A Memorial to the Victims of Communism

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    Great article. I had students type a formal, cited research essay regarding the topic of their choice. One young lady researched the Cold War. Slowly, the light of veiled, violent facts is surfacing in our youth. I provided two of your articles for her to read to further her understanding.

  • James

    Article lost me in the first sentence. 1968 – " … throwing computers out of windows …" would have required a crane. What computers existed that could have been thrown out of a window?

    • Dan

      Typewriters, then. But you are right. He said "computers being thrown out of windows" so everything else he said in the article is wrong. Communism was indeed wonderful. Good thing we are trying it here now.

      • Witness

        Who are you, that you dare say something as that?
        Only a Godless bastard who have ben /are part from this criminal Organization can say something like that!
        Apropos who is we and where you are traying what?

    • Hammer2

      Computer terminals were common and widely used with the mainframe computers of that era. No crane required.

      I agree with the thrust of the article – from the Soviet Union to Mao's China to Cuba, there has been a hideous coverup of the murderous record of Communisim that must be corrected

    • therealend

      I saw that line too, but back then there were what were known as dumb terminals. They were the 60's equivalent to today's keybords but some also had a carriage printing mechanism much like a typewriter. There were also punch card stations that existed too. All were peripheral devices for the mainframe computer.

    • therealend

      Anyway, students DID take over campus offices and classrooms back then and did a lot of damage. And there are still people who think nothng of the VietNamese boat people who died fleeing Communism but make a big deal out of miniscule mis-statements. These were human beings who lost their lives.

    • guest

      Wow James. You're really focused on am important issue

  • Huebolt

    There were remote batch terminals connected to central main-frames. It'll do as a computer to idiots who also thing communism is anything other than slavery.

  • John Thompson

    I have three propaganda posters in my office to remind me of the three most murderous ideologies in the 20th Century: Stalin taking the salute on Lenin's tomb, Mao with the red-flag waving masses behind him, and a Hitlerjugend poster (it being hard to find a poster of the man himself). In that order, you have the gold, silver, and bronze medal winners in the 20th Century's contest to pile up tens of millions of corpses in shallow graves. Never forget, never forgive.

  • USMCSniper

    The following are civilian deaths under Communism, on unofficial estimates based on extensive research, gives some sense of the scale and gravity of Communism's crimes against humanity:
    U.S.S.R. – 20 million deaths, China – 65 million deaths,Vietnam – 1.5 million deaths
    North Korea, 2 million deaths, Cambodia – 2 million deaths, Eastern Europe (inlcuding Ukraine in the 1930's) – 15 million deaths, Latin America – 150,000 deaths, Africa – 1.7 million deaths Afghanistan – 1.5 million deaths, International Communist parties not in power: – about 10,000 death. The total approaches the astronomical number 110+ million civilians killed by Communists.

  • david

    Let's not quibble over exactly what the students threw out the window when they rioted and invaded school offices in the sixties and early seventies. The vandalism included typewriters and computer terminals (if that is the correct term).They also destroyed files and stole others to use for various purposes, and did lots of other damage. This happened at Columbia, Berkeley and countless other schools. I was in high school near Berkeley during the Berkeley troubles, and some of my low-life leftist classmates participated in vandalism at Berkeley and bragged about the fun they had. (Where were their stupid parents, you ask? Encouraging it.) The grovelling, appeasing administrations did almost nothing in response to any of this criminal behavior, refusing to press charges and letting the thugs off with trivial or no academic punishment. An exception was Sam Hayakawa, briefly head of San Francisco State, then and now a cesspool of leftist agitation. Sam faced down a mob of thousands and became a hero to decent people.

  • david

    The United States and other countries also should have a monument to the victims of Communism, comparable in size and effort to the Holocaust Museum, placed on the Capitol Mall or some other location appropriate to its importance. Very few people know the monstrous history of Communicst totalitarianism.

  • Marco

    How about a memorial to the victims of US-backed fascist regimes like Pinoshit's, Somoza's, the Shah's, Mobutus's ?


  • http://www.freespeechpolitics.us Helene

    Most people are not on the left that I speak to. They are only agreeing with everything because it all sounds so decent–clean and green, save the earth, love one another, freedom to choose, equalization of property and wealth, everyone being healthy and cared for, etc., etc. Little do they know, or they don't want to know, that it's all a smoke screen. Like the grandmother I never knew in 1938 Austria said, "Nothing is going to happen in my country."

  • http://www.freespeechpolitics.us Helene

    As the truth of communism and nazism fades away, there is a new and dummified breed coming up from the ranks who have no knowledge of the horrors of a dictatorship government. The U.S. government is glorifying everything to the point of camouflaging the underlying evilness of what their intentions are. My father-in-law was born in Nazi-occupied France. His family ran away to Morocco where his little brother was born. His brother had a wonderful childhood in Morocco. His brother didn't see all the people shot in front of him at the age of 9, or the Nazis bayonetting his mother, or the entire town's people locked away in a church only with paper and rats to eat. Eventually that church was burned down with the people in it. Now that they are in the U.S., my father-in-law is livid with anger about what's going on while his little brother is all excited about everything and will not listen to his older brother.