The Great Healthcare Robbery

“No one has talked about reconciliation,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid declared during last week’s health care summit. It was a lie shocking in its boldness.

Live on national television, the Democrats’ leader in the U.S. Senate told the nation that not a single person had discussed even the possibility of using the Senate’s budget reconciliation rules, which require a simple majority vote instead of 60, as needed under regular Senate rules, to pass President Obama’s health care reform plan. Yet, a week before, Reid himself had said publicly that reconciliation was an option for passing the plan, reported. Of the Senate’s 59 Democrats, 23 had already signed a letter urging the president to pass the plan via reconciliation by the time Reid said “no one” was even talking about it. And of course, a week later, President Obama, as expected, urged Democrats to pass the bill through the reconciliation process if necessary.

In other words, the Democratic Party leadership in Washington hadn’t just talked about reconciliation. It was central to their strategy.

Reid’s blatant revisionism perfectly encapsulates the Democratic leadership’s plan for passing legislation to completely remake health care in the United States. Simply put, the plan is this: Lie. Thus, President Obama and the leadership in Congress have lied about nearly everything, from start to finish. Obama said that if you have health insurance you like, you’ll absolutely get to keep it under his plan. That was a lie. As he eventually acknowledged, millions of Americans will lose their existing coverage if the changes he wants become law.

Similarly, Obama spent all last summer saying health care reform wouldn’t raise taxes on anyone but the rich. But on August 2 the Associated Press reported that the administration admitted that taxes might have to be raised on the middle class to pay for the health care bill.

Obama has said repeatedly that insured families pay about $1,000 a year to cover the costs of the uninsured. puts the figure at $200.

Obama said our current health care system causes a bankruptcy every 30 seconds. That’s not remotely true. If every bankruptcy in the United States in which health care costs played any factor at all were counted as a bankruptcy caused by health care, the figure would be one per minute, not double that.

In the summer, Obama was claiming that health care reform was paid for. At the time, the Congressional Budget Office concluded that the House bill added $239 billion to the federal deficit over a decade and the Senate bill $597 billion. The president’s claims still aren’t true because of tricks such as removing the “doc fix” provisions and putting them into a separate bill.

Obama claimed health care reform would save the average American family $2,500 a year. could find no evidence for that at all. Obama apparently just made it up.

Obama promised at least eight times that the health care negotiations would be televised live on C-SPAN. They weren’t. They were done, as everything in Washington is done, behind closed doors.

There us no shortage of additional examples. When it comes to health care, on point after point after point, the American people have been lied to – systematically, methodically and deliberately.

It should go without saying that opponents of the Democrats’ plans haven’t always been truthful, either. Some attacks have contained intentional falsehoods, others inadvertent ones. I don’t defend any of those. But they don’t make any less outrageous the fact that our own government has systematically misled us in an attempt to generate support for a plan the president and leaders in Congress knew we would never accept if we knew the whole truth about it.

Sure, politicians have always lied. But this administration, with its campaign theme of hopeful “change,” was supposed to be the most open and transparent administration in history. Even Congress was supposed to be different. Nancy Pelosi promised the most ethical Congress in history. Instead, the White House and its Congressional allies have joined forces to launch an almost daily barrage of falsehoods designed to trick us into supporting a dramatic transformation of one sixth of the American economy. And here’s the worst part about the politics of the healthcare debacle: We have at least three more years of this to look forward to.

Andrew Cline is editorial page editor of the New Hampshire Union Leader.

  • JosephWiess

    Maybe the democrats should change their party symbol from donkey to Jim Carrey's Character in Liar/Liar.

    There's always been lying in washington, but with Obama, it's gotten worse. This man wouldn't know truth if it came up and bit him in his nonexistent heart.

    • davarino

      At his next birthday lets make a wish that he cannot lie. That would be funny

      "the pin is rrrrrrrrrrreeeeaaadddd, the pin is rrrrrrrrrrrrrooooyyyyyaaallll blue" hehehhe

      Its funny how the dems always talk about when they are in office, then it will be the most ethical and honest and open ……. But it never is

      • bubba4

        Riiiight…and what crazy secrets do you not think you are privy to? How much more do you want to talk about the pros and cons of various solutions….oh but I guess that isn't what you've been doing for the last year.

        You spent the last year ranting and raving about Marxism and Alinsky so maybe you are behind on the real-world problems facing the country. Wake up moron.

        • davarino

          You say you are a business owner. Do you really want to be mandated to provide health care for your workers? Do you really want to cough up a bunch of money for illegal aliens? Dont you think there is a better way of doing this. Since when does the constitution guarentee your right to health care. If we go this way the next thing will be right to housing, then food, then car, then plastic surgery, and everyone should have a million bucks, and a beautiful wife, and cool job. Where does it end?

