The End of Obama?

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Just about everyone says President Barack Obama’s Democrats will lose and lose big in 2010. Some are even calling Obama a one-term president. Although it’s far too early to write Obama’s political obituary, especially in light of his formidable political skills and the fact that 2012 is light years away, all the ingredients of the unraveling of what was just 18 months ago being called “The Obama Realignment” are now in the mix.

The first ingredient is the economy. No matter how many stimulus bills are passed, industries are bailed out or speeches against “Wall Street greed” are delivered, the economy is not healthy. Unemployment is still hovering at 10 percent. The stock market is down some 20 percent from its October 2007 high. And 15 percent of homeowners are either in default or at least a month behind on their mortgage.

To be sure, Obama inherited these problems. But his party held sizable majorities in Congress as the economy cratered and the housing market imploded, and most voters know it. In other words, the “blame Bush” defense doesn’t work for congressional Democrats. And for that matter, it’s not working for Obama anymore given that most voters conclude, rightly, this is now Obama’s economy.

Hence, only 27 percent of Americans say the country is on the right track, while 64 percent say wrong track. Interestingly, that’s about the same response as in the final year of the Bush administration. (By the way, at this point in the Bush presidency—in the summer before the 2002 midterms—the right track/wrong track breakdown was 47 percent/44 percent.)

That brings us to a second ingredient: disenchantment. Many of those who supported Obama and his party in 2008 believed that the changes he and his congressional partners promised would make things better. They believed he would be different than a typical politician. Indeed, they believed he would be better.

But 18 months later, Obama is realizing that “Presidenting is hard,” as Will Ferrell put it in his caricature of President George W. Bush. And Obama’s supporters are realizing “The One” is just another politician.

He may have campaigned on fighting pork and earmarks, for instance, but he let his party lard up the stimulus package and then slipped a massive federal takeover of student loans into a healthcare bill of all things.

Likewise, he may have promised an end to politics as usual, but the president’s team offered Joe Sestak a backroom deal to protect Arlen Specter, a federal judgeship to the brother of a key swing vote on health care, a USAID post to Andrew Romanoff to stay out of a Senate race, and the quid pro quos keep coming.

That’s anything but change. That’s old-fashioned politics. And it brings us to another ingredient: the mass exodus of independent voters from Obama’s Democrats.

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  • kafir4life

    Barry Hussein said he'd rather be a good one-term president than a mediocre two term president. He completely missed the obvious outcome……..The MOST miserable one-term president since Jimmy (the terrorist's pal) Carter……surpassing Carter by leaps and bounds in every possible area.

    927 days left in this national nightmare.

    • Jim C.

      Correction: 927 days + 4 years

      • guest

        Obviously, Jim C. can't see the writing on the wall.

      • Mario

        In your dreams!

    • glpage

      I've always wiondered about that statement. Usually, presidents who do great things in their first term get to have a second.

      Relative to Jimmy Carter, Obama is pushing real hard to end up having one of the worst legacies. Thanks to Carter we have Iran supporting global terrorism and closing in on nuclear capability. After Obama, we will be trying to rebuild our economy for ages.

  • davarino

    I think it is great, the left is pretty much laying all their cards on the table for everyone to see. Plus occasionally you get to see the nuts come out and talk their BS. Your everyday American who wasnt paying attention before gets a real object leason.

    All you RINOs need to just step aside and stop playing cause your about to get steam rolled.

  • Clay Cole

    If Obama continues to follow the path of Jimmy Carter he will go down as the one of the worse one term presidents in history if not the worse. If Obama follows the example set by Bill Clinton he may yet recover.

