Sarah Palin’s Detractors and Double Standards

Two events in the past week highlighted yet again the outrageous double standard that the mainstream media and the political Left apply to Sarah Palin.

When it was reported that Sen. John Edwards relied on his wife Elizabeth for advice on everything from public policy to haircuts, it was universally hailed as both sweet and savvy. She’s the smarter one anyway, some would even whisper. Similarly, when President Obama said he consulted his wife Michelle on important matters, it was treated as the sage decision of an intellectually curious man who loved his wife. Bill Clinton was praised for consulting with his wife and putting her in charge of health care reform – the latter especially viewed by the mainstream media as the greatest executive decision since Lyndon Johnson launched the Great Society.

And then there’s Sarah Palin. When recently released e-mails revealed that Palin sought her husband Todd’s advice on numerous issues while she was governor of Alaska, the media gasped in horror. Why, he’s just a snowmobile racer!

Darker musings soon surfaced. The Washington Post “reported” that the e-mails “sent and received by Todd Palin further illuminate the personal quirks, machinations and frustrations of the Palins….” Machinations? Apparently, when male Democratic politicians consult their wives, it’s a sign of wisdom and humility. When a female Republican governor consults her husband, there must be a sinister plot afoot.

For the politically correct Left, gender makes all the difference. Thus, it was appropriate for powerful men such as Obama and Clinton to consult their wives because it fit the leftist notion that these men were sharing power with their wives. This transfer of power from males to females, no matter how slight, was progress. By contrast, Palin was transferring power to her husband. That’s bad because, you know, he’s a guy. Power has to run the other way.

One also detects an element of liberal elitism. Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Edwards and Michelle Obama are all lawyers, while Todd Palin is a high-school graduate who worked as a production supervisor for an oil company. In the view of the media and liberal elites, what could he possibly know?

The other Palin-related controversial non-controversy this past week happened when she was shown to have written a few notes on her hand for her Tea Party Convention speech last Saturday. The Left went bonkers: Oh, she’s so dumb she has to crib her speech!

But if that’s so, what conclusions should we draw from President Obama’s teleprompter habit? Four words on her palm show Palin is dumb, but President Obama can’t deliver a short speech to elementary school kids without reading the whole thing off a Teleprompter – and he’s a genius?

I don’t know if Palin had a full copy of her speech or more complete notes to read from during her Tea Party Convention speech. But I’d wager that most of the people criticizing her for writing on her hand don’t, either. They have no idea if she jotted bullet points on her hand to remind herself how to order her notes later or if those were her only notes. Either way, as silly as it does seem for a major political figure to use a middle-school note-taking method, it is proof of nothing. Yet, the Left pronounced it a sign of Palin’s imbecility without stopping to consider that she can’t be that dumb if she can deliver an entire speech with no prompts other than four words scribbled on her palm.

I’m not a Sarah Palin groupie. I don’t consider her a savior for the GOP or a top presidential prospect. I just hate the double standards used by the media and the Left to discredit conservatives and Republicans. And these double standards are never more evident than when Sarah Palin makes news.

Andrew Cline is editorial page editor of the New Hampshire Union Leader.

  • Deborah

    Thank you Andrew! I've read so many nasty articles by the Left attempting to dehumanize and ridicule Mrs. Palin over everything possible, even non-issues. There IS a double-standard and its sickening to watch. Like you I do not look at her as the savior of the GOP or a top presidential prospect. I just hate the hate. The Left is propogating hate and nothing good can come of that. They attack her like the dogs they are. It's awful. Thank you for writing a balancing article (we need a few thousand more to get some real balance). And you're right, 3 notes on a her hand is nothing compared to whole speeches prompted for you (including emphases).

  • Don

    Good Points, Andrew

  • Martin

    Mrs. Palin is only effective as an attack dog. When she broke out at the convention, all she had to say were very disrespectful things about her opponent. The far right's words; certainly nothing she was capable of thinking about on her own.

    People who are so unabashedly partisan are useless on the national stage. Hate? Not at all; we're embarrassed for her. Why do the Reps waste their time with her, and instead get a candidate going who has something with substance to contribute?

