Palestinian Nazis and Double Standards

The Obama administration’s pursuit of Middle East peace has brought little if any promising results thus far. Assigning who is to blame for the stalled talks, however, seems to be a much easier task for the US administration. In typical fashion, Washington has laid responsibility for the failure in the recent launch of peace negotiations squarely on Israel’s shoulders, using the announcement of the 1,600 new homes built in eastern Jerusalem during VP Joe Biden’s visit, as the primary reason why peace talks were not progressing.

“We have to make clear to our Israeli friend and partner that the two state solution which we support…requires confidence building measures on both sides and the announcement of the settlements the very day the VP was there, was insulting  and unfortunate…” stated Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently.  Although Clinton attempted to smooth things over in her AIPAC address, she stated that the US was obligated to tell Israel the truth.

Clinton’s assessment of this current ‘obstacle’ to the Middle East peace process simply reveals how very little Washington truly understands of the conflict, especially by dressing the situation with terms like “confidence building.” The current problems in the Mideast conflict are beyond issues of mistrust.

As Palestinian demonstrations and continued rocket attacks in the past week have shown, deep currents of hate and ideological calls for destruction against Israel still continue to run strongly among Palestinian leaders.  The rededication of the Hurva synagogue in the Old City of Jerusalem on March 15, originally constructed in the 18th century, was the most recent example of how Israel’s recognition of ancient Jewish landmarks in the Jewish state infuriates the radical Islamic leadership of Hamas and even the PA.

In response to the synagogue dedication, Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh declared that Jerusalem will “always remain Islamic.”  In addition, Hamas’s ambassador in Lebanon, Osama Hamadan, told Al-Jazeera  TV that the opening of the Hurva Synagogue was part of a larger Israeli attempt to “invent” a Jewish history for Jerusalem.  On March 16, Hamas declared a Day of Rage and defense of Al-Aqsa Mosque, as a way to further incite Palestinians and escalate tensions.

The continued incitement and hate-education of Israel is carried out not only by Hamas. Palestinian Media Watch recently reported that PA television is broadcasting a new children’s program called Chicks that teaches children about different areas of Palestine, using a map labeled only “Palestine” which depicts all of Israel.  Next to the map, written in English and Arabic is “Explore Your Country.” Education for a two-state solution does not exist on PA television programs for youth.

However, the most disturbing developments which Washington continues to steadfastly ignore is Iran’s continued financial and moral support of Hamas’s terrorist and incitement activities. Dr. Khalil Al Hayya, a Hamas leader who was interviewed earlier this year on Hamas’s military wing’s website, Iz a-din al-Qassam Brigades, stated that “Iran supports us financially, politically and morally without political price.”

Furthermore, the Iranian Intelligence Minister Hydar Maslahi recently called on Muslim countries to launch a so-called media intifada against Israel during a conference for the National and Islamic Solidarity for the Future of Palestine held in Teheran on February 28 (The Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center). Maslahi stated that his ministry was willing to provide any assistance to Palestinian people who would carry out anti-Israel and anti-US propaganda campaigns through on-line social networking.

Until Washington recognizes the broader problems facing the Middle East at this time, including the continuing incitement that Palestinian leaders generate among their constituents, as well as “Islamizing” Israel’s Jewish history and refusing to recognize to recognize any “Jewish” rights to the land, the road to negotiations is near impossible.

Mainstream media and much of the world community have always maintained that Israel’s building of Jewish homes and settlements are the primary obstacles to peace talks.  To continue to believe so is not only irresponsible but dangerous on the part of the US government. A truly comprehensive peace process can be constructed only when the ideological issues that continue to fan the flames of hate are addressed. By not doing so, Washington is building another faulty foundation for a peace process that is bound for collapse.

Anav Silverman is the international correspondent for Sderot Media Center:, a social media organization dedicated to bringing the voices of Sderot residents to the attention of the global community.

  • Historyscoper

    Islam is like a racket wrench, it only rotates in the direction marked Submit to Allah. Once they take a territory and set up Sharia, they will never give back a square inch, and any attempt to take it away will cause the entire Islamic world to fight them as one. With Israel this goes a million times more, since Muhammad allegedly visited Jerusalem, even though we know he didn't, but you can't tell them anything. Arabs are Arabs, so there are no such thing as Palestinians, when they go to Mecca that's where there home is, as proved by Jews and all other infidels being killed just for setting foot there. So having any feelings for their "sufferings" is misguided. If they want a new homeland let Egypt give them Sinai or Morocco give them Western Sahara and pay their freight. Fan my T.L. Winslow page on Facebook and keep up with the latest news and articles on the threat of Islam not only to Israel but the entire free West.

  • PAthena

    Anav Silverman is right, the source of war between Israel and the Arabs is Arab (Mohammedan) hatred of Jews. There would be no wars if the Arabs decided not to wage them.

    • Rhonda

      You are so correct! Thank you!

    • Kanwi

      You are correct PAthena. The Jewry were there more than 600 years before the Muslims. Can a reader construct an arial map of East Jerusalem in 1948 marking with a cross those approximately 50 Jewish mosques and Shrines that were destroyed while under Jordanian control? That is what would happen again if the city was divided under any appeasment plan. Israel, you were correct in reuniting East Jerusalem after a war you did not start. Shame on the West for it's non recognition.

  • AntiFascist18

    Further Israeli measures to counter Obama

    – order a full mobilization of the IDF, with nuclear tipped rockets aimed at Iran and the countdown begun. With the Chimp being given 48 hours to disarm Ahmedinejedad or Tehran is obliterated.

    – the very next day, if the attack goes, the Palestinian question is solved permanently. No two-state, no Palestinian entity and the right to level Gaza and Ramallah at a 24 hour notice if the Palestinians do not renounce terror and begin immediate disarmament.

    – And if the Chimpanzee doesn't like it and threatens Israel with a cessation of aid, fine. The first to suffer will be the Palestinians, because ALL international aid will be shut off to them – and then wait for U.S. elections to IMPEACH the little bastard.

  • Samurai Hit Woman

    How stupid can you get to not recognize the cause of the conflict in the middle east. As if stupidity is the problem of people who endorse the double standard that always sees Israel as the problem.

    People believe what they want to believe and convenient more accurately describes why some people always blame Israel, or so it seems to me.

    In any case I hate whatever it is in people that causes them to ignore the truth and embrace a fiction.

    If only stupidity was the problem of this perversity it could be more easily remedied. Because perverse is exactly what it is.

  • judyg

    we have a fascist in the whitehouse. it is not about ideology, because this creep has none, it is merely pathology. he's a psycopath. simple as that.

    netanyahu did a good job handling this nut. when it comes to democracy and western values with this obama and his claque (including the cockroach axelrod), houston we've got a problem.