Secure Borders, Secure Jobs

Arizona lawmakers, led by Senator Russell Pearce, have once again shown courage and boldness in their efforts to protect their citizens from the brutal consequences of an open border.  Their latest measure is so tough and effective against illegal immigration that, if it is upheld in the courts, it could be the beginning of the end of massive illegal immigration in this country.  Where Washington lacked the will to enforce the immigration laws of the country, Arizona may have come up with the means by which local communities will have the tools to do the job themselves.  And there is no question; they do have the will.

So it is no surprise that La Raza and the open-border crowd in Washington are up in arms, demanding their President pass a “comprehensive immigration” bill this year.  It is their last hope.  Americans are outraged at the failure of the federal government to do its job—and state and local governments have stepped in where the feds have feared to go.   Arizona has raised the standard for laws against illegal immigrants—they have made it a state crime to be in Arizona illegally.  They no longer need Washington to solve this problem.

President Obama had the audacity to call Arizona legislators “irresponsible” for passing the law, claiming it will lead to racial profiling.  What about the massive invasion along our border that exposes Americans to ever-increasing levels of violence, including murder and kidnapping?  What about their civil rights?  Not so much as a footnote for them.

Their first goal is to give all illegals amnesty so none of those restrictive state and local laws against illegal immigrants apply anymore—they will have been made legal. But there is also a second aspect to their efforts.  It is to open our country to even more foreign workers—an unlimited supply to come to this country and compete with Americans for American jobs.

The latest version of “comprehensive immigration reform” that Obama and the Democrats hope to shove down our throats this summer is the one proposed by Congressman Luis Gutierrez.  Even its name is a lie–“Comprehensive Immigration Reform for America’s Security and Prosperity Act.”  What it does is put even more Americans out of work.  Gutierrez has created a bill that takes great care of Mexican and other foreigner workers at the expense of Americans.  His bill would grant amnesty to millions of future illegal immigrants after giving the current illegal aliens amnesty. It also creates a special visa to “prevent unauthorized immigration” by giving extra visas to the countries that are sending the illegal aliens here.

Lindsay Graham and Chuck Schumer have indicated that they will introduce their own immigration bill soon.  Though they have not released the text, they’ve indicated that their bill will also increase legal immigration.

It is not just Democrats and RINOs who push this line.

In an op-ed for the Mercury News titled “Amnesty isn’t the problem, it’s our immigration limits,” Alex Nowrasteh of the libertarian Competitive Enterprise Institute argues that the only reason that the amnesty of 1986 failed to stop illegal immigration is that “the flow of illegal immigrants continued because legal immigration opportunities were not expanded.”

A lot of well-meaning Americans who are sympathetic to people who want to come to this country in search for a better life and who follow the rules are tempted to fall for this trap.

What they don’t know, and what open border fanatics try to hide, is that America is letting in more legal immigrants than ever before.  Currently one out of every six workers in the country is foreign born.

The Department of Homeland Security recently released its legal immigration figures for Fiscal Year 2009 (October 2008 through September 2009). During this period, over five million people lost their jobs. Amazingly, we increased the number of green cards from 2008 to a staggering level of 1,130,818, over 800,000 of whom can compete against American workers.  Outside of the 1986 amnesty, which led to millions of illegal aliens taking green cards, this is the second highest number of green cards we’ve issued since 1914.

While a few Republicans are talking about the problems of illegal immigration, not one politician in Washington has the guts to stand up for the American worker and say that we need to stop importing foreign workers until Americans get back on their feet.

We cannot let the politicians tell us we have a choice between importing foreign workers or being swamped with illegal aliens.   Instead we have a choice between standing up for the American worker or betraying them for the business and ethnic lobbies.  Any politician who claims to side with the former needs to call for securing our borders, cracking down on employers on illegal aliens, and instituting a moratorium on foreign workers.

Bay Buchanan is a conservative activist, author, and pundit. She served as US treasurer in the Reagan Administration and then as a senior adviser to Pat Buchanan, Tom Tancredo, and Mitt Romney. She is currently president of the American Cause and chairman of Team America Pac.

  • jim

    How strange. Obama and the Dems playing the race card. Who would've ever thought? Of course, the real racists (and anti-Americans) here are those who want to allow illegals free entry, voting rights, driver's licenses, welfare services, etc, SO THEY CAN GET THEIR VOTES.

  • davarino

    Oh no, look out, you might get boycotted by San Fran…..hehehehe. Does California have any money left to spend. I would think san fran would like this, because now more of the illegals will go to cali…..hehehhe….enjoy.

