The Free Gaza Fraud

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Under the Hamas regime, groups of radical Islamic Salafis, or fundamentalist Muslims, associated with al-Qaeda and more extreme than Hamas ideologically, have been growing at an alarming rate. In May, masked gunmen stormed a UN summer camp for children after fundamentalist Muslims accused the UNRWA organization of “teaching schoolgirls fitness, dancing and immorality.” Such Salafi groups have targeted internet cafes, burned down institutions associated with Christianity, and have attacked foreign schools and wedding parties in Hamas‘s controlled Gaza Strip.

Hamas legislator and preacher, Yunis Al-Astal, noted that it wasn’t a coincidence that youth were the targets of these strict Islamic laws. “We are working on young people, the next generation to be more correctly Islamic,” Al-Astal has stated. Al-Astal was among those individuals banned from the UK’s Home Office for hate incitement in 2009.

Indeed, if this is the kind of “free” Gaza that Greta Berlin and those other liberal-minded Californian counterparts have in mind, one must question what is the real agenda of the Free Gaza Movement. As 21-year old Jihad Rostom told BBC news in March 2010, “Hamas wants to force themselves onto the people. They want the people to submit to them, this is their cover. They destroyed the reputation of Islam, by saying we’re doing this because it is religion. This is how they won the elections.”

Another Gazan resident, Lama Hourani who campaigns for the rights of working women in Gaza also told BBC, that the way Hamas presents Islam, “the liberties of a woman are always subject to the consent of a male relative. They don’t look at men and women as equal.”

In her media campaigns to generate support for her Gaza narrative, Berlin (who also works as a media and presentations coach) fervently portrays Israel as “starving and humiliating“ Palestinians. One must question the rationality and objective behind Greta Berlin’s media campaigns. Does she truly support the children and women of Gaza or are they being used as an excuse to vent out her hatred against the existence of a Jewish state of Israel?

Berlin has said nothing about the treatment of Palestinian women under the Hamas regime in Gaza. There is no freedom of political expression or gender equality under radical Islamic Hamas and the extremist Salafi groups that want to control Gaza.

The political freedoms that Greta Berlin enjoys living in the USA as an American woman and the political freedoms enjoyed by women living in Israel — Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike — are almost non-existent for the women of Gaza and many other Muslim countries. This is a fact of life in Gaza that has nothing to do with Israel and everything to do with Hamas’s interpretation and implementation of Sharia law.

It is shameful that women of Western and liberal mindsets do nothing to support the rights of Muslim women in countries where political freedoms are allotted only to the men who support the political parties in power.

Anav Silverman, a native of Maine, writes from Jerusalem, Israel where she is an instructor at Hebrew University’s Secondary School of Education. She also works as an international correspondent at Sderot Media Center:

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  • Greta Berlin

    So now it's a sin to be retired and still care about the plight of the Palestinians? Is that the best you can do, David? Your analysis that we are from the 60's coincides with about the same age that you are? Does that mean you are also to be condemned for supporting the policies of Israel? There is a huge humanitarian crisis in Gaza. More than 500 trucks A DAY need to be delivered to just maintain the bare necessities for the people in Gaza, and Israel, at best, delivers around 130 trucks a day. And, by the way, Israel make money on every single truckload, either because of taxes and fees or because Israeli merchants sell their wares to the people delivering the supplies. Gaza does not need to be fed. Gaza needs its freedom from the prison conditions that Israel holds 1.5 million people in. It's disgusting, and I will continue to advocate for the Palestinians until they have their freedom.

    • Rifleman

      60s American commie terrorists Ayers and dohrn are involved in this fraud, and so are you. You advocate for marxism, hamas, terrorism, human shields, and the destruction of Israel. America and our allies are the greatest threat to socialism, so you'll support even the poster children of all you claim to abhor over us.

      The 'palestinians' elected hamas because hamas says they will settle for nothing less than the destruction of Israel.

    • S. HaLevi

      I believe someone mentioned you being Jewish. I am glad you are so we can the job needed from Jew to Jew.
      Greta, dear, WE HAVE NO OBLIGATION to feed, cure or otherwise upkeep the murderous islamic filth you espouse. Their charter has called all along for the destruction of Eretz Israel and all Jews here. Could you care to explain to me why uunder those conditions do we have to send there even one truckload of food or medicines to that garbage? Internalize this good and solid. NO OBLIGATIONS to feed monstous islamic entities.
      No darling, I do not care to do that and if we have a thing to do about it I would cut all services and let that miserable rabble from other Arab countries, those rejected by other islamics fester.
      I do not pay taxes and work even after retirement so those deviants can teach other how to mutilate women, kidnap and torture our folk, construct rockets, fire them, spread poison all over.
      We are turning the tables to even the playing field with unJews that conspire with our enemies and harm our children.

      • imnokuffar

        Hi HaLevi,
        a very good reply and I could not agree with you more. God Bless Israel and may she be kept safe from the Muslim rabel that seek to destroy her.

        By the way, I am a Christian.

    • kafir4life

      Greta – Here's the thing…….We have no intention of walking into gas chambers to satisfy you and your "pals". Their stated goal (their STATED goal – THEIR STATED GOAL) is the islamic destruction of Israel, and gathering all Jews there so they don't have to be hunted down world wide. This is what you support, you disgusting sack of sh*t pig!

