Islamist Strategy in a Nutshell

In what follows, “we” represents such disparate forces as Hamas, Hizballah, Iran, Iraqi insurgents, al-Qaida, Syria, the Taliban, and others including radical Arab nationalists and now Turkish Islamists. These forces are not all alike or allied but do often follow a parallel set of rules quite different from how international affairs have generally been conducted.

–We’ll never give up. No matter what you do, we will continue fighting. No matter what you offer we will keep attacking you. Since you can’t win you should give up.

–We’re indifferent to pressure you put on us. We will turn this pressure against you. Against us, deterrence does not exist; diplomacy does not convince. Neither does the carrot buy us off, nor does the stick make us yield. There are no solutions that can end the conflict. You cannot win militarily nor make peace through diplomacy.

–If you set economic sanctions we’ll say you are starving our people in an act of “collective punishment.” Moreover, sanctions will cost you money and generate opposition among those who lose profits.

–In response to military operations we’ll attack your civilians. Casualties will undermine your internal support. We will try to force you to kill civilians accidentally. We won’t care but will use this to persuade many that you are evil. Thus, we will simultaneously murder your civilians and get you condemned as human rights’ violators.

–If you try to isolate us we will use your own media and intellectuals against you. At times, we’ll hint at moderation and make promises of change. We won’t do so enough to alienate our own followers but enough to subvert yours. They will demand you engage us, which means you making concessions for nothing real in exchange.

–Talking to our own people, we foment hatred and demonize you. Speaking to the West, we will accuse you of fomenting hatred. We will hypocritically turn against you all the concepts you developed: racism, imperialism, failure to understand the “other,” and so on. These, of course, are our ideas but your feelings of guilt, ignorance about us, and indifference to ideology will make you not notice that fact.

–We will claim to be victims and “underdogs.” Because you are the stronger and more “advanced” that means you are the villains. We’re not held responsible for our deeds or expected to live up to the same standards. There is no shortage of, to quote Lenin, “useful idiots” who will echo our propaganda.

–Since our societies are weak, undemocratic, and have few real moderates, you will have to make deals with phoney moderates and dictatorial regimes weakened by corruption and incompetence.

–Even the less radical regimes, often our immediate adversaries, partly play into our hands. Due to popular pressure–plus their desire to mobilize support and distract attention from their own shortcomings–they trumpet Arab and Islamic solidarity. They denounce the West, blame all problems on Israel, and revile America, even as they accept your aid. They glorify interpretations of Islam not too far from ours. They cheer Iraqi insurgents, Hizballah, and Hamas. They don’t struggle against Iran getting nuclear weapons. They lay the basis for our mass support and recruits, as Lenin said selling us the rope to hang them as well as you.

–There’s no diplomatic solution for you, though you yearn to find one. There’s no military solution for you, whether you try that or not. You love life, we love death; you are divided, we are united; you want to get back to material satisfaction, we are dedicated revolutionaries. We will outlast you.

–Finally, our greatest weapon is that you truly don’t understand all the points made above. You are taught, informed, and often led by people who simply don’t comprehend what an alternative, highly ideological, revolutionary worldview means. In effect, we will try, and often succeed, to turn your “best and brightest” into the worst and dimmest who think you can persuade us, blame you for the conflicts, or expect that we will alter our course, and we will use those mistakes against you.

The above analysis seems pessimistic but actually is the opposite. Most of this strategy’s power is based on spreading illusions, depending on gullibility. Much of the rest relies on their enemies’ psychological weaknesses.

  • buffman

    Time to train the military how to fight these punks the real way, the Black Jack Pershing way, remember Mindanao?

  • tremblur

    Look! It's the Islamic extremist Karate Kid!

  • hmong dude

    Nature abhores a vacuum…the best solution is to fill it with radical love…Christ. look to the Christian faith, philosophy and religion to vaccinate the west and wash away the cancer in the east.

    • al Kidya

      I disagree.
      The best way to fight Islam is by converting their own.
      Father Zacharias Butros knows the way.
      We need an army of intelligent, fluent Arabic-speaking people to study and memorize all of the Islamic triad. Then you hold open public debates, on radio, on TV etc. and, using their own truths put the ideology where it belongs…in the trash can. Butros has backed Imamas into corners often. That is the only way to win.

      • Kuffar

        Kill enough of them and they will stop. War is all hell, give them their share.

