Immigration Injustice

It’s routine to be disappointed with the leadership in Washington, but the Obama administration’s lawsuit challenging the state of Arizona’s new immigration law sets a new standard for wrongheaded government policy.

The Justice Department made the decision Tuesday to file the suit based on several dubious factors. The administration claims the law hampers the ability of the federal government and federal immigration authorities to perform their duties – a claim that puts into perspective the audacity and twisted vision that now prevail within the administration.

The timing of the suit comes on the heels of Sunday’s Mexican elections, which were marred by violence throughout the country. While drug lords gunned down one candidate for governor in an assassination, another was photographed with a drug kingpin in a bit of P.R. usually reserved for the most anarchic of third-world states. Another was arrested for using his influence to protect two drug cartels.

Since the election of Mexican president Felipe Calderon in 2006, over 20,000 deaths have been attributed to the drug war. According to war reporter Michael Yon, this is more than in Thailand, a country in a state of civil war. The Mexican drug war has been bleeding over to the U.S. for years, with an 80-mile stretch of parkland along the border deemed no man’s land.

With such pressing issues to the south, one would think Washington would be in a mode to deal with the problem. Instead, the administration is suing the state of Arizona for enforcing federal laws – laws that the federal government has decided not to enforce on its own accord. This decision has led to a political and social crisis among the border states. Under such circumstances, the government would ordinarily feel compelled to act. That is, if there weren’t electoral needs and identity politics to consider.

By attacking the new immigration law, the administration is flying in the face of a 70-percent approval for the measure, according to most recent polling. The suit comes a week after Labor Secretary Hilda Solis made a taped statement promising fair wages to illegals. This at a time when Americans are struggling through record unemployment and are facing greater tax burdens heading into the next year.

This new suit coincides with the administration’s talk of immigration reform – reform that doesn’t seal the border, or deal with the influx of unskilled migrants overloading civil services, or the deplorable criminal element that is passing in, but of blanket amnesty and no enforcement. Without proper security measures, such reform would usher in a new wave of illegal immigration into the Southwest. Democrats hope this results in a wave of Hispanic voters at the polls.

The situation in Mexico, as well as the immigration issue, are examples of the new and unenviable position in which the American electorate finds itself. The average private citizen is no longer a constituent, but treated as an adversary by some legislators. The immigration battle is an example of how the designs of the progressive president and his party are directly opposite to the wishes of the average American voter.

The immigration debate is also an argument about political relevance. Until Scott Brown’s staggering senatorial upset in liberal Massachusetts, conventional wisdom held that he Republican Party had essentially pigeonholed itself geographically. No longer a factor on the coasts, or the Northeast, the Republican Party consisted of middle and rural America in “flyover country,” as the media forewarned. Limiting oneself to such a base was akin to political suicide.

But demographic polarity goes both ways. Sick of high taxes, demonized in the media, film and television, and angry over broken promises with Medicare and Social Security, the middle class of the Midwest and South has left the Democratic party in droves. To survive its political death in “flyover country,” Democrats are poised to allow amnesty for millions of illegals to insure the party’s sustainability.

The people most affected by this and stand the most to lose are blue-collar workers, those in construction and in service areas, who routinely have their wages undercut by businesses hiring illegals. These workers were the former base of the Democratic Party. The Democratic strategy is doubly nefarious given that illegals, who can not yet vote, are promised wages and benefits that can not be delivered — not by state governments on the verge of bankruptcy in the west, or by a free market that can’t support such a glut of unskilled labor at a livable wage. To decry these types of politics is to be called a racist, whether referring to the immigration debate, or any of the innumerable issues in Washington DC.

This brand of terse discourse isn’t limited to politicians in the U.S. Mexico has threatened to sue Arizona as well, and drew its own racial implications. While the U.S. has provided an influx of jobs and trade to Mexico through NAFTA, as well as money provided by illegals who send cash back to relatives, Mexican politicians continue to lecture Americans about their own border and immigration policies, despite Mexico’s southern border being nearly militarized. What’s worse, politicians in both parties have acquiesced to this madness through the years. George W. Bush supported amnesty, then attempted through the court to have 50 illegals removed from death row in Texas at the request of former Mexican president Vicente Fox.

The Obama administration’s hand in border security has been unserious at best. The President has pledged just over a 1,000 National Guard troops for border security, without any enforcement powers. It is short of the 6,000 delivered by Bush, a number that dwarfed the actual need. Securing the border should be first priority, followed by streamlining legal immigration measures and cleaning up the war-like conditions on the border.

If politicians on either side want to get serious about the Mexican diaspora, they should begin taking the host country to task. Mexico is one of the richest oil countries, yet the government takes over 70-percent of the industry’s profits. Corruption in government exists on all levels. The United States can offer help, but it should demand that Mexico clean up its mess, and do something to support and employ the lower classes it wishes to push off onto its northern neighbor. In the meantime, the Obama administration’s decision to pick a fight with the one state serious about solving its illegal immigration problem is a step in precisely the wrong direction.

  • USMCSniper

    Amnesty aint coming for Pancho and his wife and their two anchor babies, Wait and see 5 to 4 Supreme court sides with Arizona.