      There will be peace when your colleagues decide they love their children more than they hate Jews. I'm pretty sure you are more than willing to sacrifice other peoples children to support your terrorists, Greta.

    • tamar

      Why don't you ask the Egyption to open thier border with gaza . You know there is one don't you. They can deliver 1000 trucks per day and get the money by taxes fees etc. The Egyption merchant will be happy the Gazan people will be happy and Israel will be happy that maybe you get off her back. I wonder if you and Hamas will be happy because thenyou''ll have no one to balame.

    • Ahmad Yaqiin

      Dear Greta-
      Outside of the fact that you coincidentally are married to a "Palestinian"- your arguments against Israel do not stand the test of scrutiny.Ironically your "co conspirators- Mary Rizzo – while demonizing Israel as a matter of their "profession" – happens to point out the truth – in three of her own columns in Palestine Think Tank that was clearly not meant to be disclosed to the "general public"- Palestine Think Tank is directed to you and your ilk!




    • Ahmad Yaqiin

      1st you claim that the "flotiilla" was a crime when it was "self defense"- and you beat your anti Israel chest to the world- yet you are silent to the murder of "13 Palestinian girls" whose murderors are protected by Sharia Law in "Palestine" and certainly they cannot argue that it was self defense-

      2nd – You claim that Israel holds back aid to Gaza when in fact Hamas and co have been robbing Palestinians of their own Billions!

      3- While you and your ilk refer to Israel as "genocidal" when in fact Israel is rightfully defending itself – the fact is that Arabs slaughter Arabs without a legitimate excuse of self defence.

    • Ahmad Yaqiin

      4 Finally every single conflict in the Arab Middle East – Arab/Muslim versus Arab /Muslim- has to do with territorial dominance-
      So if Muslims cannot get along with Muslims than how can Muslims get along with Jews and Infidels?

      5- You ignore that every country has a Charter- America – Canada etc and those Charters point to human rights- Hamas and even the PLO have a Charter- and that Charter is clearly a Charter that denies the rights of non Muslims- I quote-" THERE IS NO ROOM FOR A JEWISH STATE IN AN ISLAMIC MIDDLE EAST"- further the Charter adds-" Christians and Jews can coexist with Muslims under the "protective umbrella of Islam"!

    • Ahmad Yaqiin

      Greta you and your ilk are part of a culture of hate against Israel ergo Jews- There is no other rational explaination for your agenda.
      If you had a "genuine" consideration for Palestinians than you would not be silent to the following which are clearly crimes against humanity:

      `1-In 1992 the brutal ethnic cleansing of 450,000 Palestinians from Kuwait began as a result of Palestinian support for (terrorist) Saddam Hussein. Todat there are less than 10,000 Palestinians left – many were citizens well before 1947.
      2- "Palestine was a territory aprox 130,000 sq km in size- to day Arabs have aprox 110,000 sq km of territory that was once "Palestine"- Israel represents aprox 20,000 sq km.
      If you were concerned for "Palestinians " than why are you silent to the imprisonment of ovver 2000,000 Palestinians in the territory referred to as "Palestine" ergo Jordan- Syria and Lebanon?
      To "professional Israel bashers" like you- Palestine is only the part of Palestine that happens to be the smallest and only where Jews live and not where Arabs live!

    • Ahmad Yaqiin

      Greta- !

      How does Jerusalem belong to anyone -ergo nation- than Jews? Where is the evidence of historical entitlement to a city that was built by Jews – and conquered by Muslims and others?

      The fact remains that this is not about "Palestinians" this is about Islamofascism that has taken by force the entire Middle East- The Hagia Sophia is a mirror of the Temple Mount – a Christian church usurped by Muslims as is the case for the Temple Mount!

      Your arguments could never ever withstand the test of scrutiny!

      Want to help Palestinians? Bring them into modernity by teaching them that any ideology- Islam- which governs their every movement from the moment they wake to the moment they sleep- with intolerance and a demand for blind obedience – is a complete failure- as we are witnessing in the rest of the Arab / Muslim Middle East that mirrors the brutality in Gaza and the West Bank!

      Otherwise name me one country in the Arab Middle East that Israel should model itself after! None exists!

    • Mattie

      You are just a straight up anti-Semitic whore. How about freeing the women of Gaza from the Gazans? The so called Palestinians have held themselves in poverty and tyranny. Continue to advocate for terrorists you dumb son of a bitch.

    • MixMike

      "More than 500 trucks A DAY need to be delivered to just maintain the bare necessities for the people in Gaza."

      The Palestinians receive hundreds of millions in aid from the U.S., EU and Islamic bloc. That number has been well in the billions over the past several years. Perhaps if the Palestinians built up their infrastructure instead of focusing all their efforts on murdering Jews they wouldn't require so much aid!

      "And, by the way, Israel make money on every single truckload, either because of taxes and fees or because Israeli merchants sell their wares to the people delivering the supplies."

      So what? Palestinians receive "bonuses" from Iran and other Islamic countries when they murder Jews. Its only fair Israel that receive taxes and fees when they work to save Palestinian lives.