  • Cuban Refugee

    If corruption and deception could be depicted in a visual image, we would see a large picture of B. Hussein Obama. He makes Jimmy Carter seem like a John Bircher as he fulfills his pre-election promise to "fundamentally transform the United States of America." As someone who lived under a tyrannical regime, I fear that, now that Obama and his czars, his radical cabinet, and his one-party Congress have power, he will be loathe to surrender power. I have a sinking premonition that the November elections will not take place, that there will be a manufactured, cataclysmic event that will cause the Community-Organizer-in-Chief to impose Martial Law. He will have the corrupt unions, his buddies at ACORN, the Mexican drug lords, and the militant New Black Panther Party to aid him in his ascent to the pinnacle of tyranny as the nation's Founding Fathers spin in their graves.

    • Stephen D.

      Did you forget that in the Health Care bill was the formation of a civilian army created under the guise of "National Health Emergencies"? Also, I agree to a point with you. Rather, I think he really doesn't care about staying in America and wants to be President of the World. He continues to join in all sorts of "international" programs. Once he has "leveled" the playing field and brought us low and folks in, say, The Sudan up, he will be able to garner the support for such a lofty post. Especially now with the support of his latest "shout out" partners, the Muslim World.

    • Clay Cole

      We as a people have to get over this idea that whoever is President is going to manufactor a crisis and stay in office. Wackos on the right said that about Clinton. Loones on the left said that about Bush 43.

      Let's use the Regan model for winning and focus on getting out the message that conservatism is best for the country and individuals instead of conspricies that don't exsit.

    • Deely

      [I have a sinking premonition that the November elections will not take place, that there will be a manufactured, cataclysmic event ]

      I have always thought that is what will happen. He will let./make something happen to keep himself in power. He took lessons from Hugo Chavez on how to become a dictator. That is his goal and then the next thing he will do is put us under sharia law.

      • trickyblain

        After he puts us under Sharia Law, he will begin speaking in tongues and summon alien spacecraft. The aliens will them proceed to eat everyone, save Obama, who they will reward with a silver sceptor that can make him invisible.

        • Cuban Refugee

          Living under full-blown communism, with its inherent repression, will cure you of your sarcastic streak. As you stand on a bread line with ration card in hand, you will have time to do a comparison check between the free market, capitalist system of government and tyranny. You will wish you could hop on board the next alien spacecraft mentioned in your smart-alecky reply, and the silver sceptor that can make you invisible will come in handy.

          • trickyblain

            CR, I will never live under full-blown Communism, let alone inherent repression. I am an American.

            No sarcasm.

    • Reason_For_Life

      Obama doesn't need a national disaster or martial law to keep control of congress. All he needs are Republicans, the most brain dead bunch of cowards in the US.

      Remember our savior, Scott Brown. He votes consistently with the Democrats. Do Republicans get on Brown's case for it? No.

      Rand Paul is a hard core principled libertarian. How many Republicans jumped in to defend him when he setup by MadCow?

      How about spending slasher Chris Christie? He promised to cut spending and not raise taxes. Spending cut – 1.5%. All taxes raised except property and income. Do you hear any Republicans complaining about Christie's sellout?

      Romney, the anointed candidate for 2012, gave us RomneyCare, the blueprint for ObamaCare. Name the Republicans that have condemned Romney for this.

      Everyone who had actually listened to Obama's soporific speeches knew that he was a hard core leftist/progressive. How many Republicans hide under the bed when someone calls Obama a socialist, or more accurately, a fascist?

      With this kind of opposition Charlie Manson could be elected.

      How many Republicans voted against both the TARP and the bailouts? Thaddeus McCotter, Ron Paul and …?

      If Obama's fascist/progressive plans are to be foiled, it will have to come from the Tea Partiers, Republicans won't/can't help.