    Oh and Mexico want to wiegh in as well. Gee what more can we do for you Mr Calderon? Ok we will stop trading with you, if thats what you want. Why dont you shut up and clean you own house.

    I like this governor. Way to go Jan, and the legislators in Arizona that pushed this law. Maybe the rest of you Repubs can learn a lesson from her. She has more cajones than most of the republican men.

    Now I wander if our ultraconservative governor here in Texas will do the same thing. He shot his mouth off earlier in the year about the 10th ammendment. How brave he was to say that he would do what ever the state felt was necassary, without DC concent. Ya he didnt start talking that way till just recently, just like nearly all republicans. Now all the sudden they are conservative.

    Well lets see it.

  • The_Inquisitor

    Illegal immigration is just what the name says — illegal. It should be stopped, and there should be no amnesty for those who broke the law.

    But to argue against immigration because immigrants compete for jobs in America is to argue that American consumers should suffer for the benefit of a certain segment of American workers. If one has the interests of the American people at heart, to make such an argument is to display an ignorance of economics.

  • PRCS

    Bay is missing an essential point.

    The difficulties faced by foreign nationals applying for 'immigration' Visas is essentially irrelevant to the issue at hand.

    Most of our current illegal aliens are not eligible for unsponsored 'immigration' Visas and did not come here to immigrate. They came here to work–illegally.

    It is at least laughable to be told by an illegal alien–especially one who has chosen to enter our country illegally despite the many legal avenues available to them–that our system is broken?

  • poetcomic1

    And where does the Black Caucus stand on this? Illegal immigration has had a direct and devastating effect on the most vulnerable black unskilled and semi-skilled workers.
    They are not 'for' anyone but themselves – they are the worst gangsters and money whores of all.

  • Jim C.

    There are a few straggling politicians who speak up for American jobs, but they risk looking like relics in the post-NAFTA era.

    Democrats are certainly part of the blame we can't have an honest discussion about ILLEGAL immigration. It's exhausting to hear the illegals constantly compared to the LEGAL immigrants; it's not a question of their humanity, after all. But then I haven't heard anything especially brilliant from Republicans either. As long as businesses want this sort of labor, and as long as enforcement doesn't touch them, this problem ain't going anywhere. We are not going to round up and deport the illegals–imagine that expense. But there's no politician with the guts to talk to the business community that wants its cheap labor here or abroad.

  • Jim C.

    I agree to an extent–it is a day late and a dollar short to throw the "American jobs" angle into the discussion. However it does not necessarily betray an ignorance of economics. Businesses that employ illegals are the first beneficiaries of that labor and they are not held accountable for incenting that illegal migration (they wouldn't be here if we didn't have the jobs). Should they, instead, take the financial hit and employ legal Americans? Some would argue that "returning" manufacturing to the USA (though we are still the world's biggest) is a matter of national security.

  • Steve Chavez

    16,000 IRS to go after Americans who don't buy Obamacare so I propose hiring 16,000 BORDER AGENTS to go after ILLEGAL ALIENS/IMMIGRANTS!!!

    AND YOU KNOW WHAT, those illegals will be EXEMPT from the IRS rules imposed on all of us! Aren't those illegals getting all health care, and many other services, FOR FREE and ISN'T THAT THE REASON OUR HOSPITALS/DOCTORS RAISE THE PRICE ON US AND INSURANCE COMPANIES?

    I BET YOU DIDN'T THINK OF THIS. The ones who want immigration enforced are the ILLEGALS WHO HAVE BEEN HERE FOR YEARS! Why? Let's say that an illegal came here ten years ago and went to a job site and was hired due to their aggressive work ethic. The boss tells him to dig a fifty foot ditch. He does it in two days. The American workers tell him to slow down because he makes them look bad. The boss notices this and lets the Americans go and hires more illegals because in the long run, it's cheaper.

    NOW, A NEW ARRIVAL COMES TO THE SITE, but the current workers, who learned the American way, which is to slow down and work like a normal human being and not a slave, are threatened when they see the new worker digging the ditch in two days instead of the two weeks. THOSE MEN ARE THREATENED AND WILL PROBABLY TURN THAT MAN INTO IMMIGRATION!

    Also, HISPANICS FROM THE UNITED STATES SUPPORT ARIZONA LAWS AND WANT THEM IMPOSED HERE! So, when the media claims that "Hispanics" are not going to support Arizona type laws, they are wrong.