      "Gaza does not need to be fed."

      Wow, you and I finally agree.

      "Gaza needs its freedom from the prison conditions that Israel holds 1.5 million people in."

      Gaza isn't a prison, at the very worst it could be described as an Islamist resort. Besides, what about Egypt's border? What about the fact that Israel still allows Palestinians to move in and out of Gaza and maintains an open corridor for medical treatments?

      • Martha

        Please MikeMix, do'nt confuse dear Greta with hard facts, you might give her a migraine.

    • Parveneh Z. Sarshar

      I admire David Horowitz and the people at Frontpage magazine for allowing Greta "Mademoiselle Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong" Berlin to print her mentally challenged views without fear of the type of censorship that her beloved Islamofascists and their allies like to practice. It's a real shame that so much aid goes to the "Palestinians" when it could be used to help people around the World suffering because of Islamic abuse. Greta and her ilk claim Israel is "starving" the "Palestinians" yet they have the 3rd highest morbid obesity rate in the World. These Muslims never had it so good.

  • LAMary

    Who is this snarky woman who wrote this column? Why should she be upset that women over 65 care about what happens to the Palestinians? Oh, and she forgot to say that two of the women running the media office for the Freedom Flotilla are Jewish. And what right does she have to accuse these women of supporting Hamas (which, by the way, the Free Gaza movement does NOT do) when she, a woman from Maine, supports the genocidal policies of Israel? Shame on her and shame on David Horowitz, a man who used to be a liberal until he figured out that he made more money being a conservative, for implying that people over 65 have no right to stand up and make themselves heard? He's 71 for heaven's sake.

    • tompro97

      Another "snarky" glue-sniffer tilting at windmills again – Palestine is owned and controlled by Hamas so how can "Freedom Flotilla" not be supporting Hamas?? Typical liberal response – can't come up with an intelligent response so attack the opponent. Liberals are so shallow with their touchy-feely crap. A major reason why the USA is in such bad shape today thanks to Osama and his Regime.

    • Ahmad Yaqiin

      Read my post to Greta Berlin – you and you ilk will never stand the test of close scrutiny- You see if I as k you to point out the "genocidal policies of Israel" you will fail miserably because none exists!
      You want to debate me? Better get your facts in order! The CBC erred like you when they stated on June 1 2010 that "Gaza had one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world"- they had to make an on air correction that points to the facts- GAZA HAS AN INFANT MORTALITY RATE LOWER THAN ..IRONICALLY- TURKEY AND IRAN!

      You can bleet your heart out with lies- but they are lies until you can "prove other wise!

    • Ahmad Yaqiin

      The free gaza flotilla does in fact support Hamas! How could they not!

      If that were not the case than the freedom flotilla would not be silent to the crimes committed by Hamas against Israel and Palestinians!
      The evidence of this is obvious and voluminous!

    • EdwinS

      None of the women supporting the 'Freedom' (read 'Terror') Flotilla are Jewish – some are of Jewish descent but they themselves are definitely NOT Jewish – anyway one might look at it….
      Jews do not seek the destruction of other Jews….

    • MixMike

      "And what right does she have to accuse these women of supporting Hamas (which, by the way, the Free Gaza movement does NOT do) "

      Actually, the Free Gaza movement provides comfort and aid and cash directly to Hamas. If that's not material support I don't know what is.

    • Parveneh Z. Sarshar

      Mary "Ridden Hard and Put Away Wet" Hughes Thompson why don't you just admit that you could care less about "human rights" only get your Depends in a twist about the "Palestinians" since anti-Zionism is the only form of anti-Semitism that you can get away with practicing these days?

  • Sebastian

    Pretty inaccurate report. They do not have sharia in Gaza. Please find the source that claims that, a source that is not media.

    I know the discussion existed in 2009 about laws that resembled sharia but they were never passed. So still today, the laws in Gaza are secular.

    I thought the article was a badly written until the journalist starting making references to "the existence of a jewish state" and "western women".

    I do not know the atmosphere in other countries but in Sweden this is just called bluff.
    You have to rational reasoning with concrete things, not sterotypical pre-21 century ideas of "Western Women" and not use the antisemitism-card.

    The latter one is not accepted when it comes to a complete state with one of the worlds largest armies and a high-level technological industry.
    The debate has to have its starting point in the field of UN convention violations.

    • Ahmad Yaqiin


      The following is the description as it appears today on the Al Arabiya website:

      Hamas enacts Islamic (Sharia) laws: Hand amputation, crucifixion, lashes and execution

    • Stern

      Sebastian, have you ever wondered why Israel has "one of the world's largest armies and a high-level technological industry"?
      The army is as a result of living in a part of the world where every neighbour is sworn to Israel's destruction. Your question demonstrates that as a simple-minded leftist, you clearly believe Israel has no right to self-defence.
      As for the technological industry, that has a lot to do with the fact that Israel has few natural resources. It's quite simply the brainpower of Israeli citizens that has allowed the country to prosper – while even those oil-rich neighbours of hers continue to keep the wealth only for the elite.
      In other words, Sebastian, the Jews are pretty smart folks – and that's really what bugs you the most, isn't it?