    • donnamarie

      Oh Martin, you are so funny. If the dems were really embarrassed they would ignore her and let her fade into oblivion. But no, their rancid fear and hatred gets them every time. Go ahead, keep calling her names….

      • Eli

        Donnamarie,you are so right.

      • TraseroConservativo

        I remember once, when I was a kid, telling my mother about some abuse I had been taking from some other kids. She, essentially, told me that if they're harrassing you without provocation, they're probably jealous of you can be sure they hate you if they ignore you altogether. You are right. For the most part, it seems to me the droolers on the Left are very transparent, if you can recognize what you're seeing.

  • Barbara

    First-Mr Palin has more questionable credentials with his Alaska secessionist ties and his role in Troopergate.
    Second-It wasn't just notes on her hand-it was the hypocrisy of making disparaging remarks about teleprompters (which she also uses ) and then having to be reminded of HER OWN PRIORITIES by writing them on her hand and actually having to refer to them!!
    Third-Obama did not use a teleprompter to address school children-he addressed them without any notes-even on his hand. The teleprompters were in another room set up for the press as he announced education initiatives-but don't let facts get in the way of a good rage.
    Just keep feeding into the crazy persecution complex she has- yep-the media is so mean to her-and yet she is on the glorified Fox news! Can one have it both ways? I for one will be supporting her candidacy as that is the easiest way to ensure Obama the whole 8 years to try and dig us out of the Bush hole and finally commit to rolling over the party of NO

    • Martin

      Great points, Barbara. Among so many other reasons, I just think that her presence – as it is – is not a very good thing at all for Women. Too many years from now, we'll be hearing every lady-candidate be relentlessly compared to this woman, who is misplaced, and not at all a good roll model for what it takes to be an effective politician.

      • Stephen D.

        Martin, you are right. I don’t think she is anywhere near as good a “roll model” for women. Someone from NOW should be heard. Especially when there is an issue that affects women. Like the recent events in Turkey when a little girl was BURIED ALIVE for having the audacity to speak to a boy not in her family thereby dishonoring them. This may be something the women with a voice would be uspet with and speak out on.
        How much have you heard about this from our leadership? How much outrage from NOW? But notes on her hand…now THAT is news worthy. What say you to this…outrage? Go ahead. Think about it. I’ll give you time to calm down from seeing ink on Palin’s palm.

    • donnamarie

      Barbara, did you read this before posting. If you did you would realize that it has no basis in reality-4 words on a hand v. teleprompter to elementary school kids, huh??? I could go on but it is too easy. You are just as funny as Martin.

  • Jana

    Good Lord. Here I thought Todd palin was a snowmobiler, commercial fisherman AND Mr. Mom. Turns out he was also the governor. Don't compare the accomplishments of people who have opinions based on this apparent new sin called "AN EDUCATION" to an Mr. Got Rocks For Brains whose purdy little wife won her an election playing politics. HIM BE BIG MAN RUN ALASKA WITH BIG HANDS. Shut your mouth, you shame this country by wanting someone even more stupid than you to have a "whack at it".

    • J. D. Saunders

      I wonder if Jana is as unpleasant as she sounds. As to Palin, the Janas of the world (including the relentlessly liberal media) wouldn't be so monominiacal in their laughable attacks on Palin if they weren't so frightened of her. It would be worth seeing Palin make a presidential run just to see the left come totally unhinged.

  • Arctos

    Sorry, but as a lifelong Alaskan, I disagree. One reason takes some explaining.

    During the Troopergate scandal, Mrs. Palin tried to evade our Legislature's inquiry into whether she or her staff or Todd Palin pressured state officials to fire her ex-brother-in-law, the trooper. (She said nobody was doing so until a taped conversation emerged showing one of her close staff members doing just that. She "welcomed" this inquiry until John McCain picked her.)

    She filed an ethics complaint about herself so that the Personnel Board (whose three members are governor-appointed) would investigate the matter. They hired an independent investigator. Wow, big surprise! He decided she'd done nothing wrong–although he said his investigation was hindered because he didn't receive all of her pertinent emails because many were on private accounts. (Good thinking, Mrs. Palin. Promise transparency and then hide your emails.)