    • davarino

      Ya, its amazing they are pushing this now. You would think they would wait till this new one gets confirmed as one of the supremes. I guess time is a waistin for them and they have to move now.

      I wonder if this will start an avalanche of law suites that will overturn most of what OB1 has done. That would be awsome. What a legacy as president, be a one termer, and have everything you did overturned by the Supreme court.

      • Liny

        You are right. Everything will be overturned. The conservatives on the high court are still in the majority and Alito is pretty ticked off with Obama's remark at the state of the union address. No other president to my knowledge has ever disrespected the Supreme Court like this character. He is a very sick individual with a big chip on his shoulder about everything good that America stands for. When his own party no longer has any use for him they'll toss him under the bus to save their own stinking carcasses!

  • ATA

    Simply put….as America, we're screwed! A Democratic Party with no ethic's and a Republican party selling out to the Democrats. ie: Sen.Lindsey Graham (SC), Sen. John McCain (AZ),President Bush selling out to Vicente Fox, of Mexico. This game of screw you America, has been going on for a couple decades and it's now time to cash in the chips and be damned with America!

    • weRscrewed

      Might be time to get up to date on the Preident of Mexico. Vincente Fox has been out fo a coupl of years. Philipe Calderone is the Current President. Guess you missed his meeting in Public with Obama and his Insult to America and Arizona in a Meeting with the US Congress.

  • ahudak

    A sad day for Americans indeed. We have NO leaders, all of the congress critters seem to be on the take and seel their votes to whoever will reelect them.

  • therealend

    So I hear the patchwork nature of impending states' laws is no good. Is patchwork-iness the problem here or is it ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION? And what time is it you may ask? By my watch, It's time to pull our heads out o'clock.

  • Kanwi

    May be this case will reveal to the light of day the Obama agenda on immigration that shows conniving deceipt to not keep Americans safe from a clear societal threat and thus be grounds for his impeachment for dereliction of duty as C in C. . Now that the case has been filed the 'die is cast' as the saying goes.

  • JasonPappas

    Imagine suing Arizona for reiterating federal law but not suing sanctuary cities for defying federal law?

    It's clear that the Democratic Party is trying to bolster its numbers by importing future citizens that will be loyal to their Party. The Dems (at least locally) have done this since the 1st massive wave of immigrants during the Irish Potato Famine. They need gullible newcomers—the young, foreign, or poor.

    The Republican Party has been too weak on this issue starting with Reagan. Partly this is due to my fellow libertarians who put economics ahead of culture. They don't fully appreciate the need for a national identity.

    • Nina

      You are so right. And what happened to English as the official language of the United States? Lost in translation to Spanish. In a short time we will be a bi-lingual country. New York is already bi-lingual.

  • davarino

    All of us working folks need to suck it up and just take a day off work and protest like the other knucklheads and show the real numbers of people that are pissed off, and our real power. We need to take it to the streets and overwhelm the numbers of the illegals so the press cant ignore us anymore.

    Who's up for it? One day.

    • theunknownamerican

      I agree with you so much on this. Conservatives are least political people on the earth which is why the left gets to run-amok on everything.

  • ciccio

    'However, many immigrants may not be aware of the fact that it is a legal requirement for Permanent Residents to carry their Permanent Resident Card with them at all times. If and only when a Permanent Residence chooses to become a naturalised citizen of America will they relinquish their Permanent Resident Card and no longer have to carry it with them. Under the "Now that you are a Permanent Resident" heading on the USCIS web site, it states: "The Permanent Resident Card, Form I-551, is issued to all Permanent Residents as evidence of alien registration and their Permanent status in the US. The card must be in your possession at all times."

    That is the (Federal) Law regarding LEGAL immigrants. Or perhaps he has gotten a little bit confused with all the international conferences he has been attending, illegal alien workers are also a problem in the more prosperous EU nations, in Germany the are called
    "Schwarzarbeiter" (black workers), he might have picked up the term and is standing up for his own.

    • Nina

      Schwarzarbeiter, means menial laborers.

    • Sam

      I better tell my father, then- he's a green-carder who's been living in the us for over 30 years. But then again, he's not hispanic, so I guess he doesn't have to worry much about being held in a detention center while "things get sorted out"

      The country he came from- South Africa- made a similar claim about their notorious "passbook" laws. "Whites and blacks have to carry them equally" was their line, which blunted some of the criticism they were taking. In fact, however, whites never had to endure daily interrogation by police…

  • Hechtman

    I heard a talk show host saying the Arizona law really isn't constitutional. He gives the example that California can't declare war on Japan – that is a federal decision, not a state decision.__Whatever the truth of the matter, the fact is that the Obama administration is doing this not because of an interest in the constitution, but because they want to pander to illegals, and to overwhelm the country with a left-wing constituency. I'm not saying that all Hispanics vote left-wing – in fact my own ethnic group (Jews) vote left-wing in higher numbers, but when you import a lot of unskilled workers from Latin America, an area of the world that is bringing in radical leftists from Nicaragua to Venezuela to Bolivia to Ecuador to (yes) Brazil, you should not be surprised who they vote for.
    Sometimes I wonder whether Obama wants to be the American Hugo Chavez – perhaps a peaceful Chavez, but one leading a mass of radicals.