    • EdwinS

      I'm so grateful to Sebastian – he abolished anti-Semitism! It is no longer present in any place in blood-soaked Europe – how wonderful – I was so worried that he and his kind were beginning to do what they do so well – conspiring to destroy the Jewish people…
      But now I'm comforted – anti-Semitism doesnt really exist – it is just a 'card'…

    • Parveneh Z. Sarshar

      Sebastian, This is the most incoherent piece of junk I've ever read. Now doubt you fancy yourself some kind of intellectual. You probably enjoy the scent of your own flatulence since you consider yourself so enlightened.

  • ze-ev ben jehudah

    Is there something in a name "what's in a name"!! Gretta Berlin has a
    sister in antisemitic smears namely,Gretta Duisenberg,a notorious antisemite
    who also is in the front whenever there is something to protest against Jews.
    The single word "Jew "will be enough to start a protest demonstration in the
    capital of Amsterdam.She also has got many,so called high standing figures
    in politics and acedemy.I hope that one day soon all the antisemites in the
    world will die in an instant.The world would be a much better place to live in
    and as a side effect no food shortages the sun will shine in a moderate fashion
    and the master upstairs will be pleased.

  • Martha

    Greta, I'm going to lay it out for you right here and right now. The Palestinian peoples' problem is Hamas and Fatah, not Isreal. The powers in Gaza are oppressing the people not the Isreali's.
    The problem that the entire Muslim world has with the Jews of Isreal is that they came in and turned a little piece of desert into a wonderful thriving FREE nation while the Muslims are still living in the 7th Century accomplishing nothing.
    The Isreali's love life and the Muzzies love death and both behave accordingly,
    There's your answer.
    Pissing and moaning about how your 65 and David Horowitz is picking on you is not a logical arguement and you know it. And we know it.
    Try to come up with some facts to support your position and then maybe you can be taken seriously.

  • Jeremy Valentine

    A very good article. David Horowitz of all people should know that there are NO, absolutely NONE, "Palestinian" People. Palestine was never a country, state or nation throughout this Earth's entire history. Ergo any pseudo-nationality is quite simply a-historical. A politically and Islamically guided corruption predicated on an antisemitic or Hadrianic lie.

    • AnnaB

      Dave Horowitz is an Ashkenazi and is no friend to those of us who are jewish. He is our worst nightmare

      • Parveneh Z. Sarshar

        Well, Little Miss Panties in a Wad Anna I'm 100% Sephardic/Mizrahi and I want to know why at one time you claimed that you were the granddaughter of "Holocaust survivors" while now you claim to be the granddaughter of a single "Holocaust refugee"? Would you actually stoop so low as to lie about this given yourself some streed cred? I wonder if you're even Jewish. Too me you seem like an obnoxious cracker bitch. Supposedly you're some kind of intellectual heavyweight but in reality you're an imbecile. I consider myself a non-violent peace advocate; anyone like yourself who aids and abets any Islamic agenda is the opposite. Do you remember the terrible events that occured in Norway this summer? Naturally I detest all types of violence. You, however, should take note of this since there was an important lesson to be learned. Once the war really starts between the Muslim and the non-Muslim World collaborators like you will be dealt with.

  • andres de alamaya

    One has to wonder why a Jewish girl would become so antisemitic. I gave it some thought and recalled how among many of my friends and acquaintances, wives who came into marriage with no particular point of view adopted that of their husbands. Women who had absolutely no interest in sports became fanatical tennis followers or adapted to feel fully at home in a crowd of beer guzzling rednecks cheering a football team. In one case, a girl with Polish roots who married an Englishman, copied his Oxford accent and manners in speech. Poor Greta adopted the cause of the man she married because she came into marriage with no causes of her own. The ironic and sad part here is that within Islam she would be looked at as a useful idiot and antisemites could point to her as an example of the despicable quality of Jews.

  • USMCSniper

    Hamas, Hizbulla, and the Palestinians are nothing more than the subsidized proxy terrorists of Iran who strap munitions on their own women and children and send them out on homicide-suicide missions to murder other women and children in markets, restuarants, and on school buses. The Palestinians have long ago forfeited their right to even exist.

  • John Torkildsen

    Ms Berlin I remember being shouted down by you in the early 1980's when I raised a question about STASI influence in the West German Peace movement. I take it you are now in the pay of the Gaza mob bosses now that the Commie gravy train has dried up.
    Why wasn't your STASI file revealed?

    • Greta Berlin

      Are you nuts? I have never even been in Germany, so I have no idea who you are talking about. You might be suffering from premature Alzheimer's disease, since I am born and bred in Chicago.

      • Stephen D.

        Ms. Berlin, I am merely curious. You have been challenged to speak up for the rights of Palestinian women and children that have to live under Sharia Law. Its imposition, if now or later, would amount to your definition of imprisonment, yes? Will you speak to their rights? Will you acknowledge the freedoms Israeli Arabs/Muslim Arabs enjoy in Israel and in NO OTHER Mid-East State? Compare for real who suffers the people. Also, Can you explain why there is no outcry toward Jordan and Syria from whence these "misplaced" people you call Palestinians come from (originally Trans-Jordanians)? Also, how there can be Palestinian Refugees in the self governed land called Palestine? Please enlighten me and pardon my ignorance to these answers. I would that you ansewr if you truley care rather than merely slander Israel. Thank you.

