that they too were once “very powerful” but they “bit the dust,” as will “unjust” Israel.

He has denied that Israel is a “civilized democracy” and has singled out Israel—one of the world’s most open democracies—as a nation guilty of “censorship of their media.”  He has urged the Capetown Opera to refuse to perform Porgy and Bess in Tel Aviv and has called for a total cultural boycott of Jewish Israel, while encouraging performers to visit the most repressive regimes in the world.

He has claimed that his God sides with Palestinians, whom he compares to the Israelites under bondage in Egypt, and has sought to explain, if not justify, how Israeli actions lead directly to suicide bombings and other forms of terrorism.

He has been far more vocal about Israel’s imperfections than about the genocides in Rwanda, Darfur and Cambodia.  He repeatedly condemns Israel’s occupation of the West Bank without mentioning the many other occupations in the world today.  While attacking Israel for its “collective punishment” of Palestinians—which he claims is worse than what Apartheid South Africa did—he himself has called for the collective punishment of Jewish academics and businesses in Israel by demanding boycotts of all Jewish (but not Muslim or Christian) Israelis.  (This call for an anti-Jewish boycott finds its roots in the Nazi “Kauf Nicht beim Juden” campaign of the 1930’s.) When confronted with his double standard against Jews, he has justified it on phony theological grounds:  “Whether Jews like it or not, they are a peculiar people.  They can’t ever hope to be judged by the same standards which are used for other people.”  There is a name for non-Jews who hold Jews to a double standard:  It is called anti-Semitism.

Tutu has acknowledged having been frequently accused of being anti-Semitic,” to which he has offered two responses:  “Tough luck;” and “my dentist’s name is Dr. Cohen.”

I am confident that President Obama was not aware of Tutu’s sordid history of anti-Jewish rhetoric and actions when he awarded him the Medal of Freedom in the White House in 2009.  The sad reality is that Bishop Tutu’s beneficent look is the new face of the oldest of bigotries.

The decent people of South Africa have become aware of Tutu’s bigotry, because they have seen and heard it up close.  It is time for the rest of the world to recognize that the Bishop is no saint.  When it comes to Jews, he is an unrepentant sinner.

Though he is now retired, he still has the opportunity to repent and to end the sordid history of applying an unacceptable double standard to the Jewish state, the Jewish people and the Jewish religion.

Professor Alan Dershowitz’s latest book is a novel, The Trials of Zion.

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  • Johnny

    Chain Tutu to a plough and let him pick some taters.

  • sobieski

    oh yeah I agree 100%….I remember listening 20 or more years ago to "Tutu" Miles Davis and I thought that he is such a greayt Christian bishop.When I analized his beliefs I came to the conclusion that he does not know God at all.Funny,eh?He is a classical proverbial wolf in sheepskin.

  • mikidiki

    A scumbag who used the church to further his worldly ambition.

  • waterwillows

    Tutu is an example of what is mislead in the black race. He stays in a perpetual state of 'somebody done me wrong' attitude. It is long past due that he should understand that you don't have to be black to know the world is tough. Everyone knows it. Black racists today are an ever increasing downward spiral that goes unchecked.
    Our lefty media and elites have done the black racists no good in enabling them to continue to 'point the finger' in any direction, except themselves. It is not whitey's fault, or the red man, or the yellow man. Nor is it the fault of Christians, Muslims or Jews that he is angry with the world. IT IS HIS OWN FAULT.
    What good does it do the black man to be allowed not to take responsibility for his history, actions and destiny? Must it always be someone or something else? It is time for the back man to grow up and accept his part in the history and interaction of mankind.
    By not enabling them to reach self responsible maturity, they decend into becoming ever more racist and vile. They do themselves no good.
    It is time to speak up and tell the truth. "Get a bloody life, and quit blaming everyone else but yourselves".

    • http://www.mysapce.com/freddawes1776/ Fred Dawes

      Thank You but black's will never hand over the life of the victim and the part of the Injured poor person who has nothing.

    • Harry J

      If you really want to have your message taken seriously, don't put us all in one basket and call us all racist. Underneath our dark skin, we are just like everybody else. Some of us lean towards white racism, some of us lean towards black racism, most of us don't do either.

  • ze-ev ben jehudah

    He is anti-Zionist!!! but let the litle children come to me and I will embrace them??
    And O boy do I know some Bishops.

  • Alex Kovnat

    Thank you Mr. Dershowitz for pointing this out. I was not aware of Desmond Tutu's bigotry against Jews.