        • NObama is GOOD bama

          "I'll tell you what this war is all about. It is about killing enough of the enemy until they stop killing you"

          …………General Curtis Lemay, commander of the airwar against Japan in WW2

      • MaryAnn

        You have to give them something to convert to.

        • Mike Cary

          Convert them to fertilizer

        • NObama is GOOD bama

          Unless you kill them first.

    • Jonny Taye

      Amen man. Christ shows radical love. Christianity as a religion might not work (or even do the opposite) but Christianity as following Christ is going to show them real love, even if it kills us.

  • david elder

    As Rubin says, the Palestinians present themself as underdogs. But this raises the question: how did the underdog become thus positioned? Corrupt leaders like Arafat, fanatics like Hamas the rocketeers, ridiculous attempts to diabolise one small country for the grevious problems of the whole region, unwillingness to accept the compromise of a two-state solution in any form, consorting with the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood who murdered Sadat of Egypt for his vision in making peace with Israel, failing to admit that the Palestinian state was aborted in 1948 not by Israel but by her Arab neighbours, recruiting suicide bombers then whingeing when a fence is put in their paths … I do not stand in the way of a two-state solution – the Palestinian leadership does.

  • fporretto

    This is a brilliant summary, and one that every American should read. The sole problem with it is not its fault: Americans are too prone to assuming good intentions on the part of others, and would therefore find so bald a statement of unappeasable hatred too difficult to believe.

    • Kanwi

      Another part of the Islamist strategy is the use of force such as terror, the subjugation of women who then have no other option but assist, the use of jakiya or lies and deceit, brainwashing in the Madrassas. Look what is happening to Europe country by country. The root cause of Europe's problems is the emphasis on Islamic immigration in the name of multiculturalism over the last 10 or 15 years. The immigrants have been well fed a welfare debt driven diet of benefits. The apparant non assimmilation now proves that fact. Now Muslims openly advocate total dominance by stealth and population growth is just one aspect. Others include using western freedoms to establish 'beacheads' within the different country cultures and perhaps ten years from now the call to European jihad will ring out. Europe will be overwhelmed from within by civil disorder and attacked from outside by Muslim armies from the South and East.. America will have it's own problems. It will take more that just fixing the debt aspect in Europe. I think the Islamic aspect as well. Rejecting Islam as toxic to our values rather than trying to tolerate them is the only way!!!

    • Val

      You just hit the nail on the head. My god you are absolutely right!!

    • solemnman

      People in the west are generally too prone to assuming good intentions and too averse to being judgemental.toward other religions and ideologies.There are ,however ,cultural and legal imperitives that should put the islamo fascists beyond the pale for even the most culturally tolerant among us:Death for apostasy,stoning women for adultery,cutting a daughters throat for her refusal to wear a hijab or for talking to a stranger ,beheading kidnap victims,sending children to clear mine fields and declaring, openly ,their desire and intention to commit genocide.

  • Liberty Clinger

    "We’ll never give up. No matter what you do, we will continue fighting. No matter what you offer we will keep attacking you. Since you can’t win you should give up."

    "Resistance is futile"

    Islam is the Borg.

    • Samurai Hit Woman

      Yes indeed Islam is the Borg as are all the ideologies that believe in the collective instead of the individual.

  • Liberty Clinger

    "We’ll never give up. No matter what you do, we will continue fighting. No matter what you offer we will keep attacking you. Since you can’t win you should give up."

    Winston Churchill answers: Never give in.

    "Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never, — in nothing great or small, large or petty — never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy." — Winston Churchill

    Thomas Jefferson answers: Eternal hostility against tyranny.

    “As our enemies have found we can reason like men, so now let us show them we can fight like men also.” Thomas Jefferson

    “I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” Thomas Jefferson

  • Utopian

    Some good thoughts here. But where's the voice in government? Where are the lawmakers? It is an act of folly to grant citizenship to any group of men who are sworn adversaries to liberty of conscience. Until Islam condemns the verses of the Koran inciting first degree murder they should never be allowed in this land, whose liberty was purchased at such a high cost of bloodshed. And while there are many Muslims who truly stand for peace, the ones who rule in Islam will never allow the peacemakers any authority. Just look at every Muslim nation in the world. Even if their prophecy for world domination was fulfilled the power-mongers among them would forever feud because the spirit behind Islam is fundamentally self-righteous and murderous. You will never placate the wrath of Satan because two things never satisfy the devil: the suffering of man and the grave.