    • Michelle Smith

      I agree whole-heartedly with what you had said on july 8 th 2010

  • weRscrewed

    This article is a waste of time as it fails to mention at least three reasons whay Obama should never be allowed to finsh out his first term, let alone consider running for a Second. The very Idea that a president of the USA is allowed to blame all his failings on the Previous Administration only lets Obama off the Hook for filling his Administration with the very Financial Fools who pushed us into the most sever recession, soon to be deppression sinc the late 1930's. His financial Regulation Package did nothing to really restrict the Banks from creating the same senario again and again. They know they will get Bailed out Again and Again. Obama's cozying up to Mexican President Calderone and allowing him to insult our nation befor eCongress shoyuld have had im Impeached immediately, Mexico, without so much as Hiding it, is fostering a Takeover of the Southwest states and Obama rewards them with 300 million Dollars, while slapping Arizona in the face, yet again, bt providing 120 Million and 1200 Castrated National Guard troops who may, or may not ever materialize.

    • Clay Cole

      You make an excellent arguement why Obama should be a one term President. Howerver, you need to knock off the, "he shouldn't be allowed to finish out his first term." Statements like that make us conservatives look like the looney left.

      Obama was lawfully elected and has done nothing to be impeached for. Having bad policy is not an impeachable offense.

      • Mike

        Clay, I understand your concern and agree partly, however, using gifts, benefits, and positions of power to alter an election is, in fact, an impeachable offense. Obama, with a law-abiding Congress would likely face an impeachment for these offenses. He is a very corrupt man as we have all come to realize and watch with out own eyes. Easy on the easy Clay…you may get steam-rolled yourself.

        • Clay Cole

          If those offenses are proved, since they are crimes I'll be for impeachment just like I was for Clinton lying to a grand jury. As a practial matter unless the Republicans gain a majority in the house impeachment is going to go nowhere so we shouldn't waste our energy on it. As a matter of fact unless the Republicans get enough votes so that they don't need a Democrate in the Senate for conviction we shouldn't bother. It will do the same thing it did for Clinton and just make Obama more popular and we just might help him win a second term. When an enemy is burying himself just get out of the way and let him at it. We don't want to grap defeat from the jaws of victory.

          • cochavi1

            The last two sentences in your post make a great deal of sense. The first part is correct. However it makes Mike's point – that the Congress is not law-abiding. The Democrats are aware, imo, that the man is impeachable. They simply don't care.

          • trickyblain

            What charges would you bring?

          • cochavi1

            Multiple charges. First there would have to be investigations of these matters. They won't happen, at least until there is a Repub Congress. Then they won't happen anyhow. Others have described the possible grounds, including the BP 20 billion and the various offers or suggestions to politicians not to run. Again, first there would have to be investigations. There will not be any. Too many people have too much to lose, including the possibility that everything he has done would have to be evaluated by courts, based on his very qualifications to be President.

          • Jim C.

            Clay, if those offenses are proved, I'll eat my hat and my shoe.

            I don't think I have to worry about indigestion, though, since the only ones calling for "impeachment" also happen to be bona fide idiots who haven[t got a clue either about what is happening in this country or how to impeach a president. Being idiots, they don't actually know any lawyers, journalists, or investigators who will help them in their idiotic quest.

            Conversely, lawyers, journalists, and investigators are generally people who must deal with reality and posess a certain level of intelligence–thus won't be pursuing idiotic quests. They might, however, hit the idiots up for campaign contributions.

          • cochavi1

            This reply proves you an idiot.

          • Jim C.

            Impeachment will not happen–you agree with me. It's the sour grapes pipe dream of an entitled bunch of nattering nabobs who simply can't wait for an election to try to vote the guy out. Total nincompoopism–your "grounds for impeachment" are complete nonsense.

          • stephie

            No, he won't be impeached because he has black skin. And with this DOJ that protects all black criminals, obama could shoot somone and he wouldn't be impeached!

          • George

            No he's protecting ALL black criminals. Some of you just need an excuse…a little kernel of bs and then you can make up your own universe.