    The investigator concluded that Todd Palin was a private citizen and therefore there was nothing wrong with him complaining to state officials about his ex-brother-in-law. But now, the exact same crew of state employees claim that there was nothing wrong with Todd attending workshops on the gas line, making personnel decisions, etc., because he WAS an intimate advisor and protected by executive privilege.

    Keep in mind that these people were exchanging emails with him about state business on private accounts most of the time, explicitly to evade public scrutiny. A few hundred of Todd Palin's emails have been withheld from FOIA requests BECAUSE of executive privilege.

    In other words, someone who wasn't elected, wasn't appointed, wasn't hired and wasn't accountable was involved in state business at the highest levels. The emails show he was involved in one of Palin's earliest scandals, the handling of a state-owned dairy, for just one example. The head of her security detail testified that Todd had his own conference table and phone in her office. He was doing a lot more than "advising."

    In the examples you gave of other spouses, were there ever any questions about whether these wives were improperly involved in official matters? Hillary Clinton was publicly appointed to the health care issue, for example. Her work wasn't secret. Does Michelle Obama hang out in the Oval Office all day and check on how things are going with his staff? I think not.

    It's one thing to talk to your spouse; it's another thing when staff in your office are emailing that same spouse on all kinds of state matters–and then saying that the spouse wasn't involved. In other words, the Palins and their staff were lying to us. A lot.

    But we've since figured that out. Why do you think her favorable ratings in Alaska dropped like a stone, starting wtih the presidential campaign?

    With all due respect, your comparison doesn't fly.

    • cjk

      Unpopular in Alaska?
      If Palin runs for president she will take Alaska 65 to 35 over any demonrat you lying fool !

      • Eli

        All right


      Not to mention that Cline's article has it backwards. Palin wasn't lambasted so much for reading her hand (although, exactly how long did it take for her to read the 3-4 words scrawled on her freakin' palm?), but rather for HER RATHER HYPOCRITICAL ATTACK ON OBAMA FOR USING THE TELEPROMPTER, while she did basically the same thing. It's OK, though, as all her attacks are amazingly self-serving, low-handed political slime designed to keep her in the media spotlight. As Keith Richards said, 'there's no such thing as bad press'.

  • Jackie

    Double Standards?


    1. Dumb
    2. Dumber

    • cjk

      No, no, no, I got it !

      1. Dumb
      2. Dumber
      3. Jackie

  • Walter Scott Hudson

    I mind kinship in the author's last paragraph. I am not enamored by Palin. But her treatment by many detractors is outrageous and indicative of an elitist disdain for the common citizen.

    • donnamarie

      Me too. I like her but she is a little too Pollyannaish for me. No matter what, the abuse she receives from the press-oh my goodness, I have to hand it to her I would not do it.

  • Carlton West

    Sarah Palin is the most exciting, charismatic, and controversial political figure in living memory. She achieved international prominence by her own effort, with some help from her husband, who is neither rich or well-connected. The Left just can't accept her, although so-called "Progressives" claim to care about "the people".

  • Stacy

    Their hatred makes them blind… They attempt to rationalize it but so has any other group of haters throughout history.

  • maralars

    I agree that the obsession with Palin has gotten a bit out of hand. But please, do your homework before you rush to her defense.
    1) The issue with Todd's involvement is that he was interacting by off-the-govt-account email with members of her staff and that he was present in policy meetings. I don't recall accounts of FLOTUS Obama consistently sitting in meetings with presidential advisors.
    2) You write that you don't know if she had notes or a full text, but then immediately go on to assume that she can't be that dumb if she delivers a whole speech with only 4 words on her palm. If you watch the speech, you will see her consistently looking down to read. She absolutely had the text in front of her. Her delivery actually might have benefited from a teleprompter. Those 4 words were ostensibly her priorities: if a possible presidential candidate cannot remember his or her own priorities without writing them down, we're in trouble!
    3) President Obama did NOT use a teleprompter to speak to the students. The teleprompter was for his prepared remarks to the media. And of course he (and most other recent presidents) use a teleprompter. He gives speeches to different groups on vastly different topics. Why should he memorize all that? Sarah, on the other hand, gives essentially the same speech each time to rabid supporters. Why should she need notes at all?