      • martha

        That's not an answer, you have not replied with facts to anyone else's assertions. Why not?

      • John

        The one sided shouting took place in Chicago regarding the German influence over the western peace movement. I never said you lived there only that the you were in the pay of East Germany.

        • Greta Berlin

          I didn't live in Chicago in the early 80's either, so I have no idea who you are referring to…. unless, of course, you just made this all up. I live in California and have since 1979. What a shmuck you turned out to be.

  • IndyIsDave

    Greta Berlin is simply another anti-Semitic liberal who doesn't let facts get in the way of trying to stir an emotional response in people too lazy to read history and learn the truth. When asked if they will condemn honor-killings, genital mutilation, Muslim on Muslim genocide, and sponsorship of international terrorism, they'll simply ignore the facts and continue their childish lies about how Israel is mistreating the "starving" Palestineans. Greta, you lying snob, just admit that you'd like to see Isreal wiped off the map. Cowardly Liar be your name!

  • guest


    There is plenty of evil and injustice in the world and I do not begin to try and sort it all out. One thing I know is that God has chosen Israel (particularly Jerusalem) and you have set yourself against the Lord. The very fact that Israel is a RECOGNIZED nation in the Promised Land that God gave them despite all the hatred from you and your type cronies is a testiment to the truth of God's Word and the Lord's power to fulfill His will. I sincerely pray that God would change your heart and give you repentance unto Life. – And yes, salvation is found in "knowing" and "finding agreement" with God. Can two walk together, except they be agreed?

  • Kmeč

    I think Ms. Berlin should pay a visit to that Islamist sh*thole and witness firsthand what Hamas will do to her if she walks in uncovered.

  • logdon

    A great post and even greater responses to this idiot Berlin. Maybe she should up sticks from sunny California to that Suni hellhole.

  • watchful

    Ms. Berlin,
    Do everyone a favor and find a cause that is worthy of the passion you put toward this unworthy one. If the Gazans wanted peace, there would be peace tomorrow. They do not want peace, therefore they have accepted the plight they find themselves in. They have also decided for their children and women. To feel pity for them and support their cause is to support the continuation of this prolonged blood bath. If you really care about people and are against the evil you say you are against, then why are you supporting it. Israel has given everything trying to obtain peace and they are to be commended for it. They have shown great restraint considering the ignorant and anti-semetic world they have to answer to. Please get the facts. Read actual history books that are written to convey the truth and stay away from things that have been put out there by people who want to rewrite everything to support their upside down view of the world.
    You, in your current state, are not helping anyone and it is sad to hear that in your last years how you are wasting your time and energy.

    • AnnaB
      • Parveneh Z. Sarshar

        Anna, I notice that you use the adjective "amazing" as much as Kim Kardashian. Do you have any other adjectives in your Ivy League vocabulary?

  • jack

    When Israel left Gaza the many greenhouses were left intact which could have provided food for the arabs of gaza. That is until the arabs destroyed the greenhouses. Why would they do that??? I guess you can't cry there is no food with greenhouses operating.

    • LAMary

      Sorry Jack but that's Jack Shit. The greenhouses were left, BUT Israel turned off the water, since they control the water, the borders, the air and the sea. This horror that Israel perpetuates against the Palestinians who are the rightful owners of Gaza is all about stealing the land and kicking off the Palestinians. The rest of the world knows that. Too bad you are so blind. Suggest you go and read "The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine" by Ilan Pappe

      • MixMike

        "BUT Israel turned off the water, since they control the water, the borders, the air and the sea."

        Wrong, Israel hasn't turned off the water to Gaza. In the mid-1990's Israel and the Palestinians met in multilateral talks to establish principles or guidelines for cooperation on water issues known as the "Interim Agreement." Israel didn't even determine the amount of water to be supplied, the amount was specified in US supervised negotiations. Israel has fulfilled all of its obligations under the "Interim Agreement."

        The current water issues for the Palestinians have little to do with Israel. According to the U.S. Agency for International Development, “The West Bank and Gaza suffer from a chronic water shortage, preventing sustained economic growth and negatively impacting the environment and health of Palestinians. The little water available is inefficiently used.” Additionally, “Palestinian ground water supplies have increasingly become polluted as a result of inadequate sewage treatment and over-pumping of wells. Untreated sewage is dumped in valleys and the Mediterranean Sea, decreasing the quality of the already inadequate groundwater supply, and polluting the soil, sea, and coastline.”

        "This horror that Israel perpetuates against the Palestinians who are the rightful owners of Gaza is all about stealing the land and kicking off the Palestinians."

        How did Israel steal land when it completely withdrew from Gaza?