      • weRscrewed

        I never said I was a conservative and my political leanings have nothing to do with my opinion on this Particular subject. If you do not like my opinion then just pass over it and put your time into something you believe in. I stand by what I said. Impeach OBAMA NOW, for Derelection of duty, among other demonstrated High Crimes and Misdemeanors. There's a list growing every day.
        The fact that Obama was duly elected only speaks to HOW convincing a LIAR he was in the Campaign. We have a Right as Americans to throw out a Government that does not support our Constitution, that includes a President wo works agains the American People at every turn. I would also like to remind you of the First Ammendment to our Constitution that gives me the right to Speak my mind FREELY.I do not need your Permission. So what I NEED to do is speak my mind freely to you. STFU. You are not a Conservative, and I seriously doubt you are even a TRUE AMERICAN. I suspect you are a Socialist TROLL.

    • Jim C.

      NAFTA was a similar "gift" to Mexico that wound up working out for neither of us.

      The idea was that Mexico would create enough jobs they wouldn't need to migrate up here. But Mexico became "too expensive" so those jobs were shipped overseas. Ross Perot's "giant sucking sound" can still be heard.

  • weRscrewed

    Add to that suing Arizona for taking matters into their own hands in response to his repeated failure to address the CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIEN INVASION of the Southwest, and I see a prima facia case for IMPEACHMENT of this LAME DUCK MUSLIM pretender to the Presidency. Sealing the records of his whole life should have had this IMPEACHMENT done a YEAR ago.

    AMERICANS we are a bunch of PUSSYS who deserve what we are allowing to happen with this Socialist TRAITOR

  • Denise

    Cuban Refugee, Thanks for cheering me up today. Just kidding. I am afraid of exactly what you are saying may happen.
    I think the Republicans/Tea Party people should get people like you, who have lived under the circumstances you describe, to speak up and let people know what may happen to this country. The hosts of the Fox News talk shows should interview you. The members of Congress should also send out newsletters to people in their districts with interviews of people who have actual experience under this type of government.
    Someone needs to start shouting from the mountain tops about this administration. Many people do not really understand or know what's going on because they don't watch the news and/or most news media's are biased so they aren't getting the whole story.
    I am afraid and I hope God answers our prayers sooner than later.

    • Larry C.

      Denise you have not seen nothing yet. I am afraid for this nation, why you might ask? We are a Christian nation no matter what this piece of human scum thinks, and that said we are on a collision course with destiny right now. This man-"THE O-DUMMY" has told the King of Saudi Arabia that he would guarantee that Israel would be out of the west-bank within the next six months, and that is playing right into Gods hands on what will happen over in the Middle-East. It is the end times, and we are the ones that will usher in the beginning of the end. Wait and see!!!!

      • Jim C.

        Historical fact: Numbnuts for 2000 years have claimed "These are the end times," so you have good company in this long, exceedingly silly tradition..

    • Mike

      Denese, Cuban,
      Martial law is quite a gamble. It presumes the majority of American tropps would go along with it. I suspect the joint chiefs of staff may arrest Mr. Obama if this sort of thing transpired. They are sworn first to the Consitution AND THEN AFTER to the President, not the reverse. However, if Obama was able to convince the military that martial law was required and they went along with it (unlikley as they are quite a bit more savvy and intelligfent they he is), however, if they did, US citizens would then be in direct conflict with the military. Local reserves would defect, National guard would defect, parts of the military reserves would defect to assist and train locals then a MASSIVE insurgency would take place we would be in a 2nd civil war for no defineable reason. The military would back down facing millions of insurgents, (possibly 10's of millions). The only things keeping Obama from doing this is the armed citizenry of the civilian population. Be prepared, be well-informed, be well armed, be quite and careful, be compassionate to those in need.

      • Bandit35

        You need to remember that officers are only sworn to defend the Constitution. They follow the President because he is the CiC as laid out in the Constitution but they don't swear an oath to him or any other civilian.

        Plus I can't see the states following a martial law declaration from D.C., Texas, Oklahoma and Montana come to mind as the first states that will ignore any such imposition of martial law.

    • Jim C.