          • bubba4

            Well, there are two different issues here.

            Are the Democrats "lying" are they being sneaky and tricky? No, they aren't…they've been trying to move through legislation and if they use reconcilliation because Republicans offer nothing and continue to obstruct then that is within Senate procedures and it's about time.

            That's what the article was about.

            Now, with the law(s) themselves, what we really need is single-payer or a public option. Everything else is a half measure for obvious reasons. Any mandate without a public option is not good. However, there aren't many options in bringing down health insurance costs for everyone. We will see if a public option is back in reconcilliation. I wouldn't trust your knowledge of what the bill(s) are or what's in them…of all people you send too much time reading cultic bullsh*t…sensational and stupid nonsense like FPM. You can sound reasonable on occasion but then the next article you will be screaming "Marxist" with the rest.

          • Swemson

            TROLL ALERT !!

            Just ignore this putz and hopefully he'll go away.

          • davarino

            You didnt answer my questions or read my comment. Who is the robot now, just keep parroting your BS bubba.

            Your just like all the rest of them. You will feel so much better taking from me and giving to others. Your so altruistic with other peoples money. I bet you dont tip when you go out to eat.

          • bubba4

            Yes, because me paying taxes is taking from you…what?

            My permanent employees already have health care. I don't do that part of the business…so I am not sure how it will compare with the mandate if any without a public option. You still can't mandate that businesses pay for insurance for contractors…so I wouldn't have to give those guys insurance anyway. They take care of their own taxes, they can take care of the health insurance. If our current product roll-out is successfull then I will be able to bring more of them in permanently and they will also get insurance.

            Does that answer you question bucko? If you have a bunch of employees that you are paying sh*t wages and not giving them insurance and you aren't making money off of them, then your business isn't very efficient…if you are keeping workers at a low wage and not offering benefits while you make lots of money, then you are a greedy smuck anyway that doesn't appreciate his workers.

            I don't like the idea of any mandate WITHOUT A PUBLIC OPTION. So I read your post and I answered you. Normally you call something "parroting" when it repeats exactly some narrative or meme…when I state a personal opinion, calling it parroting seems robotic…lol.

            I pay a lot of taxes. I would bet a lot more than you do. I am also a generous and giving individual. I give to charity and I volunteer occasionally (not so much recently…I am very busy). Having waited tables for years while going to school and after, I even over tip the dominos delivery guy.

        • Swemson

          TROLL ALERT !!

          Just ignore this putz and hopefully he'll go away.

          • bubba4

            Dude…you may not appreciate the irony, but you are trolling. If you have nothing to say…don't post. I was here before you and I will be here after you've become bored and gone.

          • Swemson

            TROLL ALERT !!

            Just ignore this putz and hopefully he'll go away.

          • davarino

            I dont know, he doesnt do his cause any good, the way he loses control and calls people names and gets all angry. He cant make a coherent arguement or discuss calmly.

            I think this is a great forum for the left to come and voice their opinions. Most dont know how to do it without losing their cool because their cause doesnt make sense, unless all you do is think with your heart and not your head.

    • Swemson


      The author left out the fact that Obama's budget figures to pay for this, include a few hundred million in new tax revenues from Cap & Trade

      From the second he said "I do" at his inauguration, to this day, virtually every word that's come out of his mouth has been a blatant lie… I'm even shocked that everyone doesn't see through him by now.

      ( There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch )


      • bubba4

        No they don't…there is nothing about Cap and Trade in the bills or in the CBO figures for cost projections.

        You're feigned shock at your own crazy outlook does nothing.

        • Swemson

          TROLL ALERT !!!!!

          Go back to the Daily Kos where you belong.

          • bubba4

            Wow…have you hit every post with the same message…such a troll. You're just trying to disrupt and you add nothing.

  • Jeff Perren

    They're simply following rule number one of The Progressive's Handbook of Argument

    Jeff Perren

  • Chris

    Obama is simply practicing taqqiya, for our own good of course.

  • Paul P

    It is obvious that if Obama, Pelosi or Reid's lips are moving, they are lying.

  • JeffT

    I can't recall reading anything about Reid's blatant lie at the "summit" in the MSM? Did they miss it? Weren't they listening intently to the summit's speeches? Don't they care? Ah, that's it.

  • ribeve

    So the fig leaf is off!