  • muchiboy

    Have a safe and Merry Christmas.The Grant Family

  • Frank Meyer

    Amazing. Here is attorney Dershowitz after BishopTutu with comments that are basically correct.

    Alan Dershowitz is the lawyer who perpuated the big lie that O.J. Simpson was not guily in the killing of Nicole Simpson and her friend Goldman. Here is an attorney who dilberately coverd up the guilt of Simpson along with his other fraudulent buddies to pander to a total ignorant jury who were detemined not to convict a black man regardless of his guilt.

    Dershowitz needs to spend his time fighting the liberal Jewish bigotry in the White House with his ultraleft buddies such as Obama and the other pathological Muslim loving liberals who are traitors and we all know it.

    • smartalec

      Enough already with blaming Dershowitz for defending Simpson. He was doing his job and doing it well. He did not break any laws! Everybody, whether guilty or innocent, should be allowed a fair defense. I bet he was done a heck of a lot more than you have fighting anti Israel bias.

  • btilly

    President is a victim of his erroneous teachings from his "fellow traveler"mother and his __Muslim father and his Muslim stepfather. He suffers from the stresses put upon him by the aboved-people who are all dead.____He was invovled with a black Communist named Frank Baker, who talked about things a young man should have not known at suxh a y0ung age. He was a sexual deviant. Obama seemingly survived this bad idea of sex. He married a woman and had children .____Obama is Osama in Swahili.

  • pennswoods

    I'm no fan of this hypocritical archbishop bigot but let's look at a few quotes from a former Chief Rabbi of Israel named Rabbi Ovadia Yosef who recently said that, "non Jews were born to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the people of Israel". Yosef also said this in the "Jerusalem Post", "The basic function of a goy (a derogatory word for a gentile) was to serve the Jew". Or how about this from Abraham Kook, the religious mentor of the settlement movement who said, "The difference between a Jewish soul and souls of non Jews – all of them in all diffferent levels – is greater and deeper than the difference between a human soul and souls of cattle". This is just the tip of the iceberg of the Christophobia and hatred of the non Jews in the Talmud. Now I know why Mr. Dershowitz is always seen with a sneer and a smerk when he talks about us uneducated and inhuman goy. All we are to him and his ilk are simple minded slaves to be milked of our labor and money. This smacks of Nazism to me.

    • MixMChess

      Rabbi Yosef and his ilk are clearly extremist loons. The difference is that the Israeli government and nearly every mainstream Jewish organization worldwide (in Israel, America and the rest of the diaspora) have condemned his comments. Whereas the Palestinians regularly adopt racists, neo-Nazis, antisemites and islamofacists as their spokespeople, as evidenced by Archbishop Tutu.

      "This is just the tip of the iceberg of the Christophobia and hatred of the non Jews in the Talmud."

      Nope, you are making up lies about the Talmud to defame Jews. The Talmud teaches that ethical gentiles who follow the basic Noahide laws (only 7 of the 10 commandments) will achieve salvation. Only Jews are obligated to follow gds 600+ laws. You are a filthy antisemite no better than Desmond Tutu.

    • Sashland

      "This smacks of Nazism to me"

      Thank you for this penetrating self-critique…
      pennswoods is a creature of amazing self- understanding, albeit lacking in wisdom.

      Your diversion fails – Tutu is still a lulu.

      • pennswoods

        Excuse me. All I did was post QUOTES from the once Chief Rabbi of Israel Rabbi Ovadia Yosef that he gave in a sermon and to the "Jerusalem Post". Do you deny that he and Kook said these hateful things about gentiles based on their study of the Talmud in the name of their religion? Reading the Talmud's views on non Jews reads like a Jewish version of "Mein Kampf". It's all about one religion thinking they are better than the rest of the "goy" who share the earth with them. All cults, religions, and political movements have their bigots and haters and Jews are no exception. Tutu, David Duke, Rabbi Yosef, Ahmadinajad, Hitler, Stalin: all peas in the same nasty pod. Dershowitz is a bigot and sucks up to the "Xians" only because he knows the threat that Islam poses to Israel AND the rest of us "infidels". If Dershowitz wasn't whining about the Muslims he'd be off trying to have Nativity Scenes or his own people's Ten Commandments banished from court houses or malls.

        • edward Mclaughlin

          What's Mr Dershowitz got against the Ten Commandments?

          • MixMChess

            Nothing… did you even bother to read the article?

          • pennswoods

            The liberal ACLU whom Dershowitz supports has LOTS to say against any display of the ten Commandments in public places. Where have you been during the last 40 years?