  • Greta Berlin

    The problem that the entire JEWISH world has with the MUSLIMS is that they came in and turned a little piece of desert into a wonderful thriving FREE nation while the JEWS are still living in the 7th Century accomplishing nothing. MARTHA

    If the JEWS wanted peace, there would be peace tomorrow. They do not want peace, therefore they have accepted the plight they find themselves in. WATCHFUL

    I think Ms. Berlin should pay a visit to that JEWISH sh*thole and witness firsthand what SHIN BET will do to her if she walks into the illegal territories. KMEC

    When asked if they will condemn honor-killings, genital mutilation, JEW genocide on Muslims and Christians, and sponsorship of JEWISH terrorism, they'll simply ignore the facts and continue their childish lies about how PALESTINE is mistreating the "starving" JEWS. INDYISDAVE

    SO… all you racists who posted above, how does it feel if I substitute the word JEW for the words Palestinian and Muslim? You should be outraged that anyone would say those things, yet those of you (all 12 of you who read this crap) don't even get it that you are racist anti-Semites. Yes… Araba are Semites, and you sound no better than what the Nazis used to say about any of you. Shame on you for doing the same thing to the Christian and Muslim Palestinians. You are ignorant hasbaras. Fortunately the world is beginning to see what Israel is doing in our name and with American money.

    • Martha

      Oh there ya go, using the last weapon you have since you have no facts-Ya went and called me a RAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCIIIIIIISSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTT!
      yeah, whatever.
      Taking the words and reversing them is not an arguement. You still have no facts Lib-Girl.
      Jews do not practice genital mutilation on girls, only your beloved Muslims do that. Oh darn I went and got racist again did'nt I?
      Pull your head out your ass and look at the facts Lib-Girl. Difficult I know, but do try.
      Oh and BTW what is Hamas doing with the 900 million their boy in the White House just gave them? Wait here it comes again: RAAAAACCCCCCIIIIIIAAAAAAASSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!

    • MixMike

      "SO… all you racists who posted above, how does it feel if I substitute the word JEW for the words Palestinian and Muslim?"

      Interesting experiment but the fact remains, when you substitue the word JEW with PALESTINIAN or MUSLIM in the comments, they would all become FALSE. When you rightfully leave the word PALESTINIAN or MUSLIM in the comments as originally written the statements become TRUE.

      I am sorry Greta, but there is NOTHING racist about calling out Palestinians and the Arab nations for being xenophobic and genocidal maniacs.

      "Yes… Araba are Semites, and you sound no better than what the Nazis used to say about any of you."

      Greta you are truly ignorant and your statement above demonstrates just how little historical knowledge you have. As discussed previously on this website, antisemitism is prejudice against or hostility towards Jews NOT ARABS OR OTHER SEMITIC PEOPLES. The term was coined in the late 19th century in Germany as a specific term for hatred of JEWS and has been used in that context ever since.

      • Greta Berlin

        Racist and you don't even see yourself the way many of us see you. You are blind to your own racism and anti-Semitism, since you and your ilk are the worst problem for other jews

        • MixMike

          You have managed to name call but completely avoided responding to any of my points.

          "since you and your ilk are the worst problem for other jews"

          Funny, I would probably say the same thing about you.

          • Greta Berlin
          • MixMike

            Wow, you've managed to provide a link to a blog by Richard Silverstein, a far-left and anti-Israel activists, who cites a report by B'Tselem, a far-left anti-Israel group.

            Unfortunate for you, the report by B'Tselem is completely false. B’tselem declares that within the W. Bank "21% of the built-up areas within the Jewish towns are private Arab property" and "that Jewish communities control 42 percent of all the land in Judea and Samaria allegedly because municipal boundaries are 10 times larger than built-up areas."

            As for the first claim, the only Arab land that was confiscated in the W. Bank was done over 30 years ago for security reasons. Even still, land that was confiscated was completely compensated for, either in money or other land. The properties that were actually confiscated and compensated "add up to much less than 21%."

            As for the second claim, the total land controlled by Jewish regional councils is 9%. It is important to note that the private land was appropriated for PUBLIC use, such as roads and infrastructure. This is done in every country in the world including the U.S. (eminent domain).

            Moreover, Israel does not "requisition private land for the establishment of settlements." Construction for housing is allowed on private land only "after determining that no private rights will be violated." The settlements do not displace the Arabs: "the vast majority of settlements have been built in uninhabited areas and even the handful established in or near Arab towns did not force any Palestinians to leave."

            Under 225,000 Jews live in settlements in the West Bank. Over 80 percent of these settlements could be brought within Israel's borders with minor modifications of the "Green Line" while providing Palestinians with sections of current Israel Proper.

  • steve

    Greta: I suggest you fly to your namesake city and start giving political speeches. Who knows? Maybe one day you, too, can solve that age-old perplexing Jewish question.

  • steve

    Oh, Greta, sorry to bother you again with such trivial nonsense, but you could discuss what exactly you or your group has done or is doing regarding the situation involving Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani? Perhaps you can enlighten us or at least inform us that this upcoming crime is not important enough for you big fish to fry.

  • LAMary

    It is important to understand the depth of the change that Israel has undergone since the present government came to power in the spring of 2009. Netanyahu heads a government composed largely of settlers and their hard-core supporters on the right. Their policy toward Palestine and Palestinians rests upon two foundations: first, the prolongation, indeed, further entrenchment, of the occupation, with the primary aim of absorbing more and more Palestinian land into Israel—a process we see advancing literally hour by hour and day by day in the West Bank. Second, there is the attempt to control the Palestinian civilian population by forcing them into fenced-off and discontinuous enclaves.