      FOX "News," being Corporate America's very own Pravda, every single day has interchangeable dunderheads who make inane yet dire predictions about "What May Happen To This Country."

      All divorced from reality, of course; but lapped up by what are generously termed "low info voters."

    • Lori

      Denise, I will stand with you in Prayer, I am hoping also God will correct and do what he needs to do. To get our attention and follow the truth and live no more in lies.

    • stephie

      There were many many cubans at the 9/12 march last fall protesting against the healthcare takeover. They having seen this first hand before, are goods ones to listen to at this time.

  • Larry C.


    • fiddler

      not stupidity, evil intent as a puppet of Soros

    • Mariko Nightfire

      I didn't like it when people referred to President George W. Bush as 'your president'. I don't like it when Obama is referred to as 'our so-called president.' Like it or not, this liberal fascist is our president. However, in 927 days, you may call him 'our former president'.

  • USMCSniper

    The progressive left is attempting to forever alter the foundation of this great nation with their record deficits, record spending, record unemployment, corruption, thuggery, assault on liberty and socialist policies. The Obama-Pelosi Regime must be stopped before they destroy this great nation. Republicans need a great and dynamic personality to lead the party in a vigorous offensive against the Socialist agenda of the Progressive Democrat movement. We don’t have time to waste and we can’t afford to lose this battle against the immoral statists destroying our country. We need a true and tested leader.

  • bumr50

    One term is more than enough for Obama.

    It's clear to me that he's a Progressive/Statist martyr whose only mission since assuming office has been to divide the nation and overwhelm every system that he can possibly influence.

    He's been sent by those who've enabled his meteoric rise to use Cloward-Piven, cripple American dominance in defense/aerospace, set into motion programs that are designed to move us closer to third-world status with the assumption that it will help underdeveloped nations, and thoroughly destroy the ideas of capitalism and American exceptionalism.

    He knows his role, and has performed it expertly.

    I think that he's already more than happy. No matter how he exits, he will be celebrated by those who agree with his ideology. And he will never lack for income or adulation within those circles.

  • BS77

    Work hard to get common sense conservatives and fiscally responsible candidates elected in 2010 and 2012….do not wait for "someone else" to do it.

    • fiddler

      Absolutely, there is opposition to incumbent liberals sprouting up all over the place—Utah, Nevada Sharron Angle, CD 17 in NY York Kleinholder ex-special Ops and businessman opposing Eliot Engle the most disgusting liberal in COngress next to Peloosi, Peter Schiff in CT, Tim Scott in SC, etc….

    • Jim C.

      How did those "commonsense conservatives" work out for us during their six years of legislative and executive domination?

      Oh. Right.

      • Clay Cole

        Those six years were better than what is going on now. When are we going to learn we can not stop the business cycle?

        • Jim C.

          What?! They feasted, the ran out on the check, man! We're the ones scrubbing the dishes to pay for dinner.

  • USMCSniper

    Obama will still be around after 2012 if the Republicans put in a dead man walking non-charismatic candidates for President like Bob Dole in 1996 and John McCain in 2008. Then it is guaranteed the country will become a third world slum.

    • Ray Hege

      AMEN you said it all

    • Peachey

      That is my greatest fear, ala John McCain as presidential hopeful.

  • TonyM

    The Obama radical looney left radical policies are economic A-bombs. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were demolished. Our economy is being demolished. But out of ruins, there is a major wake-up call. Like real A-bombs, we are rudely awakend to what economic A-bombs can do and we don't want any more of it. Obama has done us all a favor by showing us what the radical progressive agenda means. – equal outcomes for all. Obama can't wait for the long term. He is putting it all out there in flashing neon lights. This new Monarch Of The World (Universe, perhaps?) wants the monument to himself erected right now, right next to Abraham Lincoln. Even the delusional "hopeful " who voted for him can no longer ignore the damage being done to their lifestyle, their liberty, their future, and their pocket books. They can no longer dismiss the daily con job he has been delivering as just political rhetoric. His media overexposure has made his real agenda obvious. HIs lies have made him transparent. His incompetence is palpable. Thank you, BO, for clearing this all up for us.