  • gama

    After governor Palin made a speech supporting McCain Democrats Photoshopped her head onto lewd bodies to discredit her. Randi Rhodes, former Air America host insinuated that Palin could not be trusted around teenage boys among other accusations. Sandra Bernhard warned Palin that she'd be gang raped if she came to Manhattan. Mallick wrote a column in which she trashed Palin’s home state of Alaska as a “frontier state full of drunks and crazy people.” Sarah's personal email was hacked into and publicized and bogus ethical complaints were constantly filed against her in order to bankrupt her and paralyze her ability to govern or campaign. The list goes on and on. The fact is that if Sarah had one tenth the IQ she has she'd be better than Obama if he had 10 times the IQ he has.

    • Joe

      You're a real yo-yo, Gama.

  • Viola

    Maralars- You had me until "Rabid Supporters", which just makes you come off as a jerk and elitist.

  • jtbaumgart

    When Harry Truman was sworn in as president, He often consulted with Bess Truman about both foreign policy and domestic policy. Yet all the bloodletting liberals conveniently choose to ignore this little known tidbit in history. Once again, oh liberal, hypocrisy is thy name.

  • Joy

    I thought it was safe to read and comment on this site – WRONG!! Too many libturd trolls for my taste, but it does inspire me to post a pro-Palin comment. I’ve read in countless OTHER reports that the emails & info that were shared with Todd Palin were public domain and some 2 & 3 years old – i.e., information/knowledge that was hardly top secret. As for “Troopergate,” you conveniently forget to mention that this former in-law was a serial wife abuser and a very loose cannon. And when the head of the constabulary circled the wagons for “one of theirs,” he/they were very derelict in their duty, because this creep also had other violations and was not a good trooper – and, basically, deserved to be terminated. But his immediate supervisor, not a fan of Palin, refused to carry out her request – even to just instigating a formal investigation.

    Palin had/has many “enemies” in Alaska; but, for the most part, they are disgruntled former honchos – even in her own GOP party – who were outsted when she instituted some pretty serious “housekeeping” policies. There is even one woman – a true stalker – who bears a very bitter grudge against the former Governor for not being hired by the State of AK, despite countless attempts. Palin’s no-nonsense approach – none of this “go along to get along” crap popular with too many politicians – has rightfully upset a LOT of apple carts and has really kicked up a lot of dust wherever her presence has been felt. And it’s just too much for some people. On the other hand, independent Conservatives like myself, truly appreciate her strength and her moral courage – an alien concept to most of the leftist half-wits among us.

    • Rightie Tightie

      Aren't we a name caller, Joy?
      Libturd trolls
      Loose canon
      Leftist half-wits
      It's nice that such a pure mind with such altruistic values (you?) has such a fine leader to look up to. If you thought the so-called Conservative press is irrepressible, your WRONG!!!
      We don't like Sara, and we don't like YOU either.
      Where's the joy, Joy?

  • Nilsson

    Palin isn't really a 'controversial' figure. Most Republicans, like most independents and nearly all Democrats, find the idea of her making a Presidential run a bad joke.

    It's a sad commentary on her rube constituency, a minority within the GOP, that it applauds her for being as dim, as badly informed, as dysfunctional in her family life and as ready to duck elective responsibilities when dollars call as they would be.

    In the past, inadequates looked up to more gifted men as leaders instead of seeking one graven in their own mage. The GOP had Coolidge, Taft, Eisenhower, Goldwater and Reagan for the lower orders to admire. Now it has this grotesque, self-seeking huckster to drool over. Dumbed-down politics indeed.

    • gama

      I don't find President Palin a bad joke at all. The people who do so are rabid extremist liberal nutcases

  • gama

    Todd Palin would make a much better president of the United States than Obama. In fact anybody would

  • johncarens

    Sarah Palin is THE Ground-Zero Touchstone of the battle taking place in Cultural America. This is why the rhetoric, both left and right, is so sharp and cacophonous.