        • MixMChess

          "Do you deny that he and Kook said these hateful things about gentiles based on their study of the Talmud in the name of their religion?"

          No one is denying that Rabbi Yosef is an idiot. Again, the big difference is that Jews worldwide (in Israel and the diaspora) have strongly condemned his comments. The Pali-Nazis on the other hand regularly adopt racists, neo-Nazis, antisemites and islamofacists (such as Tutu) as their spokespeople.

          "Reading the Talmud's views on non Jews reads like a Jewish version of "Mein Kampf"."

          No you are a LIAR Nazi and trying to defame Jews. The Talmud simply states that Jews are obligated to fulfill certain rituals, ceremonies, and laws to be considered righteous before gd. Gentiles, however, are not obligated to fulfill the same laws that Jews are in order to be considered righteous, in fact they only need to fulfill the Noahide laws.

          "It's all about one religion thinking they are better than the rest of the "goy" who share the earth with them."

          Nonsense, Jews don't think they are better than anyone. However, clearly you think you are better than the Jews otherwise you wouldn't be so set in your antisemitism and attacking Judaism. Go back to stormfront filthy Nazi.

        • Stonefellow

          Non-Jews are respected by the Torah. All they need to do is follow the few Noahide rules, not the 613 rules required of Jews. Noah is respected as well as his children, and he was not Jewish. Pennswood, you do not know your stuff, but you are a Jew-hater. Mentally sick people need someone to hate, and the Jews are an easy target. How do you feel, Pennswood, as an ally to the Christian hating Muslims? Maybe you are a Christian hating Muslim. God save us all or maybe humanity does nor deserve to exist.

    • Pat Bischoff

      Hey pennswoods……OMG….those awful Jews! How could they!! Just because there has been a mass slaughter of Jews over the past 2000 years…..ya think they would actually say something this evil? I'll be darn!

  • david elder

    Mr Dershowitz, I am a practicing protestant Christian down here in Australia. I have long felt uneasy about Tutu's attitude to Jews. I believe he is one of those people who is basically good but has one blind spot – antisemitism in his case. I think the best response is to acknowledge his excellent work against apartheid but balance it with scrutiny of his anti-Jewish rhetoric.

    • Scotchy

      David Elder – being an antisemite or racist or any other type of hater precludes you from being "basically good". If you feel uneasy about Tutu's attitude to Jews it's probably because deep down you know that he's bad but don't want to believe it.

    • Scotchy

      David Elder – being an antisemite or racist or any other type of hater precludes you from being "basically good". If you feel uneasy about Tutu's attitude to Jews it's probably because deep down you know that he's bad but don't want to believe it.

    • Pat Bischoff

      Ummmm……nah, I don't think so, David. Keep in mind David, Nazis had the exact same attitude and we know how they all ended up. Let us not make excuses for foul behavior.

  • galloper6

    So Reverend Wright has a twin brother?

  • steven L

    It is clear that for Desmond, "peculiar" means evil.
    Nobel prize does not imply that he is well verse in anything else but in what he got nominated.
    There are other: "failures" besides him.

  • waterwillows


    You are in a delusional state if you think the west has come to the aid of Israel. Dershowitz does not need to suck up to anyone in the hope for some protection from France, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland etc…..
    No one on this planet expects those who refuse to protect themselves, to do anything about protecting others.
    Israel's protection is from the Most High. You can't get better than that.

  • pennswoods

    President Obama's "pastor" for 17 years in Chicago the "Rev" Wright ranted and raved against Israel, Jews, the United States of America, whites, and capitalism and Dershowitz said NOTHING about this hate speech during last Presidential campaign the campaign. WHY?

    • MixMChess

      There is no question that Dershowitz should have been raising a furor over Rev. Wright's hate speech. That still doesn't justify your attacks on Judaism and Jews in general in your earlier posts.

  • waterwillows


    I think it is because he is a self hating Jew who thinks he will win brownie points with the gentiles. But the only gentiles who just might be impressed also hate themselves.
    When this gathering of self destructives comes to their sense, if at all, they will realize the immense damage they have done to the people of this planet.
    Until then, it is an upside down world for them and they actually now don't know the difference.
    I do realize it is very hard to have to endure the looney left and their unrealistic viewpoints being constantly rammed through the media and schools, but the fight back has just begun. The Lord is not with them. He is for wholesome people and soon they will see the errors they have committed.

  • waterwillows


    He has also raised fine and wonderful children. They are a credit to him.

  • http://time.gov Matt McLaughlin


    Catholics aren't Protestant Zionists.