    • Jim C.

      Are they anything like the Reaganomics A-bomb whose explosion we're currently enjoying?

      • Clay Cole

        You mean the economic policies that gave us 25 years of the greatness economic growth in the history of the world?

        • Jim C.

          Sure–then the bubbles popped. Then the casino went broke with your retirement money. But the architects of it are wealthier than ever. And the government whores who did their bidding–the Phil and Wendy Gramms of the world–did awfully well, too.

  • Jim C.

    Sounds like a real senile old coot–but more likely, another of those damn chain letter hoaxes from "people in the service" who don't like Obama.

    • Mariko Nightfire

      A generation of 'old coots' faced up to an immense totalitarian threat and saved the world from plunging into a dark age. Because of them, Jim C., you are free to be an smug ass if you choose, and so you've chosen.

  • Jim C.

    So which is it? He's the guy who's a wannabe communist tyrant dictator? Or the guy who just hasn't gone far enough? The incompetent who can't get anything done? Or the demonic usurping mad dog who's overhauling the American Way of Life?

    It can't be both. So which one, people?

    • bumr50

      He's the Progressive camel's nose under the tent of our Republic. He's nothing more than a trojan horse candidate who was propped up, supported, and directed by Progressive, statist ideologues who loathe American exceptionalism and whose end goal is to bring America down in order to further the eventual endgame of a "Global Government" that ensures "equality" for all through edict.

      In short, he's an extremely useful nobody with enough rhetoric and the "correct" skin color to stir up enough of the ignorant public to get elected. Nothing more, nothing less.

      • Jim C.

        Wait–I loathe American exceptionalism. IT is divorced from reality, interventionalist, corporate giveaway HOGWASH that's is currently bringing America down (and by the way, American Exceptionalism is heartily endorsed by "statists" of all colors).

        Go Obama!

        • Clay Cole

          I see we have a proud American here.

          • Jim C.

            Darn right: I love my country, especially after being abroad. But I think we should treat it like we care about our own borders and people and LET THE REST OF THE WORLD DEFEND ITSELF. We've got a lot of our own problems to take care of–not pretend we're so great we don't have problems.

            The whole lie of American Exceptionalism is what has siphoned our jobs away, sold vast areas of our cities to foreign government, and got us involved in PSEUDO wars / nation-building. It's marketing hype.

          • Jim C.

            Sorry–should be "foreign companies."

          • Jim C.

            American Exceptionalism is just another form of Political Correctness.

          • Clay Cole

            I lived six years in Germany. Do I think that America is better than Germany? I sure do. As a matter of fact most of the world thinks that America is exceptional. That is why we have the illegal immergation problem we do.

          • Jim C.

            I can think we live in the greatest country in the world and that we have a lot we need to work on without pretending that we're saving the world or owed special privileges. It's possible to walk & chew gum at the same time.

          • Clay Cole

            If you think removing ourselves from the world will help us out you are sadly mistaken. We tried that and the result was we were not ready for the bloodist war in the history of the world.

            The money we are spending in both Iraq and Afganistan are a drop in the bucket compared to the precentage of our budget we spent durring WWII. We lost 2,000 men at Peral Harbor. We have not lost half that many after eight years in Afganistan.

            You need to get a historical prespective. We do not live in a vacum.