    All these years people thought the democrats were serious about being the advocate for the underdog. Now people are looking and wondering. They can't get their head around that the dems don't give a hoot about anyone. I understand it must be hard to watch in disbelief what they are actually doing right now. Thinking that some how the people must have it all wrong, the dems would never betray heros or people in need.

    Well, if you look at what they have been doing for the last 20 years, (probably more) instead of what they said or the show they provide for you to watch you would have seen this coming. Now that they have the power (put an evil laugh here) the vale is off! Control is the only thing that matters to these people.

    The question is who is willing to do something about it? Get active, don't just complain.

    • bubba4

      Control is all that matters? WTF are you talking about?

      You watch in disbelief at the workings of Congress?

  • bubba4

    What about ramming it down our throats….or starting over with a clean sheet of paper? Andrew Cline has his head half way up the Republican's a$$…that's the problem.

    It's been a year. Everything that could have been said about Health care reform has been said….including a swift-boatload of devious and crazy lies from Republicans which Cline supported and propigated.

    These type of articles can be written on the most flimbsy and weak nuggests.
    "Live on national television, the Democrats’ leader in the U.S. Senate told the nation that not a single person had discussed even the possibility of using the Senate’s budget reconciliation rules"

    Clearly, Cline develops context-related confusion when wanting to invent "lies". It was obvious from the context that what Reid meant was that reconciliation had not been proposed. Not that no one had every spoken the word ever…

    You know who had said reconciliation many times was Cline.They were trying to have a conference. Before the conference and during it, Republicans basically accused them of being disingenuous…having a plan for reconciliation and doing the whole thing as a stunt. Well they had every opportunity to express their "ideas" and what ideas did they express?

    Cline uses this whole lie business to circumvent the actual content of the conference and what it meant. Instead, he is channeling Republicans, who without ideas, think having to express their "plan" is a trap….and that after a year of this bullsh*t, with everything obvious and available to all…that Democrats are still hiding something or tricking us or ramming something down our throats. And that's really the lie here…after all this time people like Cline can't let go of the meme he adopted a year ago. Maybe the Marxism narrative is losing power or something…and calling them liars is all he has left.

    Wake up Cline…it's not about your money a$$hole…it's about Americans suffering for no good reason.

    • davarino

      Apperantly you havent heard, the American people do not want this legislation in this form. So now all the sudden it wrong for the other side to voice their opinion.

      They accuse the other side of being like nazis.

      • bubba4

        What form is that….words on paper?

        It's not wrong for any "side" to express their opinions, reveal their plans, or map out a strategy. That's what's been going on for over a year. The Republican opinion is let's do nothing….or try to make it small and weak enough to have no effect.

        So just admit that and stop playing the p*ssy who's brilliant opinion is being snuffed out by Nazis.

        • Swemson

          TROLL ALERT !!

          Just ignore this putz and hopefully he'll go away.

    • davarino

      And by the way, how is it that you guys are able to post such long comments and I can only put up a few paragraphs and get shut down?

      • bubba4

        They got a little stricter on the cursing. So rephrase or respell them. Also, I don't know if it makes a difference, but after a few sentences, I cut the thing out and edit in TextEdit, then paste it back into the comment box. That way I don't lose a lengthy post if something goes wrong in the post operation, and I can spell check better.

        Happy Sunday –

  • 080

    We are suffering a plague of Pinnochios!

  • davarino

    Come again?

  • Sheila Charmak

    This country for the most part is against this President and his congress. This
    man is a danger to our country,to our Constitution,to the future of America. He
    is a narcissit and a pathological liar. My feeling is also that this President has
    more feelilngs for our enemies specifically the Muslims than he does for
    his people and his country.
    When will our voices be heard? When will we see our government do their
    job and impeach this President?

  • bubba4

    "The highly destructive Cap and Trade."

    No climate bill has been passed yet. You don't seem to know anything about it either. Your links don't really have anything to do with your point, the "Economy in Crisis" link is broken.

    "An inferior healthcare plan that no one wants and cannot afford to pay."

    But you can afford the rising cost of healthcare? Were you in a state where the insurance companies wanted to raise rates higher than mandated? How are you going to afford healthcare in a couple of years. Do you have health insurance? What kind?

    "Massive spending as if there is no tomorrow. Massive debt. The massive printing of paper money. There is no question that the total DESTRUCTION of America's economy is planned."

    You're another hysterical ninny. If the destruction of the economy is planned, why didn't these evil forces finish it off when we were leaned over a barrel a year and half ago? Why did FPM scream and yell about not regulating banks or Wall Street…are they in on the fix?

  • bubba4

    Hey Linda…get your own blog so you won't have to treat us all to 4-5 unique posts per article.