  • posse101

    under that Nobel Prize, the pathetically fake smile and those thousand dollar Gucci glasses is just another 4th century jew hater. when will the popular culture see the obvious transparency and the utter malignancy of their so called arguments? two thousand years of recorded history says they won't.


  • BS77

    Tutu made a boo boo cause he's koo koo

  • flowerknife_us

    Desmond Foo Foo seems to have crossed a few wires in his understanding of Christs message.

  • http://www.mysapce.com/freddawes1776/ Fred Dawes

    TUTU Has always hated jews and whites in fact we now know he has murdered little kids. tutu really loves the massive hate race guys likes Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castor and has sided with many muslims and other pigs of hell.

  • BS77

    Tutu ….have you ever listened to this puffed up bag of gas give a talk? What a lunatic.
    I can't believe people think this loser is helpful for the planet. He's a poseur in a clown suit…..

  • ebonystone

    Nowadays it's hardly a great honor to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace. It's closer to being an insult, considering that in recent decades it has been awarded to the likes of: Le Duc Tho, Anwar Sadat, Rigoberta Menchu Tum, Yasser Arafat, Kofi Annan, Jimmy Carter, Algore, and BHO, and Bishop Tutu. If they were to offer me the prize, I'd have to think long and hard about accepting it, even though I've done as much or more for peace than any of the listed gang of liars, cheats, thieves, killers, and crooks. A million dollars plus is a lot of money, but it would mean having my good name associated with those jerks.

  • ziontruth

    From the OP:

    "He [Bishop Tutu] once even accused the Jewish state of acting in an 'unChristian' way."

    I find this accusation of his a very unBuddhist thing to do.

    Even Christianity's famed "turn the other cheek" doesn't apply to states, only to individuals; why, then, should the Jewish (non-Christian) state (not an individual) be called out for doing something about her enemies?

    Enemies such as Israel has (and now, since Israel is no longer enough to keep them occupied: all the non-Muslim world has) are ill served by turning the other cheek toward them.

  • david

    admin sux

  • david

    to waterwilows:

    "Israel's protection is from the Most High"………LOOOOOOOOOOOL
    where did you get this,in your dreams???

    EZE METUMTAM ATA (its hebrew, so you will know what its mean, dont you?)

    • MixMChess

      Hey genius, you didn't even put your Hebrew insult in the correct order. Nice try though.

  • john dickens

    Reading the often misspelt bigoted diatribes against Tutu by bigots who ignore the New Nazis who are running Israel, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry' Israel uses the usual lies, attacking those who tell the truth as 'anti Semites' Lieberman and Netanyahu are the real anti Semites.

    All I know is that the front page mag is A TRUE SUCCESSOR TO HITLER and the ignorant bigots who subscribe to it are absolutely worthless.

  • driheart

    Part 1: What is not mentioned is the fact that overcoming the "Apartheid", emancipation of the Africans that Bishop Tutu represents, is not successful at all. I visited South Africa and learned the situation there first hand. It is a black racist regime which caused the flight of millions of Whites from their homeland. SA is a corrupt country where repression of blacks by black elite such as Winnie Mandela rule supreme. Go to Soweto and see 4,5 million people living in tin huts in the summer…..Go to Rose Park in Johannesburg and see how every home is fenced, electrical wired and private guards. Driving there is like driving in a tunnel where fences are on both sides. And how is SA government treating illegal African immigrants? Yes, they allow murder as many as possible……

  • driheart

    Part 2. We did not discuss "president" Robert Mugabe the ruler of Zimbabwe. This country was Rhodesia, the bread basket of Africa, now a desolate dictatorship where millions were killed, economy destroyed and citizens slaved. I spoke with many Zimbabwe people who pray that the whites will take over again and save them from tyranny. For "bishop" Tutu African issues are far removed. Bash the Jews is easier than bashing Mugabe who probably pays him generously. Hypocrisy that only characters as Tutu have. There is no Apartheid in SA, but are the Africans better off? Obviously the answer is a big NO.____

  • margotkiser

    Though nearly everything you cite Tutu as saying is factually correct — particularly that the Jewish lobby IS the most powerful in the US. Why is the mere mention of that fact alone considered "anti-Semitic"? Isn't it also a fact that Palestinians are Semitic? Why is it considered anti-Semitic to acknowledge the Palestinians as Semitic? Boy, if I did not know better, I would think the Jews really are conspiring against – the human race!