    • Kay

      " Or the demonic usurping mad dog who's overhauling the American Way of Life? "
      That one……………

      " It can't be both. So which one, people? "
      umm you mentioned four not two. We also are not addressed as a group. We are all individuals. Try it sometime. Individualism makes you smarter and capable of self governing………

  • trickyblain

    Bumr, one of the aspects of the Declaration of Independence that made it so effective was it actually laid out a long list of grievances against King George III. Other than the standard litany of "statist," "anti-American," "socialist," "usurper," "Muslim," I have yet to see a cogent argument using specific policy grievances against Obama. Until you have those, more moderate folks like me will continue to look at "arguments" like yours as, frankly, paranoid. What is a specific policy has Obama instituted that would lead a reasonable person to believe he desires "global government" or economic egalitarianism?

  • USMCSniper

    You have got to see this black racism to believe that Obama-Holder letting the black panthers off is not pure black racism.

  • USMCSniper

    The Obama administration will "immediately" issue a revised drilling ban if a federal appeals court agrees with a lower court's decision to block the government's initial six-month moratorium on drilling, an Interior Department official told Reuters on Thursday.

    Don't tell me that the Obama Administration doesn't know that this will destroy the US economy and make totally dependent on foreign oil imports- probably at $200 a barrel. Get ready for $10 a gallon gasoline.

    • George

      It's 33 rigs you hysterical ninny.

  • CallMeIshmael

    Don't look now but there is an opportunity here to make Obama a half or three-quarters term president. His approval rating could tank by November. The economy is going to fall off the cliff by then. The music stops on January 1 and everybody knows it. Tax rates are going through the roof. Muni bond/treasury swap spreads and credit default swaps are on a parabolic curve heading north. There is likely to be a mad rush for the exits come October.

    With a November victory and an angry electorate the ground will be ready for the seeds of Obama's ouster. A blizzard of subpoenas could force him to prove his eligibility for office. Obama's entire life is clouded in mystery, e.g. his passport. He never had one until he became a senator. So the question is, what passport did he use to travel the world before then? Maybe he's not a U.S. citizen at all. An angry public won't have the patience to give him the benefit of the doubt. He could be forced to resign. Better yet, all of his acts as president could be nullfied including all of his judicial appointments. So lift up your hearts countrymen. This nightmare could very well almost be over.

    • Clay Cole

      Please stop with the Brither nonsense. It makes conservatives sound as loony as 9-11 truthers.

      If Obama was not eligable to be President the Clintons would have hit him with that in the primaries. No one plays hardball like they do. If there was anything to this they would have used it.

      Don't waste energy on this loser postion. Use your energy to defeat Obama's policies and his re election.

      • polipath

        For the Corrupt-o-Crat's it's always been Party-before-country. The Clinton's loyalties are in line with that dogma so, for that reason, they would never rat-out Obummer no matter what. Better ANY Dem fraud than a Repub. Same goes for the MarxStreamMedia. Ask yourself why O-Boy was never properly vetted? Why was his association with A-bomb Ayers, Rantin'-Rev. Wright, Sleazo-Rezco and his empty resume brushed aside? Why? Where are his boyhood friends and college classmates? Where? Come up with some plausible explanation – I'd love to hear it.

      • cochavi1

        This is very naive, Clay. They all blackmail each other. America – like Israel – is exceptional in many ways. Exceptionally dirty politics in both places, sometimes.

        The Clintons are covered with dirt. You will say it's a CT, but how about that Flight 800 investigation? The official story sounding ever like a myth, given the events and 200 eyewitnesses. Or OK City – Bill really investigated that one…

        They all blackmail each other into the night, then they kiss one another.

    • Mariko Nightfire

      I agree with Clay. Liberal facists and their fellow travelers in the media want to portray the conservative opposition as being extremists outside of the mainstream. They are most happy to see this Birther blather still being put out. We should keep our focus on defeating the Obama agenda. This is a battle to save the American Revolution.



  • Joemont

    For anyone that fails to see the obvious about these feckless, incompetent Leftist and their leader just ask yourselves this one question—-How's that HOPE & CHANGE thingy working out for YA?

  • Max daddy

    I think the only hope for O is to get some oil drilling going on in Montana and North Dakota!