    Gaza is the biggest and most volatile of the latter, and it is the only one, so far, to have put a Hamas government in power; but if the political situation in the West Bank continues to worsen, or if the deadlock continues, it is likely that Gaza will not be the last such place, and Israel may cease to exist as any form of 'democratic' nation. MARTIN SHULMAN

    • MixMike

      "Second, there is the attempt to control the Palestinian civilian population by forcing them into fenced-off and discontinuous enclaves."

      Israel's fence is for its security, not to control Palestinians. It is designed solely to keep terrorists out of Israel. Its route was carefully determined in order to maximize security for Israel and minimize hardships to Palestinians: "The route of the fence must take into account topography, population density, and threat assessment of each area. To be effective in protecting the maximum number of Israelis, it also must incorporate the largest communities in the West Bank."

      In fact, the Israeli Supreme Court ruled that security concerns needed to be balanced with harm to the Palestinians and "the route of the fence was adjusted to run closer to the 'Green Line'” The fence incorporates "just 7 percent of the West Bank — less than 160 square miles — on its 'Israeli side,' while 2,100 square miles will be on the 'Palestinian side.' "

      If you don't like the fence then blame the appropriate parties: Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the other Palestinian terrorists.

  • Greta Berlin

    Wake up all of you, before your stupidity dooms Israel forever. Those of you who march in goose step to the tune of Zionism are going to be in for one hell of a surprise when israel falls from within. It is not too late. Wake up and start thinking about a democratic, bi-national, tri-religious country for all its people, not for Jews only.!/video/video.php?v=4092

    • MixMike

      "Wake up and start thinking about a democratic, bi-national, tri-religious country for all its people, not for Jews only."

      Um, Greta, are you going senile? Israel is already a SECULAR DEMOCRACY (not for Jews only) that gives equal rights to ALL of its citizens, including 1.5 million Arabs, regardless of religion or race. When will you stop marching in goose step with the neo-Nazi Palestinians?

      • Greta Berlin

        Israel is a theocracy with no fixed borders and no constitution. I don't know what you're drinking, but I've lived and worked in the occupied West Bank, and they have no civil or human rights. They are OCCUPIED. The Palestinians in Isrel prper are fourth class citizens behind the Sephardic Jews and the Ethiopian Jews. Palestinian/Israelis get little to no civil services, their homes are destroyed, they are denied building permits. You are obviously a white racist Ashkenazi or you would see what was in front of your face.

        • MixMike

          "Israel is a theocracy with no fixed borders and no constitution."

          Greta, you have absolutely no clue what you are talking about. Israel is NOT a theocracy, it is governed by the rule of law as drafted by a democratically elected parliament. Israel is SECULAR and has no official state religion. All faiths enjoy freedom of worship.

          Although Israel does not have a single complete constitutional document, "in its forty-five years of statehood the Jewish state has developed an operative constitution of its own, embodied in a set of written texts that reflect the political system on which the state is based, its social content, and an expanding constitutional tradition. Those texts were properly promulgated by the representatives of the people and recognized as constitutional by Israel's Supreme Court." This is similar to the British system where there is no formal constitution either.

          "I don't know what you're drinking, but I've lived and worked in the occupied West Bank, and they have no civil or human rights."

          I haven't been drinking your Kool-aid that's for sure. The W. Bank is governed by Fatah, and they are solely to blame for the lack of any civil or human rights in that territory. That said, Palestinians in Gaza and W. Bank can assert rights in Israeli courts and petition the Israeli supreme court.

          "The Palestinians in Isrel prper are fourth class citizens behind the Sephardic Jews and the Ethiopian Jews."

          Israel's 1.5 million Arabs have equal rights under the law as do all of Israel's minorities (Sephardim and Ethiopian), discrimination against any minority for any reason is illegal. In fact there are special affirmative action programs for Arab citizens (similar in America).

          "Palestinian/Israelis get little to no civil services, their homes are destroyed, they are denied building permits."

          92% of Israeli land is state-owned and can be leased by anyone regardless or religion, race or sex. The other 8% of Israel is privately owned, and land can be purchased by anyone. For example "The Arab Waqf (the Muslim charitable endowment), owns [private land]" and "uses it for the express benefit of Muslim Arabs." Interestingly enough, the Jerusalem Center For Public Affairs (JCPA) reports that 3,600 permits for housing have been supplied to Arabs, which gives Arabs sufficient housing until the year 2020. Unfortunately, there is widespread illegal building in Arab sectors, the illegal building has to be stopped and the illegal structures demolished. "Over the past four years alone, over six thousand illegal structures have been built in the Arab sector [of Jerusalem]. Only two hundred of these have been demolished by the city government."

          "You are obviously a white racist Ashkenazi or you would see what was in front of your face."

          I am actually 1/2 Sephardi and 1/2 Ashkenazic. What does my so-called "race" have to do with anything?