    For traditional, moral, religious, family and community-oriented America, the rise of Sarah Palin represents the deep hunger for a sunny, optimistic and thorough-going conservative leader who resides (metaphorically and physically) outside the usual realms of couched double-speak, Hollywood high-concept, and smarmy, elite condescension. She seems completely genuine, unflappable, and strong-as-nails. Again, however: She REPRESENTS these things –, and because we are only making her acquaintance, they might not be true. Certainly, they SEEM to be. In many ways, she is the photo-negative of Barack Obama: In the same way the President was the repository of their pseudo-religious dystopian yearnings of the radicalized Left, Traditional America yearns for an articulate, strong, sunny, conservatives-conservative to represent them as President, and, so far at least, they've allowed Palin to be their blank canvass.

    And, this tension is where the battle looms.

    To the seething, rage-filled Left, Sarah Palin is every caricature they they can ascribe to a conservative: Stupid (-first and foremost), primitively Christian, overly-fecund, wicked, blood-thirsty, and, in all likelihood, the second coming of Bull Conner (who, they always forget, was a democrat), ready to round up the nigras and homos and throw them in a concentration camp.

    These two competing visions of America (one of strong, traditional families worshiping God, using his Abundance for the perpetuation of liberty and freedom –, the other, the strange amalgam of hedonistic, libertine pleasure and statist governmental interference) will, at some point, stop simmering, and explode. As Abraham Lincoln famously observed, the Nation cannot survive, half one, and half the other.

    Sarah Palin is our Bloody Kansas.

  • USMCSniper

    Dispute these facts about the failure Hillary Clinton who you leftist think is the smartest woman in the world. PART I:

    Hillary Rodham Clinton has never done anything of any real signficance in her entire life and her inflated opinion of herself is downright laughable. If she had not married Bill Clinton and hung on his coat tails she would never be a "carpetbagger" New York Senator from Arkansas, and for damn sure she would never have been an also ran and failed contender for the Democrat Party 2008 Presidental candidate nomination.

    She has never gotten one single job on her own anywhere in her life. And when she got them she botched each and every single one of them. continuing…..

  • USMCSniper

    PART II:

    Professor Tommy "The Commie" Emerson, her mentor at Yale, got Hillary Rodham first job assigned as an aide to the CPUSA financed defense lawyer Charles Garry in the Black Panthers Bobby Seale murder trial.

    When she applied for officer candidacy for the Department of the Navy JAG program after she graduated from Yale she was rejected by the Department of the Navy for as an "unfit as an officer candidate" because of her fellow traveler activities with CPUSA members and the SDS at Yale

    Professor Tommy "The Commie" Emerson also got her her law internship as the personal law clerk to Robert Truehaft, the head of the CA CPUSA and the Chief Counsel for the entire Communist Party USA.

  • USMCSniper

    Edward Kennedy's lawyer who was a friend and colleague of Robert Truehaft along with her Yale mentor Professor Emerson and they got her the job on the Watergate committee staff. She was outrightly fired by general counsel and chief of staff of the Watergate House Judiciary Committee, Jerry Zeifman, for lying, outrageous behavior (throwing tantrum tirades), unethical conduct, and serious Constitutional procedural violations. This is well documented!

    Hillary Rodham failed her Washington DC Bar Exam at least once, so she got a job at the University of Arkansas not on her own, but through Bill Clinton who was already an instructor on the faculty at UofArk. She apparently wrote her Arkansas Bar Exam on site at the University of Arkansas which was under some very suspicious conditions for monitoring and passed it – this was not completely on the up-and-up!

  • USMCSniper

    PART V:
    She doesn't even write her own books – and her editing is light skimming at best. She has ghost writers like Barbara Feinman and she stiffs them by not paying them in full even when she gets multi-million dollar advances.

    Oh yes, the debacle she ran for nationalizing healthcare in Bill Clinton's first term was not only a disaster, had she not been the first lady she would be in a penitenuary for the deliberate misappropriation of a massive amount of government funds she could not account for and has never been accounted for.

