The Ethics Election

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Ethics scandals have also emanated from the White House. Cabinet appointees Tom Daschle and Tim Geither were both involved in tax scandals before taking office. Daschle didn’t get the appointment, while Geithner, who claimed to have trouble operating his computer tax software, is a key figure in the handling of the nation’s economy. In all, eight separate White House appointees had issues paying taxes, including Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. Former “green jobs czar” for the Obama administration, Van Jones, was famously brought down after it was found he that signed a position supporting 9-11 Truthers.

Of course, corruption is a bi-partisan affair. Republicans lost their majority in 2006 on the back of controversies ranging from “Duke” Cunningham and Ted Stevens to Mark Foley. But this time it’s the GOP that stands to benefit from what cynics call business as usual in the nation’s capital.

Republicans need 39 House seats to re-take the majority. As of now, they are in play in at least 65 districts. Even Democrats allow that as many as 70 seats could be up for grabs. If the political climate remains unchanged, and the economy continues to drag, Democrats are almost assured of losing the filibuster-proof majority in the Senate and they may lose the House.

It hardly well augurs well for Democrats’ fortunes this fall that a Democratic president has polarized the country with an unpopular policy agenda. The economy has struggled throughout Obama’s term and the possibility the Bush tax cuts won’t be renewed have made many cynical about the prospects of a short-term recovery. The administration’s signature policy success – the health care overhaul – is now widely unpopular, according to polls. This atmosphere calls to mind the 1994 election, when Republicans took control of the House after three decades by riding a wave of voter discontent with the Democratic majority. That wave looks even larger this time around.

Against this background, the Democrats’ insistence that they truly succeeded in changing the status quo looks utterly divorced from reality. “When I came in, we said, ‘We’ll drain the swamp,’ and we did,” Nancy Pelosi claimed in an interview this weekend. Denial is a standard political strategy. But as the corruption clouds gather over Rangel and Waters, that strategy seems unlikely to spare Democrats from the fate that they delivered to their corruption-tinged Republican predecessors just four years ago.

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  • popseal

    Righteousness flows upward from the people and justice flows downward from the authorities. People get the government they deserve. A righteous people would not tolerate what is happening in D.C. They would be up in arms and anger to overthrow…..wait, this just in…..something called Tea Party is a serious threat to the status quo of the last three generations of corruption. Keep your eye on the political ball Tea Party. Crush the slugs called RINOs and Dems in November

    • guest

      *************** WARNING *******************

      A number of ultra liberal left wing political
      groups are plotting to stop the November 2010
      elections in the United States.

      Their plan it to have a large number of their
      members play a game known as "Puffie" and to
      get a large number of T-Party members to also
      play "Puffie".

      The T-Party members will be fooled into thinking
      they are helping their cause to SAVE the
      United States by playing this game.

      What the result of this game will be is to
      spread fear and panic in candidates offices and
      give Obama a seemingly valid reason to issue a
      presidential order stopping the elections and
      keeping the current politicians in office until
      the US police forces can end the "Puffie" event
      and arrest/prosecute those playing the game.

      Of course, only Republicans, Independents, and
      T-Party members will be suspects.

      Here is the text of the e-mail messages that will
      be sent to the T-Party members:

      ***** Save the United States *****

      ********** Play "Puffie" *********

      "Puffie" was inspired by this eBook which you
      can read on your Kindle (or Kindle app on your PC):

      "Puffie" consists of many different people in
      different locations sending letters to various
      candidates with a threatening letter that says:
      "Obama Rules" filled with some unidentified powder.

      The senders of the letters mix different powders
      of things found around the house and are very
      careful to not leave any finger prints on the
      letters and to seal the letters with a damp cloth.
      Of course, use a bogus return address.

      Send this message to others on your e-mail list,
      along with candidates names and addresses, and
      have them join the "Puffie" movement.

      Watch the liberal press to see what the reaction is
      from the candidates.


  • guest

    They not only failed to drain the swamp they let the oil spill pollute it.

  • UMCSniper

    This will deliberately become a race card playedright from the bottom of the deck for the ethics reials of both Charlie Rangle and Maxine Waters who are both crooks.


