We’re All Bigots Now!

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After Tuesday’s election, the fresh new faces of the Democratic Party are … Harry Reid and Jerry Brown! (Who had the worst election night? Chuck Schumer, who’s been waiting in the wings to replace Reid as Senate majority leader. Who had the second worst election night? The people who live below Barney Frank’s apartment.)

With the addition of new Republican senators Ron Johnson (Wisconsin), Rand Paul (Kentucky) and Marco Rubio (Florida) — among others — the average IQ of Senate Republicans has just increased by about 20 points. Also, liberals won’t have Sharron Angle to kick around anymore. Now that Angle, Christine O’Donnell, Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina are gone, Keith Olbermann is indefinitely suspending his “Worst Persons of the World” segment.

Republicans added two magnificent new black faces to the Congress with Allen West in Florida, who beat sore loser Ron Klein 54.3 percent to 45.7 percent (with 97 percent counted, Klein wouldn’t concede), and Tim Scott in South Carolina, who crushed Democrat Ben Frasier, 65-29.

Republicans also launched two new Hispanic stars this election: Sen.-elect Marco Rubio from Florida and the new governor of New Mexico, Susanna Martinez. And we got a bonus Sikh — Nikki Haley, the new governor of South Carolina. MSNBC is still searching for the “Republicans are racist” angle in all of this.

The most important outcome of this week’s election is that Republicans clobbered the Democrats in the state gubernatorial and legislative races. Next year, state lawmakers draw new congressional districts, determining the congressional map for the next decade. In the past, Democrats have had a 2-1 advantage in congressional redistricting. Not anymore.

Tuesday night, Republicans won governorships in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Alabama, Nebraska, Kansas, Texas, Georgia, South Carolina — pause, deep breath — New Mexico, Nevada, Wyoming, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Alaska, Maine, Iowa and Florida. They also swept the state legislatures.

Meanwhile, the Democrats won governor’s races in California, New York, Massachusetts, Arkansas and Maryland.

Not only are all the Democrats’ states losing population, which isn’t as important for redistricting, but the Democrats’ biggest plum, California — losing congressional seats for the first time since the ’50s — also approved a ballot measure that will take redistricting out of the hands of the California legislators and turn it over to a Citizens Redistricting Commission.

So the Democrats got nothing out of this election. Worst of all, now they’re stuck with Harry Reid.

Democrats’ congressional redistricting dreams weren’t the only thing that died Tuesday night. A slew of election myths died — though I’m sure they’ll have to be killed off again in every future election:

(1) Election predictions are interesting and give us valuable information.

We may as well listen to people on TV give us their guesses on how many jellybeans are in the 10-gallon jar. The only prediction that came true was my prediction that most predictions were worthless.

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  • gerard

    I have a Dream… My dream was of 2 people were elected to Lead United States through those tough times.
    Sarah Palin and Allen West. Those 2 people have the heart , wisdom and courage to lead.
    Wise word from a black African who love united states.

  • Gordon

    Great article, Ann. Let's hope the elitists on the Repub side of the aisle get the message. If they don't, we can kiss the republican party good-bye.

  • Cuban Refugee

    Another winner, Ann! Loved the title — I wonder what Newsweek's next cover will be? "We're All Awake Now" perhaps? The electorate's repudiation of communism and its bully tactics will resonate for years. We do have to thank Obama after all … if not for his and his czars' wake-up call through their blatant takeover of our economy, our society, and our minds, many would still be dormant. Wherever I go, from the supermarket to the tennis club, I hear, "Marco Rubio for President!" And, could Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews call us bigots when we vote for a Hispanic?

    • myx0mop

      How about Marco Rubio/Allen West? Let them scream "raaaaaaaaaaacism" then..

      Both are superstars!!!!

  • ThinkRight

    Bravo Ann!
    Lisne, REID – you did NOT win…you were swindled in!!!
    Look in a mirror – there is a bag of scuuuum on two legs..

  • ThinkRight

    Bravo Ann!
    Listen, REID – you did NOT win…you were swindled in!!!
    Look in a mirror – there is a bag of scuuuum on two legs..

  • Downsizegov

    The Republican establishment is to blame for screwing up a number of possible contests like Delaware. Instead of supporting a big government Republican like Mike Castle they should have consulted with the conservative grass roots and nominated a reliable supporter of limited government. It would not have been either O’Donnell or Castle.

    No one can influence the Tea Party to sacrifice principle for expedient politics, that is a given that the Republican establishment had better learn to work with.

  • Pete

    I've always had faith in the American people. Glad to see you Yanks have recovered your common sense!
    Never look back!