  • USMCSniper

    "If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a small chance of survival. There may even be a worse case: you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves." – Winston Churchill

    • Annie

      That's what it will come down to…

      They're useful idiots on both sides…

  • Jihad is 4 pussies

    Our solution is their womens' freedom. If the women of Islam had a revolution to reclaim their rights as human beings, Muslim Jihad would fail. "The hell your going to the tea house to talk crap with your idiot friends! Your staying here to do your job as a father to your children!" That's all it would take…

    • xman

      All too often, Muslim women don't want freedom. They're as bad as the men. If Western freedoms were offered to them on a plate, they'd only turn them down and ask for more Islam. 90% of them are a lost cause. What we must do is make sure our own women don't suffer that fate 50 or 100 years from now.

  • LibertyLover

    Unfortunately the West are not having children to leave anything to. Islam breeds incessantly, raising a new crop of illiterate haters bent on ruling the world. Until the West values itself enough to WANT to exist, there is no hope.

  • LibertyLover

    Islam is a disease, an aberation in humanities climb out of the ooze. What compromise is possible with muslims who want to drag the world back into a 7th century Hell of hate and murder?

  • dgene

    Been away.
    Hi Sniper.
    Truth and Faith.
    We'll beat these bastards if we remember who we are.

  • Indioviejo

    WWII was total war. When will we unleash the dogs of war?
    I keep invoking Dresden, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Berlin, Tokyo, London, Warsaw, etc.,
    I know we are not there yet, but I expect we will, before we pack it in.
    Our target should be Mecca, Medina, Ryad, Tehran, Damascus, Ankara, Cairo, etc., and all else if I failed to mention, including our 5th columnist on the left. If it sounds harsh now, give it time, and I believe the circumstances will force our hand. Goid bless America.

  • Frank

    They "love death". Well, I say send them all to meet their maker.

  • Jussy

    The New World War will be against Islam however, the best way defeat this, is to pray for these souls. Stop giving them rights to everything, building their Mosks in Christian lands, Islamic School (what are they going to teach at these School) if the true text fro their book i.e DO NOT BEFRIEND A CHRISTIAN OR A JEW. KILL ALL NON BELIVERS. ETC. They don't accept Christians in their lands because they are afraid of the truth, and people will convert.

  • john robert

    Islam will eventually over-reach itself – its so egocentric that it is inevitable and when it does it will be exposed and we will destroy it just like all the other world conquest ideologies – remember we are the destroyers of worlds they are nothing and when its all over there will be none of them left and Islam will be a distant memory

  • Lightning Jack

    It is time for Western Civilization to stop its delusional belief that a peaceful coexistence is possible with Islam. If such an absurdity were indeed plausible, it would not be an existence under which any democratic, or peaceful non-Muslim would desire to live under.

    All European nation states, including the US, should severely restrict or ban future Muslim immigration primarily because, by the intrinsic nature of its ideological doctrine, Islam does not desire equality or assimilation, but the domination of its host culture through the manipulation of population demographics. The eventual outcome will endevor to force Western Civilization under Isalams theocratic rule by a" thousand lashes."

  • Lies

    Muslims are a sacks of lying shit! They move into our cities in the U.S. and act like they are peace loving people. The truth is they are planning to take over by populating it and scaring away non-muslims. I've seen them moving into my neighborhood in Brooklyn and they start having children and don't stop. They live off public assistance and work at cash paid jobs or they are involved in fraud. They commit rapes and harass women in order to get non-muslisms to feel unsafe and move (which is working). They are building Mosques at an alarming rate. They preach hatred in their Mosques and claim they are for peace. Why is it they are willing to KILL an artist for a cartoon depicting mohamad yet do NOTHING when a terrorist kills in the name of their so called peaceful religion? Because they want us all dead. They teach children that it is a good thing to die (martyrdom) rather than teaching them to help people.
    ATTENTION MUSLIMS, those 72 virgins are 72 dead teenage boys that were also lied to by Imams.

  • TheTruth

    Arab countries helping each other? Really? Then why didn't Jordan make Palestine it's own state when it was under their rule and protection? No one is asking why another Muslim country that had control of Palestine didn't help them become a free state and let them fall under Israel's rule.

  • Debbie

    I hope everyone understands we are dealing with an enemy that does not value life. Islam is an extreme religion of hate, deceit, and domination, which is quite obvious when you look at Sharia Law. Everyone needs to tell friends and family about the dangers of allowing Mosques to be built at Ground Zero and the ultimate goals of islam, which is to take over, and dominate every free country!

  • Geezer42

    Be sure to donate!