  • TonyRome

    I get sick and tired of the same old excuses. "A fence won't work" or "show me a fence and I'll come up with a ladder." It is all bull!! If I had the budget similar to the one which was given to construct THE FENCE I would have called ALL Fifty State Department of Corrections Commissioners and the people in charge of constructing THE FENCE in Israel and together we would have come up with A FENCE that would shut down illegal immigration to a trickle. We hired a Community Organizer and he isn't organizing crap.

    • old white guy

      a good fence with guard posts within a rifle shot of each other should work quite well. unfortunately the way things are going in the u.s. they will soon have to keep people in no one will want to stay.

      • Duh

        Yeah thats a good solution (note the sarcasm) my life, my country, my land, blah, blah, blah this is the problem we have with life selfish people like you who only care about themselves. Good o´ US of A your lucky the Native Indians didnt think up of a fence idea for you guys one rule for you and another for everyone else. Maybe you should blame Hollywood and MTV for making the US look like its full of rich happy people.

  • JasonPappas

    A state can certainly put forth a law that demands its government employees vigorously enforce Federal law.

    States have laws protecting freedom of speech and religion. These aren’t void because of the 1st Amendment. (Actually, it was originally a state prerogative with the Constitution prohibiting Federal action on this matter but we'll take about that another time.)

    We have a Federal Civil Rights Act. States have followed suit with their own.

    Back in the 1950s & 1960s when the states didn’t enforce Federal law, Ike & JKF ordered troops to intervene. Remember those cases?

    Today it is sanctuary cities that refused to enforce Federal law. The Federal government should be taking measures to force those cities to enforce immigration law just as it forced integration … right?

  • BS77

    Work for sensible, Constitutional and conservative candidates this November.

  • Andres de Alamaya

    From San Diego, CA to Browsnville, TX, it is about 1500 miles, a mere blip when compared to the 4,000 mile long Great Wall of China built to keep out the Barbarians at a time when walls had to be built by hand.

    In our case, though, we need two walls. One to keep out aliens from the south and the other, around Washington, DC to keep out the resident alien.

    • Communism rules

      i though everyone was anti communism in the US, now you want to take their advice on building walls.
      If you built a wall the US would crumble why because you import a massive amount of products, you all want things cheap and there is nothing like cheap labor.

      • USMCSniper

        Ahhhh,, another useful idiot of Comrade Lenin too stupid to even suspect that he is stupid. Yob tvoyu mat'

      • Rifleman

        Commies build walls to keep their own people from leaving. Keep trying.

  • TSGT Clough

    Obamas Refusal to Defend Our Borders is "TREASON" – That Is His Primary Duty! ! !

    • Sarah

      Karma… when you take lands then expect them to be taken. I am sure at one point in your life you have paid an illegal immigrant for something clean your house, fix your car, factory products thus contributing to the problem. Open your eyes everyone is responsible for the state of the world dont just blame Obama. Always wanting to blame someone well start with yourself.

  • ericelectronic

    It is absolutely ridiculous for you to make the claims that you do. While AZ has a right to pass whatever laws they want, immigration is a FEDERAL responsibility. And frankly, i am amazed at the level of discussion here. Anchor babies? really? what about all the norwegian, irish, jewish, french, and english "anchor babies" that now make up this country? If you do not want to be accused of being racist and xenophobic, you have to start talking like human beings and not scared stereotypes of racist past.
    everyone agrees that the system is broken, but sealing the border!!!! really? do you think that could happen? and then what? militarize all local police and have them go house to house? Has it really been so long since the Cold War? what did we fight Russia for if we are going to be exactly like them! ridiculous.

  • Joemont

    Have some patience!!! November is just around the corner and we can vote part of this pond scum out of office. Then in 2012 the head Scumer too!!!

  • rob

    This piece was okay, but we do not need to be "streamlining" the immigration process. This country needs at least a 5 yr moratorium on ALL immigration.

    • BS77

      Yes, even a partial moratorium would be wise. This isn't 1895—we don't need hundreds of thousands of workers for the mines, steel industry, railroads etc …now the US is highly populated and unemployment is a serious national problem. Let's elect representatives who realize immigration must be limited.

  • weRscrewed

    The issue Addressed by AZ SB 1070 is not immigration, which falls under the Federal Immigration laws to establish the Immigration laws for the USA. The issue IS a CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIEN INVASION in the Southwest with the Stated intent of Taking back the Land that they falsely Claim belongs to them. Look into El RTeconquistadoro. AZTLAN, LaRaza. It is a foreign invasion that both Obama and the US congress refuse to address because Both are afraid to Lose the LATINO Vote in November. It's been clearly stated by both that nothing will be Done till after the Nov. elections. Why would Obama consider a Blanket Amnesty. RE-Election is the only reason.IMPEACH OBAMA for derelection of Duty to Protect the states fro Enemies either Foreigh or Domestic. It's in the Constitution!!!!