Running Strong

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But the real story of the Florida election isn’t told in who won or lost, but by who voted at the polls. Despite a very contested Democratic senatorial primary, Politico’s political tracking had 300,000 more Republicans showing up to vote. In a highly competitive swing state, with a highly contested Senate race, Democrats were a third as likely to vote as Republicans – a disastrous scenario for the Left.

This number is reflective of a number of things. Energized by the Democratic agenda, Republicans are active and showing up at polls. The Tea Party, at least on the primary level, is an influential movement and capable of effecting the ballot box in November in the right races with the right candidate. Incumbent Democrats are having trouble holding seats and holding voters in the face of a lackluster economy and a legislative record that has left its base unsatisfied. Independents, meanwhile, are upset over an economy that has not only been stagnant but worsened in some respects over the last year. Republicans who have been profligate spenders or shaky on their fiscal bona fides are experiencing difficulty in their own primaries and being replaced by new fiscally conservative faces.

Nancy Pelosi famously dismissed the Tea Party as an “astro-turf” affair – a manufactured movement with no genuine support among the grassroots. But the Florida results are only latest sign that the Tea Party’s appeal runs deep, and that it’s opposition to the massive growth of government and a ballooning debt is finding real purchase with grassroots voters. The same conclusion is supported by current polling, which shows the Tea Party to be more popular than either mainstream party. And if the Tea Party proves to be the instrumental force behind the Republican rebound in 2010, Democrats will have little choice but to start taking the movement seriously. By then, of course, it may be too late.

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  • BS77

    Work hard for getting out the vote this November….for fiscal sanity and common sense.
    Sign the Petition….no mega mosque at Ground Zero!!! FDNY your sacrifices will not be forgotten! In Memory………………..Remember 9/11 and those who perished.

  • Anonymous

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  • shery

    As a Floridian, I was disappointed with the choice of Scott. I'm not so sure he shouldn't be in jail. I hope what I've read about him [and I like to do my homework before voting] is not all true. I don't listen to campaign stuff. I like to find a source that gives facts so you can make a better decision. So after reading several articles about his dealings I was sorry that he was elected. I hope that he is not guilty of the charges. If he is, that will be a black eye for the "Tea party". We all need to read the small print more and not jump onto the bandwagon of everyone who claims to be "tea party" material. After all, it is Florida that has a few so-called "tea parties" that are nothing more than leftist groups trying to fake out the real thing.

    • JeanieinFL

      If Scott was as corrupt as McCollum is stating….McCoullum is the AG – charge and arrest him! How stupid! Scott has some of the greatest qualifications and that is what is needed to fix this healthcare stuff….not to worry, we'll keep him in eyesight and earshot.

  • JohnAdamSon

    Charlie Crist was a RINO and largely responsible for giving us RINO McTaco for '08 GOP Pres. candidate. His only goal is to remain on the U.S. taxpayer payroll and has sold his soul at another shot. Rubio will have this little piece of info to help expose the real Crist: Maoist Anita Dunn working on Crist's campaign. What does that tell you?! Crist is a closet liberal just like John McCain & will say and do anything to get re-elected.

  • Jim Johnson

    The importance of Scot and Rubio winning the nominations lies not in their virtues but in proving the Joe Six Pack the powerful Republican business establishment could be beaten.
    That means the public may be more willing to risk voting for some one who they think represents themselves more,rather than just a bunch of powerful business men.

    Too bad McCain (the war hero) could not have been bumped by Hayworth.

    I would then hope the three who campaigned against established candidates would, in the next election, be themselves be bumped by some candidates who actually did represent the public.

    It's the independent voter stupid.

    • JeanieinFL

      You are sooooo right! Florida DID beat the good ol boys system. Rubio and Scott are going to do just fine. We also have a chance at Col West and I know Bondi will be a great AG….WE need Rubio to push back on this left agenda and he will do just that…we need scott's expertise in the healthcare industry to fix this mess…..all is going to be ok.

  • sflbib

    The TEA Party endorsed Republican candidate for US senate for AZ lost.

    • kwg1

      There are dozens of Tea Parties in AZ. They all did not endorse JD. Many of the T parties have a no endorsement policy during the primary. I live here.

  • Wesley69

    The real race with be between Rubio, Crist and Meek for the Senate Seat. The Republicans must pick it up to win control of the Senate. Rubio must tie Crist and Meek to Obama and his Socialist policies. Tea Parties and the Republicans must unite behind Rubio. It takes a plurality not a majority of the vote. Hopefully, the Democrat's vote will split between Crist and Meek.

  • Wesley69

    The most interesting race will be among Rubio, Crist and Meek. One Republican and two Democrats. If Rubio can keep the Republican vote/Tea Party vote behind him, he can win a plurality of the state's votes which will win the Senate seat for him.

    • JeanieinFL

      There is no reason for Rubio not to keep and possibly gain votes. This man is the real thing…

  • Invisible Scanner

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