    A high school in Santa Fe protested during school a couple of years ago and the students wanted ILLEGALS OUT OF THEIR SCHOOLS because they took too many resources to educate them and that the Americans felt that the ILLEGALS were getting special treatment. THE PROTESTERS WERE HISPANIC NEW MEXICANS!

    Our Governor, BILL RICHARDSON, called the Arizona Governor to protest the bill she was about to sign but on all the local talk shows, the callers wanted the same law here and to enforce the laws already on the books.

    Every country in the world requires passports and while visiting their countries, you have to have you documents on your person. I have been to Mexico and Guatemala many times and they notice an American a mile away and so they "racial profile" me and ask for my documents and Visa. WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF I DIDN'T HAVE THEM?

  • DeadReckoning

    We are at war with a mob, and our politicians want to discuss table manners.

  • starry

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  • Fiddler

    Succintly said. The biggest IRONY coming from the President is to call Arizona's action "irresponsible". Perhaps Washington is trying to cover the chagrin in not doing their job.

    Or, they are just out in front conducting the "chant" from the slavish main stream (group-think) media. Parrots come in lots of colors.

  • davarino

    Yes thank you, I will rush right out and seek your services. Thanks for posting your ad on this web site that has nothing to do with weddings.

  • D.K.

    It's funny that no one mentioned the incredible drug wars going on just across the borders – Texas, Az, Calif. Mexico has sent more than 45,000 soldiers into combat against its own citizens! About 22,700 people have been killed so far since Mexico's government decided to fight the drug cartels. Senator Graham said that Democrats were focusing on immigration because of a "cynical political" calculation.

    U.S. and European tourism to Mexico is dying quickly because of fear. Americans being kidnapped. Military patrols move through downtown Tijuana in broad daylight holding machine guns as people shop. Americans are probably trying to sell their condos – good luck!

    "Justice Department: Three Border Patrol Agents Assaulted Per Day; Someone Kidnapped Every 35 Hours in Phoenix; One-in-Five Teens Use Drugs—With Mexican Traffickers ‘Predominant’ Supplier" – 4/28/10

    This must stop before the military in the U.S. needs to come in to American cities to clean them up. Meanwhile, Obama is fighting against bans on assault weapons, the ones that Mexican gangs are buying in the U.S. and taking back home. All the Mexican border cities have become massive war zones.

  • Thunder

    Is everybody in our MSM total idiot without a brain??? Apparently so PROOF:
    the news are: "less people apply for unemployment dough so economy is getting better"….WHAT????
    If even ONE person a month loses his/her job, it is getting WORSE; it means more and more people are losing their jobs.
    When at least one person a month gets a job and leaves unemployment rolls, then economy grows (maybe).
    GOT THAT????

  • Jim C.

    "the news are: "less people apply for unemployment dough so economy is getting better"….WHAT????

    When at least one person a month gets a job and leaves unemployment rolls, then economy grows (maybe).
    GOT THAT???? " Ummm…How are you not saying the exact same thing? Are you arguing the metrics?

  • Thunder

    The "geenyus" knows the secret!
    "Obama: 'I Do Think At A Certain Point You've Made Enough Money'…

    So unlighten us, lit tle ones, o Greed One – how much is enough? Like several million dollars you got for "your"(?) ……."boooks(?)"?

  • Thunder

    Jim C. :when people lose jobs – BAD
    When they leave unemployment rolls and get jobs (which means there ARE jobs in USA) – GOOD


  • Thunder

    oops – "enlighten", not "un…

  • Richard Weinberg

    (PART 1)
    My wife is Jamaican. We met about 9 years ago when we were both working at a Vermont hotel. This November we will celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary. Just for the record, it's the real deal. We are very much in love with each other.

    She got here the old fashioned way. First, she got her Jamaican passport. Next she went through the necessary process to get a work visa from the U.S. After we were married, we went to I.N.S. and got all the forms and other paperwork. We jumped through the hoops, filled out all the forms, paid all the hundreds of dollars in filing fees and, eventually, she was given her green card and granted "permanent resident status." This year she is going to do whatever is required by law to get her American citizenship.

  • Richard Weinberg

    I/we resent wery much Obama's and others' desire to put illegal aliens on the fast track to citizenship just because there are so many of them and that the f—in' democrats want their votes. If Obama, et al, do manage to push this down our throats, I'd like the federal government to refund all the money we paid for doing it the correct way. Illegal aliens are just that – illegal. They are, by definition, criminals. I say: Round them all up, send them back whence they came, and let them do it the old fashioned way.

    I'm not against immigration. I'm against illegal immmigration.