Welfare State of Insanity

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European Union Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht recently made news for all the wrong reasons, declaring in a radio interview that “It is not easy to have, even with moderate Jews, a rational discussion about what is actually happening in the Middle East.” According to De Gucht, “religious Jews” and “lay Jews” alike “share the same belief that they are right.”

This is just the latest example of what a dysfunctional mess the EU—and to a large extent, the whole of Europe—is.

While some European officials attack Jews for daring to come to Israel’s defense, others defend—and pamper—the indefensible. The International Criminal Court and a sister court focused on war crimes in the former Yugoslavia houses 36 defendants in what critics rightly deride as “The Hague Hotel.”

The New York Times notes that the goal of the courts’ European planners was “to provide a model of humane, civilized detention.” In reality, the courts and their holding facilities are a model of moral relativism.

For their crimes, the likes of Charles Taylor and Radovan Karadzic can play games and sports. They receive free legal aid, along with travel subsidies for their families. They can read from a library of books, build models, dabble in ceramics, learn about computers and see their spouses and family. But they cannot be put to death, no matter how heinous their crimes or how obvious their guilt.

Even the guilty should be treated humanely, of course, but The Hague Hotel provides something well beyond humane treatment—and thus something far less than justice.

The description of The Hague’s detention center by Slate’s Julian Davis Mortenson is eye-opening and dispiriting: “The accommodations looked like nothing so much as a string of dorm rooms in a college residence hall,” according to Mortenson. “With radios, coffee machines, and full private bathrooms, the cells looked at least as comfortable as your average Super 8.” Mortenson calls it “startlingly cheery—even homey.”

Marc Dubuisson, the director of court services, offered a defense of the accommodations that reveals much about the European understanding of justice. “I’m not here to judge whether a person is worse than another,” he told the Times.

Not surprisingly, European officialdom’s grasp of what defines a right is just as tenuous as its understanding of criminal justice. It sounds made-up, but the EU has declared vacationing a human right. And as such, the EU is planning to subsidize vacations for its subjects/citizens/wards.

“Traveling for tourism today is a right…a formidable indicator of our quality of life,” according to Antonio Tajani, EU commissioner for enterprise and industry. Tajani and other EU officials are exploring what sort of vacations EU taxpayers will be subsidizing—and who will get the vacation subsidy. The EU appears willing to pay up to 30 percent of the cost of vacations for senior citizens, teenagers, twenty-somethings, the disabled and families in “difficult” financial circumstances.

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  • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

    2.2. Impossible social programs and benefits, low intensity work, socialism, and welfare (from cradle to grave) absolutely spoiled the countries of Western Europe. Their lowering birthrate adds to the impossibility to ever fulfill these programs. (Islamic immigrants do multiply, but they are rather clients of welfare). Indeed, no voluntary "undo" of entitlements is ever possible in any "democratic" society, unless a war emerges.

  • Howard

    A jail that is like a hotel is better than our jails, where the "innocence project" has proven several people innocent with DNA testing, some of them having been in jail for years. Unpleasant activities such as homosexual rape go on in our jails.

    • Downie

      You sound like someone who recently found out everything is not perfect.
      I am sorry. It is true, but we do the best we can and we really do need to lock up guilty people.

      • bubba4

        Yeah Howard, innocent people go to jail. The world's not perfect. As for being raped inside prison…how do you expect the US to grow a better class of criminal unless we keep them in the pressure cooker?

        • scum

          Weak analysis, Bubba4. Consistently, the reason these individuals have been found guilty is not because of an 'honest mistake', but rather the anti-black bias that is built into the judicial system, or the inordinate pressure to 'close the case' regardless of who gets thrown into the slammer. Your response to individuals who have had their entire life taken from them reads as surprisingly shallow and insensitive. But of course, this IS FPM…

          • coyote3

            While we didn't have too much contact with Negros in this part of the country, like we always said, at the federal level, "You are not a Border Patrolman until you've convicted someone who didn't commit the crime."

    • coyote3

      No such thing as "proving" someone innocent. Despite the DNA testing, a conviction means guilty, and until the conviction is overturned, it is still a conviction, and the defendant is still guilty. There have been cases where the convictions have been overturned, and the prosecutor chose not to retry the person. However, that only means that the defendant is "not guilty", which is something different from innocent. In other cases the conviction(s) still stand, and the defendant is still in prison.

  • Philosopherking

    The problem with the left is that they see rights as something that is created by the state but a true natural right is a creation of a voluntary agreement between two parties. When we violate this principle we allow someone to make a demand of someone else against their free-will which is actually denying someone their freedom in the process.

    I have the right to post on frongpage because they let me but if the state were to create a right that I could post here with our without their permission then it would be denying frontpage's right over their own property. An artificially created right (such as posting on frontpage) by the state must take a right from someone else and give it to another. When the state creates a right to post here then it uses its force to deny frontpage the right over its own property and free-will.

    I hope we can get out of this way of thinking.

  • youcancallmeRoy

    Progressive's want Health Care but want someone else to pay for it. They want energy but want the power source built someplace else. They want money but want someone else to work for it. They want security but want someone else to die for it. See why it is so easy to be a Progressive?

  • Gamaliel Isaac

    America is a growing welfare state also and although there is humor in this madness it is lethal and the growing spending and debt can only force governments to print more money which inevitably will lead to our currency becoming worthless.

  • quark1912

    Seems there is confusion between the concepts of "a right" versus "a privilige." Freedom of speech is a right while posting messages on this site is a privilige. A vacation is a privilige that must be earned but once one has earned the wherewithall to purchase a vacation one has a right to spend it as one pleases. Mandating in law a right to a vacation means mandating a corresponding obligation of somebody else be it employer, if any, or taxpayers to provide it. It is a zero sum game.

  • Eric

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