We’re All Bigots Now!

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Last week, Charles Krauthammer predicted a pickup of 55 House seats and eight Senate seats — which, weirdly, was the exact polling average given by Real Clear Politics. For months now, Dick Morris has been assuring Fox News viewers that Republicans were going to take both houses.

If only some of that precious airtime had been spent interviewing the great Bill Brady, he would not now be locked in a tight election recount for governor in Illinois — Obama’s home state and the sixth most populous state in the nation.

(2) A “wave” election would give the victory to Republicans in all close Senate races.

We had a wave. We had an enormous wave, a tidal wave, a wave that produced more than 60 seats in the House in the biggest party turnover since 1948. But Democrats still won all Senate races that were tied in the polls. The fact that the close races were all in solidly Democratic states had more to do with the outcome than the “wave.” Demographics matter, not “waves.”

(3) Newt Gingrich engineered the 1994 Republican sweep of Congress.

All Newt did was avoid standing in front of a runaway freight train in 1994, when Republicans picked up a comparatively paltry 54 seats. We would have done that if Pee-wee Herman had been the face of the Republican Party. This year, with absolutely no Republican or Tea Party leader, Republicans picked up 60-plus House seats.

Republican landslides are apparently inevitable whenever Democrats try to turn our health care over to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

(4) Tea Party candidates like Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell were bad for the Republican Party.

Au contraire! Every Republican who won a tightly contested election should be sending a thank-you note to Angle and O’Donnell for taking all the fire from the mainstream media and keeping the heat off of them.

Republicans never had a chance to take the Senate, and anyone who knows the difference between California and Tennessee knew that. Most of the Senate seats up this year happened to be in very, very “blue” states. Short of a Republican invasion of the body snatchers, Republicans weren’t going to be electing senators from California, New York and Oregon.

Acting as if O’Donnell’s primary victory dashed Republican dreams of taking the Senate was always absurd — particularly coming from the people who supported a World Wrestling Entertainment impresario in Connecticut and did nothing to help a Republican who could have won that race.

(5) The Republican landslide in the House will lead to a bitterly divided Congress with unimaginable gridlock.

The fact that this year’s crop of Senate elections was bad for the Republicans means the Senate elections two years from now, and then again four years from now, are going to be fantastic for Republicans.

Do you think Claire McCaskill, Jim Webb, Sherrod Brown and Jon Tester of Montana — all of whom will be facing the voters in two years — noticed that popular, long-serving Democrat Russ Feingold just lost an election in a much more liberal state than their own?

Even Lindsey Graham is going to start voting with the Republicans!

(6) Connecticut voters wouldn’t mind a World Wrestling Entertainment impresario.

Connecticut isn’t Minnesota. Anyone with the slightest familiarity with Connecticut knew WWE owner Linda McMahon never had a chance even against Dick Blumenthal, a Democrat so repulsive even The New York Times attacked him.

Republicans had the ideal Connecticut candidate in Rob Simmons, who lost the primary to McMahon. He had won in liberal districts before, was a graduate of Haverford College and Harvard University, was an Army colonel who served in Vietnam and teaches at Yale. He also never kicked a man in the groin for entertainment. But Simmons didn’t have McMahon’s money, so Republicans went with McMahon.

If, instead of listening to pundits guess how many jellybeans are in the jar, the conservative media had showcased Simmons, he would have won the primary, and today conservatives and liberals would be united in joy over the defeat of Dick Blumenthal.

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  • gerard

    I have a Dream… My dream was of 2 people were elected to Lead United States through those tough times.
    Sarah Palin and Allen West. Those 2 people have the heart , wisdom and courage to lead.
    Wise word from a black African who love united states.

  • Gordon

    Great article, Ann. Let's hope the elitists on the Repub side of the aisle get the message. If they don't, we can kiss the republican party good-bye.

  • Cuban Refugee

    Another winner, Ann! Loved the title — I wonder what Newsweek's next cover will be? "We're All Awake Now" perhaps? The electorate's repudiation of communism and its bully tactics will resonate for years. We do have to thank Obama after all … if not for his and his czars' wake-up call through their blatant takeover of our economy, our society, and our minds, many would still be dormant. Wherever I go, from the supermarket to the tennis club, I hear, "Marco Rubio for President!" And, could Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews call us bigots when we vote for a Hispanic?

    • myx0mop

      How about Marco Rubio/Allen West? Let them scream "raaaaaaaaaaacism" then..

      Both are superstars!!!!

  • ThinkRight

    Bravo Ann!
    Lisne, REID – you did NOT win…you were swindled in!!!
    Look in a mirror – there is a bag of scuuuum on two legs..

  • ThinkRight

    Bravo Ann!
    Listen, REID – you did NOT win…you were swindled in!!!
    Look in a mirror – there is a bag of scuuuum on two legs..

  • Downsizegov

    The Republican establishment is to blame for screwing up a number of possible contests like Delaware. Instead of supporting a big government Republican like Mike Castle they should have consulted with the conservative grass roots and nominated a reliable supporter of limited government. It would not have been either O’Donnell or Castle.

    No one can influence the Tea Party to sacrifice principle for expedient politics, that is a given that the Republican establishment had better learn to work with.

  • Pete

    I've always had faith in the American people. Glad to see you Yanks have recovered your common sense!
    Never look back!