Obama is Not a Muslim

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Some conservatives have cited Obama’s near complete refusal to go to church to suggest he’s not the “devout Christian” who “prays every day” as the White House claims.

But that’s not your proof, Christians. To the contrary, it’s Obama’s church attendance — back in Chicago — that proves he’s an atheist.

This was inadvertently admitted by Obama’s leading butt-boy, Richard Wolffe, on North Korean TV Monday night. Wolffe acknowledged that Wright’s liberation theology was not Christianity, but then forcefully distinguished Obama from the Rev. Wright –- i.e., Obama’s sole character witness for his alleged Christianity.

Of Glenn Beck’s denunciation of liberation theology as a false religion, Wolffe said: “Is he debating Jeremiah Wright or Barack Obama? They’re two different people. If he wants to debate liberation theology with Wright, he’s got something to talk about. But liberation theology hasn’t been anything espoused by this president.”

But it was espoused in the only church Obama ever attended regularly — for 20 years, no less — was married in and had his daughters baptized in. The title of Obama’s autobiography came from the title of one of Wright’s sermons and snippets from Wright’s sermons have appeared in Obama’s work.

So the sole evidence of Obama’s supposed Christianity is his longtime pastor, who everyone admits is a racist nut.

No sentient human is required to take Obama’s profession of Christianity any more seriously than if it were coming from a 1980s blow-dried, money-grubbing televangelist with a mistress on the side.

All liberals are atheists. Only the ones who have to stand for election even bother pretending to believe in God.

Not being acquainted with any actual Christians, they aren’t particularly good bluffers. That’s why Democrats babble incoherently whenever the subject of religion comes up. Liberals acting devout always looks like the love scenes between Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis in “Top Gun”: awkward and unconvincing.

Former divinity student Al Gore famously botched a biblical verse, switching God’s instruction that we put heaven before earthly things (“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also,” Matthew 6:21) by saying we should make the Earth our treasure. (In the druidical religion of liberalism, not separating your recyclables is a sin, but abortion is just a medical procedure.)

Howard Dean told a reporter his favorite book of the New Testament was Job.

It took the Democrats’ born-again Christian Jimmy Carter three decades to announce, in 2005, that he didn’t think Jesus would approve of abortion (“unless the mother’s life or health was in danger or perhaps the pregnancy was caused by rape or incest,” etc. etc.).

There’s only one true Christian liberal in the country and that’s Mike Huckabee.

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  • http://www.novelgraphicnovels.com Steve Edward

    I think Obama is a Muslim. After all, he says it himself. Here is a video where he says he's a Muslim. http://xrl.us/bf29mb

  • Wesley69

    Obama is neither a Muslim, nor a Christian, that is my belief. His attendance at Reverend Wright's church helped him politically in his community. giving him name recognition within the Black community. Does he believe in feeding the hunger, clothing the naked or giving alms? Yes, but not in a religious sense.

  • Wesley69

    More importantly, Obama is a disciple of Saul Alinsky. He is a political-social organizer utilizing the Alinsky bible, RULES FOR RADICALS. His god is power as was Alinsky's. Obama has a chance to transform America into what Alinsky only dreamed of – a society where the have-nots share in the wealth of the haves.

    Does he lean toward the Muslims? Yes. Look at his stand on the ground zero Cordoba mosque. Despite majority opinion, Obama stands behind it, though the issue may cost his party votes in November. Here's something you didn't hear. Obama's Department of Justice is blocking the lawsuits against Iran involving the families of the victims of the Beirut bombing of a marine barracks. 241 Marines died that day in 1983. Where is Obama on this issue???? With Iran, a Muslim nation, trying to acquire a nuclear weapon with which to destroy Israel. COULD HIS FAILURES TO PERSUADE IRAN TO GIVE UP ITS NUCLEAR PROGRAM BE A GIFT TO THE MUSLAMIC COUNTRIES IN THE MIDEAST? IS THIS A DELIBERATE POLICY AIMED AT ISRAEL'S DESTRUCTION? AT ONE TIME, I WOULD HAVE CALLED SUCH A SUGGESTION, NUTS.


    How can anyone take Coulter's imflammatory & ignorant comments seriously? With her irresponsible ad hominems & ludicrous vitriol,she's an embarassment to serious discussion regarding the threat of predatory Islam. Her irrelevant comments regarding abortion & atheism are cases in point. Unless I'm greatly mistaken,this is not a forum promoting any (or no) religious preference. Similarly for abortion. This individual does serious discussion of a serious subject a disservice. However,consider the popularity of her books,I;m sure she laughs all the way to the bank.

  • http://www.numismlm.net Salvador Quan

    Let be the one without sin cast the first stone, judge not for only God is righteous enough to pass judgment. That aside I care only for the country's future and the future is in Obama's hands lets pray he does a good job.

  • Nicole Stone

    You cant judge that he is or is not a muslim by whether he acts like one or not. You have to judge him as a stealth muslim jihad living in Darul Harb (Islam splits the world into muslim and non muslim zones, Darul Islam being where Islam holds rule)

    It was interesting to note he doesnt honor his daughters birthdays (muslims only celebrate mohammad’s)

    All the signs Ive seen besides his muslim background and his teacher (tine herary, who is quite old now) saying he was very religious in islam, being registered muslim even in an indonesian catholic school say he is Stealth Muslim.

    Stealth Muslim Jihadi will do all they can to undermine the unbelievers. Economically, socially, even prevent their births (yes pro abortion muslim in a non muslim nation is not unheard of.. they know the believers will not accept abortions)

    Sound sinister ? yes it is. And it happens in non muslim countries all over the globe.. even his cousin Raila Odinga pulled the same stunts in Kenya.

    Islam uses taqiyya and kithman far more than they will ever admit to.

    You’ll probably only hear it from an ex muslim lucky enough to still have his life (death penalty in islam for leaving)

  • Nicole Stone

    Look how long William Ayers hid that he was a Muslim.. the entire time in the weather underground. Now he makes it no secret, since he doesnt need to “use” the cover anymore.

    (See billayers.org) His Muslim name is on the front page (Abu Zayd)

    Islam’s Covenant of Security requires, that unless you cover your identity and face in Jihad in non muslim countries, you MUST pose as a non muslim. We need to keep that in mind. This can be posing as anything, Satanist, Christian, Atheist.. whatever… anything but their true faith.