  • Ann Feinstein

    What does a feminist want?…..A career, a supportive husband and one or two children?………Sarah Palin has been Governor of Alaska, has the ideal supportive husband and a typical American Family, including a cherished challenged child who was not thrown into the garbage before birth……..She has it all…….Unfortunately, she is a Republican (GASP) which must really stick in the craw of leftwing radical feminists….I personally do not think she ready for the next presidency, but she is young, a quick study, and as I thought she would do, is getting the education she will need to dive into the cesspit that has deepened over the years in Washington ……..She has great potential and I wish her well……….Ann

  • USMCSniper

    PART VI:
    Her integrity is zero, as she lies constantly, like being born in 1947 and claiming she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary who climbed Everest in 1953 and was not knighted until 1955; and the whopper Bosnia lie that she was under sniper fire and video shows otherwise , and lie about the lady who died without health insurance etc.,.. stealing Whitehouse artifacts and getting caught, receiving illegal monies from the Chinese Red Army agent Johnny Cheung at the Whitehouse, Whitewater, Travegate, 900 FBI files illegally held by her staff at the Whitehouse, obstruction of justice in the Vince Foster suicide investigation, and perjury before a Federal Grand Jury, and, on, and on.

    She is a failure with zero experience at successfully doing anything and Obama is going put this inept failure of woman up as qualified for Secretary of State? Well, I guess he must look at himself and compare, and realize they both are fence post turtles.

  • USMCSniper

    If you drive down a country road and see a turtle sitting on a fence post, that is a fence post turtle. your know she hasn't the ability to get up there by herself, she doesn't belong way out of her element up there, hasn't a clue what to do when she is up, you wonder wjat kind of dumb ass would put her up there in the first place, and the sooner you remive her, the better for her and the better for all concerned.

    • bubba4

      Thanks for showing us where the real hate and Misogyny lies. You're a ridiculous cartoon of a man.

      • USMCSniper

        I asked you to repudiate what I said what true about Hillary Rodham Clinton not attack me. In addition, this nutcase woman was into the occult as documented in her own book and in Bod Woodward's book with corroating witnesses, on holding seances at the whitehouse and channeling with the dead, like Eleanor Roosevelt, Ghandi, and even Jesus Christ, with Jean Dixon a nutcase psychic mystic.

        Like I said about you before, too stupid to even suspect you are stupid!

        • bubba4

          Dude…your post had 7 parts. It cobled together every single discredited attack ever levied against the Clintons. Set aside the fact that I would have to waste a ton of time writing a reply about material that was old a decade ago, you are perfectly capable of debunking your own lunacy. I mean, what's new about your post? What would it take for example for you to believe that Clinton didn't murder Foster for instance? I doubt ANYTHING WOULD DO IT….

          It doesn't cost you anything to believe and it must give you some kind of perverse pleasure….

  • jbtrevor

    All baloney aside, what serious criticism of Ms. Palin's politics/policies has the Left been able to bring up? None. They could disagree with her and point out why, but they choose to utilize what has historically been their most powerful tool: Personal Attack. And it's infectious. The comments in any local US newspaper (online) are quite revealing. That so much of America looks at personal characteristics instead of 'professional' capability when selecting whose advice they will hear is a very sad reflection of us all. And when challenged to articulate other than personal attacks, most Leftist either can't or won't.
    Unfortunately, what has long been held as a 'tactic' of the left is seeping into the methods of those on the political Right.

  • Stephen_Brady

    The criticism even comes from the Right. Listening to Michael Savage, last night, my wife and I heard him criticize Sarah Palin as "unelectable". The reason for her inability to be elected was unclear. But as a conservative, she "says all the right things", according to Savage.

    So, Sarah is a conservative, and says all the right things, according to Dr. Savage (who, as we all know, earned his PhD). And this makes her unelectable as a Republican. A fellow with an earned PhD should be better able to exercise his logical function.

    Michael Medved wants a "moderate". Glenn Beck wants a "libertarian", though he never comes out and says so. To his credit, Rush Limbaugh is defending her (though I suspect he's waiting for the next "Reagan" to emerge – perhaps, she already has!).