          • Greta Berlin

            You are so utterly clueless, I honestly wonder what you've been drinking. In the face of every international body… every one.. and in the face of Israeli human rights groups such as B'tselem and Gisha… you actually have the chutzpah to write what you have above. You and Israel deserve each other. And whatever 'mixture' you have, you are still a racist

          • MixMike

            You have the chutzpah to personally attack me as a racist yet you fail to respond to any of my facts. Keep swallowing the Arab/Palestinian propaganda.

        • Parveneh Z. Sarshar

          Greta "Mademoiselle Plastic Surgery Gone Bad" Berlin, I'm 100% Sephardic/Mizrahi and you will rarely if ever find a Jew of this background ever propogating the lies against Israel that you adn your ilk do. You are a broken down fascist, nothing more, nothing less. (P.S. I doubt that you speak French anymore than I speak the mythic language of "Palestinian".)

      • AnnaB
        • MixMike

          You're kidding right?

  • LAMary

    One of these days, the entire world will know the tuth.

    • Parveneh Z. Sarshar

      What is that "tuth" Mary? That "Palestinians" have the world's 3rd highest level of morbid obesity?

  • AnnaB

    So this is what you are now all resorting to. You are all pathetic on this thread and a threat to those of us who are Jewish and care about what happens to Palestinians. You're all disgusting.

    • Parveneh Z. Sarshar

      Anna, Do you know any Yiddish? Go give yourself a connie…

  • AnnaB… Here is your so-called 'democratic state of Israel' who treats everyone the same. Israel is a racist Apartheid state.

    • suprkufrB

      I'll teach you a useful trick; you can save yourself a lot of time and wasted effort by simply deleting everything spewed forth by al jazeera without reading it. It's like the old joke about Nixon – How can you tell when Nixon's lying? If his lips are moving, he's lying.
      By the way, how can your alleged Israeli offences be "racist?" Not only are Israelis and Palestinians of the same race (Caucasian), they are even of the same strain (Semitic).

    • Parveneh Z. Sarshar

      Dear Anna, Here's a question for you: Where would the lovely Hannah Mermelstein be allowed to live freely as a lesbian woman? Ramallah or Tel Aviv? Inquiring minds want to know…

  • suprkufrB

    These overprivileged, micro-minded hothouse plants aren't going to go away until we make stupidity a capital offence.

  • AnnaB
    See, the rest of the world, particularly people under 35, know what Israel is doing. The CIA wrote a long analysis about five years ago that Israel would not survive for more than 20 more years. If you continue down the path of fascism and racism, many of us don't give you that long. Israel is the worst thing that has happened to Jews.

    • MixMike

      Joseph Dana is another well known anti-Israel blogger over at the Huffington Post. Dana tries to defend Adeeb Abu Rahma who was engaged in VIOLENT DEMONSTRATIONS against Israel. Odd, I don't remember Ghandi or MLK engaging in violent demonstrations? Dana hangs his defense of Rahma on the basis that testimony changed during the trial and somehow this evidence was "coerced." Of course Dana doesn't provide any evidence to support his nonsense claims.

      By the way, its funny you cite a "supposed" CIA report which has never been actually been produced. The whole hoax with this CIA report was started after it was reported on in a press release from a website run out of Tehran! Very credible source there. Still, is this the same CIA that predicted Israel would be defeated by the Arabs within two years back in 1948?

      "If you continue down the path of fascism and racism, many of us don't give you that long."

      Funny, because this applies perfectly to the Palestinians. See Hamas, Fatah, Hezbollah… need I really go on?

      "Israel is the worst thing that has happened to Jews."

      Can I anoint you with that honor instead?

  • responsible+truthful

    Greta and Co.

    I am a liberal democrat and also pray for the freedom of the Palestinian people. But Greta, and AnnaB, please, Israel is not the problem. It is Hamas that is the problem. How can you claim you support women's rights, gay rights, freedom of speech and press AND Hamas, Hizbollah, and Iran? It is so hypocritical it's sad. I wonder if you have ever visited Israel and talked with the Israeli people. Or opened your mind enough to consider other viewpoints. You are contributing to the violence and hatred of the world and are damaging the U.S. in the process. Finally, the fact that you could outright lie about what happened on that flotilla blows me away. Doesn't your conscience bother you? There are videotapes of the Islamic extremists DISCUSSING their goals for that flotilla and their wish to become martyrs. There are videos of the lynching that occurred as soon as the IDF boarded the ship. Either you didn't witness what happened and are making stuff up based on what you WANT to believe- or you are lying through you teeth. It's such a shame and makes liberal, and supposedly educated women look ridiculous. Please take the time to educate yourself about the true situation. And please speak out against the Muslims who are murdering Muslims all around the world. In other words, be fair and educated.

  • Bless Israel

    Good article (even though it says what people don't want to hear!)

  • responsible+truthful

    You are citing Al Jezeera as a reputable source? Please.

  • responsible+truthful

    Greta and Co.
    I think you should go live in Gaza and spread your sunshine and rainbows there. While you are there you can have tea with the Hamas leaders and thank them for waging war against the free state of Israel. Wait. The Hamas doesn't give women any rights so they probs wouldn't give you the time of day. Dang. Guess you'll just have to pay them ridiculous amounts of money for the aid they get for free from Israel- that is IF they choose to sell it to you.