    • Yenta

      Wow, thanks for the info! I am soooo happy to know that AIPAC is just as robust as, say, General Motors, or Haliburton (for whom Bushie obligated American boys to fight and die for in scenic Iraq)! It really gives me hope! And of course, that anti-Semitic stuff is really too much. I mean, it IS true that the guy who invented the term never intended it to mean anything other than Jew hatred, but then to acknowledge that would seem, well , just too intellectual, too effete, too snobbish—dare I say Jewish? Oh well, thanks for the post! I am everso much more enlightened!

  • margotkiser

    Tutu is a bigoted monster! Israel has an exiistential right to defend herself.

  • Haroon Khan

    Being a South African first I must come to the rescue of the honourable Bishop Tutu. Calling for a boycott of a country that made South Africa’s apartheid architects look like amateurs is a grossly misguided esp. for a professor. calling for a boycott does not imply that the Bishop is anti-semitic. Open your eyes and you will find many jewish people who are aginst the zionists. Zionism is an oppressive regime that seeks world domination and manipulation. Judaism on the other hand is followed by many God fearing people who respect the rights of all people.
    Mr Dershowitz I believe that you should eat humle pie as you owe an apology to the Bishop. Don’t politisize…….use rationale and that applies to you who follow blindly…

  • oscar goldberg

    Tutu will be punished by God for attacking the chosen ones.

  • Benjamin_sa

    This article is terrible, a lot of very selected quotes without any context nor any links to the original sources. I suspect the reason for this is that the articles in question provide the nuance that would destroy the straw man Dershowitz is attempting to erect. For some context I suggest Wikipedia.

  • Charles B.

    If Tutu was such a meany he never would have become a patron of two South African Holocaust centers. You should know that other South African Jews support Bishop 'Tutu

    Dershowitz failed to mention that Tutu objected to that fact Palestinians would be banned from seeing the South African Opera perform in Israel.

    The first time I heard about racism and apartheid in Israel was from a Sephardic Jew.
    He has light brown skin and in California, could easily pass as a Mexican American.
    He was from Iran and was so excited about visiting Israel, but so disappointed
    by the racism he and his family experienced, from Ashkenazi (German) Jews in Israel.

    Let us never forget that Israel was the only country that refused to join the world
    in boycotting South Africa during it's repressive apartheid regime. Israel sent weapons
    to South Africa and received diamonds. This continued for years.

    Side note:
    Anyone here ever heard of African Jewish group known as the Lemba

  • South african

    Israel supported the apartheid regime in South Africa till the bitter end. They supplied arms to kill protestors. They also shared nuclear technology with the apartheid government. I think Tutu is anti-Israel not Anti-semetic. The large Jewish population in South Africa was vital for Desmond Tutu and the resistance movement. This is because Jews were able to empathize with the blacks because they had faced persecution before, and they were the first white community to open their hearts to blacks. Don't take his words to heart, he is a bit of a joker and likes to talk in extremes.

  • Anonymous

    Sources, Mr Dershowitz? I see a lot of assertions, a lot of quotation marks, but no proof behind any of your slanderous allegations.

  • Anonymous.

    I was looking up allegations of Tutu’s apparent Anti-Antisemitism when I came upon this article. I was surprised to hear all these source-less, baseless allegations, but then I read who the author of the article was, Dershowitz. Absolutely disgusting. Especially when spoken against a figure like Tutu. Maybe one day Zionists will stop screaming “muh 6 gazillion” and any form of dissent against Israel is “Anti-Antisemitism” instead of what it really is, fact.

    • RoxanneRoxanadana

      There is abundant evidence of Archbishop Tutu’s Jew hatred. The biggest is An Anglican Prayer Book 1989, issued under Tutu’s leadership.

      My people, what have I done to you? How have I offended you? Answer me! For
      forty years I led you safely through the desert. I fed you with manna
      from heaven, and brought you to a land of plenty; but you led your
      Saviour to the cross.

      My people, what have I done to you? How have I offended you? Answer me! I led you on your way in a pillar of cloud, but you led me to Pilate’s court. ~ excerpt from the Easter Reproaches, 1989 Anglican Prayer Book, Anglican Church of Southern Africa


      That’s a charge of Jewish deicide, that we bear responsibility for killing Christ. That charge was part of the reason for killing us in WWII. Archbishop Tutu, in permitting this to become part of Anglican liturgy in 1989 (it was eliminated by the Anglican Church in the sixteenth century by Thomas Cramer!), proved himself the foulest anti-Jew to wear clerical cloth in the second half of the twentieth century. One can only wonder what will blossom from this heinous act. What is your response?