    That said, there is a clear double-standard on the Left, and the article only covers a small portion of it. The fact is that the DEMs and their fellow-travelers are terrified of a GOP-controlled Congress, next January, to be followed by a conservative female President, in January of 2013.

    Another generation of leftists out in the cold. That what they fear, and that's why they hate Sarah.

    • bubba4

      People say she is unelectable because her poll numbers suck. The more people know the less they are likely to vote for her. You may REALLY REALLY REALLY want to vote for her…but you only get one…and this is a big country with a lot of different people in it.

  • Ann

    Concerning Mr. Gibbs and the hand job he did on Sarah Palen, the list of items he wrote on his palm were items that women shop for all the time to feed their families…..Do I detect a nasty streak of contempt for women here or is making snide remarks just part of his personality? Women want to know! Ann

  • jbtrevor

    All baloney aside, what serious criticism of Ms. Palin's politics/policies has the Left been able to bring up? None. They could disagree with her and point out why, but they choose to utilize what has historically been their most powerful tool: Personal Attack. And it's infectious. The comments in any local US newspaper (online) are quite revealing. That so much of America looks at personal characteristics instead of 'professional' capability when selecting whose advice they will hear is a very sad reflection of us all. And when challenged to articulate other than personal attacks, most Leftist either can't or won't.

  • deosil

    Wow, you just wrote a load of horse pucky…no, wonder you support Palin….horse pucky abounds.

  • maverick muse

    I like Sarah Palin, the woman, and have consistently supported her right to self determination.

    I also thought that the title regarding Palin's critics calling her out for double standards referenced her recent endorsements for neoconservatives campaigning against conservative independent Tea Party GOP candidates.

    The problem Sarah Palin presents the conservative "revolutionary cause" ( to rescind corrupt politicians by invoking Constitutional powers) is that she endorses candidates who are neoconservatives and who conduct the same smear tactics against their opponents as were conducted against Palin in her VP campaign. Palin endorses neoconservative entrenched GOP career politicians, McCain and Perry, who have each invoked unconstitutional measures infringing against on US citizens' Bill of Rights. Palin fails to acknowledge the qualified and more conservative candidates who are challenging McCain and Perry, namely JD Hayworth and Debra Medina.

  • gama

    The supporters of Obama are dangerous fools

  •’s/ LibsAreDemented

    It's astonishing to see the level of hatred for Sarah Palin. Nothing said about her is founded in legitimate issues, just personal attacks of the nastiest kind. This woman has done nothing to deserve the level of hatred and ridicule she gets from the Left. Something about her really bothers them, and the more they attack her, the more popular she seems to get. Mocking her for writing a few words on the palm of her hand, while the hapless and bumbling Obama has to rely on a word-by-word teleprompter to speak to elementary school kids, is the ultimate in The Pot Calling The Kettle Black.

  •’s/ ILoveTheUSA

    USMC Sniper,
    Great reminders about the celebrated women of the Left, in this case Hillary, who would live in complete anonimity and inconsequentiality was it not for her husband. Liberals are not for anything they claim to be for, they're not for gender/race equality. They categorize everyone in some minority group, race group, disability group, economic group etc. They claim to be for women, but seeing how their treatment of Linda Tripp, Sarah Palin, the contless women Bill Clinton molested, not to mention their deafning silence when it comes to the oppression and abuse of muslim women, it's clear to see that the only women they champion are the far left wing, abortion loving, men hating feminazis. Liberalism peddles the worst kinds of bigotry, racism and other kinds of wrongs. They lose in the marketplace of ideas, everything they try fails, all they have is their hate and anger. They are to be pitied and defeated.

  • USMCSniper

    PART IV:
    She only got her position at the Rose Law Firm as a political favor to Bill Clinton when he became Attorney General of Arkansas. And she was only made a partner in the Rose Law Firm as another political favor to Bill Clinton when he became the Governer of Arkansas. Her job there was funneling misappropriated monies through Edward Hubble for political purposes. She also deliberately had all the records of her activities at the Rose Law Firm burned when she was under investigation for Whitewater. This is documented.