    The left MUST do something to "stir up the base"–that is, BLACK VOTERS–before election day. So Charlie and Maxine have opted for trial rather than wrist-slap! Expect the race card to be played early and often, with perpetual support of the "aggrieved" victims trumpeted by the media. Will it be enoughtto get blacks to the polls in 2008 numbers? Or will dems have to simply depend on Black Panthers and SEIU members to provide polling place "security" in the tightest of districts and states!

  • phillipgaley

    The mid-terms will be a change which people can believe in–we can pray it be so, . . .

  • Chris

    Expect the 'race card' to be played early and often. That's all they got.

  • Sonne

    thank Jeebus that there is no corruption whatsoever among the Republicans, they are all squeaky clean, honest, god-fearing ,faithful men and women!

    • polipath

      Absolutely! You're so perceptive!

  • Sonne

    yeah, here's the list of all Reps and Senators being investigated at this time, 17 Repubs vs. 8 Dems

    # Senators
    Sen. Bob Menendez (D-New Jersey)
    Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska)
    Sen. Roland Burris (D-Illinois)

    # 2 Representatives

    Rep. Charles Rangel (D-New York)
    Rep. John Doolittle (R-California) – Retiring
    Rep. Tom Feeney (R-Florida)
    Rep. Bob Filner (D-California)
    Rep. Jane Harman (D-California)
    Rep. William Jefferson (D-Louisiana) – Indicted
    Rep. Jerry Lewis (R-California)
    Rep. Gary Miller (R-California)
    Rep. Alan Mollohan (D-West Virginia)
    Rep. Tim Murphy (R-Pennsylvania)
    Rep. Rick Renzi (R-Arizona) – Indicted and Retiring
    Rep. Maxine Waters (D-California)
    Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska)

    # 3 Former members of Congress
    Former Rep. Bob Beauprez (R-Colorado)
    Former Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham (R-California) – Convicted
    Former Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Texas) – Indicted
    Former Rep. Mark Foley (R-Florida)
    Former Rep. Jim Gibbons (R-Nevada)
    Former Rep. Katherine Harris (R-Florida)
    Former Rep. Dennis Hastert (R-Illinois)
    Former Rep. Bob Ney (R-Ohio) – Convicted
    Former Rep. Curt Weldon (R-Pennsylvania)

    • coyote3

      The difference is, Democrats are going to pay the price for it.

    • TommyBoy52

      You need to update your list. And you have included former members who were ALL Republicans. This makes it 8 Republicans and 8 Democrats doesn't it? Get rid of them all!

      Ted Stevens (R) was pretty much cleared due to prosecutorial misconduct
      William Jefferson (D) was convicted
      Alan Mollohan (D) lost his seat in the primary
      Charlie Rangell (D) is on the way out
      So is, hopefully, Maxine Waters (D)

  • WilliamJamesWard

    If there are substantiated charges of corruption it does not matter what party the
    offender belongs to, they should be put out of office, not complicated, not to
    hard to understand, its called equal justice. The voters have the final say and
    I expect this November to be a clean sweep of all of the bad crop which is almost
    every one of the criminal class of citizens we employ at our own peril and have
    done so for to long. Vote smart in November, vote the most conservative……….William

  • hikerdude

    Corruption is the D.C. disease that at the present has no immunity serum. It starts at the top and trickles down and infects them all. Term limits may be a serum ? Once they are implanted they become infected. Corruption ,selling out your moral and ethics are what politics are all about. You join the club you get infected . You really have no choice. No politician leaves D.C. a better person than they were before they entered. There is more honesty and ethics in our prison system than in D.C.
    American Christian Infidel
    Michael Canzano

  • TommyBoy52

    Hangin's too good fer him! Burnin's too good fer him!!! He outta be chopped up into itty bitty pieces and BURIED ALIVE!!!

    (Hanover Fist in the movie Heavy Metal)

  • pyeatte

    Ah, Politicians and vanity – gets them every time.

  • toneyal

    Does the political establishment in DC fit the description of "Organized Crime"?