  • MKS

    Those who cast the votes may be over-ridden by those who count the votes.

    Unless those who cast votes are taking action to check those who count votes.

  • Al Rowley

    Each candidate for Congress in 2010 must be asked, "If elected will you promptly initiate or support Articles of Impeachment against Barack Obama?" We cannot afford to let him even serve out his term. There is danger that if he does he might even win a second term since the GOP seems to lack an electable opponent at this point in time.

  • Smith_N_Wesson

    I was disenchanted on day one when he began his mantra "We inherited this mess" and he even delivered a speech today in Kansas saying the same thing. Can someone point out to Obammy that nothing he has done has fixed the problem he "inherited", what he and his cronies are doing is perpetuating the problem. Just brace yourself as the 3rd recession rolls across the world because they still haven't fix the toxic assets in the housing market…

  • USMCSniper

    This was published in the Prager Zeitung of 28 April 2010 .

    The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.

    • Clay Cole

      Those who make Obama their Massiah is much more to be concerned about than Obama.

      • trickyblain

        Yes. You should note those three people that actually consider Obama a messiah, and make a list or something.

        • polipath

          Well, I thought he was the messiah. But he never walked out to see the oil spill so maybe not. Just another arrogant we-always-know-what's-best-for-everyone Socialist One-Worlder, I guess.

  • moonshine

    I am hoping that many Democrats that voted for Obama believed his mantra "hope and change" meant a Democrat that would restore our freedoms, and not continue the socialist path of the other Democrats. Hopefully, many old time, freedom loving Democrats will work to correct their mistake.

  • Leo

    Please America don't vote for this man and his party again; we are heading towards doom. Please Please don't vote for him again.

  • Thunder

    1. Dems know they will lose , so they are considering ways to fight back – maybe illegally, maybe with illegals, maybe with "a stroke of pen".
    2. Half a million people are losing jobs every month, and unemployment numbers go DOWN? What a joke.
    3. if jobs don't come back from China, Mexico, etc., economy will crash. It already is nosediving, but the truth is concealed by useless MSM

  • Frank(ly) M'Dear

    Barack Hussein Obama will be impeached and removed from office – if TRUTH has anything to do with anything.

    • trickyblain

      Ok. On what charges?

  • Crazyhorse

    Did the ancient Greeks have this problem..Hmmm—I wonder ?? Could modern man be soo stupid–I wonder..Anything in Well's Rise and Fall history books…

  • Dee in CA

    Unfortunately, voters 'ignored' the signs that Obama was a 'FAR LEFT LIBERAL' .. so they voted for 'anybody but Bush' … McCain was NOT the candidate that could beat Obama.. He was just an 'Obama-Lite' … Our 'focus' now is to educate and inform voters and make them aware that they need to KNOW who & what they are voting for … Voters can no longer vote for a 'Rock Star' whose INEXPERIENCED.. Being the POTUS is serious business and I pray that VOTERS will not be duped by RHETORIC again!! We have seen what the 'Radical Left' wants to do to our Country … Now, WE need to vote out all the PROGRESSIVES & RINO'S… I believe our country will 'recover' after Obama, but it will take time to unwind all the 'DISTRUCTION' he's done … WE will do it, TOGETHER… We are 'Americans' and we will not falter & we will not fail … STAND UP FOR YOUR FREEDOM… JOIN THE 'TEA PARTY MOVEMENT' too … GET involved… GOD BLESS AMERICA AND OUR TROOPS!!


    "End of Obama?"
    You must be joking, i am sure.
    Your standing assumption that events will unfold in the usual electoral, democratic, CONSTITUTIONAL, way, is precisely the assumption which unsupported, nay contradicted, by the exponentially accelerated race towards dictatorship that Obama and his Dems are so eagerly pursuing. If the Right insists on keeping its delusion that the enemy is following or intends to follow the rules, it is the obituary of the Right that Obama has already written. Just wait for it to be published soon.

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