    Her political appointments to corporation board positions at Tysons Food, Wal Mart, and other organizations where she really did nothing but collect monies were always for political favors owed her husband, both when he was Governer, President, and later as an ex-President.

  • Gumply

    I guess I just don't get it, Sarah Palin is not what this country needs, at least not now. She runs off to Arizona to campaign for the RHINO, John McCain and if that isn't bad enough she then decides to go to Texas to campaign for Rick Perry defender of the Super Hyway to insure it is ready for the Norht American Union. Wonderful!

    She does not have a clue about the real world. she lives in lala land. We have a lying campaigner in the White House now we don't need a fluff puff campaigner in their to replace him. I just got through listening to a speech by Ronald Reagan that he gave for Barry Goldwater and it could be given today and it was not a campaign speech it was a call to arms for the American people against people that want to destroy this country. Sixty years ago and it is just as relevant today.

  • Peppe

    I'm convinced that Sarah is qualified to be president as long as there are those who are convinced Carak Obama is. But indeed she will have 3 years to convince the majority of the electorate.

  • Peppe

    Barack (typo—no disrespect intended)

  • tdub

    You hopeless rubes still prattling on about Obama's teleprompter are still WAY ahead of yourself, as usual. In your zeal, you have mistaken Palin's sense of entitlement and "aw shucks" manner with something even resembling competence. Before she even gets to the podium to attempt to discuss matters that include knowledge and DETAILS about policy, she is going to have to face GOP candidates who consider themselves far more qualified to run for the GOP Prez bid. She will likely be chewed alive in that gauntlet—by her own party. What do you expect, the other GOP hopefuls to lay down and annoit her the free ride like you all do? I look forward to the day when she actually has to stand up tall and defend and articulate her principals.

    So go ahead and prattle on about Obama, if if make you feel better and more emboldened. I look forward to them debating ideas and vison.

    • USMCSniper

      Yes and I bet you have a Chris Mathews tingle down your leg for your mandingo man and his chocolate love hammer.

  • bubba4

    I just like how, in order to support his argument, this writer has to pretend that Hillary Clinton got a free pass by the media during Clinton's administration is just hysterical.

    And then watching what she had to go through in the primaries…it's amazing….

    • USMCSniper

      What achievments has she ever accomplished or done of any significance sucessfully in her entire life? Answer is absolutely zero.

  • lee tabin

    if palin who was not a particularly right wing governor-in fact she was critical of the republican establishment there-had a D after her name and maybe an abortion or two, she would be the darling of the media. the media is so one sided it is laughable.

    i watch chris matthews to see what the wacko left-who is actually the party's center now-is up to and he almost never lacks a segment to insult her. he actually had a whole show devoted to discussing what an idiot she is. it had nothing to do with policy–all personal. for his sake i hope he doesnt run into her husband at some function.


  • Stephen D.

    I don’t think Palin is anywhere near as good a “roll model” for women as she could be. Someone from NOW should be heard. Especially when there is an issue that affects women.
    Like the recent events in Turkey when a little girl was BURIED ALIVE for having the audacity to speak to a boy not in her family thereby dishonoring them. This may be something the women with a voice would be uspet with and speak out on.
    How much have you heard about this from our leadership? How much outrage from NOW? But notes on her hand…now THAT is news worthy. What say you to this…outrage? Go ahead. Think about it. I’ll give you time to calm down from seeing ink on Palin’s palm.

    • USMCSniper

      Anyone from NOW is hardly a role model for women. NOW is dominated by leftist man-hating neurotic lesbiansand even some who are borderline psychotics. What is more newsworthy is when the actual Commander in Chief says we have 57 states and no less than three timesstate the that a Navy Corpsman is a Navy Corpse-Man. Maybe that really was a Freudian slip form the clandestine Muslim in the Oval Office?

      See my comments on the failure Hillary Rodham Clinton who is the anti-role model for women. Putin regards her as joke and Obama as Barry Obambi, China's leadership commentson her as a looking like a charwoman, and all of ran's leadership laughs at her openly as a nobody.