Democrat Disconnect

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Democrat polling woes begin with the flawed notion of electoral salvation through health care reform. It was the Democrats’ false belief that failing to reform health care in the early 1990s is the reason why Republicans swept Democrats out of office in 1994. However, polling has shown the opposite. While most voters want health care reform, they do not approve of the manner in which it was handled. Voters did not approve of the reform that did take place — which was short on market-oriented fixes and long on government heavy-handedness. While polling was favorable in some instances for reform overall, Democrats ignored the fact that most people, some 70-percent, were happy with their present health insurance.

Yet, all of the same complaints remain: The two years spent on passing the legislation has doomed Democrats, while the economy has failed to recover. The Obama stimulus package came on the heels of an already unpopular TARP bailout by Bush. With spending at record levels, confidence in the American economy has fallen. Obama’s promises of unemployment staying below 8-percent are long and distant memories. Unemployment has hovered near 10 for over a year, and much higher in struggling industrial states where Democrats made major gains the last two elections.

To counter their own failures, Democrats are attempting to remind voters of who they replaced, namely Bush, who they say sank the economy by kowtowing to corporate-Wall Street interests. A dubious connection to make, given the dirty hands of those like Charles Rangel, Maxine Waters, Chris Dodd and federal institutions like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

There are numerous problems with this strategy. The statute of limitations on blaming the White House predecessor has long-since passed. The open condemnation of Bush by Obama, in press conference after press conference, fell strikingly flat. It was also unprecedented. New presidents take responsibility for the present condition of the country they govern, but this was lost on Obama and hasn’t reflected well upon him.  It ran opposite of the hope-and-change feel-good rhetoric the Obama campaign was founded on. Despite this, the administration is set on picking fights with the old administration, as well as dissenters in the media such as Jim Cramer, Rush Limbaugh and others.

This strategy has been a failure for many reasons. Republicans such as McConnell or Boehner have little public recognition outside of Washington or circles where partisan minds are already made. Turning its focus to Bush hasn’t work, but the party with an unpopular agenda is finding it has little choice.

With such an untenable position, no wonder Democrats are lashing out with groups using expletive-laden names and dubious agendas. And it’s no wonder why voters are lashing out. In the months leading into the 2010 midterms, Democrats have showed they aren’t capable of a serious campaign, let alone serious government.

B.J. Bethel is a journalist based in the Midwest and writes about politics, sports and film.

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  • Conscience

    DEEPLY UNPOPULAR — and counter constituency. Anything Americans don't like is being ignored by their elected representatives. Washington is doing what it wants; not what America wants! The whole lot needs to apologize — as they pack their bags in Nov.

  • Steve

    It's Joe Barton, not Garton.

  • Jim C.

    It's one thing to look at the Democrat's "polling woes" as evidence of their unpopularity. But then you see the polls that 18%–nearly 1/5 of the country–think Barack Obama is a Muslim!

    This shows beyond a shadow of doubt that nearly 1/5 of the country functions day-to-day, at a level of intelligence that is borderline mentally handicapped. Yes, nearly 1/5 of the country is just that dumb. It boggles the mind! That so many people have willingly neglected their duty as citizens to remain informed about their country and apprised of the facts is truly sad. So just keep in mind that 18% of the USA are bonafide cretins when you talk polls.

    • wasicu36

      What evidence do you have that he isn't a muzzard? He certainly panders to them, was registered at school in Indonesia as one; he doesn't appear to be a very good one, but then he's not very good at anything (except destruction of America).

      In the end it really doesn't matter; all that matters is the fact that this thing is one of our most destructive enemies, and it needs to be neutered.

    • Rwenotmen

      Interesting that you would be more concerned about 18% (of those polled) believing that the man is a muslim than the appalling fact that 50+% of voters in this country elected him. I had to hold my nose to vote for McCain, but to cast my vote for an arrogant novice was just out of the question. So in using your logic, it's more like 50% of the active electorate in the 2008 presidential election cycle that are the real threat. Now THAT boggles the mind.
      P.S. It probably wouldn't hurt the president to darken the door of a christian church now and then to dispell the doubts of that "looney" 18%.

    • stevesilvr

      Jim C.

      If Obama claims he is a Christian then it is absurd to claim he is a Muslim. However his father is a Muslim and he was raised as a Muslim. The Muslim religion does not allow anyone to leave the religion. Therefore the vast majority of the Muslim world would consider him a Muslim. Thats a lot of people.

      Steve Silver

    • LordJesusBeInMy♥

      obama is a muslim. It's the other 82% who don't know it that I'm worried about. And all you've done is show your ignorance that you don't know he's a muslim!

    • Jim Johnson

      Perhaps the stupid 1/5 just think he is Muslim on the inside. Perhaps they got the idea from Obama's actions and words. Well if they think he is Muslim in any form they are stupid. He is a very religious man.
      You see
      Obama is devoutly incompetent. The real contest is' who is more incompetent Bush or Obama.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Attending a Republican gatheing at a County Fair I noticed across from the
    meeting the Democrats pavilion, it was empty and someone crossed the
    c out of the sign Demoxrats and put in and n for Demonrats. Is it true that
    the once proud Democratic Party is not the party of Demon-rats………….
    I could hear sounds coming from the trash, could it be…………what is the
    pitch, elect a demon-rat in your town soon?…………………….William

  • tanstaafl

    Why does the picture at the head of this column remind me of that children's song "The Three Blind Mice"?

  • Philosopherking

    Democrats tend to get into office with emotion passion and energy. Without that energy they can't go anywhere. In my opinion, a smart political operator would nullify any energy they have by pointing out how much they have cowtowed to the right. Then challenge any leftist about what is the point of voting for someone who doesn't support what you want. They then have doubts about supporting their people which kills their enthusiasm, energy, and passion.

  • crsfructso

    Everything the Democrats have done the past almost 2 years have been very unpopular to the regular hard working American people. One thing that they are continuously chipping away at is the Second Amendment: "A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be
    infringed." Liberals are saying that it is their right to regulate this. What part of "the right of the people" do they not understand? It did not say "the right of an army" or "the right of the State." So, now, the liberals have limited the quantity of ammunition a person can buy. It just proves how fearful the Democrats are – especially Obama – that the "people" will rise up in arms to defend and protect their rights as stated in the Constitution. All I can say is: Byebye, Democrats. Come November I would love to see your donkey's behind out of office.